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New Keeper Collars Hidden Prong Collars

Posted: 08/10/2016 • Length: 8 Minutes, 4 Seconds

Every once in a while, we see a new dog training product that blows us away. With that said, let us introduce the Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar. This is one of those products where design, quality, and functionality have all been taken into...

Categories: Training Equipment

Omni K9 Gear Covered Prong Collars

Posted: 04/18/2016 • Length: 1 Minute, 59 Seconds

Omni K9 Gear covered prong collars are a great way to conceal your prong collar without interfering with mechanics and functionality. Woven with a spine and ribs to bend and stretch with the collar as it pinches and releases, your dog will not los...

Categories: Training Equipment

Question and Answer on Prong Collars

Posted: 11/25/2013 • Length: 9 Minutes, 10 Seconds

In this short question and answer session, Ed Frawley discusses the intricacies of using a prong collar. He also discusses the difference in using a prong collar vs one of Leerburg's dominant dog collars.

Categories: Training Equipment

Why Leerburg Will No Longer Sell Quick Release Prong Collars

Posted: 04/25/2011 • Length: 9 Minutes, 48 Seconds

This video talks about why we have decided to no longer sell Quick Release Prong Collars.

Categories: Training Equipment

1/2" Prong Collar Leash

Posted: 01/17/2019 • Length: 1 Minute, 02 Seconds

This Amish made latigo leather leash has high quality stainless steel snaps. This leash is made so that a prong collar is attached to one clip and dominant dog collar™ (or backup collar) is attached to second clip. There is a 6 inch tab attached...

Categories: Training Equipment

Debunking Prong Collar Myths

Posted: 11/11/2017 • Length: 14 Minutes, 17 Seconds

Jeff Frawley comments on some of the goofy comments from Leerburg’s article on how to fit a prong collar. Jeff points out the facts on how animal rights groups and trainers who lack experience in dog training try to mislead the general public on...

Categories: Training Equipment

Prong Collar Sizing & Styles

Posted: 10/19/2017 • Length: 15 Minutes, 43 Seconds

Jeff Frawley discusses the differences between our wide variety of prong collars and more importantly, how to properly fit a prong collar on your dog. Prong collars do not apply pressure to the dogs trachea, making them a safe alternative to a sli...

Categories: Training Equipment

Q&A with Ed Frawley on Using a Prong Collar with Puppies

Posted: 10/10/2013 • Length: 2 Hours, 57 Minutes

Question about using prong collars with puppies answered by Ed Frawley.

Categories: Basic Obedience, Puppies, Training Equipment

How to Fit a Prong Collar

Posted: 06/18/2012 • Length: 3 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Jeff discusses how to properly fit a prong collar. Check out Leerburg's selection of prong collars HERE!

Categories: Training Equipment

Another Prong Collar Comes Off in Bite Work with Michael Ellis

Posted: 05/25/2011 • Length: 5 Minutes, 28 Seconds

Anyone who has been around Leerburg for any period of time will know that we constantly preach the need for trainers who use a prong collar to also use a back-up dominant dog collar. Prong collars do come apart, as you will see in this video and t...

Categories: Michael Ellis, Training Equipment

See Why Leerburg Always Recommends a Backup Collar When Using a Prong Collar

Posted: 09/11/2009 • Length: 3 Minutes, 20 Seconds

See a list of our Dominant Dog Collars here. Check out our Prong Collars here.

Categories: Training Equipment

Leerburg's Prong Collar Leash Kit

Posted: 09/24/2018 • Length: 2 Minutes, 29 Seconds

The Prong Collar Leash is designed specifically to utilize all of the control benefits of a prong collar as well as the safety and security of a dominant dog collar. The purpose of the leash is to create a simple safety option in the event that yo...

Categories: Training Equipment

Limited Edition Keeper Collars

Posted: 08/28/2018 • Length: 1 Minute, 8 Seconds

Leerburg is now offering Keeper Collars in limited edition camouflage patterns. These collars are sold exclusively at Leerburg and will only be available while supplies last. These collars include a 240 Pound Tensile Strength Buckle and a sleek an...

Categories: Training Equipment

Prong Collar Metal Varieties

Posted: 11/11/2014 • Length: 1 Minute, 16 Seconds

We get a lot of questions about the qualities and advantages of our chrome, stainless steel, black stainless steel, and curogan metal collars. This video should answer all of your questions.

