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Leerburg 2012 Photo Contest Submissions

2012 Photo Contest Submissions

Photos 1-100 | 101-200 | 201+

The photo submissions on this page are in no particular order. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

1. Rocky the 2 year old Rotweiller
Submitted by: Daniel S
 In this picture he was 1yrs old hanging out in the back yard. 
2. Lily the Belgian Malinois Shepard
Submitted by: Charles B
Lily is her name, she is a Belgian Malinois Shepard, she is a year and a half old enjoyes playing fetch with a ball or frisbee, but most of all she love to play TUG.   Hands down the best and the smartest dog I have ever had. 
3. Crosby the 2-1/2 Year Old Golden Retriever
Submitted by: Roberta C
Crosby loves splashing in water at a nearby creek and on vacation to the beach. He has his canine good citizen certificate and other than his excitement of greeting guests in our home, he is a really nice dog. I reinforce training commands during play time or out and about for a recreational walk.
4. Boom von der Konigin Vik the 6 Month Old German Shepherd

Submitted by: Vickie H
Helping Mama landscape!
Boom picked up this basket of plants on his own!  He is a 6 month old German Shepherd Dog of my kennel breeding.  We have donated him to the K9 for Warriors program and he is scheduled to leave us this month.  It will be tough to see him go, but my husband and I wanted to give back and donate a "hero for a hero".

5. Tigger & Levi  
Submitted by:Linda E
Picture 1: Tigger is a Bernese Mountaindog and avid fan of all things Leerburg. I train and show him in Obedience and Dog Carting (Called Draughting in the States). He is a super fun dog and loves to work. Pictured here behind a tree.
Picture 2: Levi is a Samoyed and is trained and shown in Obedience, Dog Carting and has recently started scootering  - the best fun ever.
6. Pilot  
Submitted by: Penny C
Pilot- 4 years old. He loves dock diving His longest jump so far is 28'4".  He loves to swims and does not want to come out of the water after he has jumped
7. Bailey the Labradoodle  
Submitted by: Jim S
Bailey is a Labradoodle that competes in Agility.
The 1st picture (Bailey Running on Path) is Bailey running down the sidewalk after I used the snow thrower to clear the path - which created a 2’ deep channel. I took the picture and caught just her at the right moment – she is off the ground and her ears flying
I also too the 2nd photo (Bailey Snow-Faced), which shows Bailey with snow on her face. She loves the 1st snowfall tries to put her nose under it like it was a blanket – this is what she looked like after several minutes of trying.
8. Furgie  
Submitted by: Deb H
Furgie – ~3yrs. Rescue Dog, Agility Dog, Certified Pet Therapy Dog
9. Panzer the Belgian Malinois  
Submitted by: Tabatha F
Panzer is an 18 month old Belgian Malinois that is currently in training for agility.
10. Denial Princess Warrior  
Submitted by: Rosemary R
My dog is Denial Princess  Warrior 4yrs old
11. Zeus the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Jenny G
Photo 1:
The German Shepherd is Zeus, he's seven months old in this photo and he is being at the river and doing great ignoring the people and their animals.  He is currently doing well with marker training and will be moving forward soon hopefully with training to be a search and rescue dog(Cadaver).
Photo 2: The second pic I thought was more comical than anything.  My sister borrowed the prong collar leash as she thought it was so you could walk two small dogs at the same time.  Apparently this leash has many uses. 
12. Bo  
Submitted by: Jessica S
My dogs name is Bo and he is 3 months old in the picture. The story behind Bo is I was at the lake visiting a friend. I was on a walk one morning and this man and his son were working outside on their house. This dog starts running towards me out of their yard and of course I stop to pet this beautiful little golden retriever puppy. I start talking to he man and he tells me that they are looking for a home for the dog and I could not resist!!! 
13. Paris the Chihuahua  
Submitted by: Antoinette L
Paris wags her tail with her entire body.  All she wants out of life is a good snuggle, a tasty snack, and a nice long nap preferably on my lap.  Paris loves being the center of attention, loves meeting new people, loves going to new places.  Paris is completely and utterly a fearless chihuahua.
14. Heidi the Great Swiss Mountain Dog  
Submitted by: Thelma W
Heidi is a happy 4 year old Great Swiss Mountain Dog. She has attained her CGC. She loves to play, enjoys obedience and rally, and can even herd the grandchildren! We were amazed the first time we observed her herding the kiddos back to an area of yard she wanted them.
15. Lazer  

