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Leerburg » 2011 Photo Contest Submissions

2011 Photo Contest Submissions

Page 1 | Submissions 1-200

The photo submissions on this page are up in the order that we received them. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. If you don't see all of your photos, we had a maximum of 2 photos per person, so we narrowed them down. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

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1. Abbey & Samantha the Old English Sheepdogs
Submitted by: Sandy
The pictures are of my 2 Old English Sheepdogs running on the beach in Mexico. The dogs are: Samantha - 7 years old, and Abbey - 2 years old. They spend the winter months at our home in Mexico. And they love the beach. Abbey especially loves swimming in the ocean - Samantha, not so much. They both understand quite a few words in Spanish - and Abbey has even attended school there in Mexico.
2. Xena Vom Germelhaus the German Shepherd

Submitted by: Amy
In the picture sitting in her pool with her sunglasses on. She has the funnest personality loves to have her picture taken. She just got her Canine Good Citizen award. She is now starting Agility 2.

3 .Cooper the Yellow Lab
Submitted by: Erin
These photos were taken at our cabin this past winter. Cooper loves to go with us when we snowshoe. One shows his face covered in snow after a nice long hike and the other shows him running.
4. Ike ACD & Sweetpea
Submitted by: Terence
5. Rocco
Submitted by: Chris
Rocco, 10 months old now 8 months old in the photo. Rocco is a super handsome, sweet and lovable, a true companion. I currently am doing personal protection training with him and he's doing awesome.
6. Jackson
Submitted by: JM
The dogs name is Jackson. He is a purebred shepherd with polish bloodlines. This is a puppy picure, he is 3 years old now.
7. Max
Submitted by: Pam
Pictures of "AKC, UKC, International CH Cam's Rogue Warrior, Thd, CGC"
8. Falcon

Submitted by: Denise
My dog’s name is Falon – She is 6 years old and loves to play –
1 – she was waiting for me to throw the ball
2 – we had just had a swim at Rainbow Springs State Park where dogs are welcome!! Love this place
She is obedience and agility trained and is also has a Canine Good Citizenship Award.
Very proud of my good girl.

9. Rocky the Malinois
Submitted by: Eric
Police Department Rapid Response Team
Dual purpose/explosive/swat
10. Heiko

Submitted by: Karen
Took it of my dog Heiko before digital cameras were affordable!! Heiko must have been 3 – 4 years old in the photo – he just turned 11 last April and if he hadn’t partially torn his ACL recently I am sure he would still be diving!! It was taken at Sebec Lake in Maine. The second we opened the car door he would run down to the dock and we would hear a big splash!!
Heiko von Baron’s Reich SchH1, KKL2 ZB:G

11. Cash Money
Submitted by: Rick
This pic is of our big boy Cash Money and our youngest son Mason having a well deserved nap! It was over 95 degrees that day and a lazy one! Cash is just over two years old and our son Mason is 7.
12. Gunnar & Navi
Submitted by: Janna
Gunnar- Bi Color
Navi- Black
Navi and Gunnar are the best dogs anyone could ask for. They know what just to do when you have had a long day at work. I have trained Gunnar in obedience and he is starting tracking and protection work. He is 15 months old and Navi is 7 months old.
13. Gunner & Bandit
Submitted by: Becky
Gunner - 3 years
This photo was just a wonderful accident.. He is such a goof that most pictures are all tail and ears going at the same time.
Bandit - 13 years old and going strong..
Both of these boys were adopted from our local German Shepard rescue.. My gain their previous owner’s loss, they are both wonderful animals.
14. Diesel

Submitted by: Joy
The first picture is of my dog Diesel and my son Jason. Diesel was laying on my husband and my so got jealous so he wriggled his way up my hubby and kind of underneath the dog. They are the best of buds. Diesel is Jason's dog all the way!
The second picture is of my son Jason who is 18 months old and Diesel also! Jason loves to play fetch with the dogs, but that usually means he takes their bone/toy from them in the 1st place then lets them fetch it and so on. He also loves to get on his back like he is riding a pony and he says "Bye Bye" while waving, its too cute

15. Nellie & Katie
Submitted by: Gary
Random photo taken by Maureen (foreground) not knowing that Nellie was in the background.
Nellie in the background
Katie in the foreground with Maureen
16. Abbey the Old English Sheepdog & Scooby-Doo the Cane Corso
Submitted by: Laura
Old English Sheepdog – Abbey
Always happy, friendly to everyone, loves swimming (which is why we ended up keeping her coat short), always tries to herd children out of the water onto the beach, loves running.
Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) – Scooby-Doo
Strong and powerful, yet gentle and loving to family and cat, likes to stay in close proximity to family, is very chatty (lots of roo roo roos), loves popcorn.
17. Sara the King Shepard/Border Collie Mix
Submitted by: Angie
My dog's name is Sara, just turned 5 years old on June 26th. She's a King Shepard / Border Collie mix. We spend a great deal of time hiking together in the woods and on some of the local trails near our home. She's an incredible companion and my best friend. She's learned well from the lessons offered by Leerburg, it's changed her life and my own! Included are two of my favorite photos of Sara - one with her favorite "looking backwards" pose and the other from a hiking day this spring of her looking out into the distance.
18. Bruno & Bella the Reverse Brindle Boxers
Submitted by: Jen
1. Harley Photo:
Bruno 5yrs - Male Reverse Brindle Boxer
2. Snuggle Photo:
Bruno 3yrs - Bella 8 weeks - Male & Female Reverse Brindle Boxer
19. Rain & Tory

Submitted by: Gail
Photo 1: The dog is: Masaya's all about attitude - AKA - Rain
She is a 2 1/2 year old Doberman trained in cadaver. In this shot she is alerting on a buried training aid.
Photo 2: The dog shown is BC's MerleTornado - AKA Tory.
He is an 9 year old Border Collie trained in Cadaver recovery and certified through L.E.T.S. This is his alert on a high find during training.

20. Elle the White Doberman Pinscher, AKC certified & Toby the Miniature Schnauzer

Submitted by: Monique
Photo 1: This is Elle our white Doberman whom also goes by “Elle-asourous” thanks to her giant paws! She is a total love and is currently in training to compete in Schutzhund. She has been a joy and great addition to our little family of us, our mini schnauzer Toby, and two cats Noodles and Faith and our parrot Arty!
Photo 2: This is Toby our 9 year old miniature schnauzer. He definitely has lots of character and is smart as a whiz. Toby loves spending his time napping or being the neighborhood stud muffin to the local doggies! Too cute for words, he has been a wonderful dog and great addition to our little family of us, our Doberman Elle, and two cats Noodles and Faith and our parrot Arty!

Submitted by: Chuck
Submitted by: Steve
Submitted by: Rick
24. Sadie
Submitted by: Sandra
Mercedes vom Dinaburg (Sadie)
25. Pollie, Beck, Summer, & Ice
Submitted by: Vicki
Dogs are L to R
MACH Kayloma's No I'M Not! NF HC CGC "Pollie" Tri Rough Collie 4.5 years
Decorum Kayloma Conspiracy Theory "BecK" Smooth Fox Terrier 6 months
CH Kayloma's Summer Daze AX AXJ NJP HC CGC "Summer" 12 years
BIS/BISS CH Kayloma's Unique Experience MX AXJ AXP AJP HC CGC "Ice" 8 years

These guys are playing ball in the agility yard. You have three generations of natural reared collie girls Summer is Ice's mom and Pollie is Ice's Daughter. This is a play break after training for the day. As you can see little Beck fits right in. He is the minime of the pack. :0) Pollie was my first MACH and Ice was my second dog to win a Best in Show. The loves of my life.

26. Ronin
Submitted by: Ella
“May I help you?” -Ronin working hard at The Dog Stop
Ronin tragically passed away on June 23rd, 2011. He was dearly loved by all including his friends at The Dog Stop.
27. Gillie
Submitted by: Keith
Gillie worked in obedience competitions in UK. Old photograph, but I love it.
28. Feta the English Cream Golden
Submitted by: Jason
Attached you will find a couple of my favorite pics of my English Cream Golden, Feta. He is a certified therapy dog, and I’ve actually watched him crawl up to infants on his stomach and roll over for belly rubs…..he just instinctually knows how to be sensitive and delicate. To say he’ll be a good distraction for those ill or injured is an understatement, and I’m fortunate enough to get a front-row seat to that once we start volunteering regularly. Simply, it would be criminal for me NOT to share him with as many people as possible.
One pic was taken at about 3 months (my absolute favorite), and the other was taken a few months ago as he turned 2. We visit that Lincoln Park pond for him to get his fix of geese and duck watching, and while he hasn’t bagged one yet he’s quite the rat and rabbit hunter around Wrigleyville. So he thinks anyway…..haha. We’re headed up to northern Minnesota next week for his first lake/boat experience, I can’t wait.
29. Bella the Australian Shepherd

Submitted by: Nita
The dog is Bella, 2 yo Australian Shepherd.
Bella is one of those dogs who gives her all when you ask. She loves to work and train and is active in obedience, rally, herding, and nose work. We hope to pick up tracking and any other activities that pique our interest.

