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Sorry, but the Grand Flex has been discontinued.

Grand Flex

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Sorry, the Grand Flex has been discontinued.

  • Is virtually 100% absorbable when taken orally
  • Helps repair of cartilage, connective tissues and ligaments
  • Inhibits cells that cause inflammation
  • Reduces clinical joint pain, tenderness and swelling, and can increase range of motion

I have become a true believer of the power of Grand Flex. Not that long ago a medical study from Europe proved that Glucosamine supplements have definite medical benefits to those humans that took the supplement on a regular basis. I have personally seen improvements in my own dogs that have been on this product.

I have seen dramatic improvements in my dogs that have gone on this product. I have put all of my stud dogs and the dogs I own that are in training on this product. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who breeds and trains working dogs. If you own an older dog, the use of Grand Flex becomes even more important. I would recommend every dog that is older than 7 years of age going on this product. I have my 2 ½ year old male on it and he will stay on it his entire life.

Whether you have a backyard companion or an international competitor, your dog or horse will eventually suffer from joint pain due to work or age. Fortunately, you can take steps now to put your dogs on Grand Flex to greatly lessen damage and discomfort. But first, it's best to understand joints and why they deteriorate.

Joint Structure

Whenever the species, whatever the position on the body, the basic structure and function of all mammalian joints is similar in that articular cartilage cover and protects the ends of the bones, providing a smooth, low-friction gliding surface that allows free movement of the joint. This articular cartilage is made up of water, collagen and a complex group of proteins called proteoglycans, which consist of hyaluronic acid and long chains of glycosaminglycans (GAGs). Proteoglycans and GAGs traps and hold water, forming a dense fluid cushion at the ends of the bones to act as shock absorbers when the dog bears weight on the joint. Articular cartilage has no blood supply and is solely dependent on something called synovial fluid to supply the vital nutrients to the joint, plus act as a lubricant, cushion and controller of overall joint composition. Without timely intervention, age and work will inevitably thin and degrade the quality of the synovial fluid. When this happens, the joint loses its ability to protect itself against friction, concussion and the invasion of destructive inflammatory cells. Left untreated, the problem will progress into osteoarthritis of degenerative joint disease (DJD), the leading cause of lameness and loss of use in horses or dogs. To make matters worse, degenerative changes to articular carilage are irreversible.

Why Feed a Joint Supplement? Whatever your dog's level of work, there is microscopic activity going on in his joints every single day. Healthy, well-formed and unstressed joints will naturally maintain a fragile and complex balance between breakdown and repair of components. When physically stressed by work or age, an imbalance occurs and the demand for joint-building nutrients out-strips the natural supply, leading to the progressive deterioration of that by supplementing the right kind of quality nutrients, you can help your horse or dog meet this demand.

Why Choose GRAND FLEX Glucosamine HCL? There have been a number of nutrients talked about as "joint savers," leading to quite a bit of hearsay and anecdotal evidence. Horse or dog people ourselves, we did significant research before concluding that Glucosamine HCL in powder form to be the best solution: Is virtually 100% absorbable when taken orally.

It will continue working inside the joint capsule for extended periods of time, unlike liquids which quickly absorb but also quickly dissipate. Research has shown that when taken regularly, it can significantly reduce clinical joint pain, tenderness and swelling, and can increase range of motion.

It's the key precursor in the formation of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). It provides the building blocks necessary for maintenance and repair of cartilage, connective tissues and ligaments. It stimulates production of synovial fluid to lubricate joints. It inhibits the cells that cause inflammation. Combined with the sulfur-bearing amino acid dl-Methionine, it helps stabilize the joint carilage matrix and protection it from enzyme damage.

Why Choose Grand Flex?

Grand Flex is guaranteed by independent lab assay to contain 5000 mg to 99.3% pure, dietary grade Glucosamine HCL in every ounce, combined with just the right amount of dl-Methionine and other ingredients for optimum effectiveness and anti-oxidant properties.

Grand Flex was also selected "Best Glucosamine Product" in independent trial by The Horse Journal (formerly Michael Plumb's).

This is What Was Written in the Horse Journal November 1997:

We were most impressed with the response to glucosamine. We like Grand Meadow's Grand Flex best because it contains a generous amount of glucosamine, and because the manufacturer's feeding recommendations correspond to the effective dosages we found.

Grand Flex also contains vitamin C and bioflavinods (anti-oxidant protection), niacinamide (found to have anti-inflammatory effects in arthritis), and all the minerals and amino acids we find essential to joint and connective tissue health. Excellent clinical response was seen with this product.

Because of the synovial fluid finding we observed and with the bulk of the literature in other species pointing in this direction, we would consider using both chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine in combination for the most complete approach to joint health. We did not find the combination offers any more relief than glucosamine alone in terms of lameness per se, but we believe it should improve the ability of the joint to heal itself.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Chondroprotective Agent
  • Glucosamine HCL 99+% 5000mg
  • Amino Builders:
  • dl-Methionine 3000mg
  • l-Lysine 200mg
  • l-Proline 80mg


  • Zinc Amino Chelate 200mg
  • Copper Amino Chelate 50mg
  • Manganese Amino Chelate 250mg
  • Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid UPS 5000mg
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids 100mg
  • Nitacinamide 150mg
  • Yucca 100mg

Dosage Recommendation for Dogs

1/2 tsp. per 50 pounds of weight daily.


Supplements cannot be shipped to Japan.

Bought this product?


My beautiful German shepherd turns 11 next week and she's still going up and down stairs with enthusiasm. I credit weight loss (she was up to 100 lbs, now down to 84 on a raw food diet) and Grand Flex.


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