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Leerburg » 2011 Photo Contest Submissions

2011 Photo Contest Submissions

Page 3 | Submissions 401-600

The photo submissions on this page are up in the order that we received them. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. If you don't see all of your photos, we had a maximum of 2 photos per person, so we narrowed them down. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

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401. Willow & Dakota the Shiloh Shepherds
Submitted by: Lesley
Willow and Dakota are Shiloh Shepherds – they were born in North Carolina and now live here in SA – they are now 29 months old!
402. Annie
Submitted by: Brittany
Annie 3yrs.old, Little Miss Annie came to us at 12 months. Annie spent her first 12 months of her life in a crate that she grew into so sad. She never saw anything but the bars of her crate, She was feed through the bars and ugly aggressive more than anyone could image. Who would have ever thought she would turn out to be such a wonderful friend. Now she is a full of life, there is no day that goes by that she doesn't bring a laugh or two into our lives. The energy she has is amazing as you can see in one photo she has her eyes on the go-frr balls her favorite by far. Her next step is to get her into some herding lessons to give her the best life ever. She needs a job that she was breed to do. Can't wait for her to finally have everything she deserves in life.
403. Leonidas
Submitted by: Lacey
Leonidas came into my life just four months after my husband was shot and killed in our home. He has been my therapy and has brought energy and love into my life on my darkest days. Learning to teach and train him has become a welcome and healthy distraction from the grief I suffer with the loss of my husband. Once a timid puppy he has transformed into a stable and confident dog who loves people and wants to work. Just this month I almost lost Leonidas too, due to a lower bowel obstruction, and it was devastating. Thankfully he has made a full recovery. Both photos were taken by me in Alaska.
404. Kodi & Bailey

