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Sorry, but the Foundation Fundamentals has been discontinued.

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Foundation Fundamentals

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Sorry, the Foundation Fundamentals has been discontinued.

  • 6 hours, 34 minutes long
  • 6-disc set
  • Producer & Instructor: Mary Ellen Barry

The Foundation Fundamentals program is designed for all dogs at any skill level, whether a puppy or an adult. The purpose of this program is to build specific skills that your dog needs before you begin his obstacle training. It’s is very difficult to teach agility equipment to a dog if he’s running around with a toy, leaving you to go sniff, mugging you to get his treat, or going to visit others in hopes of finding something better than the reward you’re offering. You can’t train your dog to go over a jump or into a tunnel, much less chain together obstacles at speed, if he doesn’t know how to focus on the task at hand.

If the foundation skills covered in this two-day seminar are in place before obstacle training and sequencing begin, your actual agility training can be so much more efficient and enjoyable! A dog that loves his work and understands the boundaries within which to perform his work will be a joy for you to train, and the benefits will show when you begin your agility course work.

This 6-disc DVD set covers:

  • Ignoring and working through distractions
  • Using restrained recalls and chase games to aid in building drive and achieving maximum ground speed and tight turns on course
  • Using non-agility equipment to teach your dog to understand handling cues and perform forward and lateral sends
  • Teaching your dog to follow your cues to discriminate between two pieces of non-agility equipment so he chooses the “obstacle” you cue him to take, not the one he chooses
  • Introducing your dog to balance and striding as he jumps
  • Teaching your dog not to go behind you (sometimes referred to as the “no-go zone”)
  • Teaching your dog to play with you without toys
  • Teaching turns on the flat and working at your side
  • Teaching recalls, even with distractions
  • Retrieving a toy

Mary Ellen demonstrates the goal of each exercise with her own dogs and then works through the training steps with the seminar group. The group consists of puppies of varying ages and an older dog that is new to the sport. Mary Ellen not only helps the students teach the foundation skills to their dogs, but she gives them many tips for improving their overall dog training skills. The DVD also includes a bonus chapter where Mary Ellen demonstrates how the foundation fundamental skills apply to real agility work with obstacles.

About the Instructor

Mary Ellen's popularity as an agility seminar presenter and instructor has grown due to her ability to break things down for students and explain and clarify concepts. She has an excellent eye and is able to pinpoint simple training exercises for handlers to work on at home to improve coursework.Mary Ellen has been involved in dog training for 15 years. She's earned an ADCH with three dogs and represented the USA at the 2006 and 2008 IFCS World Championships.

Bought this product?

Just what I was looking for. I liked several things about the DVD:

1) Mary Ellen is very positive to the people and dogs - Her favorite word is PERFECT! and who doesn't want to hear that?
2) She makes it easier if the dog is not successful - no trying again and rehearsing incorrect behavior, just immediately making it easier so the dog is successful
3) She explains things clearly and offers suggestions that work
4) She diagnoses problems quickly and accurately and comes up with solutions that are simple but effective

I would highly recommend this DVD set for anyone who is new to positive training or is struggling with self control in their dog. Many of the dogs in the video are puppies but this method can be used with a dog of any age.

The exercises in this DVD set look deceptively easy but until you have the criteria clear in your mind you may struggle.

By far the best foundation information I have found even if you have no desire to do agility, a good foundation for ANY dog!.

There are also over a dozen PDF files that MEB wrote covering teaching the foundation exercises included on the DVDs.

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