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Sorry, but the Police K9 Tracking has been discontinued.

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Police K9 Tracking

Based on 3 reviews

Sorry, the Police K9 Tracking has been discontinued.

  • By Tracy Bowling
  • Paperback
  • 301 pages

Police K9 Tracking: A Guide for Training and Deploying the Police Tracking Dog is the first comprehensive manual for trainers, handlers, and instructors in all branches of all enforcement and the military. All aspects of the discipline are covered- including an historic overview, canine scenting abilities, track scent picture, scent discrimination, training techniques, deployment tactics, equipment, record keeping, certification, and more. Tracy Bowling has more than 40 years of experience in training tracking dogs, and he has developed a solid methodology that will help you achieve the results you desire – reliable tracking K9s.

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: History of K9 Tracking Research
  • CHAPTER 2: The Canine Olfactory System
    • Odor
    • Olfactory System
    • External Nose
    • Internal Nose
    • Olfactory Epithelium
    • Bowman’s Glandsv
    • Olfactory Bulb
    • Vomeronasal Organ
    • The Canine Olfactory Process
  • CHAPTER 3: Tracking or Trailing?
  • CHAPTER 4: Apprehension Tracking
  • CHAPTER 5: Selecting a Breed: Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Working Breeds
    • Sporting Breeds
    • Hound Breeds
    • Crossbreeds
  • CHAPTER 6: K9 Tracking Equipment
  • CHAPTER 7: Composition of Trail Scent
    • Body Odor
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • Transported Material
    • Organic Material
    • Soil
    • Organisms
  • CHAPTER 8: Environmental Influence on Trail Scent
    • Wind
    • Ground Temperature
    • Air Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Surface Conditions
  • CHAPTER 9: The Ever-Changing Track Scent Picture
  • CHAPTER 10: Train for the Task
  • CHAPTER 11: Track Laying
    • Tracklayers
    • Selecting Tracklayers
    • Laying the Track
    • Fire Tracks
    • Marked Tracks
    • Unmarked Tracks
  • CHAPTER 12: Reading the Dog
  • CHAPTER 13: Selection Testing the Tracking K9
    • Test 1
    • Test 2
    • Test 3
  • CHAPTER 14: Beginning Training
  • CHAPTER 15: Scent-Discrimination Training
    • Training Methodology
    • Establish Correct Training Protocols
    • Training Goals
    • Scent-Discrimination Training Methods
    • Method 1
    • Method 2
    • Method 3
    • Split Tracks
    • Parallel Tracks
    • Advanced Scent-Discrimination Exercise
    • Human Scent Articles
  • CHAPTER 16: Developing Advanced Tracking Skills
    • Nineties
    • Trainer Assistance
    • Videos
    • GPS Tracking
    • Recording Atmospheric and Surface Data
    • Wind Awareness
    • Teaching the “Down” on the Track
    • Connecting the Dots
    • Track Acquisition
    • Reading the Air-Scent Alert
    • Visual Tracking
    • Night Training
    • Physical Fitness for the K9 Team
    • Street or Road Crossings
    • Surface Changes
    • On-Lead Versus Off-Lead Tracking
  • CHAPTER 17: Lost Track Recovery Procedures
  • CHAPTER 18: Proofing Our Training
    • Scent Discrimination
    • Animal Odors
    • Ghost Tracking
    • Undesired Natural Behaviors
  • CHAPTER 19: Hard-Surface Tracking
  • CHAPTER 20: K9 Tracking Deployment
    • Cover Officers
    • Communications Responsibilities
    • Controlling Ingress and Egress in the Search Area
    • Setting Up Perimeters
    • Acquiring Unknown Track Location
    • Position Awareness in Rural Areas
    • Obtaining Scent Articles
    • Handler Equipment
    • Air Support
    • Tracking Deployment Versus Area Search
  • CHAPTER 21: Record Keeping
    • Training Record
    • Deployment Record
    • Determining Reliability Percentage
  • CHAPTER 22: Police K9 Tracking Certification
    • Ventosa Kennel’s Tracking
    • Team Certification
  • CHAPTER 23: Court Testimony
    • Preparation
    • Court Requirements for Admission of Testimony
    • Testimony
  • CHAPTER 24: Rural Tactical K9 Team Tracking
    • What is Tactical Tracking?
    • Urban Versus Rural Tracking
    • The Task Has Changed
    • Changing Our Training
    • Increasing Officer Safety
    • The Tactical K9 Tracking Team
    • The Y Formation
    • Team Positions
    • Tactical Team Training
    • Encounter Action Drills
    • Visual Tracking Training
    • Points to Remember
  • CHAPTER 25: Urban Tactical K9 Team Tracking
    • The T Formation
    • Team Positions
    • K9 Team Training
    • Tactical Team Training
  • CHAPTER 26: Myths, Misinformation, and Observations on the Future of K9 Tracking
    • The Threat to Our Credibility
    • Volunteer Civilian Tracking Dog Teams
    • The Million-Dollar Question
    • The Bloodhound Versus Other Breeds
    • Scent-Identification Lineups
    • Location Checks
    • Vehicle-Scent Trailing
    • The Missing-Member Training Method
    • K9 Tracking Training Goals
Bought this product?

I was able to be trained at Ventosa Kennels by Tracy Bowling before he passed away. What is in this book is what Tracy taught in class and the field. Tracy Bowling taught from his love of canines and his experience. He wrote in this book what he has proven to work by years of training canines. This is a must have book for any canine handler.

Sgt. Reynolds

- on

best book ever love it and dogs

- on

I was a little apprehensive about buying this book because of the cost, but it is more than worth it! I love how it is very clearly laid out, so it is easy to read it straight through or go back to specific chapters for reference. I found the explanations to be deeper and more complete than other books I have purchased in the past, and it has been wonderful to take the lessons from this book and apply them to my current training.

This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in seriously working dogs. It provides very clear guidance and explanations on the mechanics of training, and the chapter on record keeping is very thorough and an excellent tool for anyone working dogs in any discipline, whether it be tracking, air scent or detection work.

I have been waiting for a book like this for a long time, and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to train their dog and document their work on a serious level.

- on

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