Submitted by: Lisa
My dogs Kodi the puppy who is 13 months old now and bailey the older one (who now has passed away from cancer just not enough time with them). The Photos taken when Kodi was 9 weeks old.
405. Tahlee the Chocolate Lab
Submitted by:
My dogs name is Tahlee, he is a 6 month old Chocolate Lab.
Pics were taken on the 15th of August the day he turned 6 months. His training is coming along great, thanks for all the pointers!
Submitted by: Anonymous
407. Che'lu
Submitted by: Elaine
Che'lu - 5yrs.
Che'lu is full of energy, loves to play frisbee and a great companion and protector.
408. Loki, George, & Karly
Submitted by: Jim
Photo 1: Loki, George and Marcia on the Couch.
Photo 2: Karly Jumping Off the Dock.
409. Stirling the Border Collie
Submitted by: Candice
Premiere's Stirling Status, "Stirling" - 2 years old
Stirling is my first Border Collie and my third competition obedience dog; third times a charm, watch out, here we come!
He is my running partner and my best friend. With the right owner, Border Collies are amazing dogs (and team members). I enjoy every second with my beautiful Stirling.
Submitted by: Neiguy
Our pup working on engagement!
411. Spanky the Daschund & Chowder the English Bulldog
Submitted by: Nathaly
Submitted by: Neil
Submitted by: Steve
414. Mickey the Miniature Australian Shepherd
Submitted by: Garret
My dogs name is Mickey. He is a six year old miniature australian shepherd, that loves the swimming, doing disc dog tricks, going on daily long-boading runs and just hanging out with his people.
415. Belle the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Submitted by: Steven
Carolina Lowcountry Southern "Belle" - 11 Months
Belle is a fantastic Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She is a wonderful family companion who my two boys just adore. She is also showing a lot of promise as a duck hunting buddy for me! People just can’t believe how well behaved she is for a 10-11 month old dog. She is just turning out to be an all around great member of the family! 
416. Marika the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Jamin
Here is our dog, her name is Marika and she is almost a year and a half old.  My 8 year old son Tavin had wanted a German Shepherd really badly, and a friend of mine who has a retired police German from the Netherlands (if I remember right) sired it with an AKC German and Marika is one of the results.  She is a great family dog, very talkative and excite-able when guests come over.  We took this photo on a family outing to one of the local rivers here in Oregon where we were playing around.  Second pic is from last December, Marika getting a little frisky in the snow.
417. Razin-A-Ruckus & Pups
Submitted by: Pam
Photo 1: Razin-A-Ruckus Bring on the Akshun - about  8 months in this pic
I show in AKC Obed. with her. Pictured here Feb. 2010
Photo 2: The New Gang - 5 month old Brittany Siblings
Doing a "Down and Wait." Three are conformation showing, one is doing obed., one is living the high life in New Orleans. 2009
418. Cadia the GSD
Submitted by: Al
2 yr old Working Line Sable GSD...Cadia
419. Memphis the Irish Setter
Submitted by: Rosie
This is my young puppy Memphis, he is an Irish Setter just 10 weeks old. He is as smart as a tack and enjoys his short training sessions.
420. Brutus the Boxer
Submitted by: Bryan
Brutus is my laid back 3 year old boxer who enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and every other new place my wife and I can come up with to take him.  Always searching for a better view and another new place to go, Brutus will climb, jump or in the case of the picture below leap on hay bails to get there.  Living in northern Alberta and always wanting to explore new places Brutus has had to adapt to the snow, which as you can see below he has done nicely.
421. Cyrus the Shepard Mix
Submitted by: Sara
This is my 5 year old Shepard mix, Cyrus.  He is a playful, loving dog and a great athlete.  He is wary of strangers but once he accepts you he just wants to be scratched, be petted, and give paw all day long.
He was adopted by me at 2 years old.  People often stop me on the street to say how handsome he is and sometimes remark that he looks like a dingo!
422. Landree the GSD
Submitted by: Cindy
Here are two pictures of Landree our GSD.  He is 1 year in both pictures.  When we play catch he likes to retrieve balls that we miss. 
423. Otis vom Zauberberg
Submitted by: Helen
This is Otis vom Zauberberg at 28 months.
424. Roxy the American Bulldog
Submitted by: Alicia
Roxy, age 3 1/2.  She is an American Bulldog :) 
425. A Foster Puppy & Jade the GSD
Submitted by: Elizabeth
Here are 2 pictures, the first one is a puppy we fostered, for some reason she and her brother were taken from thier mother at 4 weeks old, we had them  for a few weeks to give them the TLC they needed. They went to a freind who has a dairy farm and horses, they are now around 70 lbs very helathy happy dogs!! The second picture is my GSD Jade she is 10 yrs old, a family protection trained dog. I had no idea what I was doing when I purchased her, she turned out to be from working lines, thanks to a local GSD trainer I was able to learn about high drive dogs. She is a great dog, although not for everyone by any means. If you note her teeth are reallly worn down, from playing fetch, I have some physical limitations now so to exercise her I play fetch a lot, she was actually barking at me to throw the ball (not a great idea, I know but I let things slide sometimes).
426. Rogue
Submitted by: Deb
This is Rogue, we think she's beautiful (just wait til she grows up!).
427. Odin & Shade
Submitted by: Kelli
Odin (black/tan), two and a half years old, currently working in Schutzhund and about to be tested as a therapy dog. He's my social, loveable breed ambassador.
Shade (dark sable), 6 months old, she currently excels at being a bossy landshark.
Submitted by: Sarah
These are our two dogs, Princess, a 10 year old Dutch Shepherd, and Lux, a 2 year old German Shepherd.
They are best friends, and very comfortable with each other, as you can see.
The first picture is them resting in their crates in our dining room, and the second one is them lounging in the living room.
429. Prince & Riddick the American Pitbull Terriers
Submitted by: Dejia
The first pic is Prince, a 3 year old male American Pitbull Terrier.
The second pic is Prince and his new buddy Riddick, a 13 week old male American Pitbull Terrier.
430. Duak
Submitted by: H
This is Duak.  Duak was my patrol dog until I retired him last year. He lives with my and protects my family when I'm at work.
431. Nero
Submitted by: Heather
I rescued Nero, His former owner had no other choice. He was on his way to the local animal shelter. I will have owned him for a year come October 1st. He is a wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Nancy
This is my dog with the partially torn ACL. 
433. Sgt. Preston the Black Lab & Sandy
Submitted by: Rebecca
Photo #1 Dog: Willow Dale's Sgt. Preston This Case Is Closed (AKC CD, RN, CGC) Current age: 2 years -- photo taken at 12 weeks of age.
Sgt. Preston is a black lab. A family companion that competes in AKC Obedience competition and just completed his CD title. He also gets out in the outdoors canoeing with the family as seen in this picture.
Photo #2 Dog: Sandy River Nuphar (AKC CDX, RE, CGC)--Age 7 recent photo.
Sandy competed in AKC obedience and is now retired. He loves to go canoeing and retrieves. In the photo he has an E-collar that he is conditioned to for field work and outdoor safety in the woods to reinforce any recall. He is good but you always need to expect the unexpected so the e-collar is just there to save his life if need be.
434. Jackaroo the Australian Shepherd
Submitted by: Doug
Photo 1: Jackaroo the Australian Shepherd studies up on Basic Herding Techniques. Jack is a blue meryle Aussie from Cullman, Alabama and belongs to me, Doug Arnold. He travels to work with me daily and helps sell used cars in Cullman, AL.
Photo 2: Riding in the Tracker after a snow storm in Alabama!
435. Dempsey Benjamin the Boxer
Submitted by: Jenna
Dempsey Benjamin the 2 year old male, pure bred Boxer.
436. Bruna, Bix, and Blaze the Boxer Pups
Submitted by: Mary
Bruna, Bix, and Blaze tearing up the pea patch
Photo 1: Three of my Boxer puppies, Bruna, Bix, and Blaze at 8 weeks old just before heading to their new homes. Their parents are: Andra von der Morrigan, SchH. 3 and Trane vom Hexenwald, SchH 2.
Photo 2: Trane vom Hexenwald, Schutzhund 2, is 3 years old, and his little boy Bix z Mycek is 10 weeks old.
437. Buster
Submitted by: Venus
Buster is 19 months.
Buster was about a year old before he wanted to play much with the kids billy and eliza now its hard to pry them apart I named this pic Trouble Brewing.
438. Zeena the German Shepard
Submitted by: Charlize
This is Zeena, she is a 3 yr old pure breed german shepard. Your website has become a valued tool on raising her.
439. Hagan van Gogh
Submitted by: Betty
440. Indira
Submitted by: Kevin
Indira - 4 months
She is training to be my new AKC obedience competitor and Search and Rescue Dog.
441. Indigo vom Mountain Lake & Irma von Mountain Lake
Submitted by: Charles
Photo 1: Indigo vom Mountain Lake (L) and Irma vom Mountain Lake (R)
August 7, 2011 - Age 8 weeks
Unwillingly sharing a bone .. both solid blacks and future schutzhund and dog sports competitors
Photo 2: Indigo vom Mountain Lake - Age 8 weeks
Schutzhund and dog sports female in training (solid black)      
442. Becca the Yorkie-Maltese Mix
Submitted by: Mark
Becca is my wife's Yorkie-Maltese mix.  She is 4 months old in the picture with the lifejacket.  She is 7 months old in the fall picture.
443. Yoda & SparkPlug
Submitted by: Kathryn
Photo 1: Yoda and SparkPlug - 5 years, and the little dog is 8 months old
Yoda and SparkPlug are dogs that were labeled as Pit Bulls and placed on Death Row due to their looks. My rescue took these boys in, and they are waiting for a permanent home. Yoda is part Pit Bull, but SparkPlug has no Pit Bull in his DNA! They are very good buddies, and my husband happened to catch them lying on the table, soaking up the sun on a beautiful spring day earlier this year. SparkPlug has to do everything Yoda does, and this picture really portrays their friendship.
Photo 2: Another picture of Yoda. Yoda is a gorgeous dog and he is patiently waiting for someone to notice him on Petfinder, etc so that he can get a forever home. Yoda is 5 years old.
444. Miss the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon & Becca the Yorkie-Maltese Mix
Submitted by: Tyler
Photo 1: My dog is Missy (Artemis), she is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and she is 2 years old in this photo.
Photo 2: Missy is 6 years old and Becca, my Mom's Yorkie-Maltese mix is 7 months old.
445. Becca the Yorkie-Maltese Mix
Submitted by: Martha
Becca is 4 months old in the file named "Becca." She is a Yorkie-Maltese mix.
446. Mickey
Submitted by: Vinny
Dog is Mickey and 22 months old. Mickey is a great loyal dog very playful and loves the game chase.
447. Bailey & Kody
Submitted by: Jean
Photo 1: Bailey 3 years old.Dani (human 2 years old) Kody 6 years old.
Kody is a service dog released for having an unreliable work ethic. Went on to excel in agility. Bailey is following in his paw prints.
Photo 2: Help! Kody lost his footing but as I went over to help him up, he got up finished the course and qualified. He has tons of heart.
448. Charlie the St. Bernard
Submitted by: Melissa
A cute picture of my baby Charlie.  Charlie is a AKC registered St Bernard. He was 9 weeks old in this picture and he is a big smooshy, hairy, slobbery, bundle of love who brings smiles wherever he goes.... "baby" Charlie is now 8 months old and weighs in at a whopping 97lbs---he is still wants his Momma to hold him and is afraid of lightening bugs!
Submitted by: Bonnie
450. Brogan the American Bulldog
Submitted by: Scott
The pic s are of brogan. He is an american bulldog!
I gotta tell you, he comes from working lines and w/out all your help and info i wouldnt be able to keep this drivey dog !   He is  10 weeks in one pic and 5 months in other.
451. Cenna the GSD
Submitted by: Ann
Cenna was one of a working-line litter of 12…of which 5 were all black and the rest sable.
This picture, while not creative, is an accurate visual representation of his personality: direct…strong…stable…confident.
He was a loyal companion and family protector, a gentle playmate to small children….and “The Cat”!
Cenna died of cancer at age 9.  We still, and will always miss him…
452. Boz the GSD, Ecko the Boerboel, & Gypsy the Yorkie x Chihuahua
Submitted by: Barry
Photo 1: The GSD is Boz he passed away this year he was 11 years old,  He was a family pet from my female both parents were black and tan he was a cream color, fully protection trained and the best dog I've
ever owned I have some cool pics of the PP training!!  
Photo 2: The other 2 dogs are Ecko {Boerboel} and Gypsy {yorkie x chihuahua} both I year old in the pic and under going lots of Started some protection training with the Boerboel but she's not quite there yet maybe when she gets older and Gyspy would make an awesome protection dog if she was 100lbs heavier
453. Fly the Beauceron
Submitted by: Earl
My Beauceron,"Fly" at 8 mo. age.
454. Zele
Submitted by: Linda
New Skete's Dingo Zele, CGC, CD, RE, TD, BH, OB1
Zele was born on July 24, 2006. Zele's age in first photo bringing in the newspaper is 11 months. Zele is on the left in the second photo and her age in that photo is 3 years 7 months. (The dog on the right in the second photo is her housemate, Tigo vom Steinhauerberg at 11 months).
Zele was a wild puppy even at 8 weeks old. Now with training, Zele is such a fun dog to be around! She has lovely manners. Zele gets along with dogs as well as adults and children and can be out in public anywhere and any time including laying at my feet while we have a nice dinner with friends. I'm retired so Zele and I do AKC tracking and obedience as well as schutzhund most every week.
455. Xena
Submitted by:
456. Shadow the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Lynn
Shadow is 4 months old in the photo and he's an East German bred, German Shepherd.  He's 2 years old now.  Life with Shadow is an on going journey and loving every minute of it.  I've had dogs for all of my adult life....yet Shadow teaches me more about dogs everyday! 
457. Elke the GSD & Luka the Rescue Border Collie/Lab Cross
Submitted by: Darlene
Here is a photo of Elke and Luka last winter in our horrific snow storm, temps were sub zero and they had a grand time.
Elke is almost two now, and a GSD, Luka is 11 and a rescue border collie/lab cross.
458. Cheyenne
Submitted by: Rhonda
Cheyenne when she was 6 mos and 9.5 years She passed with cancer last November, Thanksgiving and my birthday. She was my partner and best friend.
459. Kasy the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Steven
Kasy is a 30 mos. old black german shepherd.
460. Jetta the German Sherpherd
Submitted by: Brittany
Here is a picture of my 2 year old solid black German Shepherd female Jetta. Shes a fun, playful, bouncy shepherd thats full of life. She loves to swim and play fetch with any kind of ball or stick you throw for her.
Submitted by: Lynda
Submitted by: Jodi
Miss Piggy costume for Howloween and she’s been a ball baby from the first day I brought her home…
463. Pandora the Malinois
Submitted by: David
This is Pandora, my 3-year-old Malinois that I adopted from ABMC Rescue.  From the day I picked her up when she was six months old, she has entertained me with her quirky personality. She does something literally every single day that makes me chuckle or laugh out loud. Like most Mals, she is super athletic, very intelligent and has unlimited reserves of energy to burn.
464. Max
Submitted by: Frank
Caught Max in the act of pulling stuffing out of his favorite toy.
465. Quo Vadis Brook the Boerboel & Kyro the American Pit Bull Terrier
Submitted by: Nicole
Photo 1:  Dogs- Quo Vadis Brook, Boerboel, 8 months old & Kyro, American Pit Bull Terrier, 3 years old. Both dogs are very atheletic, my husband is 6'3'' and the Kyro (Pit Bull) loves to jump and high!
Photo 2: Quo Vadis Brook, Boerboel, 13 months old, runs through the water to retrieve a stick. She is a great family gaurdian and very eager to please. Also very good with children making her the perfect beach dog!
466. Suede
Submitted by: Deborah
Submitted by: Peggy
468. Gabe
Submitted by: Joan
Recherche's Heaven Sent Gabriel - Call name 'Gabe'
He was born Christmas Day and is our Gabe Babe little angel.  He is 20 months.  His favorite activities are swimming and K9 Nose Work.  He is working on his 'Birch' sent 
and has his first ORT Odor Recognition Test in November.  Our goal the next year is therapy dog certification.
469. Zeus the GSD
Submitted by: Elly
Here are two photos of my  8 year old GSD Zeus.
470. Buddy
Submitted by: Heather
Buddy is a happy dog full of spirit and life. His small size adds to his cuteness. No one can resist his adorable "puppy" charm. There is never a dull moment when with him. 
471. Dexter
Submitted by: Gayle
The photo is "Dexter" last winter at the age of 15 months.  He's East German DDR, and the DVDs and Dogtra 1900 collar I got from you have helped me immensely with him.
472. Boss the Siberian Huskie
Submitted by: Wayne
Boss is a blue eyed Siberian Huskie.  He is 2 years old.  Some of his favorite treats are raw spinach, watermelon and popcorn.  He is well behaved and a favorite at the kennel.
473. Nina the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Ned
She is 2 years and four months old. Nina is a great addition to our family ,  Nina looks like the mother who take care of the family - she is always there for anyone who cough.. sneeze or Fart humans or animals ( we have 2 cats and 11 month sold baby )  :P she will be next to you checking if you are OK  :) she is simply awesome dog 
474. Gracie


