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Leerburg » 2011 Photo Contest Submissions

2011 Photo Contest Submissions

Page 2 | Submissions 201-400

The photo submissions on this page are up in the order that we received them. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. If you don't see all of your photos, we had a maximum of 2 photos per person, so we narrowed them down. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

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201. Sully & Murphy
Submitted by: Ross & Pamela
Sully and Murphy are attached at the hip. They are our kids and play and wrestle like brothers.
202. Ziggy
Submitted by: Angelique via Rob
203. Oliver & Kobe
Submitted by: Tammy
This photo of my beautiful yellow Labs was taken down on the beach near my parents home in Malibu. Brothers: Kobe & Oliver are two years old here. Inseparable since birth they are the flip side of the same coin, with Kobe the majestic warrior and Oliver the sweet gentle wingman are the loves of my life!
204. Holly
Submitted by:
205. Balto the Border Collie
Submitted by: Steve
Attached is a photo of Balto my 2 year old border collie.
Submitted by: Susan Y
Photo 2: Airedale puppies playing tug with their Dam.
207. Briona
Submitted by: Susan P
The dog's name is Briona, 6 mo female in the pictures. She is one active big time ball lover--- who cannot resist a hose sprinkler!!!
208. Panzer the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Tabatha
Panzer is a 9 month old female Belgian Malinois. She is my first Malinois, and we are currently training for French Ring.
209. Duke & Sarah the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Jean
The 1st photo is of Duke, who loves swimming and is a great jumper. Duke is a full bread German Shepherd with champion lines. He is 4 years old.
The 2nd photo is a picture of Sarah (on the left) and Duke. They both share the same father and are both Vom Kammer bred. Sarah is 3 years old and Duke is 4.
210. Casey the English Cocker Mix
Submitted by: Lee
Here is Casey, we rescued her two years ago. She is now 4. English cocker mix. She loves ice cream .
211. Trooper, Khleo, Kumar, Jolie, Adults are Olga, Sven, Bella.
Submitted by: Sandra
Sent you a photo of a family tug game. Trooper, Khleo, Kumar, Jolie, Adults are Olga, Sven, Bella.
212. Lowen
Submitted by: John & Colleen
213. Zavo Van Den Heuvel
Submitted by: Marv
My granddaughter, Layden, fitting a hat on Zavo Van Den Heuvel.
214. Spenser
Submitted by: Sarah
Oh, there are so many, some are even of GSDs, but this picture of Spenser, taken about 6 years ago (he's now 11.5) is really the best photograph. I have used this as an Xmas card titled "Joy to the World!" Spenser's full brother (tho not littermate) is now the main sire used by his breeder George Weller of Stanstead, Quebec, who breeds first for health, second for temperament and field ability, and only third for looks. Spenser has been a wonderful dog.
215. Murphy
Submitted by: Pamela
Murphy has a great drive and lives for sticks and frisbees! He will chase a stick for days and always come back for more. He is our not only our pet but a part of our family. He has a great temperment and loves people. Best. Dog. Ever!
216. Duke & Sem the Malinois
Submitted by: Dirk
Duke with bike is a big male Malinois with IPO ll. He is a workaholic and 7 years old.
The other picture is from left to right, Mo with V.Z.H. 5 jr old and a female , Duke in the middle and Sem with IPO lll and 10 year old and a female.
ll 3 dogs are very social with people (only Sem with dogs too) and they live in our house.
217. Riggs & Tara the GSDs
Submitted by: Cindy
The first photo is of my male, Riggs, taken at the Horst & Micha Knoche seminar in May of 2011. They came in from Germany to do a two day seminar for our training group. We were trying to show how far we'd come after working off the Michael Ellis Focused Heeling DVD I got for Christmas. Riggs had just turned 1 yr. old the weekend of the seminar. They were impressed with Riggs and said "he will make nice obedience for you". It was cute in their German accent.
Here is my second photo submission for the contest. This photo is of my female GSD, Tara, then 3 yrs. old, and my new puppy, Riggs. They like to roll around in the grass next to each other, bark and have fun, especially after playing in the sprinkler on a hot summer day! Riggs was just a little over 3 months old in this photo. It looks like two little kids laughing and having fun!
218. Windi the Doberman & Bo the Schipperke
Submitted by: Georgia
Photo 1: This is photo of my Dobe, Windi, a nine year old who still thinks she is a pup. She accumulated several titles over the years & still loves to show.
Photo 2: This is a photo of Bo, my Schipperke who is 12 yrs old. He is a retired Search & Rescue dog & since he retired 2 yrs ago has accumulated nine titles.
219. Ari the Labrador Retriever
Submitted by: Branimir
I am sending picture of my labrador retreiver puppy Ari taken by cell phone where she was caught in a moment where she displays her usually state of mind. Winking, tongue out and grin shows she is very aware of being in center of attention all the time.
Ari has been brought up using Michael Ellis food and toy DVDs and is fairly fearless with limitless energy. We have started easy agility foundation until she stops growing and then she will get more formal training and hopefully competing later on.
Submitted by: Valerie
This is what our little Boston Terrier thought about going out for a walk in the cold.
221. Gunner, Rileigh, and Angel
Submitted by: Joe
Photo #1 is Gunner a 3 year old male Golden Retriever who is a career change guide dog who absolutely loves the snow and playing with his chuck it tennis ball!
Photo # 2 is (from right to left) Rileigh (4 years old), Gunner(3 years old), and Angel(3 years old). Our two golden retrievers and american pit bull terrier loved this day outside playing in the mud.
222. Simon White German Shepherd & Keiser Czech German Shepherd
Submitted by: Shawn

Submitted by: Jessica
Submitted by: Betty
225. Jethro the Bloodhound

Submitted by: Reanne
Jethro is a 9 year old Bloodhound. This Photo was taken shortly after his 9th Birthday.