Submitted by: Donna P
Lazer was adopted from a local animal organization, The Shamrock Foundation.  He was the largest puppy in a litter of five and now weighs 102 pounds!  His mother (full blooded husky) turned up pregnant at a farm and they were kind enough to take her in and socialize the puppies.  I volunteer with Shamrock and take pictures of dogs that are available for adoption.  When I was taking pictures of his litter, he crawled into my lap and looked at me with his head upside down...those eyes and his outgoing personality immediately won me over.  He has been a wonderful companion and loves other dogs, people and especially children.  I like to photograph him in the snow because the husky really comes out...he absolutely loves it!

16. Riot the Malinois/Dutch Cross  
Submitted by: Nancy S
This is Riot, age 18 months. She is a Malinois/Dutch cross. Riot lives to work. She is extremely athletic & agile; and like any Mali-nut she is high energy with a ton of drive. She has a soft spot for children and loves their attention.
17. Jax the German Wirehaired Pointer & Maggie the Labradoodle
Submitted by: Lori P
Photo 1: This is my puppy Jax. He is now 12 weeks old, this photo was at 8 weeks. He is a German Wirehaired Pointer who will be training for  Rally, Agility and Tracking.
Photo 2: This is Maggie. Maggie is a 5-year old Labradoodle who currently competes in  Rally and Agility.
18. Onyx the Black Lab  
Submitted by: Cindy D
This is Onyx, a black lab,  on a hunting trip at the North Platte River in Wyoming with my husband in 2004. On every hunting trip, my husband tries to get that "perfect" picture and he did it with this one! Onyx was a wonderful hunting companion.  We lost him at 11 years old in the fall 2011 and we miss him very much.
19. Tito the Yellow Lab  
Submitted by: Richard C
Tito is a yellow lab and he has been my partner for 3 years now.  We patrol the streets in Dayton, Ohio and we try our best to detect and deter illegal narcotics.  He is a single purpose narcotics Police K9 and he has had some very good finds.
20. Theobold the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Gus B
Theobold is a protective and energetic German Shepherd. He excels at tracking and agility and enjoys hanging around the firehouse.
21. Sushi the Wolfhound Cross & Schoko the Border Terrier Cross
Submitted by: Ingrid G
Sushi, 6 years old and a wolfhound cross. Her favourite place for walks is the beach. She has competed in agility, canine disc and has recently qualified for her Australian Tracking champion title. Schoko is a Border Collie cross, about 4 years old and was found as a stray by my husband. She also competes in agility and canine disc.
22. Callie the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Steve S
This is my German Shepherd Callie. She is 14 months now and as you can tell very athletic and has a very balanced temperament.
23. Swifty the Basset Hound  
Submitted by: Angela M
Swifty is our beloved 12 year old Basset Hound, that doesn't mind dressing up in costumes. He's a well respected member of our dog pack and always a laugh to be had when he gets wound up and gets the zoomies and races around the yard! He's a wonderful companion and loves his car rides!
24. Lakota the GS  
Submitted by: Cheryl S
This is my 4 1/2 yr old female GS named Lakota. She loves fetching sticks of any size.
25. Mingus  
Submitted by: Matthew B
This is a photo of my dog Mingus with the flower girls at my wedding.  He was the ring bearer. 
26. Quigley the Australian Shepherd  
Submitted by: Debby D
Quigley is a 10 yr old Australian Shepherd-  He is a miracle puppy, having undergone extensive brain surgery one year ago  when a tumor was removed from his frontal lobe. The following  6 months were  filled with recovery and intensive rehab.  He returned to agility training within 7 months - Thou he has some residual  proprioception & handler deficit issues, Quigley is already back at the start line and doing a great job, he is currently competing in USDAA, ASCA & AKC agility trials..
27. Niya & Marrco  
Submitted by: Patti B
Photo 1: This is a picture of my puppy Niya.  She is the one on the right.  She is very excited in this picture -- it is her first snow.
Photo 2:
Marrco -- 10 months old.   This is his first day of spring.  He is letting me know in his own way that Spring has spring.
28. Sadee  
Submitted by: Esther H
Hi, I am Sadee and I love my Orbee-Tuff Bone. I sleep with it, play with it and keep it away from my brothers. I have a pink one also.
29. Mr. Bojangles  
Submitted by: Audrey M