30. Taku the Alaskan Malamute

Submitted by: Sue
Taku is an Alaskan Malamute who participates in confirmation and weight pull. He does rally obedience and agility for fun but doesn't compete. I did not know what his name meant until after I named him. Be careful what you name your dog. Taku is super energetic to the point where it is uncharacteristic for the breed. In Alaska, the big, windy storms are called Taku.

31. Molly the MaltePo

Submitted by: Andrew
Photo 1 - Inside A Pillow
Photo 2 - In An End Table On Her Daddy's Pillow

32. Leon the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Aleksandra
33. Rags the Mixed Breed Rescue & Max the Foster
Submitted by: Kristi
Rags is a mixed breed rescue dog with personality plus. He’s tolerated and entertained many foster dogs that have come and gone through our household over the years.
34.Skita the German Shepard & Melon Head the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Garrett
Skita is our 11 year old German Shepard dog. She was a rescue. We actually stole her when she was 11 months old and days from death. Our vet told us we were wasting our time. 11 years later he is still scratching his head.
Melon Head is our three legged Belgian Malinois. She too is a rescue, found on the streets of Baltimore with a mangled leg. The vets tried to save it, but it did not work out. She is a ball chasing machine, and only has a problem when cornering at high speeds to the left.
Shiloh is our 5 year old German Shepherd dog. He too is a rescue, he lived with a shut in( he was loved to much). When we got him he was 160 lbs. and could not run. He is now 110 lbs. and very fit and happy. He sees life thru bone goggles.
35. Deputy Merle G. BoJangles the Catahoula-Coonhound Mix
Submitted by: Candice
Above is our pup, Deputy Merle G. BoJangles. Merle is our 19 month old Catahoula-Coonhound mix, who we rescued as a 20 lb 8 week old pup. Merle is a dog with an extremely high prey drive, always willing to work and do a job. He loves to swim and he has a "grade A sniffin' nose," too, as he is an expert at finding rats in the lumber piles.
I've followed all of Ed's advice since the day I brought Merle home, and have recently begun e-collar training (thank you!!!!)...He's becoming such a great dog---still clumsy (he wants to be an agility dog...haha) and stubborn at times---but we love him. :) His favorite toys are his Orbee on a string and his homemade Tug :).
36. Laya
Submitted by: Lisa
Laya Ice Fishing
37. Auggie
Submitted by: Donna
What makes him special: He is the easiest dog in the world. Never a moment of trouble. Laid back and easy-going. Steady and even-tempered. Very devoted. My protector. I can trust him 100 percent of the time to do the right thing.
Submitted by: Marianne
39. Tia the Rescue & Dana the Irish Setter
Submitted by: Michelle
A picture of my two dogs Tia our Rescue who we had as a puppy she is now 6 months old and Dana our 2 year old Irish Setter who is a star and suffers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
40. Rusty the Labradoodle and Madi the Goldendoodle
Submitted by: Carl
Photo 1: Rusty (5 year old labradoodle on the left and Madi 5 year old goldendoodle out for a ride.
Photo 2: Rusty at home.
41. Topaz the Malinois & Lola the Malinois

Submitted by: Livia
The first is my 11 month old Malinois (Topaz) sharing a treat with a 9 week old Malinois (Lola) that I was boarding/training for the new owners. (Let me know if the resolution is not good…I can enhance it if needed).
The second is Topaz again with Lola’s litter mate, Dolly. He’s such a gentle boy.

42. Barkley
Submitted by: Maria
Here's a photo of Barkley, aka CH treeNsea's Red Hot Alki, playing Santa Claus.
43. Lola the Rhodesian Boxer
Submitted by: Luann
44. Ruby the French Bulldog
Submitted by: Karri
Photo 1: I'm entering my French Bulldog, Radiant Russian Rubels aka "Ruby." She is 1 year old and very special, she loves water and will float for hours on the raft. We flew her in from Russia, that's how she got her name!
Photo 2: This photo is Boomer our bulldog that is 8 years old, he loves children and people, he thinks everyone is there to see him. My son owned him and wanted a new set of golf clubs so we traded! We got the good deal!! :)
45. Bailey and Nambe
Submitted by:
Our girls are inseparable. Bailey is the yellow lab looking one and Nambe is the shepherd mix looking one. We have many pictures like this where they are all over each other. In the older one, they had both just gotten spayed and were like that for hours. We are very lucky to have these two wonderful little girls in our lives!!!
46. Haiku du Loups du Soleil the Malinois & Laya the Presa Canario
Submitted by: Lisa
The first photo is Haiku du Loups du Soleil with doing her typical (all four feet off the ground) boing to play with Michael Ellis. :)
The second is Laya the Bear - my Presa Canario hiking in Boulder, CO
47. Kitty the Husky Mix
Submitted by: Amanda
Kitty is a husky mix, she found us as a skinny starving stray and even though she didn't know us she was very sweet, the day we found her all she wanted was for her belly to be rubbed, she started out as a hyper dog that didn't play by anyone's rules, we have had lots of obstacles to get over but now she has learned so much and she makes for an awesome dog, she is very smart and learns things very quickly, she loves to give high fives.
48. Theo the Jack Russell Terrier
Submitted by: Stephanie
These two pictures are of Theo a 19 month old Jack Russell Terrier.
Theo is my Medical Alert Service Dog. He is able to detect and tell me 15 minutes before a seizure allowing me to live a normal life.
49. Gesa
Submitted by: Roy
Gesa watching a training video.
50. Duke Warlock the Doberman & Kilo Elbu the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Fernando
The Pic with the Doberman is Duke Warlock he is going to be 4 years old on 9/15/2011 and the German shepherd is Kilo Elbu he is 4 1/2 months.
51. Waco the German Shepherd
Submitted by: BJ
My entry is my 2 year old German Shepherd. Registered name of Lone Star’s Silver King Waco Vom Haus des Land. His call name is Waco. He is a good looking Sable that will be going for his BH and Sch H1 Titles this fall. His training was delayed when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemo for a year. I could not go outside and train, so his progress was put on hold. I am in remission now (I will live till I die now) and we are off and running.
52. Rain & Cloud the Australian Shepherds
Submitted by: Betsy
Photo 1: The one with the dumbbell and jump is:  UCD, UAG1 Ch. Thornapple End of the Rainbow CDX, RA, O-V, CGC, ThD, HIT. Call name Rain. Rain is 7 years old.  An Australian Shepherd that is very diverse in his performance. He competes in obedience currently working on his UD, has competed in agility, herding, conformation and is also a working therapy dog. I can honestly say that in the 30 plus years I have owned  & trained dogs Rain is one of the most biddable dogs I have ever trained.
Photo 2: The aussie working sheep is: Thornapple Diamond in the Clouds RN, CGC, VCC, HIT. Call name Cloud. Cloud is 5 years old. Cloud is a very high energy aussie and keeps me thinking all the time and my training techniques very keen.  His passion is working sheep but he has also competed in obedience, conformation, herding and is also a therapy dog.  Cloud is quite versatile also as are most aussies
53. Pepin the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Craig
"Pepin" - Yanika Von Heisenberg chasing a ball on our front lawn.
54. Olly & Koki
Submitted by: Johnny
Photo 1: Olly- 6yrs. Gentle giant...Loves the ball & the pool! Goes from snuggling with my grandson to hitting the sleeve & the bad guy like a freight train... Here he is having a heart to heart with a Bee!!
Photo 2: Koki-8yrs.  We call him the "all terrain poodle" Lives with 3 German Shepherds & a Lab...he can hold his own! Hikes, swims & loves his ball!! Here he is celebrating July 4th the best way he knows how...He's proud to be an AMERICAN!
55. Troy the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Hassan
This is my dog ( Troy ) age 2 year black & Tan Old fashion German shepherd. Troy is a protection dog we brought him from Doseldove, Germany [to United Arab Emirates – Dubai] with his brother, Sniper. We've trained him since he was 12 weeks as per all the DVDs that we bought from your website we did as ED taught us. We teach him the leader pack structures, basic obedience, protections. All his treats, supplements, color, electric collar are from your products.
56. Loki the Rottweiler
Submitted by: Janet
This is Loki, He is a 5 year old Rottweiler, He is a gentle giant who can't wait for the snow! We love your catalog and your products, especially your dominant dog collar!
57. Rainier v Sonnentanz the GSD
Submitted by: Fran
This is Rainier v Sonnentanz, GSD, mobility service dog in training.  He is 10 months old in this photo, playing in the pool.  The name of the photo is "Refreshing!"
58. Lexi
Submitted by: Sandra
Here are two of my many favorite pictures of my dog lexi, she is 20 months old, full of energy and loves her leerburg toys.
59. Whiskey the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Tracey
1st photo - Whiskey von Browne (8 weeks) " Proud new addition to the Air force "
 2nd photo - Whiskey  Von Browne -(4 months)  " Doing what he does best, protecting our family"   
We have had the great opportunity to live in Germany thanks to the military. That is when we truly fell in love with the German Shepherd breed. Whiskey is our 2nd GSD and spoiled rotten, so it says on our front door!  We live on a small Air force Base and he has quickly become known for his friendly personality and handsome looks. Looking forward to his 1st Birthday and many many more!!!!                                        
60. Moses the Rot/Chow Mix
Submitted by: Valerie
Moses is a Rot/Chow mix he is almost 12. Moses is one of the most loyal and naturally protective dogs I have ever had the joy of having.  He will turn lights on and off, bring me my shoes, find hidden treats, toys, or lol I have had kids come and we play having him find them.  This is a dog that that would lead if I did not. He is now almost blind and slowing down a bit but a very special dog that has help teach me a lot.
61. Kastle the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Falon
Sable working line German Shepherd Dog. High drive, energetic, social and extremely fun to work and train with.
62. Jeter the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Michele
Jeter is a German shepherd who loves people and playing with other dogs. 
Chasing balls and playing in the water are his favorite activities. His future includes agility competitions, tracking and herding
63. Laser, Flare, Rodger and Jazz
Submitted by: Sue
Photo 1: Laser, Flare, Rodger and Jazz.  They are all patiently waiting for a treat!!
Photo 2: This is a picture of Jazz and Flare playing in the backyard.
64. Heintz the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Barbara
This is one of five German Shepherds  I own. This is my 4 year old Male GSD  HEINTZ  Black & Tan.  As you can see when this boy stands up he is close to 6 foot tall. His paws are resting on the top bar of the kennel.
Submitted by: Britt
Photo 1: "The Family" - our dogs out on a walk in Heidelberg, South Africa
Photo 2: While all the GSD's are out doing schutzhund...I'm left home to do the chores!!  Gypsey, Boston terrier 8yrs, Vereeniging South Africa.
66. Kelso & DanCoe the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Bobbie
Photo 1: This is a photo of our Young pup at 10 Months old. His name is  J.S Kelso Coe Van Den Herrenstoltz. He is Working on his Schutzhund Titles. Kelso is one Crazy pup long coat and all he puts everything into his training. We have nick named him BearDog.
Photo 2: This is a photo of our Male J.S DanCoe Van Den Herrenstoltz. He is 2 years old and working on his Schutzhund Titles.

