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101 Dog Tricks
Based on 2 reviews

101 Dog Tricks

Based on 2 reviews
  • By Kyra Sundance
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages

Trick training is a great way to bond with your dog, help him integrate into your family, and keep him mentally and physically challenged.

A wide range of tricks for every dog and skill level: beg, bow, say your prayers, find the remote, and more! Step-by-step instructions to guide the trainer; troubleshooting tips to solve problems; and "build-on" ideas that encourage taking a mastered skill to the next level.

Complex tricks are broken down into smaller, easier-to-learn skills, with a brief overview of how the trick works and what to expect.

Table of Contents

  • Groundwork - sit, down, stay, come
  • Traditional Favorites - shake hands, fetch/take it, drop it/give, balance and catch, sit pretty/beg, speak, roll over, play dead
  • Time For Chores - fetch my slippers, get your leash, walk the dog, newspaper delivery, say your prayers, kennel up, carry my purse, tidy up your toys, roll yourself in a blanket
  • Funny Dog - honk a bike horn, peekaboo, doggy push-ups, act ashamed, limp,pickpocket pooch, play the piano, world's dumbest dog
  • Modern Conveniences - get the phone when it rings, turn off the light, open/close a door, ring a bell to come inside, pull a rope, bring me a beer from the fridge, mail carrier, find the car keys/remote, push a shopping cart, bring me a tissue
  • Let's Play a Game! - soccer, football, basketball, hockey goalie, hide-and-seek, go hide, which hand holds the treat?, easter egg hunt, ring toss, shell game, dog on point, 3-2-1 let's go!
  • Jumping and Catching - jump over a bar, jump over my knee, jump over my back, jump into my arms, summersault/handstand vault, baton jumping, jump rope, beginning disc dog, disc vault off my leg
  • Jumping Through Hoops - hoop jump, jump through my arms, double hoop sequence, hoop jump over my back, disobedient dogs-under the hoop, rolling hoop dive, through a hoop lying on the ground, paper-covered hoop
  • Obstacle Course - tunnel, crawl, touch a target, under/over, teeter-totter, weave poles, climb ladder, roll a barrel
  • That Dog Can Dance! - heel forward and backward, back up, spin circles, take a bow, place (circle to my left side), side (swing to my left side), leg weave, figure 8's, moon walk, jump for joy, chorus line kicks
  • The Thinking Man's Dog - my dog can count, discern objects names, directed retrieve, directed jumping, pick a card from a deck, food refusal, find the object with my scent, contraband search, track a person's scent trail
  • Love Me, Love My Dog - kisses, paws on my arm, head down, cover your eyes, wave good-bye

About the Author

Kyra Sundance and Chalcy, her Weimaraner, are world-class dog trick show performers and trainers, and are regulars at sporting events, fairs, and circuses. They've performed on TV shows around the world including The Tonight Show, Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, and Showdog Moms & Dads, and have trained on movie sets. The pair is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports.

Bought this product?

As a dog professional I have a large library of training books. This book has made it to the top of my list as one of the best! I have always encouraged owners to train tricks as a way to build the relationship they have with their dogs. This book has very easy to understand instructions as well as showing which tricks are easy or more advanced. The pictures show the enjoyment of both Kyra and Chalcy. I highly recommend this to all dog owners!!!

- on

I have been training my dogs in agility for 5 years. Sometimes you get so focused on one area of training you forget the casual fun you can have with your dogs. The methods in this book are all positive motivational. There are lots of side bars that explain some of the pit falls you can run into when training. It explains how you can chain tricks together to create new tricks. I'm NOT planning on teaching the dogs to fetch a soda from the fridge however. I just don't imagine my beagle passing the lunch meats. The only thing that this book doesn't provide is the time necessary to fit into my schedule.

- on

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