Categories: Training Equipment

Ed Frawley on Remote Collars vs. Animal Rights Extremists

Posted: 10/08/2014 • Length: 25 Minutes, 17 Seconds

I have always said that remote collars are one of the greatest dog training tools ever invented, but they are also one of the most misunderstood dog training tools every invented. It is important to us that what we say about training with remot...

Categories: Corrections, E-collars, Reward Based/Marker Training

Leerburg's Leather Collars

Posted: 08/25/2014 • Length: 2 Minutes, 31 Seconds

Ed Frawley discusses the features of our leather collars and how they are made. Check out all of Leerburg's leather collars HERE!

Categories: Training Equipment

Lightweight Prong Collar Leash Adapter

Posted: 08/21/2014 • Length: 2 Minutes, 39 Seconds

This light weight leash adapter has solid brass clips. It is made so that a prong collar is attached to one clip and dominant dog collar™ (or backup collar) is attached to a second clip and a regular leash attaches to the adapter. When or if the...

Categories: Training Equipment

Prong Collar Leash Adapter

Posted: 04/17/2014 • Length: 3 Minutes, 20 Seconds

Jeff Frawley explains Leerburg's new Prong Collar Leash Adapter.

Categories: Training Equipment

Muzzles vs. Prong Collar

Posted: 01/13/2014 • Length: 8 Minutes, 47 Seconds

In this question and answer, Ed Frawley answers a customer who adopted a dog from the shelter that ended up having some fearful and aggression traits. The customer wants to know whether a muzzle or a prong collar would be a better tool. Ed discuss...

Categories: Training Equipment

Q&A with Ed Frawley About Electric Collars

Posted: 10/10/2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 58 Seconds

Question on using remote/electric collars answered by Ed Frawley.

Categories: E-collars

Prong Collar Leashes

Posted: 09/20/2012 • Length: 7 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Ed Frawley discusses some of the new prong collar leashes and changes that we have made based on feedback from Leerburg customers.

Categories: Training Equipment

Educator Ecollars

Posted: 05/21/2012 • Length: 2 Minutes, 21 Seconds

Educator collars are lighter and more technologically current. Educator's tapping sensation is twice as intense as their pager mode, their tones are more pronounced, their stimulation is cleaner and has a higher intensity when needed. The stimulat...

Categories: E-collars

Leerburg's New Patented Prong Collar Leash

Posted: 07/14/2011 • Length: 5 Minutes, 40 Seconds

In this video, I will explain how I came to design what I think is the most functional dog training leash anyone has come up with in the last 50 years, which is about how long I have been training dogs. I have been told that all I do is live, b...

Categories: Training Equipment

Prong Collar Safety

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 7 Minutes, 30 Seconds

If you use a prong collar in your dog training we highly recommend that you watch this short video. You will see why we always recommend using a backup dominant dog collar.

Categories: Training Equipment

Dogtra Handsfree E-Collars

Posted: 08/07/2018 • Length: 4 Minutes, 57 Seconds

This video highlights two of Dogtra's newer products: the ARC Handsfree and the 1900S Handsfree, and explains some of the functions of each and the differences between the two.

Categories: E-collars

Michael Ellis Discusses Generalized Inhibition with E-collars

Posted: 01/04/2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 10 Seconds

This is a short video taken from a question and answer session during Michael Ellis' e-collar class. He discusses how the same dog can respond differently to stimulation during different levels of motivation.

Categories: E-collars, Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis and the Importance of Understanding Ecollars

Posted: 12/13/2012 • Length: 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds

Michael Ellis discusses the importance of understanding the training tools that you use with your dog. In this short video, Michael will explain why he tests his e-collar on himself at the same levels he will be using on his dog. This short lectur...

Categories: E-collars, Michael Ellis

Low Level Stimulation and Myths About Remote Collars

Posted: 06/08/2012 • Length: 9 Minutes, 57 Seconds

Most people do not know how to properly use a remote collar, or as some refer to an electric dog collar. In this short video, Ed Frawley will explain how to properly set the stimulation level to train your dog using low level stimulation.

Categories: E-collars

Why Leerburg will not sell the new Herm Sprenger Buckle Prong Collar

Posted: 08/24/2011 • Length: 2 Minutes, 30 Seconds

We are no longer going to sell the new Herm Sprenger collar that have the quick release latches. This video shows you why I personally think they are too dangerous.

