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Sorry, but the KODA LifeTrace has been discontinued.

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Healthcare Digestive Health KODA LifeTrace

KODA LifeTrace

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Sorry, the KODA LifeTrace has been discontinued.

  • 76 ionic trace minerals
  • Restores lost minerals
  • A digestive Aid
  • Raises energy levels
  • Aids nutrient uptake
  • Balances electrolytes
  • pH balanced
  • Low sodium and low potassium
  • Not for the use on cats
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LifeTrace is an ionic mineral supplement to be added to the dog's water. Filtered, RO (reverse osmosis) and distilled water strip needed minerals along with the harmful pathogens. LifeTrace adds back in all 76 minerals needed for healthy bodily functions and is very low in sodium and potassium. Just a few drops in the dog’s water provides all the core necessary minerals for a healthy life.

The easiest way to assure your dog's health is to add back in minerals needed for a healthy life. LifeTrace was created to add back in all the necessary trace mineral for a healthy balanced life free from distress caused by low minerals in the water and even food. A few drops in the dog water bowl at each refresh and your dog will maintain a perfect mineral body balance.

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