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Leerburg's Photo Contest 2017

We Want Your Photos!

Do you have a great photo of your dog that you want to share? Leerburg is looking for fun and interesting photos to use on our website and in our newsletters. Whether it's a perfectly-timed shot, a cute and cuddly puppy, or something downright goofy, we welcome submissions featuring dogs of all shapes and sizes. Your pet's photo will be seen by thousands of people, and can even win you prizes!

Deadline for submitting a photo: Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Contest Rules

  1. Your dog(s) or the dog's activities should be the primary subject of the photo. Other animals and people are allowed, but should not be the main focus of the photo. (E.G. A decoy in a bitework photo is fine, but photos of other people that also include a dog will likely not be considered if the dog is not a vital part of the photo.)
  2. Be original! We love to see your dogs, but we encourage everyone to submit new photos and fresh ideas rather than re-using the same photos or copying a previous year's winner.
  3. Photos should be high resolution, full-sized digital image files containing the actual photo, not a screenshot or thumbnail. (No icons should be visible if you are uploading a photo from your smartphone.)
  4. Photos should be the sole property of the submitter, who must have permission to use the photo. Please do not send photos that may be copright protected from a photographer or "found" on the internet.
  5. Photos cannot contain watermarks or logos, and photos promoting or advertising another company or business will not be accepted.
  6. Limit 2 photos per person. If you upload more than two photos, we will assume the most recently submitted photos are intended for use unless you contact us and specify otherwise. You can also contact us if you'd like to change the photo's description or correct an error.
  7. Photos must be submitted on or before 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 30th, 2017 to qualify. Leerburg reserves the right to use all photos submitted to this contest.

Vote For Your Favorite!

After the deadline, several finalists will be chosen, and our users will be able to vote for their favorite photos to determine the winner! The user with the winning photo will win A $100 GIFT CARD and a DVD of their choice!!! 9 runner-ups will also receive a DVD of their choice!!!

1st Place - $100 Leerburg gift card and a DVD of their choice!

2nd-10th Place - DVD of their choice!

The deadline for submitting a photo has passed!  Finalists will be chosen soon.


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