Categories: Training Equipment

Why You Should Use Our Backup Collar System

Posted: 05/15/2018 • Length: 3 Minutes, 35 Seconds

When used properly and maintained, prong collars rarely come undone. However, in the event the links do separate, we want to be sure we maintain control of our dog. We recommend prong collar users to consider also utilizing a backup collar. This v...

Categories: Training Equipment

Michael Ellis on Escape Avoidance Training

Posted: 06/07/2010 • Length: 7 Minutes, 55 Seconds

A short lecture on Escape Avoidance training as it relates to remote collars vs prong or choke collar.

Categories: Basic Obedience, Corrections, Michael Ellis

Electric Collar Training for the Pet Owner Commercial

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 1 Minute, 29 Seconds

In my opinion the remote collar is the most effective dog training tool that has been developed in the past 100 years. Without a doubt our low level stimulation training is 100 times more humane and more effective than using "CHOKE COLLAR or P...

Categories: E-collars

Manufacturing a Cutoff Cue with Tyler Muto

Posted: 11/08/2019 • Length: 4 Minutes, 31 Seconds

This video is taken from our online course, Leash Reactivity with Tyler Muto. Manufacturing cut offs is easier than you may think, and you can get creative as you attempt to figure the best way to prompt your dog. I often will to one of the fol...

Categories: Tyler Muto

New Online Course: Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner

Posted: 05/24/2019 • Length: 16 Minutes, 13 Seconds

The purpose of a remote collar is not too punish a dog for not minding, but rather to redirect a dog from a distraction and get it to comply to what we are asking it to do with the least amount of force possible. Training dogs with remote collars ...

Categories: E-collars, Ed Frawley, Leerburg Online University

Leather Two Handle Leash

Posted: 01/17/2019 • Length: 35 Seconds

This 2-handled leash is great for many reasons. It is basically our 6 ft leather leash with an extra loop handle placed closer to the dog. We love this leash for walking our dogs. When a stranger, other animal, or any distraction approaches you an...

Categories: Training Equipment

1 1/4" Agitation Collar

Posted: 01/17/2019 • Length: 1 Minute, 32 Seconds

I am often asked by customers if they should buy an agitation harness or a wide leather collar for bite work training. The answer to this question lies with their dog. The purpose for either one of these training aids is to insure the safety of th...

Categories: Training Equipment

Talk About the Recall

Posted: 12/03/2018 • Length: 3 Minutes, 02 Seconds

One of our last newsletters dealt with the Rules of the Recall, and the fact that the recall is the most important exercise you can teach your dog. In our opinion, most new dog trainers take their dogs off-leash way too soon. They find out the...

Categories: Advanced Obedience, Basic Obedience, Ed Frawley, Leerburg Training Videos

Make Your Own Leather Collar

Posted: 06/14/2018 • Length: 12 Minutes, 59 Seconds

Our DIY Collar pieces are available for those who are looking to build their own dog collar. Since 1990, we have had our Amish harness markers making our leashes, collars, and harnesses from the leather we source and have tanned to our specificati...

Categories: Eds Picks

Make Your Own Leather Leash

Posted: 06/14/2018 • Length: 10 Minutes, 40 Seconds

Our DIY Leash kit is available for those who are looking to build their own dog leash. Since 1990, we have had our Amish harness makers making our leashes, collars, and harnesses from the leather hides we buy ourselves and have tanned to our speci...

Categories: Eds Picks

Michael Ellis' Favorite E-Collar: Dogtra 1900S

Posted: 05/07/2018 • Length: 4 Minutes, 17 Seconds

In this video, Michael Ellis talks about his current favorite electronic collar model, the Dogtra 1900S. He explains what he looks for when it comes to electronic collars as well as his favorite things about the 1900S. With this, we always recomme...

Categories: E-collars, Michael Ellis, Training Equipment

Leerburg's Leather Care

Posted: 04/30/2018 • Length: 2 Minutes, 44 Seconds

Take care of your high quality leather leashes, collars, and harnesses with Leerburg's Leather Care. The cream is a semi-thick wax conditioner that offers maximum protection and restoration. Ideal for leathers that need extra protection, touched u...

Categories: Training Equipment

Teaching the Place with Michael Ellis

Posted: 04/02/2018 • Length: 2 Minutes, 28 Seconds

Many trainers that compete in Mondioring or French Ring opt to teach their dogs to return between the legs after a recall, but we can also utilize this behavior in common, everyday applications as well. When we teach our dogs to go between our leg...