226. Tasha & Max the Rescue Dogs
Submitted by: Daniela
1. Tasha (female) - 10 years
The most wonderful dog, rescued in 2006 from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue
2. Max (male) - 4 years
Very smart and goofy, rescued in 2010 from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue
Submitted by: Jodanna
228. Gunnar the Boxer
Submitted by: Ryan
This is Gunnar the Boxer.  He is 10 weeks old in the first picture attached and pasted for easy viewing.
Second picture at 5months.
Gunnar is a full European Boxer who trains in obedience, schutzhund and general foolishness.
229. Wynt the Red Merle BC
Submitted by: Serena
"Wynt" 12mos old in this picture.  "Wynt" is a red merle BC, with a wonderful work ethic.  No matter what I ask of him, he's game!  He got his RN at 8 mos, just got his PT at 14 mos and is a tugging fool :-)
230. Hall Razor Von Rokanhaus & Force Van Gogh the GSDs
Submitted by: Dianne
Photo 1: Hell Razor Von Rokanhaus doing what he does best, Guarding.  He is a crazy fun dog that I love to pieces, he is 2-almost 3 years old.
Photo 2: My handsome Force Van Gogh.  He is a huge goofball that has the best personality of any GSD that I've seen.  He looks convincing as a big protection dog and can walk off the field and kiss babies he is also 2 years old. 
231. Riggs the Malinois
Submitted by: Nate
This is my 8 year old malinois  “Riggs”
232. Isi the Akita
Submitted by: Douglas
Photo 1: 6 weeks old
Photo 2: 20 months old
233. Oni & Ripper
Submitted by: Chris
The first is of our super high drive female Oni (2 years old) that's her momma Candace Heiser holding her back from me as I, Chris, play pray. P.S. That's one of your hidden sleeves I'm wearing. Oni is one of those once in a life time [females] that you hope passes on the drive and toughness we want in all our dogs.
Second is of my son Caden with my now retired security patrol dog Ripper (8 years old). He would drag that dog every where, and Ripper seemed to love the abuse, Ripper would go right to him every time he saw him hoping for more!! lol!! Ripper is the total package, smart, loyal, tough, gentle with the kids and hard on bad guys.
234. Minnie the American Staffordshire Terrier
Submitted by: Vigdis
This is my 11.5 years old American Staffordshire Terrier MINNIE =)
The photos are taken last month. I used to compete in obedience and search with her when she was younger. Now she is old and happy, and goes to rehab on a water treadmill once a week to cope with her stiff hips, other than that she is in great shape =)
235. Pamela the Pug
Submitted by: Diane
Photo 1: Fawn pug with red coat on with a ball in her mouth is our Pamela.  My girls love their coats, especially on the cold day that it was in the picture.
Photo 2: Red coat fawn, picture is just her being cute and posing.
236. Atti the GSD
Submitted by: Leslie
GSD 7 year old female, named Atti, short for Attitude. The picture was taken in beautiful Alpine, Arizona. She is jumping for a squirrel.  We got her CD this year and am going to get her CDX this fall. 
237. Jackie O
Submitted by: Tom
In this picture she is 2 years old, and is best known as an escape artist, and a great pal.  She never goes far, but always has to know what is going on all around the house and field.  Best escape; crawled all the way under the house using the crawl space after moving a large rock.
238. China Rose the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kimberly
This is China Rose. She is a German Shepherd from Shannon Lake Kennels in Westbank, British Columbia, Canada. China is 5 1/2 yrs old. She has been involved in a number of dog sports including Dock Diving, CKC Obedience and Tracking, and continues to be involved in Schutzhund and Canine Dressage.  She also freelances as perimeter patrol of our 3 acre property.
239. Max the GSD
Submitted by: Donna
I am attaching a picture of our dog Max.  He is an AKC GSD, of pure German lines.  Max just turned one, but this picture was taken when he was six months old.  He loves to do the "Shepherd Run", and he just loved the snow this past winter.  He is super gregarious and makes friends with every dog and human meets!  He really is a happy go lucky kind of guy.
240. Lady Gaga the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd
Submitted by: Noelle
This is BajaWinds Just Dance to Destiny, my Blue Merle Australian Shepherd known as "Lady Gaga."  She is my agility, rally, and obedience partner, and also serves as a very effective protection dog.
241. Dixie Lee the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
Submitted by: Gerald
This is Dixie Lee who came from a breeder in Greenwood, Ms. She is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, just shy of a year old, (born on 9-11). She is purebred and registered with the ARF. The shot of her with the 2 balls was hard to capture, though since she came here always plays with more than one object at a time. It’s a screamer when you see her with a Kong bone and a ball or large and small Kong. I have a feeling someday she will come to me and open her mouth and a jillion objects will fall out! They are all different, just like us.  She is very responsive to me and we hope to train her to have a job. We just love her to death!!!! Wanted to mention that I was reading about the raw diet on Leerburg that helped me finally pull the trigger as far as raw feeding goes, though I really wanted to years ago when I had Akitas, though didn’t have the courage about raw bone then.
242. Rüger the Doberman
Submitted by: Leslye
Here are two photos of our 10 month old Dobermann pup, Rüger. He is from one of the breeder's first litters after laws came in in Australia preventing tail docking. And the usual comments about him are, "Look at that tail!" 
He was the last born of a litter of eleven, (and the largest, the breeder had to help pass his head at the birth), and quickly became the boss of his siblings. We have had three Dobermann bitches before this boy and when the breeder told us "he would be a handful" we thought we knew what she was talking about. How wrong we were.
This strong-willed, pig-headed, dominant dog has had me in tears of desperation quite a few times as he has tried to continue on us with his bossy ways. I have had great success int he past using gentle reward-based training on our previous dogs, but this guy had me bewildered as I wondered if any method would work!. Then came the online searching trying to find help.
All I can say is thank God for Ed Frawley and all at Leerburg. Finally, someone with a matter-of-fact manner who deals with hard dogs like mine and can solve real problems. We still have a long way to go with Rüger, but Ed has given me the confidence to know that we are actually capable of getting on top of this animal's behaviour. Put simply, I am seeing that with his incredible wealth of knowledge about dogs, Ed's method work.
