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Sorry, but the Pet Emergency Care Card Kit has been discontinued.

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Pet Emergency Care Card Kit

Based on 5 reviews

Sorry, the Pet Emergency Care Card Kit has been discontinued.

  • Carabiner and self-laminating pouch included
  • Classic military-style dog tag
  • Alert first responders that pet(s) is home alone
  • Perfect for hikes, day trips, work, shopping and more
  • Easily attaches to keychain, belt loop, handbag and back pack
  • 1.5 inches x 2 inches (30mm x 50mm) anodized aluminum, laser engraved
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The Pet ID Tag will show a responder to the scene of an accident or illness that you have a pet home alone and will be able to see your pet’s information on your Pet Emergency Card included with this tag. This is a classic military-style dog tag made out of anodized aluminum with functional matching easy to use carabiner that can attach to anything, such as a belt loop, key chain, back pack, handbag, brief case and more. The Pet Emergency Card that you fill out will have all the pertinent information a responder will need such as your name, address, telephone number, your pet’s name, age, any special needs and emergency contacts. This makes a great gift for friends and family. You will be receiving one Pet ID Tag, one Pet Emergency Wallet Card, one self laminating pouch and one attached carabiner. Now you don't have to worry about the unexpected and ensure your pets will be cared for by people you trust.

Bought this product?

Before purchasing this very visible and sturdy Pet Emergency Keychain and Card, I felt anxious every time I left the house without my 4 legged child, fearful that if something happened to me no one would know. I'm fearful of leaving my phone unlocked when out of the house and have been doing just that since I received this terrific product. I've tacked the laminated card to my dashboard and will order another to keep in my wallet. One keychain that hangs off my handbag and I'll order another for my keys.

Thank you for offering this product, Leerburg! It's about time someone did.

- on

I am very satisfied with my purchase of the pet emergency card. What is better than knowing your pets will be taken care of in the event something would happen to you.

- on

I purchased the pet emergency care card package, that comes with the cards, the laminating pouch, the dog tag, and a carabiner.
It's such a ingenious idea, yet so simple,
in the case of a emergency situation, accident, or a health issue, these tags & cards have a great chance of notifying the men and women in the human health care services, police, fire departments, &EMT's.
These caregivers will know that they're dealing with pet owners and that there's a possibility that pets are at their homes or apartments that are not being watched over and need care.
The the Pet Emergency Care Cards are strong, thick, & sturdy, and made of very high quality business card material. Between the two items, card in your wallet & dog tag on your belt, pocketbook, or used as a key chain ...people will realize that you are a pet owner, and these animals have needs.
As you can tell, I am thrilled with this product, and with the holidays approaching, I plan on additional purchases as gifts!

- on

This product is a wonderful concept and is a great useful gift for any pet owner. The key chain is very sturdy and the quality is excellent . The wallet card that is laminated I keep in my wallet. It gives us peace of mind in case something unforeseen happens to us.

- on

I recently purchased two pet emergency care cards. The cards themselves are very thick and of really high quality, the dog tag on the carabiner is smart looking, well made item. As soon as I received the package, I added my house key and truck key to the Pet Emergency Care Dog Tag.
This item was a great idea, to have in your wallet in case of an emergency. If a situation ever arises due to an unforeseen accident, where you can't take care of your pets at home, First Responders will know that you have pets at home that cannot take care of themselves.
I wish I would have thought of this and I wish this was my product that I was selling, because I think this is a really well, thought-out item and I probably will purchase more as gifts in the future.

- on

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