Categories: Basic Obedience, Working/Sport Dog Training

The Story Behind Leerburg's Latigo Leather

Posted: 10/26/2017 • Length: 5 Minutes, 41 Seconds

In October 2017, we were fortunate enough to film at Amos' work shop (our Amish leather artist), where we captured the intricate process of how our leather leashes, collars, and harnesses are made. Every leather product is hand crafted by Amos and...

Categories: Eds Picks, Misc, Training Equipment

5 Steps to the Collar Grab with Mark Keating

Posted: 12/12/2016 • Length: 8 Minutes, 20 Seconds

Leerburg TV is back with Mark Keating at Red Star Kennels to teach you 5 simple steps of how to train a collar grab on your dog. This training technique is helpful for those who have dogs that don't like their collars grabbed. Mark takes simple st...

Categories: Basic Obedience, Leerburg Training Videos

Part 4 – Tutorial on Educator Pro900

Posted: 10/31/2016 • Length: 14 Minutes, 19 Seconds

In this 4th tutorial on the Educator Pro900 Remote Collar, Ed Frawley from Leerburg explains how to program the transmitter to turn it into a 2 or 3 dog transmitter. He also explains the vibration/stimulation feature and the tone/stimulation featu...

Categories: E-collars

Pairing a New Receiver to Your Educator Pro900 Remote Collar

Posted: 10/28/2016 • Length: 14 Minutes, 21 Seconds

This 14 minute video of Ed Frawley from Leerburg Ent. explains how to pair a new receiver to an Educator Pro900 remote collar (electric collar). This is one of the most common questions we get from people who buy remote collars that have the optio...

Categories: E-collars

Spring Imperfect Leather Sale

Posted: 04/10/2015 • Length: 2 Minutes, 33 Seconds

All of our leather products here at Leerburg are handmade. As with any handmade item, from time to time there are imperfections that do not meet our standards or pass our quality control measures. These items are normally returned to our Amish har...


Ed Frawley Uses TENS Unit on Himself

Posted: 10/09/2014 • Length: 1 Minute, 25 Seconds

Educator collars work exactly like a physical therapists TENS Unit. When therapists glues TENS pads on your body and then sends a current through the pads the current causes the muscles to contract. How much they contract depends on the level of c...

Categories: Corrections, E-collars, Leerburg Training Videos

Educator Stimulation Reducer

Posted: 09/22/2014 • Length: 2 Minutes, 11 Seconds

When working at low levels of stimulation on our E-collars, we've noticed that there is an inconsistent output rate--for example, levels 8, 9, and 10 may feel exactly the same to the dog, but level 11 will show a drastic increase in the stim outpu...

Categories: E-collars

Remote Collar Level Setting Question

Posted: 01/23/2014 • Length: 9 Minutes, 41 Seconds

When we use remote collars, we train with low level stimulation. We have produced 3 different videos on how to train with remote collars. Remote collars are probably the most effective training tools ever introduced to dog training. They are also ...

Categories: E-collars

Dogtra iQ CLiQ Electric Collar

Posted: 09/18/2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Jeff Frawley discusses one of Leerburg's newest ecollars, the Dogtra iQ CLiQ.

Categories: E-collars

What's New at Leerburg - December 2012

Posted: 12/20/2012 • Length: 7 Minutes, 33 Seconds

-NEW DVD: The Power of Training Dogs with Food -Future DVDs in 2013 on Michael Ellis' Electric Collar Course & the DVD 2nd in the Nosework series with Andrew Ramsey -New Podcast & Article Coming Soon - Dealing with Aggressive Dogs and Remote Col...

Categories: Misc

What's New at Leerburg - August 20th

Posted: 08/20/2012 • Length: 6 Minutes, 41 Seconds

Ed Frawley discusses the two new Michael Ellis DVDs, the new Lady Educator Ecollar, the new Soft Grip Leashes, the new 2 Snap Agitation Harness, as well as Leerburg's newest black and pink T-shirt.

Categories: Misc

Dogtra iQ Electric Collar

Posted: 06/06/2012 • Length: 2 Minutes, 42 Seconds

The new iQ is one of the smallest, yet most powerful e-collars to be introduced in years. It features a 400-yard range, 2-hour rapid charge batteries and Dogtra's reputation as the word's finest e-collar. This collar can be used on dogs as small a...

Categories: E-collars

Educator ET300 Mini Remote Dog Trainer

Posted: 05/31/2012 • Length: 9 Minutes, 10 Seconds

The Educator ET300 is medium range trainer loaded with unique features making it the most humane and effective trainer available. The smaller transmitter is especially well-suited for smaller hands or in situations where discreetness is important....

