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Sorry, but the Tracking from the Beginning has been discontinued.

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Tracking from the Beginning

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Sorry, the Tracking from the Beginning has been discontinued.

  • By Gary Patterson
  • Covers the basics of scent work
  • For training IPO/Schutzhund dogs or AKC tracking dogs

Tracking, of all dog sports, is the most mysterious to trainers while, seemingly the most natural to working dogs. Each year increasing numbers of people are finding that tracking is a multi-dimensional form of training, every bit as challenging or more so than other dog training. The AKC describes tracking as non-competitive, yet we know more good dog trainers are drawn to it each year. If it is non-competitive in the eyes of the governing officials, the trainers know the only answer to good tracking is good training. They know that tracking is always competitive in the sense that any dog can only work at the level it has been taught and this means the trainer is always struggling to find a better answer. If tracking is non-competitive are we saying that the dog need not work with its greatest natural ability, aided by the highest skills in training?

Over the years and through many seminars, I have found the greatest barrier to trainers developing their full potentials is not having a training plan. They don't know where they are going or how to get there, while the alternative of having a plan removes so much uncertainty and doubt from dog training. This is not to say that a plan creates a series of automatic steps that only result in the perfect dog - quite the contrary. No perfect plan is possible where we are dealing with imperfect people and dogs. On the other hand, it does give us a starting place and road map that offers invaluable support.

This is the best tracking book published on the subject of sport tracking. If you are interested in training Schutzhund dogs or AKC tracking dogs. This is a must for your library. It covers the basics of scent work better than any book I have seen written on the subject.

This book is for sport tracking (Schutzhund or AKC tracking), it should not be used as a training manual for police service dogs or search and rescue dogs.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tracking Theory
  • Conditioning and Reinforcement
  • The Track
  • The Training Atmosphere
  • Overview of the Programs
  • Imprinting and Novice Training
  • Beginning Tracking
  • Intermediate Tracking
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Training for Advanced Titles

About the Author

Gary Patterson has been training in both Schutzhund and AKC since 1979, during which time he has placed either first or second in eight of 13 working dog championships. He has personally won two national championships and his club members have won an additional two championships. Gary has been awarded the Silver Training Medal by both the German Kennel Club and The German Dog Sports Association.

Gary has authored Schutzhund Protection Training and co-authored Training the Competitive Working Dogs, a book now in its third printing and sold in more than twelve countries. He also writes for several national dog training publications and gives seminars throughout the country on tracking, obedience and protection training.

During the past four years he has held the position of North American Training Directors for the oldest and largest working dog training organization in the world. Gary is a practicing attorney and lives in Denver, Colorado where he is training director for Summit Schutzhund Club.

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This is a very informative, thorough, book on tracking. It may be more than you wanted to know, but if you are really serious about training your dog for tracking, it should be on your list to read. There may be more comprehensive books, but some of the information is really interesting.

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