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Sorry, but the Schutzhund Obedience Training In Drive has been discontinued.

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Books Training Behavior Schutzhund Obedience Training In Drive

Schutzhund Obedience Training In Drive

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Sorry, the Schutzhund Obedience Training In Drive has been discontinued.

  • By Sheila Booth
  • Paperback
  • 287 pages

This book utilizes an all-positive training approach for training dogs schutzhund obedience work. Motivational training rewards dogs for figuring out how to do a command correctly, rather than punishing a dog when it does something wrong. This training takes time to create the correct habits, but with effort and diligence will pay off in the long run.


Finally, here's a motivational manual for trainers who really like their dogs. Training in Drive teaches your dog to enjoy working. And here's a way you can actually have fun while training!

This method gives your dog choices. Then you simply reward your dog for making the correct choice.

Here are techniques that give our dogs credit for being intelligent, sensitive creatures who enjoy working when we allow them to think for themselves. This happy attitude assures your dog will work joyfully and correctly many more years than any force training can ever produce.

Most working dogs love to work. Desire to please is part of their nature. Given the choice, they choose to work - and to work happily. These techniques allow them to maintain that happy attitude.

Motivational training not only allows your dog to think, it actually encourages him to think. Once your dog figures it out for himself, he enjoys his work even more.

Once your dog knows how to get what he wants from you, the work becomes more and more rewarding for him. You allow your dog to be creative until he learns how to be correct. Immediate reward when he gets it right makes him want to continue working for you and with you.

Here's a way that allows your dog to use all his natural capabilities. He solves problems and makes his own choices. If you're tired of underestimating your dog, then this is the way for you.

Many of the basics here are also used in dolphin training, which involves the most fundamental, universally accepted "motivational" teaching methods. You can't put a prong collar on a dolphin! Using similar motivational techniques, our dogs become like the dolphins, and love their work.

Confusion and conflict disappear. The way is clear for your dog. Here's a way to train without coercion, without bribery or unfair compulsion. When your dog does it right, he gets what he wants.

If you enjoy jerking your dog around and correcting him before he even knows what to do, then this method may not be for you. This training allows your dog to be wrong, but then rewards him for figuring out what's right.

If you are looking for a quick fix, then these techniques may not be for you. This training relies on creating the correct habit, and then building your dog's expectation of reward. It works. But it takes more time than some other methods.

Here's a way that offers you and your dog the pleasure of teamwork. Here's a way that creates harmony through understanding and devotion. Here's a way that sees training from the dog's point of view.

Here's a method and a book that rely heavily on the positive. If you're looking for a way to have real fun with your dog while training- here it is.

Our only hope is that you and your dog find it as rewarding as we have. Happy Reading and Happy Training!

- Mary Lou Brayman, 1990 Deutsche Meister

Table of Contents

  • Why?
  • How?
  • Drives
  • Compulsion
  • Getting Started
  • Happy Heeling
  • The Solid Sit
  • Sit in Motion
  • Dynamic Down
  • Focused Front
  • The Racing Recall
  • Front to Finish
  • Rocket Retrieves
  • Up and Over
  • The Flying Voraus
  • Long Distance Down
  • Steady Stands
  • Putting It All Together

About the Author

Gottfried Dildei

Gottfried is a native German. He is a Schutzhund judge and coach. He has coached a number of excellent dog trainers that have gone on to become the American and German National Schutzhund champions.

Sheila Booth

Born in England and raised in Canada and Connecticut, Sheila Booth had already acquired a great love and respect for all animals from her European family. Early in her career as a trainer, she chose to ask "Why?" and began studying animal behavior and wolf ethnology for greater understanding and insight.

In 1975, Sheila discovered Schutzhund. Yes, she began training in the sport with that Standard Poodle. Her real success came with a with a Belgian Tervuren.

With a background as a professional horse trainer and riding instructor, she still teaches a few students and rides for pleasure and to condition her dogs (much to their delight). For more than four years, she ran a full-service kennel in New York state, where she specialized in obedience classes and private lessons for more than 10 years.

Bought this product?

This book covers all the bases for obedience. When I first got the book I kind of read it, but didn't apply much. I then came back to it again and again and eventually really bought into it. The principles work if you put the time in. It's my bible now for dog obedience. I started watching the Michael Ellis videos and this book pretty much puts all of his videos dealing with obedience into writing. Most importantly, this book emphasizes building a great relationship with your dog, rather than trying to get your dog to do what you want with pure compulsion and aggression techniques. Highly recommended for the serious Schutzhund enthusiast.

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