243. Nikko the Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix
Submitted by: Michelle
This is Nikko, he is a 8.5 year old Shepherd / Rottweiler mix that I got when he was a year old.  He is an awesome dog. He can tell when I’m going to have a flair up of a joint problems and sticks to me like glue. When I lived at home he could tell when my father’s diabetes took a nose dive and he would nudge him, every time he was right on.
244. Flair & Ike the Dobermans
Submitted by: Tamara
Photo 1: Black Doberman: Flair 6.5 years old - Standing on the Columbia Ice Fields - Jasper National Park Canada
Photo 2: Red Doberman: Ike 3 years - Swimming in the Creek 
245. Evolutions Ronin
Submitted by: Tiffany
He has taught me how to be an amazing handler and how to recognize an animals limitations. He is my best friend.  
246. Kane
Submitted by: Jennie
This photo was taken while we were out training in the hills with our local Schutzhund club (Adelaide sportdog club)
in Australia it was such a good but just needed an explosion in it so here it is lol
Submitted by: Helen
Here is our very fast BC. She is small but she is rarely beaten.
Submitted by: Kristen
Photo 1: I suspect she had something pretty good to get this lovely focus.
Photo 2: Rumba just loves his ultra ball and can sit for extended periods of time just like the pic. He loves a good chew but is yet to destroy one of these great balls. 
249. Kofi the Curly-Coated Retriever & Mocha the Doberman
Submitted by: Sue
Photo 1: Shows my dogs on a 'tug-of-war'
Photo 2: Shows them running.
Photos were taken in December 2009. At that time Kofi was 4 years old and Mocha was 2 years old.
Kofi is a black Curly-Coated Retriever (imported from Australia, the only one in Malaysia) and Mocha is a brown Dobermann (bred in Malaysia). Both are active in dog obedience and dog agility sports.
250. Valor the Doberman
Submitted by: Greg
Here is a picture of our darling Valor at 1 year while hiking at Tiger Mountain near Seattle.  She is our fourth Doberman but the first to benefit from Leerburg products, especially the videos.  We only wish we’d known about them sooner!
251. Hemi the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Charlene
This is of our 6-year old female German Shepherd, Hemi.  Her name suits her as she can go from zero to 100 in a heartbeat.  Very obedient and sweet but always in motion.
252. Sophie the English Bulldog & Taja the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kirstie
Photo 1: Sophia Elizabeth, 4 Months (at time of picture 06/13/08)
Sophie is an English Bulldog who loves people, naps and short walks in the yard. :)
Photo 2: Taja Von Schone Stadt, 8 weeks
Taja is a German Shepherd who loves walnuts, rubber chickens and lots of lovin'. 
253. Kia & Tyun the Dobermans
Submitted by: Terry
Photo 1: This is Kia, my female black Doberman.  She was 5 years old when that pic was taken; she is 9.5 now.  Kia lives to chase deer along the fence, chipmunks around the trees and dig up moles in the yard.
Photo 2: This is Ryun, my male red Doberman.  He was 2.5 years old when that pic was taken; he is 6.5 now.  Ryun is a goofball who loves to get into trouble.  He is an awesome agility and obedience partner with great work ethic.
254. Peri the Standard Poodle
Submitted by:
Peri my standard poodle enjoying the snow at 10 years old.
255. Ally
Submitted by: Pauline
Camelot's Field of Dreams ( Ally )  4 years old. I took the "girls" to the dog beach and I forgot to take a toy.  Fortunately my shoes float and they have been retrieving them ever since. Ally visits a nursing home, goes to the office everyday and helps me teach an obedience class. She is a busy girl.
256. Ava
Submitted by: Daina
Here are a couple pictures of Ava when she was a puppy. She is now 21 months old and a beautiful black sable.
It was winter when we got Ava as a puppy, so with all the in and out bathroom trips I got a pair of fleece lined slip on crocks to make the job easier in the snow. I always kept a pair by the door, and for some reason she always liked sleeping on my crocks in some shape or form. Sometimes even going to sleep with her little puppy face inside one of them. She was always good and didn't chew them, but she loved sleeping with them. I have many pictures of her, but the one I'm sending is our favorite. I was at my computer one evening, and I turned around to see tired little Ava just as you see in the picture. Too tired to move fast, so I was able to get the picture taken. I'll never know what she was thinking, but I wish I could.
In the second picture I was playing peek-a-boo with her around a tree during one of our winter woods walks.
257.Tikko the Alaskan Husky
Submitted by: Kiersten
This is my Alaskan Husky, Tikko, and my boyfriend, Andrew, standing at sunset on Mount Kanoya with Mt. Susitna, and Knik Arm in the background (Anchorage, Alaska). Tikko is my skijor race dog, and a wonderful hiking companion. He can easily run 30 miles a day and would be happy to run more. He loves playing tug, learning new tricks, chasing ground squirrels, pulling me on skis, swimming, and hanging out with his best dog buddy, Tessa (the German Shepherd). He is extremely smart but certainly has a mind of his own. I bought him as a pup from a mid-distance musher in New York. His breeding is a mix of multiple Iditarod winner Swingley and multiple sprint (Rondy) and open North American winner Saunderson lines.  He is a wonderful dog, and a joy to own.
258. Jack
Submitted by: Tom & June
3 year old shepherd mix some say mixed with Mal. who knows. Rescued from Georgia via the North Shore Animal League.
259. Gerkin the Shar-pei / Chow Chow
Submitted by: Rebecca
These pictures are of our dog Gerkin. We got her as a baby 3 ago from the Humane Society. She is part Shar-pei and Chow Chow. Gerkin had a lot of behavioral problems, but with a lot of time and patience she's now the sweetest dog in the world. She is definitely a cold weather dog who would live in the snow all year round if she could.
260. Isabella
Submitted by: Fran
This is "Isabella," a DDR working line dog retrieving her toy in a pond a few days ago. 
261. Miko the Akita
Submitted by: Scott & Pam
Miko is our 5 year old female, long-coat Akita. She has her Rally Excellent (RE) and Companion Dog (CD) AKC obedience titles, is a Therapy Dog International (TDI) registered therapy dog and of course is a Canine Good Citizen (CGC). She was the number 2 nationally ranked Akita in Rally Novice in 2009 and the number 3 nationally ranked Akita in Rally Advance & Excellent in 2010. This photo was taken on Katahdin Lake in Maine. Miko is sporting a Dogtra 1700NCP E-collar in the photos.
262. Gator the American Bulldog & American Bulldog Puppies
Submitted by: Victoria
Photo 1: Gator the American Bulldog when he was 3yrs old. He is a certified service dog and therapy dog.
Photo 2: A basket of American Bulldog puppies at about 5weeks old.

