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Weighted Vest
Based on 11 reviews
$88.50 - $118.00

Weighted Vest

Based on 11 reviews
$88.50 - $118.00
  • For dogs 2 years and older
  • Backed with heavy cordura denier fabric
  • Double stitched
  • Extra weights available
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Weighted vests can serve two purposes: to build muscle, and to burn excess energy and tire a dog out so it’s calmer when you bring the dog into the house. The problem with the second scenario is the more you use the vest, the better condition the dog gets in and then the dog needs more and more exercise to get tired.

Weighted Vests should not be used on dogs under 2 years of age. Dogs continue to grow and mature until they are about 2 years old. Adding additional weight to a dog before it is physically mature can lead to joint problems in the dog.

Our Weighted Vest are made from heavy, double stitched cordura denier backed fabric. The underside and along the upper back and shoulder of the vest is lined with faux sheepskin.

Our vests have individual zippered pockets where one-pound weights can be added. The large vests come with 10 pockets and 10 weights. The medium vests has 8 pockets and 8 weights. The small vests have 8 zippered pockets with half-pound weights (four on each side).

We recommend introducing the do to the vest without any weights. Once they are used to wearing it, you can slowly add weight.

There is a misconception (because of TV shows) that using a weighted vest on a dominant or aggressive dog will tire the dog and make him less dominant or less aggressive. This is totally false.


Small22" - 24"
Medium27" - 31"
Large34" - 36"

Extra Weights Available

The size and number of weights that come with your vest will vary depending on which size vest you purchase. You can also purchase extra weights. Solid lead weights are sold individually. Our small vest uses the 1/2 lb weights, and the medium and large use 1 lb weights.

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Verified Customer Review

I have had this vest for my lab for almost 2 years, the outside and inside sherpa has held up very well. I needed a vest to keep my dog calm and wear her out quickly when we were on walks. She responds to it so well that I do not have to use the weights unless she is very excited. I was impressed with its durability and comfort for my dog. I do recommend putting in a few stitches on the sherpa sleeve that covers the chest band, as it will come off easily and it a bit of a pain to put back on. I only wish there were replacement sleeves for the straps so I could change them while they are being washed.

- on

Bought this vest in large almost ten years ago and it still works beautifully. The vest really adds that extra amount of effort to the dog necessary for tiring them out. If you have a high energy adult dog this vest is a great piece of equipment to get an hours worth of exercise done in 20 minutes. I highly recommend this product for healthy adult dogs.

- on

HANDS DOWN the best product out there for active dogs! My two lab mixes are each wearing their own weighted vest for our morning walks of about 45-60 minutes. They have black fur so In the spring/summer when its hot, I hose them down with water until they are drenched in the front yard, THEN put the vests on for the walk. That way they stay cool because their fur stays wet for about an hour and they don't overheat on hot days. Be cautious about overheating your dog on hot days. My solution is that I make my dogs wet with water first, then put the vests on.

The dogs like to shake occasionally during the walk causing the vests to slide around a little. I just pause them, and readjust the vest so its centered on their back (takes but a second). When I leave for work, my dogs are good and tired!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product.

- on

Great quality! I purchased for my American Bully in 2014. 3 years later we still use it regularly & it held up really well. My dog likes to pull and is very strong. He is much calmer and focused when I walk him with the vest. I was able to stop using a pinch collar on him and have him wear the vest instead. We live in NJ so the only time we don't use it is during the summer when it is too hot for him to wear this.

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Just got mine for my Rottweiler fits pretty good took him for a test walk with it and he handles the weight like a champ looking forward to more fun walks

- on

Great customer service. I ordered a large but it was too large. The company exchanged it for a medium with no problem!

- on

Nice, very good works perfectly

- on

We got the vest in January because we just acquired a re-homed working dog GSD and needed to exercise him in the Winter. We chose a medium vest and it fits very well. We also got a large Police K-9 vest with handle and he has worn both together with no problems.

- on

An excellent idea and concept.. I was partially raised by bikers who all had several Pitt Bulls and they used to attach heavy log chains to their pups to make them big and strong. Using a vest seems like a good idea rather than being unconventional about it.

Chief Michael Airic White Sr.

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This vest completely exceeded my expectations. It has one clip for easy on and off. My dog actually looks forward to putting it on.

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