Submitted by: Douglas
Gracie 4.5 months West GSD show Czech out cross. Will be a classy dog. Does everything for the BH now.
475. Gypsy the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Cris
Photo 1: My dog's name is Gypsy. She is a 2 year old German Shepherd. Gypsy was an exceptionally smart puppy at 5 weeks of age. She always watched me coming and going in the pens and seemed to figure out how to escape every barricade. She is now training for her Schutzhund title and in her spare time loves to swim, hike and most of all, play ball......She has an awesome temperament and loves to "ham it up" and be the center of attention.
Photo 2: Our dog's name is Geovani, aka "Geo". He is a 2 year old German Shepherd that loves people. He is currently training in Agility, Rally and Obedience. He was the runt of the litter and persevered to become a big beautiful boy. He loves to swim, play ball and sleep...In this picture he is sticking his head out between the balcony rails looking down at the kennels.
476. Harrels the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Ian
Harrels is a very affectionate german shepard that loves all of the attention.  He is an amazing addition to the family.
477. Tuco the Long Coated German Shepherd
Submitted by: Donna
Tuco is our long coated german shepherd, he is 3 months old in this picture.He is a real beautiful dog who loves anything to do with water. He was an extreme active puppy( we thought related to the devil) but looks so calm and serene is this photo
478.Kendall, Huckleberry, Millie, Mabel, & Hattie
Submitted by: Marilyn & Art
The first one, titled "Swimming anyone?," is a picture I took the first time we brought home a "mastiff swimming pool" (actually a large livestock water trough) and the whole gang jumped in for a swim. They are from left to right:
Kendall - 3 years, Huckleberry - 3 , Millie - 2 , Mabel - 5 , Hattie - 2 years
The second photo titled "Leaf Pile" was taken when sisters MIllie and Hattie were about 4 months old and they were "helping" me while I raked up the Fall leaves. Helping meant lying in and rolling in each pile as I made them. Those two girls were inseperable then and still are today.
479. Breezy & Rhea
Submitted by: Mike & Diana
Breezy- teething 4 month old Australian Shepherd and what's left of my robe's belt
Rhea-3 year old Australian Shepherd-"This is fun but what's a "contact", Dad?"
480. Gypsy
Submitted by: Christine
481. Magpie the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: BS
18 month old Belgian Malinois name Magpie...
Used your products, thanks for the good work, definitely worth the price.  She isn't perfect, but neither were her trainers ;)
482. Grim & Greta
Submitted by: Brigitte
Photo #1 is our year old German Shepherd “Grim”
Photo #2 is our 2 year old German Shepherd “Greta”
483. Poe the Australian Cattle Dog & Lucy the Great Dane
Submitted by: Donna
Photo 1: Our 8 1/2 yr old Australian Cattle Dog,  Poe. He loves his bed, "Moo Moo" and blankie at bedtime. Poe is not typical of an ACD, he would rather be indoors "herding" the deaf cat than be outdoors.
Photo 2: Our Great Dane, Lucy. She believes the couch is her bed and resting area. She is sure to give you a laugh daily and when you are ill, she is your Florence Nightengale.
Submitted by:Rob
485. Rambo the Miniature Long Haired Dachshund
Submitted by: Rochelle
Rambo, male, Miniature Long Haired Dachshund. Will be one year old on September 7th, 2011. Member of the Lloydminster Kennel and Obedience Club. Rambo thinks when he grows up he will be a Labrador Retriever.  He is an instigator but also empathetic and knows when a cuddle or a kiss is needed. Picture: Taken at a cottage on Trout Lake in North Bay, Ontario Canada in July of 2011
486. Smokey the White GSD
Submitted by: Terri
This is Smokey who is an 18 month old neutered male White GSD.  We have had him since he was 8 weeks and I picked him because he is a very laid back pup who is not afraid of any thing.  He is now working as my Assistance Dog but we are still training in obedience with 2 legs toward his RN title.  I picked Smokey for his size also as he keeps me from falling down.  Smokey weighs in at 124 and is on a raw food diet.
487. Liam the Doberman & Harpo the Longhaired Dachshund
Submitted by:
My blue and rust Doberman, Liam, 14 months old -enjoying the upstairs porch.
(photo 1)
Again, Liam pictured with Harpo - longhaired dachshund, 2.5 years -sunbathing after a morning of hard work/training. (photo 2)
488. Chiyo the GSD
Submitted by: Jane
This is Chiyo, a sable GSD at 10 weeks old. She is currently in ring sport. She is currently 18 months old.
489. Donner the German Shepherd Dog & Laddie the Golden Retriever
Submitted by: Christine
The German Shepherd Dog is Donner, certified in human remains detection (area, wilderness, evidence, buildings) with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.  Just turned nine in August.  He has been certified since 2005, and has worked many wilderness searches for lost hikers (presumed deceased), and many "evidence" searches - clandestine grave sites, etc.  In one event, he was able to locate a severed arm of a freeway accident victim.  I adopted him from the Redlands Humane society after he was taken away from his owners due to neglect at one year and four months of age.  He passed our evaluation for hunt and prey drive beautifully and has been working happily ever since.

