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Specialty Patch
Based on 0 reviews

Specialty Patch

Based on 0 reviews
  • Sorry, Velcro is not available for these patches
  • Great for vests and harnesses
  • A wide variety of styles to select from, from K9 Police to service phrases
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days.

Option: SP1

Option: SP2

Option: SP3

Option: SP4

Option: SP5

Option: SP6

Option: SP7

Option: SP8

Option: SP9

Option: SP10

Option: SP11

Option: SP12

Option: SP13

Option: SP14

Option: SP15

Option: SP16

Option: SP17

Option: SP18

Option: SP19

Option: SP20

Option: SP21

Option: SP22

Option: SP23

Option: SP24

Option: SP25

Option: SP26

Option: SP29

Option: SP30

Option: SP31

Option: SP32

Option: SP33

Option: SP34

Option: SP35

Option: SP36

Option: SP37

Option: SP38

Option: SP39


The Specialty Patches are designed for puppies to senior dogs who are in training or have completed training as working service dogs. These colored specialty patches will be very visible on your dogs' vest, your clothing, or gear bag. We use polyester, high sheen, embroidery threads on all of our embroidery work. Polyester thread is stronger and more resilient than rayon. These are high thread count patches which makes the lettering and designs stand out. These patches can be ironed on or stitched on.

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