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Electric Dog Collar Comparison Chart

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  Educator ECR0019007
Levels 0-100
Range (Miles) 1
Small Dog Capable 20lbs
Two Dog Model Available yes
Different Levels for Each Dog yes
Digital Display yes
Waterproof Transmitter yes
Waterproof Receiver yes
Floating Transmitter yes
Level Boost Button yes
Momentary Stim "Nick" yes
Continuous Stim yes
Tracking Light yes
Tone yes
Vibrate yes
Lost Transmitter Tone no
Rechargeable yes
Vibrating Transmitter no
Lockable Levels yes
Two Receiver Model Available no
Stretch/Bungee Strap no
Bluetooth Like Button no
Warranty 2 year full, limited lifetime
Free Adapter on International Orders yes
$259.99 - $379.99+s&h

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