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Sorry, but the Hurtta Obedience Vest has been discontinued.

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Hurtta Obedience Vest

Based on 10 reviews

Sorry, the Hurtta Obedience Vest has been discontinued.

  • Spacious room for treats and motivational equipment
  • Comfortable fit, slightly narrower than standard
  • Adjustable hem, belt, and collar
  • Breathable and waterproof material
  • Beautiful, classic appearance
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Training vest designed for active dog owners. The vest is made from Houndtex-laminated durable sports fabric. The body-hugging shape and adjustable hem, belt and high collar ensure a secure and comfortable fit when on the move.

The front of the vest has four zipped pockets and two large pockets for treats and motivational toys. Large back and breast pockets have plenty of room for training dummies or accessories. The shoulder has a velcro fastener for attaching motivational toys, rings, and clips are strategically located around the vest.

The vest has a number of built-in technical features designed to make training easier and more comfortable.


Image of vest with guides for determining measurements
Size Chest (1) Hip (2) Length (3)
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Verified Customer Review

I grew tired of just having a bait pouch with carbiner with everything hanging from it. Harness, ball on string, chuck it, tug, remote collar, etc. I can now wear everything and feel like I am not carry much of anything with this vest. Great quality and stylish.

- on

I'm very happy with this medium weight vest. I'm 5'2" and find it fits well in length and width. It's more narrow than the average vest--as described in the product video--and the draw cords make it easy to adjust depending on what I'm wearing underneath. There are enough pockets that I can find a place for everything I need while training--including non-training items, like my phone. My favorite functioning pocket is the one in the back. I can reach in and grab any one item from either side/with either hand.

- on

Verified Customer Review

This vest is fabulous. There are so many pockets and space for different kind of things. I don't have to put everything in one bag and try to figure out where they are when needed any more. Just so convenient. The quality is durable. My dog is exciting to see I put this on, that means a lot of fun time ahead.

- on

Hurts Obedience Vest Video Review Submitted.

- on

I'm writing this review for two reasons. One to speak about a review posted stating that the vest is not really unisex or for a "man". The other to give an honest review. I purchased this vest a year ago along with the summer training vest via Leerburg.

First off this vest has no draw backs in use via a male, as I am a male. The colors on the pull draws are muted purple with the rest being black. The colors do not clash and offer a unisex appeal, and by no means degrade use via a male. I have had no problem storing my leash in the rear section, even with a prong attached. I currently own and train a male working line German Shepherd who has jumped up and pawed the vest many times. The vest is very durable, no rips or runs. For cold weather use, in snow or moist this vest keeps the weather out. In fact I use this vest with a sweater underneath in snow conditions with my dog. I stay warm and dry.

With regards to the pockets, this vest provides numerous with easy locations and feel. The two main side pockets actually are doubled. You have on each lower side one pocket with a zipper and the other an open pocket. I am not sure why the other reviewer had issues with treats falling out? I would not recommend this vest in warm conditions as you will get hot and the moisture stays within.

The only issue I have with the vest and they are very small. One the zipper is left handed, though that's because of the region. The other and this is just a personal thing. I wish the vest offered more attached ring loops, or one at least on the front chest. There are rings, and I use them for other gear.

Other then that. A very well made product that I have used hard for a year in all weather, with large dogs. I would also suggest the summer vest that Leerburg sells. Anouther great all around vest that lets more air in on hot days.

- on

This vest is fantastic. Perfect for whatever dog sport you do. Really. It's very well made and the fabric is particularly nice--tough and light (I would love a full jacket in the same material).

It's a much sleeker and more flattering cut (for men *and* women) than most other training vests. I'd definitely suggest going up a size, especially if you need to layer for cold weather.

Worth every penny.

- on

Hey guys, just have some quick feedback on the Hurrta Obedience vest. Just got it in the mail and put it right to use. I have been using an old hunting vest for the last few months to see if I would like a vest. Just finished my first play/training session with the Hurtta using strategies I have gotten from Leerburg and Michael Ellis. It was awsome. The vest gives you the ability to store and easily access all your training aids. One of our best training sessions to date. The only knock I have is I wish it had the velcro straps on both shoulders. Luckily there are some great spots for the Top-Matic training system, Christmas hint to my wife. Thanks to Leerburg for providing quality training tools and sharing the knowledge to help make my training successful.

- on

My previous review was when I first received the vest and I had given it a 3/5. After using this vest several months I would give the vest 4/5. It does turn out to be fairly durable after-all, even though it is so light weight. I still want the seems bartack-reinforced like a great 5.11 product. Oh well. This is a stylish and functional product. Especially great for warm climates.

- on

Really like the cut & fit of this vest and the locations of all the pockets. The main zipper is not robust enough. I've had this vest maybe two years and the zipper has broken and is unusable.

- on

I would like to give a 3.5/5 really.

The vest is sleeker than most which is nice. Pockets are in all the right places of course. I would like to see Velcro on the left shoulder too. The fabric is lightweight and appears to be durable. If it is like a gortex fabric as it purports- all the better.

However, this is NOT a unisex item so male buyers should be forewarned. The pull tabs for zippers and fabric tabs on the vest are LILAC. Now, I like to use purples and blacks personally so even though I was expecting a strictly neutral color I can easily work this- a guy not so much.

Secondly, I cannot take the vest too seriously as the corners of pockets are not properly bartacked or reinforced. If you want a "look" on the field with your already exquisitely trained border collie- great. If you have to step out and work your HYPER over-grown shepherd puppy that loves to jump up on you and grab rewards out of your pockets, this probably won't look so "put together" on the field for long. I don't know how many times I will be able to whip out my leash from the back pouch without it tearing.

- on

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