Categories: E-collars

Educator BL100 BarkLess Ecollar

Posted: 05/31/2012 • Length: 5 Minutes, 22 Seconds

The Educator BL100 BarkLess Ecollar is the perfect solution for those dogs that like to over-communicate. It utilizes a proprietary low-current stimulation technique to humanely condition dogs not to nuisance bark. By setting the stimulation to th...

Categories: E-collars

Educator ET800 Remote Dog Trainer with Light

Posted: 05/30/2012 • Length: 7 Minutes, 32 Seconds

The Educator ET800 is a medium range trainer loaded with unique features making it the most versatile working dog remote available. It utilizes our proprietary "blunt stimulation" for superior results for low level stimulation work, but when high ...

Categories: E-collars

Leerburg's Leather Pull Tabs

Posted: 05/21/2012 • Length: 58 Seconds

These are 6" long leather pull tab with a bronze snap on one end and an "O" ring on the other end. This Pull Tab is perfect for using inside your home to clip to a prong collar for giving a correction. You don't have to have a long leash hanging f...

Categories: Training Equipment

Leerburg's Leather Choke Collar

Posted: 05/21/2012 • Length: 1 Minute, 10 Seconds

This leather training collar functions as a leather choke collar. This is a quality collar that cannot be purchased in any pet store. The collar is made of heavy latigo leather. It is double stitched with the highest quality brass hardware. Availa...

Categories: Training Equipment

My 8 Month Old Dog Challenges Me. What Should I Do?

Posted: 12/12/2011 • Length: 11 Minutes, 53 Seconds

Question from Erica: My 8 month old male Standard Poodle has recently challenged me by biting me twice. We adopted him from a family that neglected him during the first 16 weeks of his life, leaving him unsocialized and with some behavioral issues...

Categories: Aggression, Basic Obedience, Puppies

Michael Ellis Class on Remote Collar Training

Posted: 03/25/2011 • Length: 9 Minutes, 56 Seconds

We have begun to stream various Video on Demand lessons with Michael Ellis. These lessons are the opening lectures for the various courses Michael teaches at his school for dog trainers in California. These lectures lay out the training theory...

Categories: E-collars, Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis on Classically Conditioning Behaviors

Posted: 10/11/2010 • Length: 7 Minutes, 38 Seconds

This is part of a lecture on classical conditioning that Michael Ellis gives on the opening morning for his two day course on remote collars.

Categories: Basic Obedience, Michael Ellis

Teaching the Collar Grab with Ed and Cindy

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 7 Minutes, 41 Seconds

Dogs often get stressed and go down in drive when their owners grab their collars. The fact is owners often need to take a dog by his collar in a number of the various dog sports: Agility, Obedience, Schutzhund, Mondio etc. This short DVD shows...

Categories: Basic Obedience, Cindy Rhodes

Learning to Size a Dominant Dog Collar

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 11 Minutes, 1 Second

In this short video I will show you how to measure your dogs neck to get the correct fit on our Leerburg dominant dog collar. Learning how to fit one of these collars is the first step in learning how to use them to train your dog

Categories: Aggression, Training Equipment

Leerburg 6 Ft Amish Leather Leashes

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 3 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Our Leerburg dog training leashes are the finest leather dog leashes that money can buy. Our dog leashes aremade from soft Latigo leather. You will never find a leash of this quality in any pet store or dog food warehouse. The snaps on our...

Categories: Training Equipment

Marker Training Tux (One of our Leerburg Horses)

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 7 Minutes, 56 Seconds

Even though our business involves training dogs I thought our customers would like to see a few minutes of marker training with our horses here at Leerburg – we currently have 4 rocky mountain horses and 1 quarter horse. The reason I ch...

Categories: Basic Obedience

Remote Collar Features

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 9 Minutes, 46 Seconds

Many people don't understand the basic features for most remote collars (electric collars). In this short DVD I will discuss these differences and explain how some features are just not needed by the average dog owner.

Categories: E-collars

2001 Belgian Ring Cat.2 Championship

Posted: 01/01/2008 • Length: 2 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds

This is the first time that I have filmed an NVBK Category 2 championship. For a dog to qualify for the Category 2 it must compete in 8 competitions in the year of the championship. Two of those trials must be outside of the dog's local district. ...

Categories: Advanced Obedience, Dog Sports