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Eezwalker Hands Free Leash
Based on 1 reviews

Eezwalker Hands Free Leash

Based on 1 review
  • 6.5' long
  • Handcrafted and made in the USA
  • Fleece lining for color and comfort
  • Worn like a shoulder bag
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The purpose of the Eezwalker Hands Free Leash is to keep your dog in position while walking or working with you. It is very functional and should be a tool for training every dog. With your dog by your side it learns to adapt to your body movements and your stride. It doesn’t have the option to run here or there. It learns to do what you want it to and can even anticipate what direction you are going to move and move with you.

Hands free leashes have been used by many people for years to train dogs to stay close to their owners and handlers. With three different length settings this leash makes it so your dog can be tethered to you at different lengths. This allows you to control the dog better without having to use your hands, so they are free to do any number of other things like, pushing a stroller, cart or pulling a wagon. These different lengths also help accommodate for dog and handler height differences.

With a built-in handle on the dog end of the leash, you can get complete control of your dog when needed. Only a short reach away and you have a firm grip right next to the dog’s collar. Many people love having this security right at hand.

The Eezwalker Hands Free Leash brings a new twist by adding fleece lining for color and comfort. It's worn like a shoulder bag it rests across your shoulder then wraps under your arm and over your back. It's 6.5 feet long, and handcrafted in the USA.

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Living in NYC with an older small dog, puppy husky/GSD and a toddler this leash the only way I am able to stroll with grace. Beyond grateful for this sturdy and functional leash.

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