Submitted by: Roz
Photo 1: Daughter's Labadoodle & grandson.
Photo 2: My GS.

264. Shelby the Dutch Shepherd
Submitted by: Scott
Shelby is with the MDDF she is a 6 year old Dutch Shep MWD she is patrol and explosive trained.
265. Moose the Lab & Mia the English Mastiff/Dogue de Bordeaux
Submitted by: Lindsey
Moose – Chocolate Lab, 4 years  -   Moose is a very well behaved wonderful member of our family.  He is also trained for pet therapy.  We visit hospitals and retirement homes to offer cheer to residents.  He is wonderful with my 5 year old daughter.
Mia – English Mastiff/Dogue de Bordeaux, 2 years   -  We got Mia as a protector for the family.  She is calm, quiet, good with kids, but when needed is very protective.
266. Maisie
Submitted by: Shirley
I've sent along the photo I used for Maisie's Therapy Dog Tag and also the one where she was getting VERY bored.
267. Toluca the GSD, Zues the Husky/Akita, & Koulee the American Staffordshire Terrier
Submitted by: Charlotte
1st picture is Toluca, a long coated GSD from House Barret in Germany. She lives in Nashville, TN and is training for Schutzhund. She was about 7 mo. old in this picture.. tired after a long training session.
2nd picture is of my 3 dogs. Lft to Right. Zeus is the Husky/Akita(rescue), 3 yrs. old and was my first dog... he is the big hiker in the family. Koulee, is the Red American Staffordshire Terrier(rescue). She 1 in the pictures.. she currently competes in agility and is learning disc. Toluca is my GSD, she is about 4 mo. in the picture. She loves to swim as you can tell by her wet coat. This is a typical afternoon for us, a few mile off leash hike in one of our many parks in Nashville, TN.
268. Chase
Submitted by: Vince
Chase was rescued at an early age, from a family that couldn't take care of him. Chase loves to hang out in his backyard and go for rides with his owners. Chase is the final piece of the family puzzle.
269. Blue Boy
Submitted by: Juanita
270. Titus the GSD
Submitted by: Paul
Photo 1: Titus male GSD at 3 months old.  Titus at this young age was very even tempered.  He is now 1 year.  Extremely affectionate and very inquisitive.  I sometimes call him "The Professor." 
Note the ears and the soft affectionate look in his eyes!
Photo 2: This is Titus at 2 months.  We are training at our GSD Club doing some focus work.  Note the eye contact!  This early bond has paid great dividends! 
271. Boris the Black Russian Terrier

Submitted by: Robin
This is a photo of Boris, a four year old Black Russian Terrier, enjoying a frosty day in the Minnesota woods with his favorite Jolly Ball (from Leerburg, of course).  Boris loves Leerburg for selling Jolly Balls. His momma loves them for selling everything they sell.

272. Koda the Rotti
Submitted by: Sally
These are 2 very different photos of my Rotti, Koda. He just turned 4 years old this month and I turned 60 this year. We started Schutzhund training about 2 years ago and we both love it. I enjoy training of all kinds and have learned so much from the information on your website.
Koda is a well balanced, loving dog with a wonderful temperament. The one picture has 2 rottweilers in it and shows their naturally good natured side. Koda on the right, his mom, Mercy on the left.The other picture is Koda doing bite work.
273. Bear the German Shepherd
Submitted by: John
"BEAR" is a 27 mos old, sable, German Shepherd.  He weighs 115 lbs and has the energy and drive of a dog half his age and weight LOl.. We are formally from NJ but recently moved to Florida after  retiring from Law Enforcement . BEAR has been the best part of that retirement since he was my gift to me. I must thank you because by Utilizing your DVD's and equipment I've been able to make him the most popular dog in the neighborhood. You guys helped me solve some issues and gave great advice as well. BEAR  is well mannered, well trained and very social, thanks to you.
274. Chloe the Doberman
Submitted by: Stefan
Here are 2 photos with me and my dobe Chloe. She is now 19 month old. In the "eye contact" photo she  was 5 month. In the "focused heeling" one she was about 16 month. She is a great dog, we have a great bond and we are working hard. We both love it.
275. Tippy Toes the Blue Tick Coon Hound & Brook the Flat Coated Retriever
Submitted by: Jan
Photo 1: Tippy Toes 5yo Blue Tick Coon Hound
Certified Basic Man Trailing with American Mantrailing Academy
AKC Canine Good Citizen
Photo 2: Brooke 2 yrs old [a flat coated retriever]
in training Search & Rescue -air/area scent & USAR [urban search & rescue/disaster]
276. Chingy & Nioysha the Akitas
Submitted by: Dionte
Chingy 7 years old (long hair Akita)- with shades, Nioysha 1 year old silver Akita. Father and daughter just hanging.
277. Niko the German Shepherd

Submitted by: Nina
High drive, Loves playing ball, will do anything just for a chance to play ball.
Photo captured while I was also planting.     Niko… “ Maybe if I planted my tennis ball…I there will be more to play!”

