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Sorry, but the Hurtta Hands Free Leash has been discontinued.

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Hurtta Hands Free Leash

Based on 3 reviews

Sorry, the Hurtta Hands Free Leash has been discontinued.

  • Handy and practical free hand use
  • Super comfy to wear
  • Strong and highly durable
  • Pull-absorbing flexibility
  • 3M reflectors for night visibility
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The Hurtta Hands Free leash is unique, comfortable, and practical for today's dog owners who multi-task. This leash enables you to walk your dog while using a cell phone, water bottle, riding a bike, or pushing a stroller. The leash length is adjustable from 3 to 5 feet allowing for desired proximity. Each leash has pull-absorbing stretch and the strong neoprene handle fits all.


We recommend the 3/4" wide leash for dogs up to 50 lb and the 1 1/4" wide leash for dogs up to 75 lb.

Bought this product?

I love this leash for my service dog in training, so nice to walk open handed and it still stay on your hand and I can do other things without having to juggle around a bunch of leash :)

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I bought this leash for my wife a couple of months ago. She loves to walk our dogs but she's got hand issues as the result of a broken wrist. Makes is hard for her to grip a conventional leash handle firmly. This leash has been great for her. She walks much more confidently and doesn't have to wrap the leash around her wrist, as she had been doing with a conventional leash. It appears to be very well made and I expect it will last a long time.

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This is a great product. I run regularly with my 95 pound German shepherd. The hands free leash allows me to keep my stride balanced and my arms relaxed since I'm not holding onto a bunched up pile of leash. And I have both hands available to tie my shoelaces if needed. I probably could use the 0.75 width for even less weight even though it is designed for dogs up to 50 pounds.

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