The Golden Retriever is Laddie, certified in live-find search and rescue (area, wilderness, buildings) with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.  Just turned 10 in July.  He has been certified since 2004.  He has worked quite a few wilderness searches for missing hikers/lost persons (Alzheimer, suicidal subjects).  I purchased him from a family who said he was too much puppy for them at the age of seven months.  He, too, evaluated beautifully in hunt and prey drive.  He is a typical GR, everyone is his new best friend, and he has never met a stranger (lost or otherwise) he doesn't love!

As you know, these dogs are not just used to locate the subject, but to also clear large areas quickly so resources can be moved elsewhere in the hope of locating our missing subjects in a timely manner.
490. Kaleb the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Teresa
3-year old Belgian Malinois, call name: Kaleb
I use chuckanut balls for casual play with Kaleb (who has just started training in Schutzhund and also does agility)
He collects the 2 balls and stacks them in his mouth one on top of the other – I don’t know how he does it but he has fun with it and thinks its pretty cool!  To actually see him do it is quite amusing!!!
491. Jackson & Rex
Submitted by: Lori
Here are my two pics, first is of Jackson and the other is of Rex thinking about the 26 foot jump down to the beach.
492. Daunte Von Hena the DDR German Shepherd
Submitted by: Valerie
Dogs name is Daunte Von Hena C- C.G.C., TT - 4 1/2 yr old DDR German Shepherd  (thinks his mission in life is to work and get pet by people.  
493. Inca & Luke the GSDs
Submitted by: Karl
Photo 1: Here is Inca a two year old female GSD just posing.
Photo 2: Here is Luke. A four year old male GSD playing with a pup.
494. Hannah the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Sandy
Photo 1: This is my 3yr old German Shepherd with my grandaughter just gave her a command to come.
Photo 2: This is Hannah , my 3 year old German Shepherd, all around best dog. She has her cgc, BH and soon Shutzhund 1, She is a therapy dog at a Nursing Home, and we are training Search and Rescue. Is there anything a German Shepherd can't do?  She does the touch command, and treets on the ground I learned on your video. Easy Peasy thanks to your easy to learn videos.
Submitted by:
This is my 3 yr old  SAR dog I imported from  Slovakia
IRO TITLED SAR(International certification)
The first photo is after I rewarded him for finding an "unconscious" victim in the woods.   The second is just for fun :)
496. Hope the Doberman
Submitted by: Lore
Please find attached 2 pictures with my doberman - her name is Hope - she is one year and a half - both pictures were taken when she was about one year old.
PS: She is not allowed on the couch and she usually does that behind my back ;).
497. Faith the Samoyed
Submitted by: Cherie
Here are two photos of my puppy, Faith (a female Samoyed) at two different ages, 10 weeks old and 8 months old, both taken in front of my house by myself.  Faith broke her leg playing with other dogs on ice right after Christmas, and had to have surgery to repair a broken bone at her right front elbow.  She is now healthy and continues to grow into a beautiful Samoyed girl.
498. Zeus
Submitted by:
Zeus- 2 year-old German Shephard male
499. Iris the German Shepherd Dog
Submitted by: Patti
Iris is a beautiful German Shepherd Dog who volunteers her time visiting abused, neglected and at risk children.  Iris is a career change dog from a guide dog school that now is a part of a wonderful organization in Phoenix Arizona called, Gabriel’s Angels.
500. Goji the American Bulldog, Tex, & Felony
Submitted by: Phil
Goji 2 years old nice dog love to go any were do anything (American bulldog)
next pic is Tex 8 years and Felony 10 weeks
501. Layla
Submitted by: Chelsea
This is "Layla" (Layla Von Vardeman Hof) she is 7 months old.  I had a childhood GSD and when our 16 yr old lab passed away last summer I knew what our family needed next. We have two young kids (3 and 6) and I wanted a good family friend and protector. I found the parents of this pup online and knew aesthetically and on paper this is what I was looking for. We got her at 8 weeks and have loved having her. Both her parents are German born Sch IPO careered dogs so I have high hopes for this little girl, if us as trainers don't mess her up!

502. Lady & Rex

Submitted by: Willem
Dogs name: lady and rex.  Age: both 13 month old. Train the female in tracking and the male narcotics.
503. Chester the Corgi
Submitted by: Julie
This is Chester. He’s my “angel in a puppy suit”.  He means the world to me and I’m pretty sure when it’s convenient, I mean the world to him.  He’s a great big nut.  
504. Abner the Labrador

Submitted by: Jackie|
Abner, 6 years. He is my Schutzhund Labrador. :)

505. Chopper the Black Lab & Wyatt the Yellow Lab
Submitted by: Erik
Black Lab: Chopper – 2 yrs old. Will chase any ball down, and needs no reason to jump in the pool!  He’s a 90 lap dog at night.  A big sweetheart!
Yellow Lab: Wyatt – 4 yrs old. Loves to train, most loyal pal, true retriever, never complains about the rambunctious kids that poke and pull at him even though he got here first.
506. Ilsa
Submitted by: Laszlo & Patricia
Ilsa is a very sweet, happy dog, always smiling.  She loves to play frisbee, run agility, and play tracking games.  She has earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and is a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. 
507. Bruce the Australian Cattle Dog

Submitted by: Gale
T his is Bruce a 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog, I took him from death row 2.5 years ago and it has been an uphill battle ever since!!!
With help from a brilliant trainer and information from your site, I now own a very well rounded and loyal dog. He is my best mate and all the hard work has been well worth it to both me and him. We are from New Zealand and love your site.
508. Way Way the American Bulldog
Submitted by: David
Way way is our 110 lb Pure American Bulldog that my wife and I were grateful to pick up for free due to the owner being unable to keep her at a apartment. Out of 3 Interviews she decided that we were the best choice for way way to go with. little did we know my wife was pregnant. And as you will see we now have one big happy family.
Submitted by: Tim
510. Jethro
Submitted by: Jodi
Here is a pic of a friend's German Shepherd I took last year. :O)  He is absolutely adorable. His name is Jethro.
511. Eder the Malinois
Submitted by: Dean B
Picture of my 2 year old malinois Eder ze soutoku Sazavy.
I have a training field set-up in my back yard. When I give Eder the “free” command and he hears my wife in the house he loves to climb up on the roof over the basement door & look in the dining room window for her.
512. Ike the European Boxer
Submitted by: Brian
Attached is a photo of my 4 1/2 month old European Boxer named Ike.  I am in the early stages of working with him to participate in Schutzhund with him.  He's a great dog and I feel lucky to have found the breeder I bought him from and have met owners of pups from past litters of the this breeder and have gained some new friends as a result.  I really like your website and the items available through it.  It is a great resource.
513. Finn
Submitted by: Robin
My dog Finn
514. Bessie the Coonhound Mix
Submitted by: Meg
Bessie - 3 years old
She is a Black and Tan coonhound mix rescued from NC and she brings me a lot of joy.
515. Abby the Chocolate Lab
Submitted by: Laura
Abby     1 - 1/2 year old     Chocolate Lab
516. Zoey
Submitted by: Joe
Our dogs name is Zoey she is 3yr 2months old and we got her from GSR in encinitas Ca at 8 weeks old. Her Mother was dumped in the desert pregnant and rescued by GSR,  immediately after her rescue she had 8 beautiful pups and Zoey was 1 of the lucky ones. She has grown into the best dog and can out perform any dog I've come across in OC Ca thanks to applied training learned from Leesburg and Michal Ellis. If not for my experience and I had the luxury of hands on training with Michel himself she/we would be winning Mondio ring for sure.
517. Kari & Bara Kopu Vilkas
Submitted by: Milda
1st dog's name: Kari
Age (in photo): one and a half year (now, sadly, walks in the realm of rainbow...)
Short description: The one whom I'll never forget. She brought into my life more than I have expected and for that I will always be thankful.
2nd dog's name: Bara Kopu vilkas
DOB: 2010-11-20
Age in photo: two and a half months
Short description: A little ray of sun, with the ability to turn every moment upside down :)
518. Logan the Australian Cattle Dog
Submitted by: Jill
My dog, Logan is a 5 year old female Australian Cattle Dog. She is my shadow and my son's playmate/guardian. She is the dog who sparked my interest in training beyond basic obedience (we've tried agility and sheep herding) as well as a passion for canine behavior. I love her dearly.