Mr. Bojangles ("Bo") loves to run around the yard and hangout with me when I garden.  He even occasionally helps me dig holes.  He is a sweet dog that is gentle with all animals and children.
30. Zoey the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Rachel G
Zoey is our 9-year old German Shepherd. We've had her since 8 weeks, she's an amazing dog. She's sweet and gentle, but serious about play. She is driven to herd just about anything including bugs and snowballs. I don't know what she loves more - snow or water!
31. Maggie  
Submitted by: Dan M
Maggie is a well trained dog. She loves to plays ball. She has no health problems. She is in a training process right now. And she also loves to play ball catcher in soccer, she loves all people. She "loves" to eat bugs, loves to also swim and loves to find and take rocks out of the water and pile them up high. She loves birds and other dogs, she is very friendly.
32. Lancelot  
Submitted by: Angie Y
This is Lancelot when he was approx. 4 yrs old.
33. Cody the GSD  
Submitted by: Pam S
Here’s a pic of the best GSD in the world; he’s cooling off at Oak Mountain lake, his name is Cody, and this is him at 2 years old. He’s now three.  He’s doing schutzhund training with an older woman (me), so he’s not progressing as fast as he could.  He has his BH, loves bitework and loves playing ball with the kids next door although he’ll grab their ball and run with it!
34. Brutus the American Bulldog  
Submitted by: Brenda S
This is my 2.5 year old American Bulldog, Brutus with my son Prince on Easter…
35. Riley the Golden Retriever  
Submitted by: Betsy S
Riley, probably aged 3-4 months when the attached photos were taken. Riley is a golden retriever born Dec 20, 2011. 
35. Ranger the Belgian Malinois  
Submitted by: Susan K
Ranger is 3 years old, a Belgian Malinois whom I rescued last July 2011.  Ranger is from the Belgian Malinois rescue organization. I have had Malinois for the past 10 years (he is my third) and undoubtedly he is the most solid, stable and "happily fierce" driven Mals I have ever owned.  He has a gorgeous temperament and zen healing energy. Ranger is the unique combination when he's "on" of a super strong working drive.....and when he's "off," a Dalai Lama like compassion and gentleness.
36. Colleen the Maltipoo & Teddy the Mixed Breed
Submitted by: Dawn T
Photo 1: Colleen is a Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle) that was raised in our kennel. She is an active playful little girl that seems to have a knack for climbing. We were taking pictures of the puppies and my niece was taking the photos and Colleen climbed up on her shoulder and my niece managed to get this shot.
Photo 2: Teddy is a mixed breed dog that is the guardian of our acreage. He stands about 36" at the shoulder and is a very active playful dog. He has a very protective nature and doesn't let our small breed puppies wander very far away when we are taking photos outside. This photo was taken while we had some puppies outside on the lawn and Teddy was laying beside me and the little puppies came up to him and were licking his face.
37. April and Cupid  
Submitted by: Audrey Y
Photo 1: April and Cupid at 3 1/2 months and 5 months of age. We had just had our new yard done and they were out sunbathing on the grass.
Photo 2: Cupid at 10 weeks of age. Cupid posing for the camera in our backyard on a sunny day.
Submitted by: Mardell D  
39. Swagger  
Submitted by: Ron O
Photo 1:
This is my puppy Swagger in an expen.
40. Remy the Great Pyrenees
Submitted by: Bonnie & Steve S
Remy (short for Belle's Place Remington Steele) is a five month old (60+ pound) Great Pyrenees. He is currently enrolled in puppy kindergarten out here in the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduation, we are having him go through the Therapy Dog training. Great Pyrenees are one of the perfect dog breeds for this job. They are mellow, gentle beings that really enjoy meeting people, especially children. Children especially enjoy cuddling with him because of his fluff. This photo was taken at the Fremont Family Kite Day festival in Fremont, CA on May 19, 2012. I think people thought WE were an attraction as so many people actually lined up to pat him. He is wearing the vest we purchased from Leerburg for the first time. He had no issues about wearing it and it allowed for people to approach us knowing he was in training!
41. Dexter  
Submitted by: Chris B
The dog’s name is Dexter, he is one year and one month old. He is in dual purpose training, detection and protection and doing very well I might add.
42. Dante  

