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Sorry, but the Educator BL100 BarkLess Ecollar has been discontinued.

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Educator BL100 BarkLess Ecollar

Based on 5 reviews

Sorry, the Educator BL100 BarkLess Ecollar has been discontinued.

  • For dogs 5 lb and larger
  • Comes with 5/8" and 3/4" contact points
  • Completely waterproof and sealed
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The most humane and effective bark control device on the market. Perfect for small timid dogs, and also effective on big stubborn dogs that like to over communicate. It utilizes a warning tone followed by the preset stimulation providing for optimal classical operate learning. The typical dog will stop barking withing 15 minutes of wearing the BL-100. It is great for howlers, whiners, and soft barkers. Assembled and tested in the USA.

Bought this product?

SUPER-SATISFIED -- Two recently adopted ADULT rescue Dobermans who used to be "junkyard dogs" with no training as pets ... Issue: too much loud barking on our Early AM and Late PM bathroom breaks, so I was afraid my close neighbors would soon get Fed-Up and call the cops !!! Solution: bought Educator BL 100 Bark-Less ecollars for both Dobies and they WORK PERFECTLY with Instant Success on lowest Level 1 for my light-weight bitch & on second-lowest Level 2 for my heavy-weight male (have even dialed his Level down to #1 now, since he is Always Barkless while wearing the collar on pit-stops).

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I purchased the Educator Barkless Ecollar several months ago for one of my terriers that was a nuisance barker. Although it has been said that ecollars do not work on terriers, I found it worked exceptionally well. After two moderate level stimulations, he no longer barks incessantly.

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My German Shepherd is a talker. She will bark at anything and everything, and I was afraid that the neighbors were going to start complaining. I've tried other bark collars and she will bark right through them without even pausing. With this collar though, she stopped barking at level 3. When I put the collar on her, she will just go and lay peacefully in her crate.

- on

At first I was very satisfied with this product even bought a second one but now after a while my dog barks once and waits then barks again. He is still constantly barking but it's like he is on a timer. I also don't like that it shocks him every time he accidentally hits the side of the kennel or crate.

- on

Purchased this BarkLess Ecollar (formerly Einstein) several months ago.

Ours is a long, thick haired dog (Kuvasz) who barks almost constantly when he is outside.
I changed the 1/2" contact points to the supplied 3/4" contact points, as there was no reduction in his barking. Even with the longer contact points, there was no change.
I believe I have the collar adjusted correctly.

After reviewing the video, I will try clipping his neck hair quite short to see if that is an improvement.
If not, the collar has been a waste of time and money for us. Wish I had a better report.

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