Submitted by: Jolanta
Photo 1: Rottweiler sleeping on the small Cavalier's bed.
Photo 2: Playing with my Cavalier.


68. Hina and Kiba the German Shepherds

Submitted by: Jeannette
My dog's names are Hina and Kiba. They are both German Shepherds. Hina is 4 and Kiba is 3.
Hina was my first search and rescue dog. She has a "love to please" personality and she always keeps me smiling. Now she's an obedience dog. She loves to play in the water. Generally you can find her laying on the top step of the pool.
Kiba is my current search and rescue dog. He is a tracking/trailing dog. He is stubborn as a mule but that's what makes him so good at his job. He loves to sleep on his back with all four paws in the air. He also makes some of the strangest noises anyone has ever heard. He's given me a run for my money training him but it's been a great experience.

Submitted by: Dana
Photo 1: Left- Right - Bouvier des Flandres
Anika Casa de Mandingo's BH - 2 years old  - She is a very feisty,  social outgoing girl who is owned, trained, titled and loved by my 12 year old daughter Lauren. She loves the fight in bite work.
Crestwood's Up 'N' Comin Duke BH, SchH2 - 15 years old - He was our first working bouvier and still at the age of 15 keeps up with the pups and swims daily.  He still loves obedience and retrieving the dumbbell, he would still go over the jump but we don't let him anymore. Zander-Dre Casa de Mandingo's - 1 year old - He is currently training for his SchH BH and is a very calm, sweet and loving boy, until it's time to do bite work and then he gets very serious.
Photo 2: The photo is of my 12 year old daughter Lauren Terry training her dog (Anika)  for the for the SchH1 (wearing her vest from Leerburg).   Anika is a 2 year old Bouvier des Flandres dog and is owned, trained and titled by Lauren.  After overcoming a rough year (Anika lost her right eye due to an injury) they plan on going for the SchH1 later this year.  
Submitted by: Steve
71. Kaz the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Luzelle
Kaz, German Shepherd pup current age 9 months, photos taken at 12 weeks. She's my first pup and an absolute joy to own - she's been a really easy puppy. She loves playing hide-and-seek and tug. She won baby puppy of group at her first dog show - although she is from working lines, we just entered for fun - and she was best in class for introductory obedience at the local dog training club, all achieved under 6 months of age.  And now I've ordered some Leerburg DVDs that I'm hoping will arrive soon so I can prepare her for NZKC working trials and obedience competitions.
72. Roz the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Donald
Roz is a 2 and a half year old shepherd who has been training for SAR in trailing. She was donated to me after I had to retire my last sar dog, Tuk, a lab. She is the first Shepherd I have owned and I have fallen in love with her and the breed.
73. Vhoebe du Loups du Soleil
Submitted by: Scott
74. O.G. the Chihuahua and Axel the Malinois
Submitted by: Richard
The little white girl is named O.G., she's a 7yr old chihuahua. Her partner-in-crime is Axel, he is a 13yr old Malinois who in his prime was an excellent bite/drug dog.
75. Sassy the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Terry
This is our 3 year old German Shepherd Sassy.  Her full name is Schulhaus Sassafras Spring Fever.  We live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.  Sassy loves to swim and retrieve as much as a Labrador.  She is a beautiful well trained Daddy’s girl.
76. Nasdaq Vom Leerburg the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Paul
Nasdaq Vom Leerburg  who was born on June 29,  1999 and died on Jan 19, 2010
77. Rusty the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Terri
This is my 14 month old GSD male Rusty (2nd photo 4 months). He is an excellent family companion that enjoys hiking, swimming, rally, obedience & agility. He's happiest at my side.
78. Magnum the Malinois and Vicki the Doberman
Submitted by: Karen
The Malinois pictured is:
StoneFox Private Investigator  "Magnum"  He was 4 months old in the photo.
We are working toward Mondioring and competitive obedience. 
The Doberman pictured is:
"Vicki"  I co-bred this female and took her photo when she was just a year old. 
79. Xander the Rottweiler & Chilli the Golden Retriever
Submitted by: Gary
Stolzhammer Brave Xander CD  or his call name is Xander. He is a 32 month old male Rottweiler who LOVES obedience, Rally O & just having fun with his “sister” Chilli the Golden Retriever.
80. Reznik
Submitted by: Cassandra
Here are two photos of Reznik, my intact male Czech Border Patrol dog in active "Uncle" mode, as he fosters the development of a friend's Doberman pup.
In the photos Reznik was a year old. He is now seven, and has been my grand companion. He was initially purchased to come along with me as a protector on my walks when I was recovering from severe spinal trauma and fusion surgery.  As I healed and delved back into horses, he easily transitioned into the role of "farm manager" of my stable of horses I keep for teaching other equestrians.  His loyalty and bravery has served me well, as has his great heart filled with love and happiness.
81. Gunnar the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Sally
Gunnar is my  3 year old male (neutered) long haired German Shepherd dog.  He lives with two other GSDs and we also foster for Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue.  Gunny loves playing in the water and is by nature a big, silly and goofy boy.
82. Tully

Submitted by: Kris
Tully is an amazing boy who just happens to be the pilot dog for an AAT training program I've developed at the small college where I work. He is a graduate of Fido Beta Kappa and earned his CGC title at just 4 months of age! As soon as he was old enough to test (1 year) we got his AAT title under his belt and he is soon to start his therapy work at the Villager Inn Assisted Care Facility in Castle Rock, WA. Once Tully and I have been "on the job" for 2 years, I plan to attain my AAT Instructor certification from the Delta Society and will be offering classes (with Tully as my co-pilot) here at the College. He's a pretty amazing guy and I can't imagine my life without him.
I've included two photos of Tully here . . . one (which is too adorable NOT to include) was taken at 13 weeks of age and the other is taken just a few months ago in his AAT vest, standing in front of the wall of accolades that we keep up for him here at school.