519. Hondo

Submitted by: Sandra
This is Hondo, he is 4 years old.  He is our special dog, sometimes I think we should have called him Emo.
See he is a very emotional dog.  We love him very much.
Submitted by: James
521. Indy the Border Collie, Eli the Golden Retriever, Taja the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Danielle
Dogs' Names:  Indy - 18 Months-old (Border Collie), Eli - 5 years-old (Golden Retriever), Taja - 6 years-old (German Shepherd)
Indy is an awesome, loving border collie that is full of energy and drive. He comes from Hillcrest Border Collies.  We play flyball and he'll be competing in his 2nd flyball tournament this September.  His fastest time so far is 4.1 seconds.  Not bad for a beginner.
Taja is a loyal German Shepherd who loves to play but also loves to sit with you for hours to be rubbed and scratched.  Her favorite trick is to shake and she loves to offer you her paw in exchange for a nice ear rub.
Eli grew up with me, but now lives with another family with some wonderful kids to love on him.  He's a sweetie.
522. Betty, Fred, Kobi, Caesar
Submitted by: Julie
Photo #1: Fred , GSD on Bench, clicker training to stay on slats, age at time of photo: 3
Betty, GSD doing whatever the retired dog wants to do, age at time of photo: 10
Photo #2: L to R (Rhode Island Winter Time, nothing like WI, but still some snow)
Caesar, Giant Schnauzer, age at time of photo : 11
Betty, GSD, age at time of photo: 9
Fred, GSD, age at time of photo: 2
Kobi, GSD, age at time of photo: 8
Caesar was in bad need of a haircut!
Submitted by: Melodie
My GSD is a rescue from the NH animal rescue league. I adopted him at 5 months old with hip dysplasia and a grade 5-6 heart murmur. He wasn't expected to see his first birthday, which we celebrated four months ago. He is a warm, loving member of the family, who reminds me daily that life is meant to be enjoyed each and every day. He is a happy boy who has taught me so much more than I will ever be able to teach him.
He is my first GSD and I have found your website information extremely valuable. I purchased a cow bell from your website for him to use during out walks in the woods with his friends. Since that purchase, I have been receiving and enjoying your e-mails. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom.
Submitted by: Belinda
This is our lovely little family of rescues and they all adore each other even though they came with scares physical and emotional.
525. Angel the Yellow Lab
Submitted by: Derene
This is a picture of my dog, Angel, as a puppy.  She is a yellow lab and is now 2 years old.  We participate in Nose Work and she just passed her first odor test.  She loves it and is doing very good in it.  She has lacked some confidence in strange places and around strange objects, and Nose Work has helped her overcome many insecurities.  She is an awesome girl.
526. Omen the American Bulldog
Submitted by: Jenifer
I am sending a picture of our American Bulldog "Omen" and our daughter Kianna. Omen came to us at about 9 months old. He has come a long way.
Kianna is doing a little "training" with Omen in the first picture. Omen will be 2 in September and Kianna is 4
It is amazing how much respect Omen has for our 4 year old. These two definitely have a bond. Its so neat how she pleads with us to "do training"
527. Ria the Cane Corso
Submitted by: Kristina
Thanks to you Ria is now a wonderful and a good dog. She is 2 years old cane corso. Here are two pictures of our coddle.
528. Zarek & Enja the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Deb
Photo 1: Zarek ze Stribrneho kamene pictured at 9 weeks old. German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic. Purchased as a Schutzhund prospect and at 16 months old is showing excellent potential.
Photo 2: Enja vom Teichblick pictured at 12 weeks old. German Shepherd imported from Germany. Purchased as a Schutzhund prospect and at 2 years old has a BH title and plan to trial for SchH 1 & 2 this fall. Very drivey and fun to train.
529. Nacota the Lapinporokoira
Submitted by: John
I am sending a couple of photos of Nacota my Lapinporokoira.
530. Baker & Kai

Submitted by: Kate
The first picture "Bakernator" is my dog Baker. He is a 3 year old German Shepherd/Border Collie Cross.
The second picture "Baker and Kai at the Moon Landing" Is Baker and his friend Kai at the Air and Space Museum taking a break from service dog training. Kai is a 1 year old Carolina Dog mix who is training to be a mobility assistance dog.