278. Dutch the GSD
Submitted by: Rick
This is Dutch my adopted GSD. He is the smartest dog I have ever had. He can do many tricks taught with clicker/marker method, including balancing a tennis ball on his muzzle!
Submitted by: Pam
Rott puppy when he was 10 weeks.
280. Greta the GSD
Submitted by: Michele
Geta is a 2-year old working line GSD.  She is currently learning the sport of Schutzhund and has her BH Obedience title.  She LOVES swimming and if she sees a body of water you might as well just let go of the leash, or you will end up wet.  She is a silly loveable girl.  We also have her brother and could not be happier with these two amazing GSDs.  And yes, that is one of your vests that she is wearing!
281. Whitey & Sonny the American Bulldogs
Submitted by: Ben
The pic on the left is my 14 month old male American Bulldog "Whitey." Awesome dog! One of my faves we've ever owned! The Pic on the right is my 17 month old American Bulldog "Sonny". This is one big dude standing 26" inches and weighing in at 107lbs. He has a very calm and cool temperment and loves all people and animals. We work both dogs in schutzhund and live on a farm where they get to frolic with other dogs, horses, and chickens!
282. Stitch
Submitted by: Seth
This is my dog Stitch he is 4 years old. He loves to go swimming and watch birds. His favorite thing is to lay on the couch and snuggle under the blankets.
283. Rebel
Submitted by: Danielle
Rebel is a loving smart Bull Terrier who is working hard at being a Rally, Agility and comformation star. He was born to be a show dog and absolutely LOVES to show off in the ring.
284. Yogi the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kristy
Yogi is my constant companion and a great ambassador for the German Shepherd breed.  He does obedience, tracking and searching.  His Kennel Club name is Kazeti Nitus.
Submitted by: Patty
286. Blue the German Shepherd & Danny the Rescue
Submitted by: Janie
The first one is one of my boys, Blue, a 6 year old German Shepherd and the second one is of Danny another 6 yr old boy I rescued. Both these boys are my own dogs and the photos were taken last year in all the snow.
287. Miquette & Arya
Submitted by: Richard
Photo 1: This is my little Miquette. She is now 4 years old and she means the world to us.
Photo 2: This is Arya, my female Doberman.  Taken when she was 8 weeks old.
288. Vodin the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Ronald
The K9 in both pictures is Vodin Von Draggahaus (Vodin). She is a 7 year old German Shepherd Dog. She has been certified by the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) in Human Remains Detection, and works as a mission ready K9 member of the Search One Rescue Team in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area.
289. Nadia & Rocco the GSDs
Submitted by: Terry
Photo 1: This is a pic of my 2 3 year old GSDs. The sable is a patrol certified gsd (narc and protection and tracking} her name is Nadia. The Tan guy is my protetion dog. His name is Rocco. I have had them both for 2 1/2 years and they are awesome workers and great family members as well.
Photo 2: This is Nadia my 3 yr old GSD. She is a certified patrol dog (narc,protection,and tracking} She is definatly a silly girl.
290. Boomer the Border Collie
Submitted by: Eva
Here's a photo of my border collie, Boomer, playing superdog this past winter! Boomer is a border collie, age 4. He is certified in wilderness air scent (search and rescue) and we belong to the Tompkins County search and Rescue team.
Submitted by:
292. Ellie & Jaya Papaya the GSDs
Submitted by: Katie
Photo 1: Eliana vom Kraftwerk, SchH2, AD, CGC. GSD, 6 years old
"Ellie" is my first GSD and the first dog I have participated in Schutzhund with. She has taught me just about as much in training as I have taught her! She is a wonderful companion that I enjoy many hours with hiking, swimming and snowshoeing. As you can see, she humors me and is always up for a little fun. I LOVE her!
Photo 2: Jaya von der Olgameister. GSD, 7 weeks
"Jaya Papaya's" life as a puppy can be summed up with "eat, sleep, tug." She was an easy-going, fun-loving puppy with a great attitude. She is proving to be a wonderful, active companion swimming and hiking. I am training her as my next dog in Schutzhund and am very excited about our future.
293. Atom the Min Pin
Submitted by: Lizabeth
Photo 1: Here is one of my entries for your contest of my Min Pin, 4 years Old neutered male, Circle W Atom
Atom, I am beginning to think has 9 lives! Although he is AKC classified as a Miniature Pinscher he is definitely a Terrier at heart. He goes to ground after any unfortunate Mole that crosses his path. And will wholeheartedly give any rabbit a run for their money. He has lived through a few incidents already that I thought he wasn't going to make it, mainly a toy lodged in his throat that had to be removed by our Vet, being sprayed directly in the face by a skunk (YUK) which put him into trachea spasms where he could not seem to breathe, and last but surely not least a heart murmur :(
Submitted by: Toni
295. Apollo
Submitted by: Brian R
Fair Apollo des Anges Gardiens (a.k.a Apollo, Goofball)
Location: Underhill, Vermont; woods on western slope of Mount Mansfield (28 Apr 2011)
296. Uno the Longhaired GSD
Submitted by: Leslie
Uno and the longhaired GSD. 5 years old. Her name is Uno. It's Eskimo and means "this one."
297. Angel the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Melissa
My dog's name is Angel and she is 10 months old. Angel is a very energetic German Shepherd. She just finished basic obedience training and won a fourth place ribbon (although we are still working on her obedience skills!) She enjoys going for walks, chewing on bones, digging holes and chasing our cat!
298. Yogi Bear the Chocolate Lab
Submitted by: Gerard
This is my 2 year old chocolate lab Yogi Bear
299. Ziva, Lanie, Dorado, Amiga, Mirage, Xavier, Xiva
Submitted by: Christina
Group Cabin Picture – Ziva (18mo), Lanie (2yrs), Dorado (4yrs), Amiga (9yrs), Mirage (2yrs), Xavier (1yr) & Xiva (1yr).
Sibling Rivalry Picture – Xavier (1yr) & Mirage (2yrs)
300. Scorch
Submitted by: Ed
This is Scorch at 15 mos.
Submitted by: Neal
302. Brooke
Submitted by: Mark
This is Brooke, our 20 month old Redsun female at ease in our backyard. Brooke is a family pet also trained for security and protection work. This second shot on her pillow really shows her savage side
303. Louie the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Submitted by: Janice
Ridgeville's Saint Lou (Louie) - 3 years
Louie is my wonderful, red wheaten Rhodesian Ridgeback who has recently become an AKC Conformation Champion. He is an affectionate companion and good buddy to my grandaughter Madison, as you can see in the pictures. Love the breed!
304. "Neetchie vom Sterntal" the GSD
Submitted by: Gabriele for the the photo contest.
My girl Neetchie is 3 years old and comes from an East German working dog line. My favorite picture is the one with the little boy hugging her. It was taken at an open house for the vet school and Neetchie seemed to enjoy all the attention she was getting. I had to include a second picture because it shows another side of Neetchie. A dog with lots of drive and athletic ability. So far we have attended 3 agility trials and she has earned her Novice JWW and Standard titles. Neetchie gets all the credit, because I'm not an experienced handler and had never shown a dog before. Things have been moving a little too fast for me and we are taking a little break right now so I can improve my skills as a handler. I learned the hard way (we had a collision and I fell down during a front cross) that it takes quite a bit of skill to run a fast dog. However, I'm planning on showing her at GSD Nationals in September.
305. Envy the German Shepherd
Submitted by:
Envy is a happy, excitable adolescent, who is always ready for the next fun activity. She is not my first German Shepherd, but she is my first higher drive, tug-crazy dog. I'm hopeful we can channel that energy into lots of success in obedience, agility, and possibly schutzhund!
306. Cinder the Standard Poodle & Poppy the Border Terrier
Submitted by: Maryann
Cinder, Standard Poodle, age 8. Poppy, Border Terrier, age 9.
When a dear friend died, I inherited her two dogs.
Cinder is a thinking dog who is always up for play time. Poppy is a hunter who notices everything and brings me gifts through the dog door, such as my potted tomato plants with no damage to the plant, no soil spilled. (How'd she do that?)
307. Elsa & Kaiser
Submitted by: Annie
Here is a picture of Elsa (3) and Kaiser( (6 months). We wrote into you guys before we got the puppy to ask about the pack mentality adding a second shepherd. Well, we followed your advise and they are having a blast together. Both dogs are from Misty Ridge in MD and we liked Elsa's tempermant and personallity so much that we got Kaiser from the same stud. They are both trained by a MD trainer that has worked with Michael Elllis! Cool. They are the best dogs ever!! They get exercised, worked and loved daily.
308. Sam
Submitted by: Diane
Kamuela I Guard International "Sam"
Pictures taken when Sam was 5 yrs old
309. Winston the APBT

Submitted by: Doug
I think we are missing a couple of tomatoes. I have attached a photo of my dog Winston. Winston is a 2 year old APBT we rescued from a shelter. He currently has his BH title.