83. Emma
Submitted by: Lacey
Emma is the younger sibling of my dog Chevy who passed away on July 18th at 14 months old. Emma has made coping with losing Chevy much easier. She is my best friend and we do everything together, including possibly becoming a Game Warden Search and Rescue team.
84. Sophie the English Springer Spaniel & Maggie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Submitted by: Carol
The English Springer Spaniel is Sophie, Ocoee Splash of Radiance, RE and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is Maggie, Knolland Margarita, RN. They are 3 and 2 years respectively. Both are involved in rally obedience and we are working towards trialing in obedience. These two dogs have taught ME so much about patience, understanding and sportsmanship. They are truly amazing! Each have their own strengths and weaknesses but both of them excel in grace, dignity and sheer craziness. They make me laugh and I appreciate that they give me their all whenever we work and play together.
85. Xenia the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Karen
Please accept a photo of our German Shepherd (Xenia) she is a year and half old. She is a pureblood out of a male imported directly from Germany and a female who's parents where imported here from Checkisolvokia. Needless to say we have bought lots of training videos and equipment from your online store to learn more about this hard headed dog, but it has been a pleasure to watch her grow and develop. This is a photo I just took on our back porch a few minutes ago, if you choose to use it we would be thrilled.
86. Zoe the Rottie X Pit Bull Mix

Submitted by: Kim
Zoe is a Rottie X Pit Bull mix breed rescue I adopted when she was just 4 months old. She now has her Canine Good Citizen, is a working therapy visitation dog, and has titles in Agility, Therapy Dog work, Rally Obedience, Performance Dog (Tricks), and Dock Diving. She is a wonderful companion, and loves to go wherever I go!

87. Candi
Submitted by: Janet
This is a picture of my 3 yr old female WGWL Candi and a baby coon we found on the road wondering around. We ended up raising her till she left us.
88. Jetta and Maxie the Pomeranians
Submitted by: Tina
Photo 1: Jetta is an adorable Pomeranian. She loves to play tug with her toys. Sometimes we think she's a bit confused about being a dog since she almost seems catlike the way she bathes. She always cleans her face and paws like a cat. But then again our cat thinks its a dog, she always comes running when the dogs are doing their tricks.
Photo 2: Maxie is just a total treasure. She has the cutest expressions and is so smart. We sometimes have to spell things so she won't know what we're talking about. She loves to snuggle and perform her tricks. She also is very photogenic
89. Maggie
Submitted by: Claire
"Maggie" is my service dog used for mobility purposes for the past 6 1/2 years. Here she is playing with a neighbor's grandson. She is wonderful with everyone from a strange child to a person in a hospital bed and cheerfully works for me when necessary. At age nine she is in perfect health.
90. Riot
Submitted by: Nancy
This is Riot. She is an 8 month old Malinois/Dutch Shepherd. She is a handful at times, well, actually she is a handful all of the time. But I love her to pieces and wouldn't trade her for anything. As you can see in the second picture taken at 7 months of age, she has a full bite and loves to play.
91. Rombo
Submitted by: Gregg
Here is my pooch, Rombo. He is my buddy and my K-9 partner. I work for a PD in California and he is my police dog. I have bought most of the Michael Ellis Videos from you guys. Keep up the good work!
92. Shay, Casey & Mara
Submitted by: Donna
Photo 1: Shay (Belgian Malinois) at about 6 months.
Photo 2: Casey (Tazer) and Mara Why did you say "Meow"?
93. Alex & Tommy the Border Terriers
Submitted by: Molly
These are our Border Terriers, Alexandra ( in the pink collar) and Tommy (in the blue) Full AKC names: Heaven's Cure-All Alexandra SE and Towzie Tyke Tommy Can You Hear Me NJP ME. Alex is in the picture with the Christmas cookies contemplating the sweet things in life just out of her reach!
Alex is 10 and Tommy is 7. They are true terriers and we enjoy having them connect with their instincts as go-to-ground dogs. Alex has her Senior Earthdog title working on Master and Tommy, has a novice jumper title and is a Master Earthdog working on the grueling Endurance Earthdog title. They have their Canine Good Citizen titles and they are registered Therapy Dogs with Therapy Dogs International (TDI) and have done Reading to Dogs programs helping challenged kids get the confidence to read aloud and improve their skills and also have logged many nursing home visit hours. They have some ribbons in AKC Rally, too. We enjoy our time with our dogs!
94. Rain
Submitted by: Mandy
Rain was in a local pound and scheduled to be euthanized on the day I picked her up. She had been running loose and evaded capture for 2 weeks. While in the pound she very frightened and snarled and growled at everyone. I saw her on and went and adopted her. She is now a wonderful dog, excels at obedience and agility and is a wonderful addition to our family.
95. Pilot the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Penny
Pilot, a 3 year old Belgian Malinois, came from Mal rescue as a puppy. His favorite sport is dock diving. This is his second year in the sport and his biggest jump so far is 25'6"
96. Buck the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Alex
Buck is a white german shepherd. He is 3 years old, and he has very strong food drive and herding drive. He lives with me and my family, and we all really enjoy having him around.
97. Sadie
Submitted by: Devonna
I have sent two of Sadie. The youngest photo is 2 months old. The other is a current picture 1 1/2 years old.
98. Kenai the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Hilda
Kenai is a goofy, very friendly German Shepherd. Loves to be a ham for the camera, especially if treats are involved. She almost died of parvo as an 8 week old puppy so missed some critical weeks of training opportunity. For almost 2 years, she was very enthusiastically crazy whenever she saw people or other dogs. We tried various local trainers for about a year, but it was Leerburg's articles and DVDs that really made the difference in her obedience, especially off leash. Thanks for all your great products!
99. Stasi
Submitted by: Deborah
I rescued Stasi when he was about a year old. He had been chained to a tree his entire life and was poorly socialized and aggressive. I have worked extensively with him using a motivational approach. Since then, he has done Rally Obedience, Agility and Sheep herding - both small flock fetch style and large flock tending style (what GSD's were originally breed for). Attached are photos of Stasi performing small flock fetch style herding.
100. Ender the GSD & Kwana the Staffordshire Terrier
Submitted by: John
Attached are two pics of my dogs, Ender (GSD) and Kwana (a long-legged Staffordshire Terrier aka 'pit bull'). Ender's about 24 months in the photos. He's East and West German Schutzhund stock, parents were both Schutzhund 3. He's got incredible drive and is very hard. After testing to determine if he had the right stuff for Schutzhund training, he very calmly walked over to the agitator and peed on the fellow's leg. I think he was expressing his opinion of the testing with great clarity. Kwana is of indeterminate age, about 12 now. Ender doesn't argue with her about possession of bones. She was in the house first and is very self-confident.
She mostly sleeps, preferably next to people; when she's awake she likes to eat, then lean up against people and prepare to sleep. When she was young she flew through our woods, becoming airborne in relentless pursuit of squirrels.
101. Shady Grove
Submitted by: Randee
Shady Grove (named for a bluegrass song; I wrote new lyrics for it about Shady). 4 1/2 years of age. Adopted from an elderly man who had a stroke 3 weeks after his wife died. Shady was his wife's dog. Probably GSD and Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix. I credit your 'Establishing Pack Structure With The Family Pet" DVD for saving our cat's life!
102. Luther the GSD
Submitted by:
I took this photo of our 5 month old GSD yesterday. I really love it. He looks so regal and wise ( but then I may be biased). He has been a wonderful addition to our family and has settled into life on our farm here in Australia beautifully. He is great with our 3yr old son and friendly with everyone... just how a young GSD puppy should be. He loves all our animals and really is just a pleasure to have around.
103. Loial the Mastiff
Submitted by: Hilary
Loial is a Mastiff aged 2 years 8 months. He's a New Zealand show champion but mostly just our lovely pet. He's about 90 kgs so can be a handful at times, but is a baby at heart and loves his sofa and teddy.
104. Urso & Nina
Submitted by: Jen
105. Wyatt the Belgian Tervuren
Submitted by: Sarah
Wyatt was 2 yrs and 7 mos. old when these photos were taken in Fall 2010 (DOB 4-8-2008). He simply wouldn't allow me to rake leaves, so I got my camera out and we started playing in them! He is training to be a Search and Rescue dog in Wilderness and Cadaver. He is an AKC Champion, and has a CGC certification. We are also preparing for AKC Obedience trialing.
106. Gunnar & Greta
Submitted by: Maureen
Photo 1: Gunnar - 2 years old, loves red ball & his Frisbee. Currently AKC Tracking lessons.
Photo 2: Greta & Gunnar. Greta is also 2 years old and a registered Therapy Dog. (CGC,TDI).

