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The Electric Collar Part 2 with Michael Ellis

Based on 9 reviews

Sorry, the The Electric Collar Part 2 with Michael Ellis is currently unavailable.

  • 89 minutes long
  • Released May 2013
  • Instructor: Michael Ellis
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This DVD covers the three major training categories we use the e-collar for obedience, high arousal activities, and management. In this DVD you will learn how to take a dog that has been properly conditioned to the collar and in only a few short training sessions achieve the desired results through low level stimulation.

This DVD assumes that the viewer has watched part one, The Electric Collar w/ Michael Ellis. Please review the terminology in part one before continuing with part two.


  1. Introduction: What this DVD covers and what advantages does the e-collar give (distance, timing, control of intensity, and impersonal correction)
  2. Obedience: A general note about the use of adversives in obedience
    • Dog understands what I am asking
    • Disobedience vs. mistakes
    • Competing motivators
    • Superstitious associations
    • Improving the quality of behavior through the use of pressure
    • Recall
    • Heeling / Focus: How to use the collar for looking away and for breaking
    • Place Work: Foot targets and bed or mat work.
    • Stays: Using the collar to punish breaking stays with competing motivators
    • Retrieve: Ways to improve retrieve through e-collar work. What situations to use and which to avoid
    • Loose Leash Walking: Slip leads and e-collars
  3. Protection/High Arousal Activities: Special considerations, superstitious associations, higher arousal means higher levels, classically conditioned arousal response to punisher, damage to gripping behavior, aggression
    • Recalls: From biting and on the way to biting.
    • Outs: Do’s and don’ts of using the collar for outs.
    • Secondary Control: Heeling and contact heeling.
  4. Management: We always try and address the underlying cause before, and during, using aversives on the symptoms. i.e. fear, lack of exercise, training, mental stimulation, and proper socialization
    • Barking: Sometimes bark collars are necessary.
    • Counter Surfing, Chewing, Fence Jumping, etc.: Situations in which we want the correction to be impersonal and superstitious associations don’t hurt us
    • Dog Issues
    • Emergency Stop: i.e. car chasing, aggression, etc.
  5. Conclusion: Get help if you are unsure. Just because the collar is easy doesn’t mean it is the right solution for every situation
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Verified Customer Review

I can not believe people do not give this DVD 5 stars. If you listen to Michaels speech about why there is not more clips and videos of dogs being corrected he explains that both ethically and morally you would not correct a dog without solid foundation and proofing work and doing this work limits the amount of use of the E Collar. Simply there is no quick fix for your lack of training and introducing the E collar will not make it better. I held out for years not getting an E collar hoping to not need one due to those same ethical and moral arguments Michael made in the DVDs. I realize now I could have layered it into my training program and had better success much earlier on. GET BOTH DVDs first, and watch them repeatedly, then get your E Collar from, But you better have the entire Michael Ellis DVD library in hand and work that system, its pure gold.

- on

I have been researching bout training dogs and this DVD is definitely one of the best I have seen. It will be helpful if you have basic dog training concepts, so I think you need to do a basic internet research before to go with this DVD. Watch it several times until you get the minor details about the method.

- on

Yes - it is lecture style- and yes I have DVD 1 also. I actually appreciate the real WHY behind his cautions. Have you met some of these people who train their dogs? You can not caution people enough. I too have a pretty well trained PET dog- shelter rescue at 3 yo. Unfortunately - it seems true that Mr Ellis works with those super Malinois - so I am sure he has a problem finding mis-behave to correct for video. I see in my short "preparing" my dog- I will have a tough time setting up training opportunities for the chase of wildlife - BUT I have a truly CLEAR understanding of her impulse and feel confident that I can strongly correct her for her FAILURE TO RECALL - instead of just saying SH*T when she fails to come... She does have a CGC title, hangs out on a horse ranch and recalls nicely when I'm out of site...

- on

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this video. Michael Ellis covers everything thoroughly, but the demonstrations help a lot. There is so much information that I've watched it 5 times and am STILL getting new stuff! I've applied the techniques for my dog's obedience issues and after only a week, I am seeing a difference in her performance.

Thank you for such a quality video!!

- on

Well made video! I liked it more than the first part. Very useful.

- on

I was hesitant about using an e collar, but after viewing this video I was given the information to effectively and safely use it on my GSD. It uses positive reinforcement when training with the collar. The instructor indicates all sides of the training. It is a must see if you are looking for instruction to effectively and safely use an ecollar on your dog.

- on

Good info--made me think about the best ways I use the collar. The cautions Michael gives are well heeded. I learned a number of things from this video and am glad I purchased it.
One strange part was around 1:18-20 where all of the dogs were out in the field are shown peeing in the same area--it was VERY distracting and I have NO IDEA what Michael said. I will definitely be reviewing that section again!

- on

I bought this video after watching several of Michael Ellis' you tube videos and was really looking forward to learning the practical applications of an e-collar

Michael Ellis has clearly stated that it is difficult to demonstrate the actual footage of using e-Collars on his dogs, since they are already performing most actions without the need to use the aversives. Hence, this video is a lecture style DVD which reduces its practical application for users like me who want to see dogs in action with e-collar usage

Michael Ellis almost seems reluctant to advocate the use of e-Collars and when he "probably advises" their use, it comes with a strong caveat that it could lead to superstitious associations for the dog. Hence I am confused at this stage if I should even use my e-collar on my dog. My takeaway was - try not to use the e-collar if you can, and if you do use it, it comes with risk stated above.

Overall, the information in the video is decent =, but due to the nature of the content (lecture style) I rate it as 3 stars (average) I also find this overpriced (in my opinion) - I got similar information on the internet for free about using e-Collars or you-Tube on the actual exercises that you can perform.

That being said - I have great respect for Michael Ellis and his training philosophy! However, this video was somehow disappointing. Sorry

- on

Although I really, really liked the first video I was very disappointed in the second. Using well trained dogs to illustrate the use of the collar ???? Surely there were dogs available that would have been at the proper stage in their training that could have been used. I never did see where the dog would ever be without the collar. Don't they ever get to that point?

What I got from this DVD was that:
1. the dog has to be completely trained before you use the collar.
2. the dog will never be without the collar and
3. the e-collar is nothing but a glorified shock collar. Still used the same way as the old collars were; but, you have more levels to choose from.

I think calling it a "training collar" is stretching the truth. It's still only a shock collar. If I could have returned/shut off the streaming video and got my money back I would have.

- on

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