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Sorry, but the K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT has been discontinued.

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K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT

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Sorry, the K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT has been discontinued.

  • By Brad Smith
  • Paperback
  • 173 pages

If you are not convinced that K9s can be a valuable addition to a high-risk patrol operation or to a SWAT team, this book is for you. Learn how to use a properly trained patrol dog and handler in a high-risk SWAT operation for tracking; barricaded suspects; approaches; entries; blind corners; clearing rooms, hallways, stairs, attics, and crawlspaces; vehicle assaults, arrest techniques; and even in a chemical agent environment. It also discusses what to look for in selecting both a SWAT dog and a handler. All patrol officers, SWAT operations, and supervisors are encouraged to read K9 Tactical Operations and learn how to use your dog to use your dog to find suspects more quickly while maintaining your tactical advantage and increasing officer safety.

What others are saying

"Brad Smith has captured the essence of a K9's value in saving lives. For many years, the capabilities and agility of dogs used in the SWAT environment have been misunderstood. As tactical specialists, we must capitalize on each and every tool in our toolbox. The coordinated and trained use of a K9 is a vital and essential force-multiplier for SWAT."

- Michael R. Hillmann, Deputy Chief of Police (retired), Lost Angeles Police Department

"I doubt anyone knows more about the significant life-saving concept of K9 and SWAT than Brad Smith. His extensive experience as a real-world operator and instructor is apparent in this fast-read book full of easy-to-grasp concepts that will prove invaluable to law-enforcement special operations."

- Ron McCarthy, Sergeant (retired), Los Angeles Police Department

"This book is written by an expert practitioner, who explains in plain English the ins and outs of integrating canines into tactical operations. One of the best handbooks on seamlessly integrating canines into tactical operations I've seen. It will become a critical part of law-enforcement technical libraries and will be especially appreciated by tactical supervisors and managers for law-enforcement special operations."

- Sid Heal, Commander (retired), Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department; Chairman, Strategy Development Section for NTOA; Vice President CATO

About the Author

Brad Smith is a former officer with the West Covina (California) Police Department, where he was a handler and trainer for 25 years and a SWAT dog handler for 18 years. He is National K9 Chairman for NTOA, and a K9 Subject Matter Expert for the California Association of Tactical Officers. Brad has designed and implemented K9 SWAT and K9 Patrol Tactical Schools known as SKIDDS and CATS. He also owns Canine Tactical Operations and Consulting.

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