107. Vox the GSD

Submitted by: Belinda
Vox, age 9.5 yrs. Vox is a great representative of the GSD breed. He has achieved titles in obed, agility, rally, tracking, herding and received his Performance Award of Merit from the GSDCA. He is also a therapy dog. The first pic was one captured of him in the snow and the second of him playing with a Pomeranian puppy. As big as Vox is, he is a fool for puppies..................:)
108. Georgia and Oskar
Submitted by: Terry
Left to Right: Fanta von Linienbach (aka Georgia), 18 months old and Oskar vom Sachsenring, SCH 3, 6 years old. Georgia and Oskar just relaxing together under their favorite tree, after a long hard day of Schutzhund Training, with mom

Submitted by: Kris
110. Kwik the Belgian Malinois and Monty the Yorkshire Terrier
Submitted by: Chris
Here is a picture of our Belgian Malinois "Kwik" and his little buddy "Monty" a Yorkshire Terrier. It was taken at the top of park near our house in Boston, MA. i just love they are both looking out over the hill toward bay in the distance. Kwik the Malinois is 3 and half years old. I got Kwik from a friend of mine who is the head trainer of the Boston Police K9 unit, were I was assigned as a civilian. He knew I wanted a GSD or a Malinois but not a full fledged working dog. I do mostly agility with him and he's just a great all around pet. Monty the Yorkie came to me when my girlfriend and I moved in together (she had the Yorkie and he is 4 years old) and he is a great little dog. Both dogs get along great and are best friends.
111. Bling
Submitted by: Cindy
This is Bling, a GSD/Malinois cross. She is currently owned by Paul Anthony and lives with me but she may be changing homes soon. She is 5 months old in this photo.
112. Emma
Submitted by: Ashley
These 2 pictures are of our dog Emma. She is half Yellow Lab and half Rottweiler. She is 3 1/2 years old. She is an amazing dog. Just recently she had to have TPLO surgery on her back leg and she was awesome through the whole thing. We had to travel about 2 1/2 hours from our home in Springfield MO to Overland Park Kansas to have it done and that's not easy when Emma gets car sick. Thank goodness for motion sickness pills form the vet. She is now getting back to normal and loving life. She is such a joy to us. For a dog that weighs 110 pounds she is so gentle with our son (her best friend) that is getting ready to turn 2 next month. He climbs all over her and she just sits there and lets him. I want to Thank You! for your puppy training DVD's. If it wasn't for the them I probably would have given up on the puppy that was a handful. We often joke that our son was easier his first year than she was her first 6 months. I love my Emma-Bear and am so glad to have such a wonderful dog in my life.
113. Indi the Weimaraner
Submitted by: Carla
Here are some very nice photos of my dog Indi (short for Indiana Jones), a 7 year old Weimaraner. We earned our CDX title in AKC obedience last October with respectable scores. Though he is not an easy dog for a green handler, he is a kick in the pants and just couldn't ask for a different dog to earn my first titles ever with in obedience.
114. Cinco the German Shepherd & Chance the Golden/Lab Mix
Submitted by: Tracey
Picture 1 - Black German Shepherd Head Shot
Cinco, 6 Years Old. Trained and certified in tracking, trailing, building search, area search, obedience, land cadaver, water cadaver and disaster cadaver.  Has been requested in over 400 searches.  Featured on local, regional and national TV shows. 
Picture 2 - Golden/Lab Mix Debris Pile
Chance, 2 Years Old. A shelter dog rescued from a local shelter and is now fully trained and certified in land cadaver and disaster cadaver.  Has been requested in over 75 searches. Photo Credit to Dave Martin, AP
115. Sammy
Submitted by: Tina
I had bought Sammy on July 24, 2011.  He was 3 1/2 weeks old.  His mommy wasn't producing enough milk, so the owner was bottle-feeding all the pups.  I am a stay at home mom, so I offered to bring him home and bottle feed him myself.  I have always been an animal person!! The formula recipe that the owner told me to use wasn't working so I searched and searched and found your site.  I have been feeding him your formula ever since and he is doing great.  When I got him, he weighed 4.8lb and now he weighs 10.4lb.  I talked to the owner about his litter mates and asked if she has kept in touch with the other pups and she said yes.  I asked what their weight was and she told me that one had died, and the others weigh 8lb, 7lb, 6lb, and 5lb.  I thought to myself that I must be doing something right!!!  Thanks to your site and all the info I have found and from you emailing me back, you have made my little sammy a healthy looking boy.
116. Jack Von Dee

Submitted by:
The one he is smiling that is Jack Von Dee sexy smile at 9 month old. The one with the white icing on his nose is when he reach one year old on 8-1-2011. He is a male black and tan german shepherd. He knows some of his commands and is crate trained thanks to your wonderful and valuable dvds. I have purchase 8 different dvds and they are excellent and informative. I have also recommended the leerburg web site to my friends and people i meet at the park or just walking with jack von dee.

117. Dexter the Rottweiler Mix
Submitted by: Nicole
I saved, or actually stole him when he was a young puppy of 7 weeks… his previous owners or should I rather say idiots didn’t take care of him at all. They took him away from his mom way too soon, and only fed him bread which led to malnutrition and both his front paws were completely disfigured. My vet said that it would take 3 months for him to recover, but in only 2 weeks with good quality food and lots of love and care he recovered completely and could walk normal.
He is turning 3 in October and I love him dearly, he is my friend and protector and I will continue to ensure that he has the best life possible.
118. Dustan the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Rose
My schutzhund hopeful, Dustan is a large German Shepherd puppy that loves children. On one of my trips into town, Dustan and my grandson, Dawson, fell asleep in the backseat of my car. Dawson woke up just in time for the picture, Dustan did not.
119. Gracie
Submitted by: Marshall & Kristi
Aloha, our Gracie lives up to her name, a sweet, spunky, submissive puppy.
120. Cruise the GSD
Submitted by: Mary Ann
This is my sable 10 month old GSD named “Cruise.” This picture is untouched with the exception of a little blur to the background. The lighting is real. This was taken just before sunset while we were walking in the forest. I call this picture “Sunset Cruise” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
121. Kindle & Ozzy the Yorkies
Submitted by: Amanda
Stardust "Kindle" My Dreams - 11 years - Kindle came to me through the Save a Yorkie Rescue at age 5. Kindle is a true Yorkie, he is a King. He's sweet and laid back and prefers to spend the day sitting on your lap being petted than anywhere else. Have a nice comfy blanket or bed? That's where you'll find him sleeping. Kindle enjoy's long walks on the beach (as long as you carry him) and sleeping on the most comfortable pillow in the house.
Ozzy - 1 year and a half. Ozzy's best friend is a Doberman and he believes he's one as well. He has no idea he's 7lbs. He's fearless and fun and loves to play. He's currently being agility trained and absolutely loves it. You won't find this Yorkie resting comfortably on a pillow, you'll find him playing in tunnels, jumping through tires, and "dancing" (one of his circus Yorkie tricks). Ozzy enjoys sitting up high, waiting for his brother Kindle to innocently walk past, and then pouncing onto Kindle's back (in a move we call the Flying Squirrel).
122. Mishka the GSD
Submitted by: Anya
This is my GSD, Mishka who is a little over 2 years old now. As you can see, he is both serious about protection (undeterred by clever disguises) and secure enough in his masculinity to enjoy a bit of unconventional accessorizing. At 10 months old, he survived an intestinal torsion, so I am all the more grateful for his sweet, goofy, sometimes challenging, and always rewarding presence in my life.
123. Lexis the Rottie
Submitted by: Elizabeth
She is a Rottie and her name is Lexis. She is 6 yrs old and is a Schutzhund dog. The first picture is the day I got her BH title on her. The second one is her guarding her ball.
Submitted by: Bob
125. Kobe & Oliver the Yellow Labs
Submitted by: Tammy
Kobe & Oliver, Malibu California.
This photo of my beautiful yellow Labs was taken down on the beach near my parents home in Malibu. Brothers: Kobe & Oliver are four years old here. Inseparable since birth they are the flip side of the same coin, with Kobe the majestic warrior and Oliver the sweet gentle wingman are the loves of my life!
Submitted by: Kelly-Lynn
127. Bo the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kathryn
Bo (Bo Vom Sablerock), 2 years, 10 months. Bo is a German shepherd that I acquired as a puppy from Sablerock Kennels, Minnesota. I intended to get him into some kind of dog sport, but never made it. However, I have trained him relying on videos from Leerburg and Canine Training Systems. The outcome has been great, and Bo is basically our mostly well mannered kid, buddy and motor home companion.
Submitted by:
129. Kayla & Yana
Submitted by: Denne
The older dog (age 4) is Kayla and the younger (5 months) is Yana; both German-bred from Lundborg-Land Kennel in California. Kayla 'trained' Yana and they remained close pals until Kayla left us in 2010, 8 days short of 13 years, which is good for a 100 lb German Shepherd. Kayla was absolutely the leader, with such strong will that I called her "Chief". You could virtually see them communications in the backyard around the pool. I've had dogs all of my life but had nothing so unique as the relationship between these two. I don't give this picture a title, because each person who sees it gets a different 'meaning' from it. I took this picture shortly after bringing Yana home from the Breeder, 10 years ago.
130. Leonidas the Boxer