531. Faust
Submitted by: William
Photo of my patrol dog FAUST.
532. Hope
Submitted by:
Hope is my Psychiatric Service Dog In-Training. I have PTSD and Hope is training to help me get my life back. She is truly amazing and I wouldn't be alive today if she hadn't saved me a year ago. She is 15 months old and is a gift from God.
533. Clementine the Great Dane Puppy
Submitted by: Courtney
I am sending you two photos of our baby girl. Her name is Clementine and she is a 14 week old great dane puppy. She has the funniest personality and is a real sweet heart with a bit of a stubborn streak so I find myself reading the wonderful advice on your webpage.
Photo 1: This picture was taken last week. She was anxiously awaiting a ride in the car.
534. Muggs & Kismet the GSDs
Submitted by: Charlie
This is our new 9 week , GS Muggs. He is laying next to our other 12 year old GS, Kismet. 3 months before this photo was taken, our other GS, Hobo, died unexpectedly, we were all very sad!!! But when Muggs arrived, some of our sadness was hidden, his
happiness and company has brought great joy to us, especilly Kismet. She took the death of Hobo very hard, but Muggs is now her long lost friend !
535. Panzer the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Jamie
Panzer is a 3 year-old Belgian Malinois from Dantero Malinois. The first picture is of him playing with a ball very enthusiastically (as he is with everything in life) as a puppy. The second picture is him enjoying the green grass and fall leaves. Panzer plays Flyball and is the epitome of how I believe any Malinois should be. He’s very driven (peeling off the ceiling type of dog), always confident and happy in life, friendly to all animals and people, and loves to work. He's amazing!
536. Agnes
Submitted by: JR
Here are two pictures of Agnes.
537. Diesel
Submitted by:
Would like to submit this photo of our dog Diesel.
538. Jake
Submitted by: Paula
Jake passed away July 7, 2011 at about 15 yrs old (we took him in as a stray 14 years ago, so his age is a guess). My husband found Jake in his employer's parking lot in 1997. He was scrawny and beat up, so my husband gave him a cheeseburger from the vending machine and brought him home. We were surprised to learn he was a pit bull, but we put all stereotypes aside and he became our best friend and greatest joy for 14 years. He was a loyal, happy go-lucky dog, and we will never forget him. It's because of him that we adopted another pit bull from the animal shelter. Jake was a great ambassador for his breed. This picture was taken while fishing over the fourth of July weekend a few years back.
539. Playfull the Dachshund & Joy the Labrador
Submitted by: Marina
1) Playfull, rescued female dachshund, 4 years, she was anjoying the winter sun by the window.
2) Joy, rescued male labrador mix, about 5 years, he loves to play "Baywatch" pulling out my husband from the water whenever he attempts to swim.
540. Sequoia & Lassen the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Jeanie
The puppy face picture is of our German Shepherd, Lassen at 3 months. The other picture is one of my favorite Halloween pictures of my daughter. She had a great time showing off her "k9 partner",Sequoia, also a German Shepherd, during the Halloween parade at the school. Sequoia was just 2 years at the time (now turning 5).
541. Drako the GSD
Submitted by: Carla
This is Drako Vom Dart Haus. He is a 3 year old GSD and is half working line and half show line. He enjoys patrolling the yard, chasing water from the hose, swimming, and playing in the snow.
542. Duke the Doberman
Submitted by: Ralph
Here are 2 submissions of my Schutzhund Doberman Duke He is 3 years old and a go everywhere kind of guy.
I am an old school Yank & Crank trainer that has shared with Ed, the milestone of change. Michael Ellis and your collection of his wonderful ability to teach motivational training have changed my life forever.
My 4 year old daughter Angelina will grow up with this wonderful gift of being able to communicate with her dogs thru a treat bag or a tug, unlike the Generations of Wengers before her who spent their evenings sharpening the prongs of their training collars.
543. Lucy the Bluetick Hound/Black Lab Mix & Darcy the Great Pyrenees
Submitted by: Kathy
Picture 1: Lucy & Darcy (ages 7 years and 10 weeks) Lucy is a Bluetick Hound/Black Lab Mix, female and Darcy is a Great Pyrenees, female. This picture was taken at their first meeting. You can see that Lucy wasn't too sure about the addition to our family pack.
Picture 2: Abby & Lucy (age 15 years and 5 years) Abby is our daughter and Lucy is her good buddy.
544. Sky, Lego, Blue
Submitted by: Teresa
Photo 1: This photo was taken by my friend Wendy Tisdale. Wendy has given me permission to enter this photo in the photo contest. It pictures my three poodles in an old (leaky) Sportspal canoe at my pond on Vancouver Island in Canada. The day was one of the first warm ones this summer – one of those happy warm days when the sun is one’s friend. I have a framed print of this on our sun room wall.
The poodles are:
Bonvivant Black Sky CGN (10.5 yr toy poodle - Sky)
Ch. U-SHR Tudorose Queen’s Own Wit JH WC CDX AGNS AGNJS (5 yr standard poodle – Lego)
U-HR Tudorose True Blue JH WCX CDX AGN (9.5 yr standard poodle – Blue)
Photo 2: This photo was also taken by my friend Wendy Tisdale on very different day: a cold and pouring-with-rain fall hunt test day on Vancouver Island, Canada. Wendy snapped this photo of a fast-moving dark-coloured dog in the rain. The photo makes my heart sing. Blue is my first dog and it was with her that I entered the world of hunting and retrieving tests. She is not a natural performance dog but she is an example of a dog who can be taught step by step what to do and how to respond in training situations. As soon as an expectation of her becomes black and white, it becomes her game and then she is a joy to work with. This photo shows her at her best: focused on the job at hand, taking it seriously…and with inherent joy knowing that she is doing a job well.
U-HR Tudorose True Blue JH WCX CDX AGN (9.5 yr standard poodle – Blue)
545. Annie the Belgian Groenendael & Tagnar the Welsh Terrier
Submitted by: Beth
My Belgian Groenendael, Annie, and Welsh Terrier, Ragnar, "smiling" at Christmastime! Ragnar is Annie's "sheep to be herded" and Annie is Ragnar's "fox to be caught"! Unlikely pair of best friends!
546. Hank
Submitted by: Justine
Hank was three years old at the time the photos were taken. I rescued him from the SPCA where I worked at the time. He was a dog that lived in the backyard for the first 9 months of his life with no training or human interaction what-so-ever, and then was given up to the shelter when the family got tired of feeding him. Being that he was a purebred lab, the shelter expected him to get adopted quickly. This, however, proved to be untrue. Hank lived at the shelter for almost a year. Over that year him and I bonded, as I was his trainer. I learned everything I know by religiously following you and Ed. I worked with Hank every single day, rain or shine, and I took him everywhere I possibly could with me. Hank became a very well trained dog that nobody wanted. So I took him home. Sadly, I had to put Hank to sleep last year when he was 5 years old. It was the hardest decision I ever made.
547. Keegan & Grizzie
Submitted by: Bonnie
First pic is of Keegan doing his "Davy Crockett" impression he is 8 years old.
Second pic is of Gizzie he is 6 years old.
Submitted by: Suzy
549. Hilma the Rotti
Submitted by: Linda
Attached are 2 photos of our Rotti girl, Hilma. She is a ball crazy dog and the first picture shows her with one of her favorites after playing in the leaves. The next picture is of Hilma in a nice front sit position when we were practicing our recalls for her CD. (We just finished our DVD a few weeks ago-yay Hilma!) A friend, David French, told me about your wonderful website and about Michael Ellis. I would be excited to win one of his DVDs!
550. Oso the Pitbull
Submitted by: Juancarlos
This is Oso my pitbull.
Submitted by: Louise
Photo 1: A litter blue collar male meet C litter blue collar male. Big dog Brimwylf Apollo SchH3 IPO3 AD CD CGC (4 years old bred and HOT by me from my HOT male Galon vom Drackland SchH3 IPO3 VPG3 FH AD UD NA TC CGC WUSV and my husbands HOT female Gana von den Wannaer Hohen SchH3 AD KKl1 TC CGC) puppy is Brimwylf Creasy (Javir vom Talka Marda SchH3 AD KKl1 WUSV x Gana).
Photo 2: Second shot is SG Gana von den Wannaer Hohen SchH3 AD KKl1 TC CGC (6 years old) going after a frisbee in the lake.
552. Apache
Submitted by: Debbie
Photo 1: Apache playing with stick! 5 months old! We love her!!!!!
Photo 2: This is Apache she is a 5 month old German Shepherd and the picture she is looking at is her when we first got her age 8 weeks, she has a great personality and is VERY nosey and loves to play and she plays soccer with Ted.
553. Heidi the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Sandi
Photo 1: Heidi 6 month old female German Shepherd w/ Danielle 7 years old in AZ.
Photo 2: Heidi a 3 year old pure bred German Shepherd female from Arizona, shown hiking the 7000 ft on the Az Mogollon Rim.
Heidi loves the great outdoors, swimming, snow, hiking, camping and working.
Submitted by: James
Photo 1: Is a male bicolored GSD 3yo. We set up jumps in the back yard for the dogs... Truman is not particularly focused.
Photo 2 : Is a spayed female GSD black and tan 4yo. She has EPI which is easily controlled with porcine pancreatic enzymes. She is more athletic than her brother.
555. Fritz the German Shepherd Rescue
Submitted by: Jeff & Mary
Here is a picture of our dog, Fritz, recently adopted from West Side German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles. He is a three year old long haired shepherd and is loving his new life in central Wisconsin. In one photo, he is modeling his Leerburg collar.
Submitted by: Katja
Submitted by: Douglas
558. Idol & Halen the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Lori
Photo 1: Idol a Belgian Malinois. He is BISS AM/CAN CH Avonlea American Idol, CGN, RA, CD, HSAs, NA, HI, multi High in Trial, and currently the #9 Herding Intermediate dog in Canada! All owner trained and handled!
Photo 2: Halen a Belgian Malinois. Halen is only 3 1/2 weeks old in this picture!
559. Ysa du Loups du Soleil
Submitted by: Susan
"Ysa" du Loups du Soleil - 2 1/2 years old.
Here is a pic from this past years "very" snowy winter. Pic was taken after a 2 foot snowfall on top of 2 feet already on the ground.
And so, you have my sweet and soulful abominable snowwoman!
560. Yoda
Submitted by: Amy
561. Spock
Submitted by: Jeane
This picture was taken while he was about five years old.  He is now ten.  He earned his Schutzhund III title at the time of this picture.  On a good training day, he was Spoctacular and during Halloween, he is Spockula.
562. Nyah the Boerboel & Akasha the Anatolian
Submitted by: Alicia
Photos of my Boerboel, Nyah, and my Anatolian, Akasha
Nyah, Boerboel, 10 mo. Akasha, Anatolian, 19 mo.
My puppies are the light of my life. We do everything together! 
Photo 1: Nyah, my Baby Girl Boerboel, 10 mo, 80 lbs
Photo 2: Nyah, Boerboel, Akasha, Anatolian. These are my two girls. We make a really happy and loving family.
563. Rocky the ACD
Submitted by: Rikki
Photo 1: My pure bred reg. intact male ACD Rocky. He does agility, fly ball, personal protection training, as well as a successful trial/ranch dog, working everything from ducks to sheep to bison bulls. He is 4 years old. The date on the photo is wrong.
564. Cruiser the American Mastiff
Submitted by: Ed
This is my boy Cruiser. He is an American Mastiff and is 3 years old and weighs in at 242 Lbs and is 35 1/2" at the front shoulders. He is truly a gentle giant.
565. Jackie
Submitted by: Jeff
Photo 1: Jackie at the beach!
Jackie 6yo female. Loves agility, bite work, ball play.
566. Bruno, Bayla, & Dobie
Submitted by: Ginger
The first photo is Bruno and Bayla, my twins. They are brother and sister and will be 20 months old on Sept. 1, they are just my family dogs and not professionally trained although their obedience is wonderful. The second photo is my chihuahua, Dobie and she will be 10 years old this October. Dobie of course is the boss of all the dogs in the house.
567. Nero the Cane Corso
Submitted by: Lara
Attached are two photos of our dog Nero. He is a pure bread Cane Corso and will be 8 months old this Friday, September 2, 2011. True to breed, he is a very loyal family dog and is extremely attached to both my husband and I. He loves playing fetch in our backyard, but will often gain so much momentum and speed he can't stop to retrieve whatever it was we threw. He also loves to chew, or generally just have something in his mouth. Needless to say, items range from his many toys, to baseball hats, slippers, clothes, pillows, watering cans, you name it!!!  He very much enjoys meeting new people although we are working on helping him control his (current) 89 lbs of excitement, keeping all 4 paws on the ground. He is a wonderful, intelligent puppy whom we are thoroughly enjoying and we look forward to many years of love and companionship.
568. Bowser the Rotti Shepherd Cross

