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Sorry, but the Herbsmith Calm Shen has been discontinued.

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Healthcare Herbsmith Herbsmith Calm Shen

Herbsmith Calm Shen

Based on 2 reviews

Sorry, the Herbsmith Calm Shen has been discontinued.

  • All-natural, sedative-free formula
  • Naturally calms the anxious dog's spirit
  • Resolves anxiety without harmful side effects
  • Helps manages anxiety, thunderphobia, separation anxiety, and more
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Herbsmith Calm Shen for the anxious dog who may be shy, clingy, thunderphobic, have fear aggression or separation anxiety. Tablet photos represent size and shape of the tablet but color or shade may vary depending on the formula. Since heart shen disturbances can be a lifelong, genetic problem, Herbsmith Calm Shen may be used long term. It takes an average of 20 days before results may be seen.

Herbsmith Calm Shen aids in the management of:

  • Anxiety
  • Thunderphobia
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear Aggression
  • Fear of Loud Noises
  • Emotional Stress


From a traditional Chinese veterinary medical viewpoint, shyness, clinginess, separation anxiety, thunderphobia, fearfulness of loud noises and fear aggression are all signs of a heart shen disturbance. The herbs in Herbsmith Calm Shen have been proven to dampen and often resolve anxiety naturally without the need for sedatives or tranquilizers.

Chinese Theory

Western veterinary medicine describes anxious behavior as a neurosis and may prescribe sedatives or psychodynamic drugs to treat the symptoms. However, Chinese veterinary medicine considers the problem to be a disharmony and uses herbs to manage or resolve the issue. Herbsmith Calm Shen is a combination of Chinese herbs that calm the spirit and harmonize the heart and kidney while preserving the dog’s vitality.

In Chinese medicine the heart not only pumps blood, but also houses the spirit and provides the ability to be settled in the world. In a healthy dog, the heart, a fire element (yang), and the kidney, a water element (yin), are balanced. Excessive emotional or physical stress, disease and aging can diminish kidney function, which leads to the inability to control heart shen and subsequently allows anxiety to occur.

Anxiety may also occur due to an imbalance of the heart itself. Any depletion of heart yin or blood will exhibit symptoms of anxiety such as heat or agitation. Heart disturbances can result from genetic predisposition, blood loss, etc. The Chinese medicinal herbs in Herbsmith Calm Shen are specially combined to support kidney function and tonify heart yin and blood, thus calming the spirit.

Suggested Use

For dogs:

Weight# Tablets (twice/day)
30 lb or less1
30-80 lb2
80-120 lb3
120 lb or more4

For cats:

Weight# Tablets (twice/day)
All1/2 tablet

Approximate Supply (based on a 30-80 lb dog):

  • 90 ct tablets = 22 day supply
  • 270 ct tablets = 66 day supply


Modified tian wang bu xin dan

Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae (sheng di huang): Enriches kidney yin, clears heat, and nourishes blood.

Tuber Asparagi Cochinchinensis (tian men dong): Enriches the yin and clear heat from deficiency.

Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici (mai men dong): Enriches the yin and clear heat from deficiency.

Radix Angelicae Sinensis (dang gui): Tonifies the blood to nourish the heart without causing stasis.

Fructus Schisandrae Chinenses (wu wei zi): Prevents leakage of heart qi.

Semen Biotae Orientalis (bai zi ren): Calms the spirit.

Semen Zizyphi Spinosae (suan zao ren): Prevents leakage of heart qi.

Radix Ginseng (ren shen): Assists heart qi.

Radix Scrophulariae Ningpoensis (xuan shen): Enriches the yin and clear heat from deficiency.

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (dan shen): Tonifies the blood to nourish the heart without causing stasis.

Sclerotium Poriae Cocos (fu ling): Assists heart qi.

Radix Polygalae Tenuifoliae (yuan zhi): Calms the spirit.

Radix Platycodi Grandiflori (jie geng): Conducts the actions of the other herbs upward to the heart spirit.


Not for use in pregnant animals. Should any negative reaction occur, discontinue use immediately and contact your veterinarian. Supplements cannot be shipped to Japan.

Bought this product?

When my 7year old Malinois started trying to bust out of her crate for no reason, I emailed Cindy in a panic. I didn't know why she would suddenly start this and I didn't want her to hurt herself. Cindy advised that some dogs can develop increased anxiety as they get older, and recommended getting a crate that Razz can't hurt herself on and to supplement her with CalmShen to balance her moods. I did both, about a year ago, and Razz is back to just hanging out in her crate again like nothing ever happened. I just wanted to write to thank Cindy and to let others know what a great product CalmShen is.

- on

I just had to let you know how great my experience with Comfort Aches and Calm Shen has been. My dog suffered an injury to his paw recently and Comfort Aches worked well for him. Also, the Calm Shen has helped a lot with his generalized anxiety. Combining Calm Shen with an exercise program, marker training, and frequent field trips (I bring a ball or tug along to play) has worked wonders. I just wanted to share how great these products are.

- on

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