Submitted by: Vanja
I have several boxers that I love dearly. Every one is unique in their own way. The picture attached is my 4 year old boxer boy Leonidas.
He has special place in my heart as without him I probably would not be here to write this email. I train in obedience and agility but I always wanted that special pretty show dog. LOL Considering my working boxers come from German working lines as I grew up in Europe with German boxers I had hard time warming up to american bred boxer. I opened my heart and after 16 months of searching found really cute red brindle pup I wanted to show. I was in for the big surprise. He became champion in only two months of showing and absolutely no training. He came home as young champion and he would sit and watch through the window me and my other boxers working obedience and agility. I would let him out and he would clear that agility course like a pro. He would repeat inside of the house sit, stay, down and everything I worked with rest of the dogs outside in the field. Leonidas has exceptional drive and focus and he would do anything to please me and protect me. He grew up to be one of the top boxers in the USA multiple best in show and best in show specialty winner. Not only he is a exceptional show dog but he is the one I am grateful for being here today.
He was never though or train to be service dog or help but his bond is so strong. Leo knows when I am sick, when is something terribly wrong and he has his own ways of warning me that is time to see the doctor on different occasions. If it was not for him I would never know and my condition would be discovered to late. He is my heart and my soul-he is my best friend and my guardian angel.

131. Gunner & Bailey the Labs
Submitted by: Kent
First up is my Chocolate Lab Gunner and his Yellow Lab friend Bailey riding the bow headed out the Narrow River in Narragansett on a small Boston Whaler...
Second is Gunner stalking Bailey as they play on the sandy banks of the river.
132. Tonto the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Vanessa
This is my German Shepherd Tonto. Tonto will be two in September. He comes from a strong line of working dogs and was hand-picked for us by our breeder as a family dog. Tonto is a companion to our family, fierce protector and all around awesome dog. My favorite photos of him follow; one when he was a curious pup and one recent one where he is, quite literally, having a good laugh. Enjoy and thanks for your web-site, it's been my "go-to" for all things dog.
133. Diesel the GSD & Daisy the Doberman Mix
Submitted by: Paul
These are my dogs Diesel (1 year old GSD) and Daisy (2 year old doberman mix).
134. Rock the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kimberly
Both photos are of our now 2 year old German Shepherd (Rock) when he was 8 weeks old. The expression on his face says it all... "Mr. Mischief"!
135. Marshal
Submitted by: Mike
We rescued Marshal at the age of 7 months after he became too much for a family to handle due to his constant need for attention and aggression with other dogs. He obtained his CGC and TDI certifications by the time he was 1.5 years old and does some volunteer work at a nearby retirement home. He is working on his CDX & Rally Excellent titles – which we hope to achieve in the next four weeks. He can effectively search a field for any article and is learning how to track.
His training continues with weekly sessions in an advanced class which emphasizes handler trust and out of the ordinary situations.
Marshal was an excellent addition to our family.
((In the second photo, Marshal is the GSD to the left of the Golden Retriever))
136. Gunny the English Cream Lab & Kolby the Black Lab
Submitted by: Cheryl
The first one is of our lab, Gunny, and his best friend Kolby, also a lab. We live in the desert and these boys love walking off leash whenever they can. This was taken as the morning was dawning. They were so innocent then. They thought, as did we, that nothing bad could happen to them. A few months later, they were both bit by a desert sidewinder rattlesnake. Gunny, the English Cream lab, received all of the venom while Kolby received none. Within 35 minutes Gunny was given a vial of anti-venun and within 8 days was as good as new. These two have so much fun together and are best buds.
He is the life of every party. Whenever Gunny arrives, the fun quotient gets dialed up a few notches.
The second photo is a close up of Gunny taking a breather while running with his friends. He’s one happy guy.
137. Charlie the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Frenchie
Meet our lovely 3 year, 10 month old black German Shepherd. His name is Charlie and is the most spoiled dog in the universe. He travels with us everywhere and as proof, you will see one of the pictures here where he is enjoying a hilton bed in one of the pet friendly hotels in the San Antonio, Tx area.
The other picture is waiting on a command by me at our local park.
We LOVE our GSD, he is the most loyal and intelligent pet we have ever had. He understands every single word we say and behaves like a king. He is not aggressive toward people or dogs, he only really hates cats. I posted pictures of dog bites I received from another German Shepherd who came to attack Charlie back in June, 2011. Charlie wasn't even barking at the dog. She just got away from her 10 year old owner and attacked mine and I got bit in the process of separating them. Why would a female attack him, not sure.
138. Rocky the German Sherpherd
Submitted by: Ed
My dog's name is ROCKY. In the two pics I sent he is 4 weeks in one and 4 months in the other. He is a Bi-Color German Shepherd. His Great-Great Grand Father was the famous NORBO-BEN-JU.
139. Rocky
Submitted by: Kathy
140. Castleguards Roman Empire the Cane Corso
Submitted by: Kristi
This is Castleguards Roman Empire. He is a Pure Bread Cane Corso. He is currently 8 months old as of 8/9/2011. In order to complete the contract for our 1st Cane Corso (ION) whom sadly passed away @ 3 months old Due to a freak accident, (deer pellet lodged in his trachea, the vets said they had never seen or heard of such a thing). We purchased one of your DVD’s ~~ Pack Structure to complete our contract with the first breeder. We learned a lot from It & although I believe you are more into the German Sheppard’s, we believe we have a mighty fine looking boyJ He travels a lot with us, camping, Whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, wherever we go he goes.
141. Mica the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Patrick
Mica is a 4 year old female German Shepherd that was rescued from a Rottweiler Rescue just over seven weeks ago. She has already progressed from pulling me down the street, not knowing (or at least following) any commands too walking nicely beside me, knowing and following the commands of down, sit, come. She is currently in the distraction phase of the recall. She no longer requires two tennis balls to play fetch and will retrieve more items now. She is one of the few praise driven dogs.
142. Thor & Venus the Doberman Pinchsers
Submitted by: Sue
Photo 1: Thor is a Doberman Pinscher who is 9 years old. He is a rescue that I adopted at 13 months old. He appeared to have been kept in the yard and was not trained in anything including house breaking. He spent 6 weeks in foster care before I adopted him. He went on to get his CDX in Obedience in both AKC and ASCA with some very respectable scores and class placements. Besides that he is a well behaved and loved member of our family who gets along well with my other 2 Dobermans and our 3 cats.