310. Casper
Submitted by: Lori
This is Casper. As you can tell he is no stranger to the camera. I took all these myself and sent a few in case you wanted to use holiday shots. I also would really like to thank you for your videos. I was very old school in my training techniques and it showed with poor Casper. He worked because he was made to. When he was out of the ring he did very well. In the ring was a different story! Without correction, he would "zoom" the ring and forget all about me, every time. I needed a way to get him to "want" to work without "making" him work. A friend suggested I look into your website and I was hooked! I have ordered not only 5 videos, I have a leather tug and bait bag! In only 4 shows I have put 2 legs towards his CD title, 2 legs towards a Beginner Novice title and 1 leg towards his Rally Advanced title! I couldn't be happier and Casper couldn't be happier either. Please continue your great work. My husband is looking into starting a dog too! He is seeing the wonders it has done for Casper.

311. Murphy the Rescue Dog

Submitted by: Lynn
Murphy is a rescue dog that we adopted when he was 4 months old. He is part Border collie and Springer spaniel as far as we can tell. He is high energy, even at 8 years, and loves his daily walks. He is a smart dog, knows approximately 20 commands, and follows me everywhere.
312. Erik
Submitted by: Donnasue
Here are a few photos of my Erik in a friend's swimming pool -- here in sunny California.
313. Crackerjack
Submitted by: Trent & Katie
We think "Crackerjack" is the best looking dog. One of his favorite cats is guarding him.
314. Boda the GSD, James the Pomeranian, & Rex the Rat Terrier
Submitted by: Celeste
1st photo is of Boda GSD age 6 months, James Pomeranian age 1 1/2 years and Rex Rat Terrier age 2 years, they were taking a break by the camp fire after hiking all day in Death Valley CA January 8th, James and Rex were cold and in the blankets and Boda was ruffing the cold.
2nd photo is of Baby Girl Doberman age 2 years, she was on her 2nd hike, hiking full force at Red Rock Canyon NV and took a break to over see the area and where I was.
315. Napoleon
Submitted by: Joel & Lynette
"Napoleon" Leonberger 6 months (now 6 years)
Napoleon is an extremely social dog who can't get enough attention. Winter is his favorite time of year. He loves to run and play in the snow!
316. Magic & Sonja
Submitted by: Jennifer
Photo 1: "Magic" - Dawn Ri's Flying High CD, RE. 6 years old. Registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. Magic loves eating bananas and splashing around in her wading pool to keep cool. She thinks children reading to her and anyone petting her is the best thing of all. Magic hates loud noises.
Photo 2: Sonia (left) and Magic (right). "Sonia" - Saucy Scarlet Sonia RN. 4 years old. Sonia has one leg towards her CD. She is a rescue. Her original family fell on hard times and had to move to another state and could not take her with them. Sonia loves to run and run and run. She enjoys chasing squirrels up our huge oak tree. She is also a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. Her forte is with the "old folks" in nursing home and assisted living settings. I have trained her to pull a cart.
317. Poncho & Trigger the German Shorthair Pointers
Submitted by: Jerry
Photo 1: New dog sport,Skimjoring.
Two German shorthair Pointers Poncho and Trigger ,pulling Blair Conklin a Local skimboarding legend. Check out the wake behind the board ,These dogs pull extremely fast .
Photo 2: Poncho in harness pulling skimmer.
318. Chocolate the Chocolate Labrador
Submitted by: Angelica
Photo 1: Here is Chocolate, a chocolate Labrador from South America. He is Bilingual, and he is a 3 years and a half old. He is very smart, and sweet.
Photo 2: Here is a picture of my dog Bailey, she is a rescued dog, lab and boxer mix, she is 1 year and a half old and she is very sweet and when she wants something she cries and shows me what she wants.
319. Ela the Golden Retriever
Submitted by: Linda
My dog's name is Ela and she is a 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. We just moved to lake property and at first we had a hard time getting her to go in the water and now we have a hard time keeping her out of it. For the longest time she would only go in off the steps, but as you can see she is an expert at jumping off the dock.
320. Kody the GSD
Submitted by: Texanna
Super intelligent long haired GSD, loves to play "Go Find," & ball 24/7. Lives in Sun City, a retirement community in Hilton Head, SC. Kody is the protector of small dogs at the dog park. He is our fifth GSD.
Kody took my husband totally by surprise when a young boy with MS came by on July 4th while his parents held onto each arm and asked my husband if it would be alright if their son petted Kody. John complied and allowed Kody to approach the child. Kody went up to the child and sniffed him all over then bowed his head and allowed this little boy to pet him. It was difficult for the child to pet him because of his disability but somehow Kody knew this child had something wrong so he just let him pet him and kept his head down and very still. The engagement between Kody and the little boy was so miraculous and made this child so happy that it brought tears to his parents eyes. Kody is the sweetest, kindest GSD I have ever known.
321. Gracie the Border Collie/Greyhound Cross
Submitted by: Johanne
I thought I would send a picture of our Gracie running in the snow from our unusual winter. It is normally very mild here & Gracie had never seen or played in snow before. Although her ears look like they are cropped, they aren't, they are just flying in the wind as she runs! Gracie is 3 years old and is a Border Collie/Greyhound cross with lots of energy and many quirks but we love her very much.
322. Mesa
Submitted by: Matt
Here are 2 photos of my dog Mesa. His AKC name is Mesa's Colorado Mist. He is CRAZY for a Frisbee and he goes everywhere with me. He will be 4 this September.
323. Trip
Submitted by: Connie
"Trip" at 3 months of age. A very engaging pup with great drives, nerves and quite a character!
324. Joe
Submitted by: Caroline
This is a photo of Joe at 8 weeks. Joe came to me with his mother and 9 littermates when he was only 4 days old. They had been found in an abandoned house. All 10 pups struggled with health issues and sadly 3 didnt make it but Joe was a tough little battler and came through healthy , beautiful and with the most loving nature. Im so proud of him.
325. Rosco, Asiah, Darcy, & Molly
Submitted by: Glenda
1st picture Dog standing in front on ground : Rosco - 9 yr.old Boxer X Rottweiler X Great Dane
He is loving, loyal, territorial & dominant, dignified, bit of a temper, a dream dog & a soul-mate to me. ( high food drive )
Dog on the left side of box : Asiah - 7 yr.old Boxer X Great Dane X Rottweiler
She is a sweet-tempered, wiggly love, kind, gentle, loves all people, easy to manage. ( high chase/ prey drive )
Dog in middle on box : Darcy - ( Asiah's daughter ) 5 yr.old ( mostly ) Boxer
She is a clown, a baby, a darling, exceptionally obedient to me, keeps a low profile, very affectionate & wiggly. ( Very high toy drive )
Dog on the right side of box : Molly - 3 yr.old Pug X Boston Terrier
She is absolutely priceless, affectionate , sometimes stubborn, independent, very smart & fun to play with ( high food & toy drive )
I spend hours a day playing with, training, hiking & walking with my dogs. I am always studying their pack behavior & am fascinated by it. They are wonderful & adored. Thank you for the opportunity to enter them in a photo contest. Thank you for all that you contribute to the dog world. I think Micheal Ellis has wonderful techniques too & I would love to attend his school.
326. Boudicca
Submitted by: Beverly
Boudicca at the park
327. Dio
Submitted by: Scott
Here are a couple pics of my new puppy. His name is Dio and he is quite a fireball. These pics were taken when he was 7 weeks old, just a day after I brought him home. On Aug. 11th he turned 6 months old and is doing great in his training. Super smart and tons of drive. I am using the Micheal Ellis system to train him and absolutly love this system. I have most all the videos that Leerburg has produced with Micheal, but am still missing a couple. Dio is currently recovering from a surgery to remove a sock from his intestines. I have no idea how he was able to get a sock to be able to swallow it, I use crates and a pen to contain him and he is never off lead. Thankfully he is recovering quickly and we will be back to training very soon.
328. Hedi vom Maulachtal
Submitted by: Pamela
My pups name is Hedi vom Maulachtal and she is 12 months. This is Hedi's second dock jumping session; she loves water. In her spare time Hedi loves doing schutzhund with me and living life full throttle.
329. Rocco the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Roxann
{Rocco 3 years old}
German Shepherd Long Stock Coat. {TDI/ATT/CGC}
330. Vala
Submitted by: Mark
The two pictures are of Vala, she is 14 weeks old.
331. Shooter the GSD
Submitted by:
Photo 1: "Shooter" chasing water drops. Youngest of 4 GSDs.
Full of personality, drive, cutest face in the world and 100% PUNK!
Photo 2: "Shooter." 3 years old.
I feel in love with this picture so much I put it on my debit card. He is very smart, very energetic, plays hard, and loves his tire.
332. Jack Von Dee the GSD
Submitted by: Charles
My GSD name is Jack Von Dee and just turn one year old on 8-1-2011. The first picture is his sexy smile and the second picture was his birthday which I gave him a cupcake and he had icing all over his nose. He is crate trained and know his basic commands thanks to your DVDs that I have purchase from your web site. I have recommended your web site to my friends and to people who pass by with their dogs. Thank You
333. Najee the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Natasha
Here is a photo of a German Shepherd pup, Najee with her friend Morgan, a ferret.
334. Hunter
Submitted by: John
Photo 1: Here’s a photo of Hunter at 8 months.
Photo 2: Hunter with ears posted.
335. Opie the Chocolate Labrador
Submitted by: John
Opie is a 6 year old chocolate Labrador who obviously LOVES the water.These photos were taken this summer in the Thousand Islands near Gananoque, Ont. Canada.
336. Case
Submitted by: Rob
Case was abandoned in Santa Cruz, taken in to a pound. We found him through German Shepherd Rescue North California. He was scared, underweight, had no commands and little hope. One of his ears had a chunk missing. I adopted him in May 2010 He has so many of your products it's not true. He works with Lindsey and went up to Fairfield to meet Michael with his girlfriend Ziggy. But most of he is happy and loves his swims and beach games next to our office in Berkeley. He's a great member of our pack. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I love this shot as it's all about what can be.
337. Presley the Doberman Pinscher & Ce
Submitted by: Lou
Photo 1: Presley is a doberman pinscher. He is a great dog who works hard to please. Just a joy to have in our lives.
Photo 2: Ce is a great little girl. Very eager to please and always willing to work. She's a quick learner with a nice temperament. She also loves to play hard!
338. Diesel the South African Boerboel
Submitted by: Christina
Both photos are older (my puppy is almost 16 months old now) as one is from when he was about 4 months old and the other maybe around 10 months.  I think they are both great shots though. His name is Diesel, he is a South African Boerboel and will be 16 months old on August 28th.  He is just the love of my life.  He loves swimming and agility and we are hoping to get into protection work, tracking and erding soon! I think I need to quit my job to have more time to do fun things with my dog!
339. Luther the German Shepherd & Levi the Shih Tzu
Submitted by: Martie
"Big Brother" Luther, our 3-year-old German Shepherd with his beloved Jolly Ball and "Little Brother" Levi, our then 7-month-old Shih Tzu.  These two are best friends and even though Levi is only 10 pounds to Luther's 80 pounds, they really enjoy a lot of rough and tumble play - chasing and barking and having a ball. We love the tongues in this shot - looks to us like Levi is trying to imitate Luther, but just not getting it quite right yet
340. Xena & Hip

