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3/8 inch Multi Sport 8 ft BioThane Line - No Handle
Based on 0 reviews
$18.50 - $19.50

3/8 inch Multi Sport 8 ft BioThane Line - No Handle

Based on 0 reviews
$18.50 - $19.50
  • 8' long, 3/8" wide
  • No handle
  • Amish hand-crafted with BioThane
  • Choice of high-quality stainless steel or brass snaps
  • Resistant to picking up stickers and thorns
  • Water and Ice resistant - dropped it into water has no effect on the line
  • Perfect for Scent Work, obedience, hiking, or other dog sports or activity where you want a lightweight leash
  • Tensile strength of 375 lbs
  • Made in the USA
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Leerburg’s BioThane Long Lines are 3/8 inch wide. Our hardware (Snap and Ring) is the finest stainless steel that we can buy.

Our stainless steel hardware cannot be compared to the chrome hardware (which will rust) on competition lines.

Our BioThane has a tensile strength of 375 lbs. It is lighter and stronger than leather. We had our Amish harness makers attach a BioThane line and a leather line to their draft horses. The leather broke before the BioThane in three different tests. Click here to watch the video.

BioThane (unlike leather) is not affected by rain or getting wet.

These lines are 8' long and 3/8" wide, making them perfect for use in Scent Work, obedience, hiking, or other dog sports. This line can get wet and is great for training. It is lighter than leather lines, and is very soft and very pliable. Made with a high quality stainless steel snap.

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