Submitted by: Shandra
Bowser is a 2 1/2 half year old Rotti Shepherd cross, Bowser has his BH in the sport of Schutzhund and is getting prepared for his Schutzhund 1 this coming fall. We got Bowser from a friend that had puppies, we weren't sure if we were ready for a puppy. So me and Jack started to watch videos on how to train your puppy Jack came across Ed Frawley the Leerbug site and Bowser became a very obedient puppy. Thank you Ed for showing the world the clicker training.
Photo 1: Here is a Photo of Bowser in the park watching the kids play.
Photo 2: This is Bowser when he was about 8 Months, and his friend Deisel. Deisel wanted to go for walk down the sidewalk so we took Bowser and bring Deisel back. Thats when he grabed his leash and draged him back to us.

569. Max the English Mastiff
Submitted by: Sandy
570. Sugar, Kado, & Aza
Submitted by: Grace
First photo: Sugar and Kado
I found the tiny rabbit in the parking lot and  brought it home. My dogs wanted to see what I had, so I showed it to them.... .....and  you can see their reaction. Our Golden Retrever  - Sugar lived with us almost 14 years. We miss her so much, she loved every living creature.
Second photo: Kado and Aza
Kado was very lonely  and so we got Aza .They are best friends and love to pose for pictures.
Kado is 5 years old. His favorite  game is to chase the falling leaves from  trees. Kado is goofy, lovable and playful dog.
Aza 2 years old dog. She is full of energy and at the same time totally irresistible. We are working hard to be ready for  IPO1 in spring.
571. Dockery & Cannon the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Gina
Dockery is the proud ambassador of Quail Creek K-9 ranch who loves to entertain his little brother Cannon,  He is a four year old Belgian Malinois who’s  biggest  passion is playing ball. 
572. Athena & Roush the German Shepherds
Submitted by: Debbi
Attached are two pictures from my dogs (naturally I have thousands) but I thought these were very personable ...
Photo 1: Athena 7months old AKC Full blooded German Shepherd Female black & red East DDR/Czech bloodlines.
Photo 2: Roush 8 weeks old AKC Full blooded German Shepherd Male black & red East DDR/Czech bloodlines.
573. Jake the Black Lab
Submitted by: Cherie
Jake is our 6 year old black Lab, who brings joy and laughter to everyone he meets. He's a dog when he wants to be, and, as you can see, he thinks he's a human at other times. On his walks, neighbors call out to greet him before they greet us.  
Submitted by: Liz
Both photos are taken of rescue Puppies I do charity photography for to help elevate awareness of the dogs and help get them placed.  All of these babies have been adopted. 
Photo 1: Bellas Puppies were just 2 of 10 puppies she had.  It was taken Easter 2011 and the pups were aprox 8 weeks old.
Photo 2: Zora  was taken in January 2011 and she was about 4 months old at the time.  Very sweet and adorable.
575. Nero the Pitbull/Boxer & Kai the Border Collie
Submitted by: Spencer
Photo 1: I would like to submit this photo of my boy Nero. Be cautioned, mixing a Pit-Bull and a Boxer can create a monster... Training Nero has been the most difficult task of my life. His stubbornness knows no bounds. If you play tug with him he just might pull you over, he has no awareness of his strength. Regardless of what I tell him, everyone outside is trying to get into our house. He's been known to gently comfort my wife when she's crying, even though he has little time for affection and gentle isn't in his vocabulary. I've watched him fight off waves off bees by snapping them out of the air, he has no regard for his own safety. There is nothing that can stop him. Needless to say, there is no amount of trouble Nero could cause, there is nothing I won't be patient enough to teach him, I love him with all of my heart and he's my boy.
Photo 2: This is my other dog Kai. She is a three month old Border Collie. She is from a working line and is amazing! By the way, Nero just adores her. They are very excited about being able to play together when she's older! :) She loves us dearly, along with barking. We definitely have to include that. Kai + Happy + Toys = Barking. Kai's training is progressing awesome! What took six months with Nero is nearly accomplished with her. Boxer/Pit-bull's are difficult to train. :( She could be a poster child for Ellis's methods. She will recall off of almost anything and engagement in new environments is a breeze. Her athleticism is astounding. When I tell her to go in her pen, she jumps in with ease and spins in the air so that she can quickly retrieve her treat. Well those are some tidbits about her. There isn't enough time in the day to explain how much she makes us happy. Border Collies are an amazing breed but I will say this. They are a trainers dream but their energy would be most people's nightmare.
Submitted by: Yahya
My neapolitan mastiff pup
577. Yogi the Boxer
Submitted by: Carlos
This is Yogi a four year old male Boxer weighing at 80 pounds. Yogi has good house manners. Doesn't take food from strangers. He is also very obedient and has an excellent protective drive: And of course, like any other Boxer Yogi has a great sense of humor.
578. Kaylan the Boxer and American Bull Dog Mix
Submitted by: Lisa
This is a picture of "Kaylan" running down the beach in Venice Florida and one sitting with Santa. She is 1 1/2yr, boxer and american bull dog mix. She is training to become a Search & Rescue dog with Peace River Search & Rescue. She is very friendly, great with kids and learns very quickly. She is the baby of the family.
579. Sancho the Boxer
Submitted by: Kelly
I'd love to introduce you to Sancho, our boxer puppy. He is our very first dog and the absolute love of our lives. Sancho came home to live with us at nine weeks of age, and we will be celebrating his first birthday in a few short weeks. He is curious, clever, ridiculously athletic (he makes sure we exit the house for at least a couple miles a day) and a huge goofball whose favorite toy is a now-filthy stuffed orange cat. We have learned so much in this last year, and certainly have the Leerburg training videos as something to thank!
In the second photo, Sancho is sharing the stage with our 11 year old cat, Thai. There is always competition for the sunny spot between those two.
580. Boca the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Stephanie
Photo 1: Cain Biting Off More Than He Can Chew – This is a picture of our Belgian Malinois puppy, Boca with her litter-mate, Cain, biting her tail. Don’t feel too bad for her – she was the terror of the litter and Cain is getting his payback!
Photo 2: I Said I don’t Want My Picture Taken! – This is a little more representative of Boca, our sweet Belgian Malinois puppy, when she was 8 weeks old.
Boca has been a handful since she was born to Chad’s pride and joy Dutch Shepard, Loki, (whose grandmother was a Belgian Malinois). As Boca was being born, she broke through the sack, turned her head and bit Loki on the tail, hard! She is a complete sweetheart and keeps us laughing constantly.
581. Guinness the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Jessica
Here are two photos of my dog, Guinness. He is a 15 month old black-and-red German shepherd weighing close to 100 pounds. He's very sweet and energetic. And loves licking our black cat, Derby -- much to Derby's dismay.
Submitted by: John & Audrey
583. Hannah the Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Tamara
Let me introduce you to Hannah, our 15-month old, purebred Belgian Malinois. She is 78 pounds of Belgian Malinois intelligence, energy, and drive! One of Hannah’s favorite past times when she is outside is to find pieces of wood of varying shapes and sizes and build woodpiles on the property. Once she has built her woodpiles, she selects a piece of wood from one of the piles, picks it up in her jaws and proudly trots around the property with it. When she is done, she finds a grassy spot in the yard and lies down and starts chewing on her tasty treat. She doesn’t eat the wood - just chews on it. In the two photos selected, Hannah has her wood “carcass” by her side. From a distance, this large piece of wood does resemble a carcass (like a deer). Hannah loves to drag it all over the place!
584. Taz the Belgian Tervuren
Submitted by: Scott
Here's our Belgian Tervuren, Taz, at rest and at play. He's rarely at rest, mostly at play.
Taz loves chasing tennis balls, playing frisbee, swimming, and playing tug.
585. Suesse the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kim
Here are 2 pictures of my dog Suesse. She is a female, sable German Shepherd and is 3 year's old. For some reason, when she gets nervous during a rainstorm she likes to climb up on of her favorite "safe places" is looking at herself in the mirror of the bathroom while standing on the toilet lid. (I don't know why this makes her feel safe??).
586. Molly, Hera, and Xena
Submitted by: Glenda
Photo 1: Dogs from Left to Right: Molly (7 years), Hera (2 years), and Xena (2 years) Shane Wohler holding a snack for all of them to sit. Working on basic obedience with all three dogs.
Molly is a certified Therapy dog, Hera I am working to be a trailing dog for Search and Rescue, and Xena is a great mole hunter and has caught 8 moles this summer.
Photo 2: Hera 2 years old. I am working Hera to be a trailing dog in Search and Rescue. Hera is only 25 lbs but does not have a problem working with the larger dogs in Search and Rescue. Hera loves to play, in the photo we are playing with one of her favorite toys a frisbee.
587. Loki, Bailey, & Boca

