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Raw Dog Food
Based on 2 reviews

Raw Dog Food

Based on 2 reviews
  • By Carina Beth MacDonald
  • Simple, friendly and understandable
  • Shows how feeding your dog a raw diet can be economical and easy for you, and healthy for your dog

Feed your canine pal like his wild ancestors - uncooked, unprocessed, RAW meat, bone, and veggies - instead of those boring "kibble krunchies."

Raw feeding is the hottest topic in dog care today. You may have heard about the "BARF" diet - Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods. Learn why and how to feed your dog this new (but really OLD) diet.

Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog explains in simple, friendly and understandable terms the logic behind this approach. In this fun and slightly irreverent book author Carina MacDonald, shows how feeding your dog a raw diet can be economical and easy for you, and healthy for your dog.

Why feed raw?

  • Buy the ingredients in any grocery store.
  • Simple, time-saving productions techniques.
  • How to switch form kibble to raw.
  • How to feed any size dog, at any age.

What others are saying

"This is a useful and very user-friendly primer on practical ways to feed dogs raw foods."

- Dr. W. Jean Dodds, Veterinarian, Lecturer, Canine Health Expert

"I liked the author's no nonsense style. Short. To the point. It just goes to show you that feeding your dog isn't Rocket Science!"

- Paula Benson, Italian Greyhound breeder, Dogwise Customer Service Manager

"Carina has taken the mystery and confusion out of raw feeding. A great reference for anybody new to feeding raw and especially helpful for anyone intimidated by the whole idea ...makes feeding a raw diet a piece of cake."

- Linda Walker, Akita breeder, multi-sport AKC Competitor

"Honest, informative, humorous."

- Mary Sticklney, Toy Breed Rescue

Table of Contents

  • Why I Started Feeding Raw Dog Food
  • A Raw Diet - What Nature Intended
  • Myths, Fears and Anxieties
  • Raw Materials
  • The Raw Food Factory
  • Putting It All Together
  • Customize Your Feeding
  • Problem Solving
  • The Straight Poop
  • Waggin' Tale End
  • Resources
  • Sample Feeding Week
  • Author Biography
  • Index
Bought this product?

I've read just about all the other raw feeding books, but this is the one I NEEDED to read to start out! I've used it as my main guide to feed my three dogs "real food." I've now been feeding this way since October 2003 and my dogs couldn't be doing better. My oldest dog is a Labrador, about 8 years old. She's lost 15lbs and has more energy than ever. My other dogs are two Beagles, 2 yrs and 6 yrs old. They're also doing great and LOVE their new diet!!! And I got a new kitten for Christmas who keeps stealing the dog's food, so I guess she likes it too!

The book is easy and quick to read, but has a ton of really practical tips and very clear instructions. It made me realize this diet doesn't have to be complicated, it just makes sense! I had some additional questions about things that weren't in the book so I contacted the author through her website and she was very prompt and helpful.

I bought some extra copies to give to friends, too. Hopefully I can persuade them to start feeding their dogs a better diet too!

- on

Verified Customer Review

I really wanted to like this book, because I love Ed and Leerburg. Unfortunately a few pages in and I see that the author of this book is telling people that it is okay to feed your dog garlic. Garlic is toxic to dogs, one quick google will tell you that. I expected more out of a book that is suggested under Leerburg.

- on

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