Photo 2: Venus - Doberman - Rescue - approx. 5 years old.  Has a CD in AKC obedience.  Trained thru Utility and will compete in Open in the fall.  Is a Certified Therapy dog. 
143. Emer the GSD
Submitted by: Bernie
My GSD puppy in the photo is Emer. She was almost 12 weeks at the time I took the pic, now she is just over 7 mths and is a very excellent puppy out of some good European working lines. She was born in my town and her litter gained a kind of celebrity status around here. It was surreal when a ten year old girl walked up to me one night about a month ago and asked if Emer was one of the Lubertazzo puppies. I said yeah, how the heck did you know that?
144. Tucker
Submitted by: Annie
Hi, my name is "Tucker" and I was a rescue dog from North Carolina. I love my new family here in NJ. I love to run, the beach and taking everyones socks! Thankyou for looking at my picture.
145. Dugan
Submitted by: Jim & Pat
Photo 1: This is a very relaxed Dugan. He just slid right off his "daddies" lap.
Photo 2: This is our beloved dog, Chance, who also had degenerative myelopathy. This wonderful cart helped him enjoy the last days of his life. He now waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
146. Dutch Von Stahlhammer
Submitted by: Eric
147. Dutch the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Cheryl
148. Maile vom Banach
Submitted by:
Maile vom Banach: Ready to work!
149. Champ the Black Lab
Submitted by: Barbara
Photo 1: This is a picture of Champ on his 1 year birthday. As you can tell birthday treats and presents have him completely worn out. He is a black lab who will play fetch all day if we had nothing else to do. This is his favorite ball. He loves walks and baths.
Photo 2: This is Champ during the blizzard of 2011. The snow was so deep....but it didn't stop him.
150. Cleo the Lab Mix
Submitted by: Julie
This is Cleo - a lab mix. She is about 4 yrs old. She is a Therapy Dogs International - Therapy Dog at New Hanover Regional Medical Center - the second picture is of her at the hospital X-Mas Celebration with Santa.
151. Rocky
Submitted by: Jackie
This is my dog Qirok von der Lobdeburg (Rocky) sporting around in the North Carolina mountains. He is 21 months old, a family pet to myself and my 3 sons and a schutzhund competitor in training.
152. Chaos & Jewel
Submitted by: Bruce & Kathy
CHAOS & JEWEL playing with a flirt pole
153. Chica the Yorkie-Poo & Murphy Blue the Kerry Blue Terrier
Submitted by: Tom
Photo 1: This picture is of “Chica” a 7 year old Yorkie-poo. She loves to play fetch. She is an amazing little dog that loves people and other dogs – no mean bone in her little body.
Photo 2: This picture is of Murphy Blue an 8 year old Kerry Blue Terrier helping our local Police Dept. explain why you have to buckle-up (Or wear a prison uniform). Murphy would “only” shake hands if you said the word “Please!” otherwise he would just sit there. The kids loved Murph.
Submitted by: Bridget
155. Draak
Submitted by: Amy
Draak (Mali) @8 weeks old, passed out sleeping on a Pitbull's behind.
156. Casey
Submitted by: Kathy
157. Leonitus & Berkana the Cane Corsos
Submitted by: Edward
Leonitus and Berkana are Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). They are 1 year and 4 months old.
158. Falcon & Holly the GSDs
Submitted by: Liz
I would like to enter this photograph of our GSDs Falcon and Holly. They are half brother and sister, Falcon is now four years and Holly is three years old. She is still "taking his stuff"!
Submitted by: Heidi
Photo 1: One of our seven week old puppies.
Photo 2: Two six week old puppies.
161. Tweety & Drake
Submitted by: Wendy
Older male is Tweety (4 yrs old) with his son "Drake" who is 3 weeks old. Tweety love's playing with his babies when they are that little and have no teeth.
162. Riley the Rescue Border Collie
Submitted by: Fred & Janell
This is Riley, a search and rescue Border Collie, trying to decide if our horses need herding.
163. Kanji & Li Mei
Submitted by: Jenny
Photo 1: One is of Kanji laying down- its my absolute favorite picture of him. I always say "he's such a smiley dog!"
Photo 2: The other one is the two dogs together. They absolutely love each other. They are laying so close to each other, and of course Kanji is smiling for the camera!
164. Cierra
Submitted by: Laura
The "brown" photo was taken in 2008 while hiking Westwing Mountain, Peoria, AZ. Cierra was four years old.
The "helicopter photo" was taken in 2011 while flying (for a power line construction contract) near Norwood, CO. Cierra is six years old.
Cierra was labeled as a "vicious biter" by an irresponsible dog owner, and eventually turned in to rescue at the age of three years. We took Cierra in as our first foster dog, and quickly adopted her at the age of four years. She is a wonderful girl who simply needed strong leadership. We fly helicopters and Cierra travels the United States, Canada and Alaska with us. She has flown as high as 13,500' feet elevation in the mountains and clearly loves her helicopter. We love her very much
165. Bailey the Australian Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Ryan
Bailey is a 9 month old Australian Shepherd mix. She was rescued from a high kill shelter in Ohio and brought to a rescue shelter here in Wisconsin. Her unique markings are constantly commented on by strangers, and maybe someday might help me meet my next girlfriend. (Cause we all know that’s what puppies are for.) She loves playing tug and intimidating rabbits with her . Finding a good picture of her wasn’t hard to do, picking only 2 was. Hope you enjoy!
166. Perla the Half Malinois, Half Spinone Italiano
Submitted by: Guido
Half malinois (her mom) and half spinone italiano (her dad) she's really athletic, she likes playing with the ball everywhere, she loves freedom and long walks....
In this pic she's waiting for me throwing the ball the farest as possible....
167. Eika
Submitted by: Theresa
This is my search and rescue dog, Eika, and her friend, Noah. Eika has three real-world finds to her credit this year -- two deceased victims and one evidence recovery for a sheriff's department here in Ohio. She is five years old and has been working as a search dog for three years. She is certified by the International Police Work Dog Association in trailing, land cadaver, and article search. Noah was not one of her finds. :-) He's just a friend.
168. Cali
Submitted by: Linda
This is Cali, age 2 1/2. She is a dog of indeterminate lineage, but of determinate personality! Cali is a rescue from West Tennessee and was adopted from the Sterling Shelter in Sterling, MA. She is pictured here on a boat ride on Mount Desert Island, Maine looking very spiffy in her Dogtra collar.
169. Mila the Pitbull Terrier
Submitted by: Greg
Mila is 2.5 years old and 50 pounds. Mila is a chocolate red nose color. Mila has held a single grip for 40 minutes. The tug is 8 feet high. Mila runs up the tree and jumps off it to grab the tug.
170. Chaos & Shadow
Submitted by: Kim
171. Lucas & Daisy

Submitted by: Michelle
Photo 1: Lucas is a 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. He is my Diabetic Alert Dog. Daisy is a 1 year old flat coated retriever. She is my son's pet, but has also been trained to assist me when needed. We hope to get her and my son into agility together.
Photo 2: Lucas 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever Diabetic Alert Service Dog. Having fun, even while on duty.

