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Sorry, but the Mil-Spec Collar has been discontinued.

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Mil-Spec Collar

Based on 9 reviews

Sorry, the Mil-Spec Collar has been discontinued.

  • 1.75" wide with type 7 Mil Spec Black Web
  • Quick release cobra buckle
  • Rated v-ring
  • Inside lined with velcro for security
  • Made in Canada
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Incredibly strong and designed for all work. Our new Mil-Spec Collar is made with all rated materials and hardware. The webbing is a 1.75" width type 7 Mil Spec Black Web. It features a quick release cobra buckle and rated v-ring. The web extends under the buckle so not to snag hair when putting it on your dog. The inner is lined with velcro to secure the loose web once adjusted and it comes with an elastic keeper as well. This collar is strong enough for any type of work.


Small15" - 18"
Medium17" - 20"
Large18" - 22"
X-Large19" - 24"
Bought this product?

Have it on my German Shepherd works great. Now just need it in pink for my golden retriever

- on

I have owned this collar for a little over 2 years now. I use it on a German Shepherd who weights in at 101lbs.

After, having several smaller collars that broke at the plastic buckles, I was determined to find a collar that I would not have to replace. The Mil-Spec Collar was EXACTLY that. It is VERY high quality, easily adjustable but doesn't budge, even when pulled on VERY hard. The cobra clasp is super easy to work and quickly clip, when needed. The overlay of material behind the clasp is great and keeps the dogs hair well out of the way.

Though it is a very thick collar, I easily use both this and an e-collar at the same time, for both on and off-leash training.

If you have a large and/or powerful dog and want a sense of security, I would recommend this collar over anything else I have come across. When we get a 2nd dog this will be the first, and only collar I buy once the puppy collars are out of the picture.

- on

Collar screams QUALITY.

Puts Petsmart / Petco stuff to shame.

Might not be the best for very hot areas - or dog days of July of August - as it covers a substantial area.

- on

A bit pricey but well worth it. I've run this collar on my trailing dog for 3 months now and it has been perfect. Easy on at the start of a track and easy off at the end. Love the cobra buckles just wish they weren't so expensive. He pulls like a train when on scent and the 1" collar I had on him was too thin to spread the pressure out. This is plenty wide. I wouldn't be scared to use it for agitation either. Going to sew on some velcro myself to put a patch on the collar.

- on

Got the Mil-Spec collar for my GSD. The material and workmanship are excellent. This is not a collar that will slip or loosen the fit. It appears to be less distracting and constraining for the dog. The design and material is far superior to the parachute rigging we used in the Army in the '70s. The clasp is high quality and I can't imagine it failing.

- on

I wear only ranger belts with cobra buckles and know how hard it it to get a quality belt of this material. This dog collar is the best I have ever seen. The stitching is awesome and straight which lots of belt makers struggle with. The entire collar is lined with the soft Velcro. It adjusts way more that advertised, meaning it can go smaller if need be. Awesome product and I'm very happy with this collar

- on

Don't be disheartened if you watched the video and saw the guy struggling with the Cobra buckle. His issue is he was trying to release it while it was under tension (notice him pulling it prematurely before releasing). Since this very high quality buckle was designed for parachutes and climbing applications it will NOT release while tension is applied. You wouldn't want to accidentally release your harness during a jump or while hanging on the side of a cliff would you?
Being a parachute rigger I have many of these buckles and I can assure you that they are extremely easy to use and release under the right circumstances. It's an great choice of hardware for the use on a dog collar.

The webbing is high quality and and the stitching is top notch. Overall it's another great product from Leerburg.


- on

Customer submitted image

Here is a pic of my girl wearing her Mil-Spec collar.
I love it, easy to use too.
Doesn't she look great??!

- on

Verified Customer Review

I use this collar on my 3 year old Cane Corso. He is a large, very powerful, dog and is extremely rough on everything. We are in the woods almost every day. He is the medium and large predator control on my farm, he is in the ocean daily, etc, etc. This is the first collar I have had that has held up. The quality is excellent, I have no complaints in that regard (the buckle is simply amazing, it is very unlikely I would buy another big dog collar with a different buckle system).

I do have a few minor quibbles. The velcro on the inside of the collar is constantly full of his hair. Its a nuisance. The collar's color is starting to fade. He wears it every day and it takes a lot of abuse, so not unexpected, but still a nuisance. Finally the relatively sharp edges of the collar cause it to not allow his fur to slide easily underneath it. So it tends to bunch the skin up on his neck. He doesn't seem to care but it certainly doesn't always look comfortable. All that said, he wears this collar all day every day. And I would replace it immediately if I ever lost it.

- on

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