Submitted by: Judy
I am the trainer of these two beautiful german shepherds, they love to play in the water.  Xena the female is splashing while her brother Hip is catching the splash.  I have titled this photo respectively as "catch a splash". 

341. Jet the Belgian Tervuren
Submitted by: Jo
Ch Monami Arizona Jet Stream CDX, RE OA, OAJ
Belgian Tervuren male, 5 yrs old
Died of cancer at 8, Jet was a happy dog, smiling just like in this picture, that I took in my back yard trying out my new digital camera. I sat him on a wait at the other end of the tunnel, got in place, and told him to “go through” and just happened to catch it at the perfect time, with all four feet off the ground. What a shot eh? He is missed but fondly remembered!
342. Verona & Anika the GSDs
Submitted by: Lesley
The first picture is of my GSD Verona at 11 months old, she is a West German showline show dog who loves to play fetch or curl up with her head in my lap to take a nap.
The second picture is of Anika, my older West German showline GSD, when she was 10 weeks old. She is on her favorite thing in the world, a blue raft that allows her to float in the pool. She could also be called a "German Water Dog" because she spends all day, everyday in the pool, biting at the water when she splashes it or swimming in circles, or leaping off the side after a toy.
Verona is now 1 years old, Anika is now 3 years old.
343. Beren
Submitted by: Lisa
Beren - CH Von Riddle's Berenger V Bowen RN, TT, CGC, BHI. Beren is now 10 years old.
344. Sheridan the Shiloh Shepherd
Submitted by: Keri
Sheridan - 1 1/2 years old DOB 1-15-10
Sheridan is a shiloh sheperd and the love of my life! She loves to play with other dogs, loves being off her leash. She prefers the winter months and loves taking long hikes or jogging with me. She is starting to train doing nose work this fall
345. Mercedes, Lynx, Moose, & Samson
Submitted by: Jennifer
Photo 1:  Mercedes at 6 weeks old. 
Photo 2:  (in order with age) Lynx (1), Moose (1), Mercedes (1), Samson (2)
Samson and Mercedes love having Lynx and Moose, owned by Racheal Bidmead, over for play-dates.  Samson is an energizer bunny.  He wants to be moving nconstantly and looks forward to his next "task."  Mercedes is a love bug. Her favorite things are cuddling and helping mom pull the weeds out of the garden. 
346. Rommel the German Shorthair Pointer
Submitted by: Terri
Rommel a male GERMAN ShORTHAIR POINTER (solid liver) - 2 yrs. old
Love your DVDs and have most of them. The pic is of Rommel with all his training gear, leashes, treats, your DVDs, tugs, ball, a heating pad from all the work he gets and his bottle of wine with a wine glass tipped over.
347. Fabi
Submitted by: David
Argonne Fern (call name 'Fabi') BH  (d.o.b. 14 December 2009)
In the snow shot she was 1 year old and in the headshot she was 17 weeks old.
She is worked at Severnside Schutzhund Club and recently gained her BH ( aged 20 months on the day ) on 14 August 2011.
348. Teddy & Lucy the Scottish Terriers
Submitted by: Dorothy
Teddy and Lucy(Scottish Terriers)
Teddy is 17 months and Lucy is 5 month.  Lucy and Teddy are brother and sister.  They come from a long line of HopelPopel Champions.  Must say they adore one another.  We have had Scotties in our life for 40 years.
349. Audi
Submitted by: Oliver
Attached is photo of Audi for photo contest. He was 2 years old at time (he is now 4). Wonderful family pet. I started him on marker training from the age of eight weeks using many of the resources on your site. He is a great family pet, but has very high drive that I put him into with "wanna play?"
Submitted by: Alexis
Our Handsome Working GWP/lab....the best of both breeds
351. Sophie the Pekingese/Chihuahua Mix
Submitted by: Carrie
Sophie is a pekingese/chihuahua mix! I rescued her from a kill shelter in Tennessee and she was very sick when I adopted her. After a few months of multitudes of specialists and testing, she got diagnosed with everything from IBS to food allergies. I was told her condition would be chronic and incurable. Upon doing a lot of research and talking to a few different people (Cindy being one of them), I rejected her diagnoses. I found a specialist online who pointed me in the right direction. Turns out, she had a severe case of giardia. Since aggressively treating her, she's been as healthy as a racehorse. I switched her to raw upon recovering from her parasites, and she is extremely healthy now. She's a very active little one who keeps me on my toes. She is fiercely independent, but I love her for it and wouldn't change her. A lot of people would say that she is lucky to have me, but I think we are both very lucky to have each other. I love her more than words can say and I can't remember what my life was like without her in it.
Submitted by: Alden & Janet
This is the last dog born from 35 years of breeding pomeranian confirmation show dogs.
Hope you like this one snap shot in time from some retired show breeders.
-- He does bark and hold too.
353. Tag the Standard Poodle
Submitted by: Linda
Male Standard Poodle, 22 months old, Name: Tag
Tag is in training for Rally, Obedience and Agility, with agility as our primary interest. Tag makes training interesting and fun with his clownish nature. He’s a very soft boy, so he’s broadened my marker training horizons. Training him is what led me to the Leerburg site to watch many of the free training videos.
354. Penny the Red Heeler Mix
Submitted by: Natalie
Penny is our red heeler mix pup we rescued from the streets of Houston.  She loves to snuggle in the mornings; she is a very affectionate pup!  Her favorite game is when we toss a tennis ball up onto the roof of our house and she waits for it to bounce off and hit the ground and then she pounce on it!  She also LOVES to swim!  Here she is with her ball.
355. Ice the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Penny
Photo 1: Attached is a photo of my girl Ice vom Waldestraum competing at Splash Dogs competition in Lutz, FL.  Ice is my current schutzhund competition dog but as you can see she also loves dock diving and finished 3rd in the Junior Division in her first competition.  She is a 2 1/2 year old West German line shepherd. She is a joy to train and is happy to do anything you ask of her.
Photo 2: Here's a second photo of my girl Ice vom Waldestraum (2 1/2 years old) demonstrating her attempt at walking on water during dock diving.
356. Alabama the Australian Shepherd
Submitted by: Michael
Alabama - 5 months - Australian Shepherd
Submitted by: Ron
Black Lab Service Dog and my grandson Devin
358. Duke the Old English Mastiff
Submitted by: Joe & Marie
Duke, our Old English Mastiff at 6 months.
359. Kuruk the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Michelle
Dog: Kennel name: Nillo zet Eurosportu Call name: Kuruk
German Shepherd Dog
Birthdate: January 19, 2010
Kuruk and I are active in Schutzhund and will be going for our BH mid September and our Schutzhund 1 this November (if all goes according to plan!). He is an awesome training partner and I used a lot of Michael Ellis’s techniques in his training this time around. From the very beginning I taught obedience without a leash or collar – this way the dog has to think and is not cued by the leash, which I realized we really CAN’T help doing (as the video says!). Needless to say, I get more comments on his great obedience work – he is a happy, precise worker and is a joy to handle. And last but not least – the best friend I could ever hope for.
360. LT
Submitted by: Phil
LT and his jolly ball.
361. Romeo the GSD
Submitted by: Rani
Romeo - 14 months
Romeo is a west german GSD. He comes from a wonderful lienage of champion dogs. But none of that matters because most importantly is that Romeo is a great dog. He is all heart. He is everything I could ask for in a companion.
361. Lex, Trixie, & Leika
Submitted by: Penny
Photo 1: Our shepherd family, Lex 6 trixie 14, Leika 4 pups 4 months
Photo 2: Marla 9 months Trixie 14 years
362. Jax
Submitted by: Andrea
Jax is 15 months old. She is a high drive puppy who challenges us every day. We love her, and photos like these give us a glimpse of the dog she is becoming. I hope you enjoy the photos! In the first photo she is 3 months old, and in the second she is 9 months.
363. Tassie
Submitted by: Karen
Tassie at Pismo Beach (California)
364. Yeager Steffenhaus
Submitted by: Cindy
Thanks for the opportunity to send you 2 cute photos of my GSD.  He is one of the most handsome dogs.  And he is a true ambassador for the German Shep. dog.  His temperment is of a true gentleman.  He worked with the Challenge Reading Program and would visit in Nursing Homes, Schools and Assisted Living complexes.  He is  retired and just loves to hang out. 
365. Maggie
Submitted by: Joyce
Maggie was born on August 16, 2010. Maggie is 3 months old in each of the two photos. She was born on August 16, 2010. The two photos were taken while visiting my daughter and her husband in Florida. They have two German Shepherd Dogs and Maggie loved to play with them. Everyone had a great time. 
Photo 1:Maggie in a flower pot at three months. Photo taken at my daughter's home in Florida.
Photo 2: Maggie at three months. She wanted to have a better view. Photo taken at my daughter's home in Florida.
366. Major Dukes the German Shepherd
Submitted by: K
Here's a picture of my German Shepherd, Major Dukes.  
367. Mattie the Shepard
Submitted by: Tom
The photo is of our two year old Shepard named Mattie. She is hiding in the grass waiting on one of her buddies to walk by.
368. Nina the GSD & Olaf the German Shorthair/Springer Spaniel Cross
Submitted by: Arvid
Here are pictures of my two good dogs in a field of chicory.  They are best buddies. The GSD is Nina vom Alpenhof, 6 months old. Her daddy is the 2010 Sieger for North America(NASS), Xbox dei Precision. Nina is learning her lessons well. Olaf is a German Shorthair, Springer Spaniel accidental cross.  I rescued him one day before he was going to the pound.  He is four years old, supremely obedient and a real hunter.  The second picture shows Nina in full attack-play mode.
369. Nikkie the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Debbie
The attached photos for the contest are of our dog, Nikkie.  Natan Vom Busecker Schloss x Extra Vom Leerburg  11-05-06
(Brecken Vom Leerburg).  She has turned out to be a great herding dog. She already has one High in Trial and one High Combined Sheep & Ducks as well as many 1st place awards.  I have a lot of good pictures of her herding, but these two were the most fun.