172. Skye the Rescue American Pit Bull Terrier
Submitted by: Diane
Skye is my rescue American Pit Bull Terrier. She had been abandoned at the house across the street from mine. I found her tied up with no food or water and already skin and bones. For the first few days I was taking food and water over to her but then I got p****d off and took her home. Long story short - she is now mine. My only real issue with her is she climbs fences (had to get an invisible one). She gets along great with my older girl and both of my cats. She is about 3 1/2 years old and is a brindle/white with blue eyes.
173. Lucas & Elton the Doberman Pinschers
Submitted by: Debra
Photo 1: Lucas, having some fun in the snow. Doberman pinscher, 5 years old in photo. One of our rescues and the most wonderful dog we've had. Smart, confident, affectionate and very laid back except for his high prey drive! He wasn't a high drive hunter, he was a SMART one who used observation and stealth. We miss him terribly.
Photo 2: Elton, in the "water zone." Doberman pinscher, 2 years old in photo. Elton loves to play with the hose and sprinkler. We don't allow him to obsess, so he knows he only gets to play for a little while which really focuses his attention. He likes to bite the water.
174. Jet
Submitted by:
Photo of Jet in a cup.
175. Kayden
Submitted by: Mary Ann
This photo is of, Serendipity How About That, (Kayden,) helping clear the area. Clearly he is an optimist. He is a 2 year old, black sable East German GSD.
176. Anarchy the Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinlois
Submitted by: Haley
Hellcats Anarchy Get your Guns "Anarchy or Annie"
This is my rescued Dutch Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois mix, Anarchy. She's 3 years old. I found her at a shelter in San Antonio. It was love at first sight. The first picture is of her on the top of Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg Texas. The second picture is of her and a foster kitten, Milo, wrestling. They were best friends. Who says you can't have a high drive dog with cats?!
177. Gunner the Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Carie
He is a shepherd mix that I got at the local animal shelter here. He was abandoned in a field with his brother when a farmer found him. We have had him since he was 3 mos old.
178. Lucy the Australian Cattle Dog & Carley the ACD/Lab Mix
Submitted by: Linda
Lucy 11 (Australian Cattle Dog) was rescued at 1 ½ Should have named her Nelly, she’s a Nervous Nellie!
Carley 2 ½ (ACD/Lab mix) was 3 months in this picture – (she’s now worth about 3000.00 in training & damages - just kidding…kind of… ;)
179. Svartifoss the American Brittany
Submitted by: Diane
This is Svartifoss, our 1.5 year old American Brittany, playing soccer in the Alabama snow on Christmas Day 2010. Who would have thought we would have any snow, much less so much snow? He is 2 now and we played a fast game of soccer this morning (but with no snow).
"Svartifoss" is Icelandic for Black Waterfall. We often think he should be called an "Alabama Absconder," instead of an American Brittany, for all the objects he runs off with.
180. Raven
Submitted by: Alex
They depict me playing ball with my dog "Raven," a two-year old working line shepherd I bred and trained. Raven swims better than any Labrador retriever and will retrieve the ball tirelessly until he drops from exhaustion. he is my constant companion and pal.
181. Cole the Mini Schnauzer
Submitted by: Janet
Here’s a pic of my mini schnauzer Cole. He’s 4 now and never been as cute as this photo!
182. Maximus & Misha the Dobermans
Submitted by: Jef & Laurie
Photo 1: Maximus (14 months) and Misha (8 months)
Photo 2: Maximus (9 months) and Misha (3 months)
Maximus and Misha are from the Kennel of NY Dobermans. They are currently members of the Liberty Schutzhund Club of New York.
183. Tex the ACD & Jake the Black Lab
Submitted by: Laura
Tex, a 3 1/2 year old ACD - Tex is the reason that I ever became acquainted with your website and products. He had a history of fear-reactivity, which - with the help of a great trainer and the information I learned on your website and DVDs - we have overcome! He has titled in sheep-herding, but is showing even more promise in the agility arena. Tex is a loyal partner and family dog.
Photo 1: He is pictured here with my son, Ryan.
Photo 2: This is Tex as a baby with our Black Lab, Jake (now 7 years old). As shown in the picture, Jake is very tolerant and has tons of patience. Those qualities coupled with his love for people help him excel in his job as a certified therapy dog. Besides providing emotional support to children, hospital patients, and nursing home residents, Jake loves the sport of Dock Diving.
184. Ava Vom Blossom-land
Submitted by: Nancy
This is Ava Vom Blossom-land.
185. Sydney & Arson the American Pit Bull Terriers
Submitted by: Kristin
The first picture is of my dog Sydney, an American Pit Bull Terrier-who was 2yrs at the time, learning how to work in the blind. The picture looks like she is doing a handstand, but it is really a “miss” that was taken at just the right moment.
The second picture is of Arson, an American Pit Bull Terrier-who was 1yr at the time, romping through the snow in Buffalo, New York January 2011.
186. Gracie the GSD
Submitted by: Shriley
Here are 2 photos of my GSD named "Gracie" As these photos show, she can be both regal and a doofus. It was hard to pick just 2, as I have so many different and interesting photos of her. She's a real nut! She loves chasing snowballs thrown with a chuck it and leaves in the fall. If I carry a leaf in my hand, she will do anyhting I ask (she's marker trained). Like I said, she's a nut....
187. Scooby
Submitted by: Tim
Here are my two entries for Scooby the Wonderdog. Scooby just turned 3 this month and it will be two years this November since he rescued us. We met through German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California and knew he was the dog for us. He was given up for being wild (neglected if you ask me) so we enrolled in group classes immediately. To make a long story short he has now been on five Therapy visits since passing Therapy Dog International's certification and has also earned his Canine Good Citizen.
Submitted by: Donna
189. Charief & Josey
Submitted by: Aaron
Photo 1: Pic. of Charief who is 7 ½ and currently working the street. The picture was taken during an article search for our Street Crimes Unit. The firearm was thrown by a suspect and located by Charief… case closed!
Photo 2: Pic. of Josey, who was about 12-13 weeks old, after a hard day of training in the Florida sun.
190. Greta & Rocky
Submitted by: Gary and Sue
Photo 1: "I Pledge Allegiance." Greta is seven and thanks to the information we got from your website years ago,we got her on a raw diet which probably saved her life after a very rough start as a puppy. Her favorite thing to do is follow her master Gary around ALL DAY...A devoted 'worker bee.'
Photo 2: Here are Greta and Rocky last Easter with their best bonnets on. As you can see, they 'really enjoy' getting dressed up for special occasions. See the love in their eyes. Greta is seven and Rocky is five.
191. Curtis the Standard Poodle
Submitted by: Jeanette
Hier is 2 foto from oure standart puddel "Curtis" his is from Germany and now live by os i Denmark. Curtis is a very gentle male and playfull, he is born i august 2010, the fotos is from juni 2011 (9 months). We love get your emails with all your informationes.
Submitted by: Chris
193. Vasco the Portuguese Water Dog
Submitted by: Jessica
Training is easy with Leerburg DVDs! This is Vasco DoGama, an 11 week old Portuguese water dog and he LOVES watching Michael, Ed and Cindy on the TV.
Vasco was born on May 25, 2011 at Barco Kennel in Wolcott, VT, owned by Michele Hemenway, a wonderful breeder. We started training at 8 weeks and Vasco knows his basic commands and can swim. We are working on marker training, and I am learning as fast as I can! Vasco is a bit quicker.....
Submitted by: Nicky
195. Greta & Lexi
Submitted by: Janet
Photo 1: The first picture is a portrait of my dog Greta, that was taken when she was about 2 years old. She is now 6, and still beautiful.
Photo 2: The second picture is a picture of Greta and her best friend Lexi, taken at a small lake in Canonsburg, PA. The LOVE to swim.
I refer everyone who asks my advice on dog training and dog behaviour to your web-site. I am very grateful that you provide such a great service.
196. Xjethro Vom Landsgut
Submitted by: Sheila
M y 13 year old son, Dillon, took this of his new German Shepherd puppy, Xjethro Vom Landsgut.
197. Guinness
Submitted by: Andy
Photo 1: Guinness does not want Garrett to have the ball.
Photo 2: Guinness thirsty at 12,000 Ft. Monarch Pass, CO.
My dog Guinness age 5 loves to play with my Grandson, Garrett, when he comes to visit.
198. Willie the Standard Schnauzer
Submitted by: Peggy
Willie is a Standard Schnauzer from Skansen Kennel in CA. He is always up for our daily walk and some fun, but is a couch potato the rest of the time. He's a registered therapy dog for the Lollypop Farm animal shelter Pet Partners program; once a week we visit the elderly, group homes, adult and disabled day cares or incarcerated youth. Willie was weaned on a raw diet and he is still on it. He also loves fruits and vegetables. When it's too hot or too cold to walk, he walks on the treadmill instead. He has a very high prey drive and the remote training collar has been a huge help. That's my buddy, Willie!
199. Willow the Goldendoodle
Submitted by: Vurla
Willow is now a certified therapy dog and has brightened the day of countless adults and children. We visit anyone that needs us (her) and have spent countless hours providing smiles, offering comfort, calming fears and educating the young on community service. Willow does a number of tricks that amuse and entertain, but the one that seems to have the most impact is when she says her prays either at their bed side or standing with her head bowed between her front legs. I submitted this particular picture because I knew very early on that Willow would one day devote her life to helping others and every time I looked at her heart shaped nose and those loving eyes in this picture it confirmed she was put here for a very special reason.
Submitted by: Donna
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