Submitted by: Joanne D
This is our dog Dante. I've had numerous dogs, but this dog has every quality one would expect to see with this breed and more. He was loyal, compassionate, kind, funny, intelligent and high drive. He was very kind to our aging sheltie who had difficulty chewing raw hide. Dante would soften up the raw hide by chewing it and trade with the sheltie so it was soft enough for him to enjoy. Superior watchdog yet friendly. A magnificent animal who succumbed to bone cancer far too early at 6 years of age.

Dante passed away shortly after this photo was taken in February. He was 6 years old. The qualities of this dog were just amazing. Loyal, sweet, kind, compassionate, high drive, patient. He was so kind to our older sheltie by chewing his rawhide treat to soften and then giving it to the sheltie who could no longer do it for himself due to loss of some teeth. He loved to practice obedience training and take long walks. He was everything a fine Belgian should be. Our guardian angel.

43. Vera the Boxer  
Submitted by: Maria O
Vera - 4 yr old Fawn Female Boxer (loves to pose)
44. Abby the Bloodhound & Buddy the Siberian Husky  
Submitted by: Michael P
Photo 1: Dog 1, Abby Shuto P, 1 year old Bloodhound

Photo 2: Dog 2, Buddy, 6 year old Siberian Husky resting from his security rounds.
45. Vodka the German Shepherd  

Submitted by: JG
This is a photo of our German Shepherd "VODKA". This pic was taken in Tampa during a visit to my Wife's Mother. Vodka is from West German Show Lines and she is 16 months old.

