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Sorry, but the Orbee Tuff Squeak Ball with Orange Leerburg Lanyard has been discontinued.

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Orbee Tuff Squeak Ball with Orange Leerburg Lanyard

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Sorry, the Orbee Tuff Squeak Ball with Orange Leerburg Lanyard has been discontinued.

  • 3" diameter
  • Recyclable and non-toxic
  • Float in water
  • 100% of all material and labor within the USA

Orbee Tuff Squeak Balls are just as durable as the original Orbee Tuff balls, but now with a fun sound your dog is sure to love. Squeak features a unique, patent-pending squeaker that contains no adhesives or glues, making it 100% non-toxic.

Like all Orbee-Tuff toys, Squeak Balls are made in the USA. They are non-toxic, durable, bouncy, chewy, buoyant, and 100% guaranteed. 3" in diameter.


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Bought this product?

Our 7 year old, 110 lb. Giant Schnauzer lost interest in playing fetch with various balls a couple of years ago.
Well, this ball re-energized him. he's been chasing it all over the yard. Once he 'captures' the ball he chomps on it until it squeaks. That's his reward.
Then it's up to us to toss it again to keep him moving.
The second ball is for our 4 year old female Giant Schnauzer.
They do know the difference, even though both balls are orange.
As with any 'indestructible' toy, don't leave it with the dog unattended. Play with them.
Great toy!!

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