Submitted by: Chad
Photo 1: This is Loki, my 6 year old Dutch Shepherd, climbing a tree. It is her favorite pastime and causes quite a commotion when she scales the trees in our neighborhood park.
Photo 2: Bailey, 8 year old pit-mix, and Boca, 9 month old Belgian Malinois, getting air in the park. Bailey was rescued from a San Diego shelter and Boca is Loki’s puppy.
These three keep my life exciting!

588. Athena the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Ken
Here are two photos of my special girl Athena. She is a seven-year-old German Shepherd Dog. She is not only a great companion, but for me she is a life-saver. As a Type-1 diabetic, she has been trained to detect bouts of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) She loves the vest I bought her from
589. Unix Vom X'Mas
Submitted by: Liliane
Pictured is Unix Vom X'Mas (Roots Du Lac William Schh3 X DeBeauchemin X'Mas Sleighbells - 2010 U-litter) Regards, Liliane
590. Hawk
Submitted by: Laurie
Hawk has his CGC at this time and is working on future obedience titles along with starting Schutzhund training. He has an adorable temperment and works for food.
591. Casey the Cocker Spaniel & Major the English Springer Spaniel
Submitted by: Gerritt
Photo 1: Casey - Cocker Spaniel (5yrs-F) The only thing Casey loves more than people and long walks is taking naps with her head on your lap.
Photo 2: Major - English Springer Spaniel (3yrs-M) Major still has that puppy like personality and curiosity in his eyes. He loves to follow you around the house just to be nearby.
592. Jag the GSD & Banshe the Irish Terrier
Submitted by: Peggy
Here are 2 photos of ours to share. We are an active family with adventurous and athletic dogs. We spend the summer at the lake and all our dogs have enjoyed an assortment of water sports over the years.
Photo 1: The first is of our GSD Jag taken in the summer of 2010. Jag was born on Nov 24, 2006 so he was almost 4 at the time of the photo. His favorite activity is chasing his Flying Squirrel toy with a flying dock jump. In fact, this toy and activity have been used with your marker training techniques to train a selection of behaviors for obedience and rally. I taught the send away on this 75 foot long dock with the reward being the dock jump for the toy. The 4 foot wide dock is a great spot to work focussed heeling and the backing up for rally. I wish I could take this toy into the ring!!!! Jag now has 2 legs of his Utility and we are aiming for the 3rd shortly.
Photo 2: The second photo is of our wild Irish Terrier Banshe. The photo was taken in the summer of 2009 when she was a ripe old lady of 13 years. Banshe was the family pet and she was small enough and brave enough to join in in all the kids' crazy activities from tubing to the ski chair and to water skiing!! THe quality of the water skiing pictures were not as good as the ski chair but they are pretty funny still. Banshe passed away in the spring of 2010 at 14 years of age and my now 22 year old daughter took on a rescue mini pinscher from a puppy mill in Pennsylvania to fill her shoes. This new portable pet is also water skiing, and tubing and ski chairing so I'll enter his pictures next year.
593. Kisses
Submitted by: Rebecca
Her name is "Kisses" as in Hershey's Kisses, and she is 4 years old. She was born at the Belleville Humane Society, and they named the puppies after candy, aka Gummy Bear, Reeses, Skittles, and Kisses. She does LOVE to give kisses, ironically. My husband retired from the Army recently, and when he would walk her in uniform everyone would ask him if she is a military dog. My daughter was afraid of dogs, and to get her over that I got her the puppy 4 years ago and they are truly like sisters. Her hobbies are chasing squirrels and taking long naps on her sheepskin bed from you guys! Her best friend is a Rottwieler named Samson who lives down the street. My daughter had a "wedding" for them.
594. Nevada & Dakota
Submitted by: Barbara & Jose
Photo 1: "Nevada" CGC, 12 years old is a retired Service Dog for a disabled Viet Nam veteran. She is now enjoying her retirement sharing her home with Dakota and two pussy cats.
Photo 2: Dakota is a 5 year old APBT that has his TT, CGC, is a Therapy Dog with TDI and holds an Advanced Obedience Title. He is now a Service Dog that helps my disabled husband.
595. Willie
Submitted by: Paula
We found Willie along a country road on a cold March day. He was a ball of mats, teeth rotten, a real mess. He was not potty trained (or too old to remember) and acted like he had never played or peed on a post while taking a walk. We knew no one would take him, so we kept him. He happily wore diapers as he bobbled around the house. It was a challenge learning how to best care for him without losing our mind or having our home destroyed, but we adapted and grew to love him a great deal. I can still hear his funny little sounds he made when he chewed his food and the way his ears flopped as he bounced around the house. What a little cutie he was.
596. Natch the Malinois
Submitted by: Natasha
My name is Natasha, I'm from Belarus. I've a nice pup of malinois, called NATCH, and would like to send the pics of him to Your Contest.
597. Xiao Fei Yang
Submitted by: Susan
Xiao Fei Yang (prounounced "show" rhymes with cow, "fay" rhymes with hay, "young") (means" Little Fat Sheep" in Chineese)
Xiao is a small, male, bichon frise. My son, Nick, found him three years ago on a busy street in Shanghai and adopted him. My son died in an accident last summer. I brought Xiao to the US to live with me. This photo was taken August 29th, 2010, the day Xiao arrived at my home in the US.
598. Lida vom Konigsdorf & Hinnerk van Gogh
Submitted by: Ashely
Sable dog is a 4 year old female- Osthugelland's Lida vom Konigsdorf BH, AD. The black GSD is a 10 month old male Hinnerk van Gogh.
599. Doc the Doberman Pinscher
Submitted by: Rusty
Doctor John Henry Holliday aka "Doc" - 6 years
Yugoslavian blue Doberman Pinscher, five generation pedigree with many Sch. II and III titles in background A lot of dog and the type I have to go to to learn how to properly handle.
600. Uri
Submitted by: Brenda
My dog Uri, having fun in the snow, he's a maniac about his ball.
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