370. Hondo & Barry the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Jim
The first on is Hondo (the dark sable German Shepherd Dog).  He has Schutzhund titles and was 5 years old when the picture was taken.  He is now 13.
The second photo is of Barry (the black and red German Shepherd Dog)  He is my house dog and was one year old at the time of the photo.   He is now three.
371. Joey the Labradoodle
Submitted by: Faye
Photo 1: This is Joey. He's almost 5 months old, male Labradoodle. My first puppy in 30 years. He's calm and looks like a stuffed animal! 
Photo 2: Joey, my 5 month old Labradoodle and newest Florida Gator's fan!
372. Muttley
Submitted by: Paul
This is (Sir) Muttley on July 15, 2011, on his seventh birthday, getting ready to ride back home after a walk on the NCR trail in Baltimore County. Muttley was rescued from the streets in a Baltimore ghetto in February 2006, and I saved him from euthanasia. He was my first dog as an adult, and he was quite a challenge, but we have been very good for each other. His breed mix is unknown, but probably some GSD and perhaps Mastiff and/or Rottweiler. He is about 80 lb and he looks something like a small Anatolian Shepherd dog.
373. Ava the Beauceron
Submitted by: Sue
Ava - 5 years old
Ava is a Beauceron - French herding breed.  She is a high energy dog with lots of drive.  She loves the two ball or two retriever roll game on land or on water.   Although we haven't competed, she has received extensive training in obedience and agility, and has demonstrated strong herding instinct and tracking abilities.
374. Maya the Standard Poodle
Submitted by: Sydney
Here some picture of Maya 10 month  standard poodle.
375. Kaiya & Nemo the GSDs
Submitted by: Joan
The first picture is of our "Kung-Fu puppy," Kaiya, when she was 3 months old.  She is a West/East german cross GSD that is being trained for obedience and SAR. 
The second is of "Nemo," who is my retired SAR dog, family protector and big love.  He will be 11 in September.  West german show lines.
Submitted by: Simon
377. Maia the GSD
Submitted by: Julia
Maia 11 weeks GSD
We love our Maia. This was her first trip to the beach. She loved it and decided to take herself for a walk.
378. Rust & Layla the GSDs and Coco the Chihuahua
Submitted by: Belinda
The 1st picture is Rusty our male 2 year old german shepherd.  He's still intact and super friendly with people, kids, other dogs and animals.  Thought I'd get him neutered when we started having aggression problems. We're still waiting, lol.
The 2nd picture is of Layla (our 1 1/2 year old spayed female german shepherd) and Coco (our long haired 2 year old neutered male Chihuahua).  Layla finished her raw hide chew treat and is waiting paitiently for Coco to abandon his chew treat.   The shepherds get along very well with our Chihuahua as well as our cat and 2 bunnies.  If I leave the bunny hutch open, Rusty will go put his big head inside the hutch and lick the bunnies and the bunnies don't mind at all. 
I was always a bit intimidated by german shepherds until we got Rusty and I learned for myself what wonderful companions they truly are.
379. Rocket
Submitted by: Mary
Rocket - Sport Dog, 6/10/0, Cosmo (Border Terrier)/Ambush (Malinois/Border Collie)
After being bred for flyball , Rocket (Rock-It) was returned to his sire's owner. They worked with him for a number of months, and then he came to live with me in January. I completed Michael Ellis'  Basic Obedience course in October 2010 with my Australian Shepherd Ariel (Agility Dog Champion, USDAA). Rocket is working at becoming a competitive agility dog. Because of his foundation in marker training, he has been a quick study in agility, e.g., mastering reliable, independent 12 weave poles in under a month. He competed in his first USDAA agility trial in July. 
380. Eika the German Sherpherd
Submitted by: Melissa
Eika is a 3 year old female German shepherd.  The photos are of her some of her friends
Photo 1: “On a mission”  Eika is the 2nd one, the red and black.
Photo 2: “What’s Next?”    In this picture – Effram, Georgia and Eika
381. Raider the Black Lab & Pepper the Border Collie
Submitted by: JoEllen
Photo 1: Raider, age 5, Black Lab
Raider passed away at age 9 from cancer. He liked to lay on his back playing with the handcuffs. He would bite the cuff, it would tighten up and wrap around and he’d bite it again, he would play with them for hours. That was his favorite toy.
Photo 2: Pepper, age 11, Border Collie
Pepper is a wonderful, intense Border Collie that loves agility and her toys, any toy, actually. She’ll turn a milk carton into a toy.
382. Tigo
Submitted by: Gary
Dog's Name is Tigo vom Steinhauerberg
Tigo was born on March 23, 2009. Tigo's age in first photo is 6 months. Age in second photo is 2 years and 2 months.
Photo 1: Tigo vom Steinhauerberg at 6 months with her Swiss bandana.
Photo 2: Tigo vom Steinhauerberg at the age of 2 years and 2 months practicing some retrieves.
383. Taser
Submitted by: Jessica
This is my dog Taser, he will be 3 years old in October. We have earned our BH and we almost prepared for our Sch1 when he started limping in the hind end. We did x-rays to find out that he is displasic :( So now we are just training him to be my personal protection dog and he loves every moment of it!!
384. Simba the Australian Shepherd & Rocco the GSD
Submitted by: Craig
Photo 1: A photo of my dog Simba, an Australian Shepherd, curled up for an afternoon nap with his kitten-pal Gertie. I found Simba in a shopping cart in front of a department store in NY in May 1995, he was maybe 6 weeks old. Both have since passed on, but I will remember them forever.
Photo 2: My German Shepherd Dog Rocco, out in the yard on a foggy Pennsylvania morning. Rocco trains & competes in AKC Agility, Rally and Tracking. We also spent a weekend training with Michael Ellis in Rhode Island last March. I took him in at 14 months of age as a foster, but after spending a few hours together we were inseparable.
385. Jaina the German Shepherd & Matinus the Australian Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute Cross
Submitted by: Kimberly
Jaina is the German Shepherd
Matinus is the Australian Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute Cross
386. Smokey
Submitted by: Mary
This is my sweet Smokey!
387. Greta the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Erin
Gretta is a 5 yr old German Shepherd female from Montana. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.
388. Matteo & Liesel
Submitted by: William
1st photo: Matteo is a working dog and is training for Schutzhund titles. He is 9 months in this photo. He is doing fantastic at bitework.
2nd photo: Matteo at 4 months and Liesel at 9 months. They are "Best Buddies"
389. Mattie, Gunnar, & Chelsea
Submitted by: Lynette
We feel safe and secure with the three watch dogs. It is a team effort. Someone coming in the door wakes the first one up Mattie (2 yr old GSD). She wakes Gunnar up (5 yr old GSD) to bark at them. Which finally wakes the old girl up ( Chelsea 12 yr old Lab) who licks them into submission.
390. Rocco the Kind Shepherd
Submitted by: Luis
Rocco is a King Shepherd. Even though we live in the city, he finds his way to adventure through making use of ALL the parks natural areas, climbing and exploring every nook and cranny there is. I hope to have him perform in Agility and Tracking. His nose is always to the ground, so I'm hoping we can also become a successful Search and Rescue team.
Submitted by: Julie
These are 7 week old golden retriever puppies that we bred.  They are ready to ride home from their 1st vet visit.
392. Tuvok
Submitted by: Linda
Here is a picture of my Tervuren "Tuvok." He is an AM/CAN Champion, AM/CAN UD along with many other titles.
393. Matsi the Doberman Pinscher
Submitted by:
Here is a couple of pic’s of our 5-year old Doberman Pinscher  whose name Matsi ( Nez Perce Indian name meaning Brave but Sweet), pronounced Mot see.
The breeder from whom we got Matsi  really wanted us to show him, but we had told her from the beginning that we strictly wanted a family dog, we wanted him to meet breed standards but he wouldn’t have to be perfect for the show ring.  Matsi did turn out to be a show dog – just not the way we expected him to be.  He had a “walk-on” part as a guard dog in the Kansas City Opera ‘Aida’.  He is such a good breed representative that by the time the show was over even those afraid of dogs were coming over to give a scratch and get a toe lick. The lead soprano was initially terrified of him but he came to become her “good luck charm” and she would come find us back stage before her solo and rub his belly – kinda of like a Buddha in a Chinese restaurant!
Submitted by: Darilson
395. Skeeter & Winnie
Submitted by:
I have a great time caring for the dogs in my kennel and love to photograph them at play.
396. Keno the Border Collie
Submitted by: Penny
Outburst Herding Ewe Along, UD, AKC/UKC CDX, ASCA CD. Call name: Keno
Keno is a three year old Border Collie, he is first and foremost a family pet but he is wickedly smart, fast and beautiful. He is currently competing in competition obedience.  He trains in herding, agility, conformation, freestyle and he does "Dock Diving". He is totally marker trained. He is a wonderful all around dog.
397. Tobby the Chocolate Lab
Submitted by: Jocelyn
Here’s a nice picture of my 4 years old chocolate labrador called Tobby ...
Submitted by: Brian
kisses, baby, and lily.
399. Lucy the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Submitted by: Trent
My dog in this photo is Lucy a 2 1/2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  The photo was taken whileon vacation on the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  While Lucy has never been a huge fan of the water. She absolutely loves the sand between her toes and running at top speed in the wide open spaces of an empty beach.
400. Lexi the Doberman
Submitted by: Rebecca
Magis St. Polly Girl, CGC, CDX, UCD "Lexi" - 6 yr. old Doberman girl!!
My first Dobe, my first working dog, we competed in AKC obedience for our CDX and hoped to trial in Utility this past spring, this shot is taken of her looking out over the lake after swimming with the kids on a summer afternoon - so content!!!
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