46. Masons Kaiya  
Submitted by: Norio
Masons kaiya owned by Norio and Kendal In Washington state
47. Missy, Theo, & Odie  
Submitted by: Stephanie B
Photo 1: Missy -17 year old. Missy was my Medical Alert Service dog of many years (she was able to let me know up to 20 minutes before a seizure), even though she is gone now she still keeps a very special place in my heart.
Photo 2: Theo (Jack Russell) and Odie (Yorkie) - Theo 1 year old - Odie 7 months old. Theo and Odie or the Terriers as they are affectionetly called when together are best buddies and enjoy spending time together especially at the beach. Theo is my current Medical Alert Service Dog.
48. Xicca & Quartz the German Shepherds  
Submitted by: Ken G
Xicca 3 year old German Shepherd and Quartz 2 year old German Shepherd. Both of our dogs love the back yard, but only one love the pool and water!
49. Lolita  
Submitted by: Tammy F
These are pictures of Lolita at a year old.. she is a firecracker. I have been using your videos to help mold her into great obedience worker.. so far she has gotten 2 firsts and 1 second in Rally novice b.
50. Rush the Newfie  
Submitted by: Heidi P
Rush is a 5 month old newfie who loves to swim, has started with his obedience work, and is a great little worker! He is also a pretty good snuggler.
51. Becka the Yellow Lab / Golden Mix  
Submitted by: Ellen G
We rescued Becka, a Yellow Lab / Golden mix, from an owner who kept giving away his dogs. At 9 mos old she was overweight, belly crawling and submissively urinating so were thrilled to get her out of there. I followed Ed’s instructions about becoming a pack leader and how to introduce a new dog to a home with a cat, as well as learning how to feed raw. Most people can’t believe how well-behaved she is at her age, nor how white her teeth still are! As you can see she is happy and healthy. Thank you for all your great advice.
52. Champ the Black Labrador Retriever  
Submitted by: Barbara Y
This is Champ. He is a 2 year old Black Labrador Retriever. He is an excellent retriever.
Photo 1: In this picture he is waiting for me to through his ball so that he can go get it.
Photo 2: This is a picture of when he gets down on the ground like an alligator surfacing to chase down his ball.
53. Bosco  
Submitted by: Bill C
This is me and K9 BOSCO, he is an Explosive Detection Dog. We were both defending the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.
54. Vio the GSD  
Submitted by: Doug W
Vino is a 2 year old black and tan GSD. He's 26 inches tall and 86lbs. His favorite color is red and he's crazy mad for his frisbee and anything female. He's been in PPD training with a local trainer for 18 months and is showing great promise. He's slow to mature, but what's the rush? He's a terrific specimen and a great family member.
Submitted by: Deb M
Photo 1: Katie & BJ's puppies - 4 weeks old. Life is good & so relaxing. Puppies make a puppy pile while taking a nap.

Photo 2: Two adorable puppies discover the wonder & fun of a pumpkin. "So this is our new toy! Smells yummy!"
56. Virgil the GSD & Rebel the GSP  
Submitted by: ChristaLynn D
The GSD is Virgil, he will be 5yrs old on June 28 and has yet to show any signs of slowing down. I've had him for about a year (as he was a rehomed dog I found on an online classified site). I must say, I hit the jackpot with him - he's all I could ask for in a dog!

The GSP is Rebel, he'll be a year old in June. He's one of my training clients and has come a long way since I first started working with him at 12wks. Although his personality is completely opposite of Virgil's (the GSD) he is an awesome dog who has a zest for life like no other dog I've met!

57. Hoss the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Alex O
Hoss is a 2 year old german shepherd. He has very strong food drive and ball drive. He lives with me and my family, and we all really enjoy having him around.
58. Dabby the Beagle  
Submitted by: Trish P
This is a photo of my beagle puppy. Her name is Dabby, she's 8 months old, and just LOVES to go out on the boat with us! Her next favorite thing to do is a game called "video game," in which (at night), she plays tag with a laser light. If she touches the light with her paw, she has earned the opportunity to silently chase the light, and if she has not touched the light she can still chase but barks while chasing. We named her Dabby because she sometimes gets Crabby and to lighten her mood we sing her a silly song we made up called "Crabby Dab."
59. Tug & Lulu the English Bulldogs

Submitted by: Dena F
Here are two pictures of our English Bulldogs, Tug and Lulu. Lulu is the white one, she is two years old. Tug is only 7 months old, and has already outgrown his sister! They are mischievous, affectionate, and always ready for a game. They especially love a game we call "blanket monster" where one of them hides under a blanket or sheet and then waves their head around, growing and looking for something to attack. The other one then mock attacks them on the outside of the blanket. It's ridiculously funny. The other day I snapped them playing blanket monster with a pillow. Lulu kept hiding underneath a big pillow, the best that she could, and Tug would attack the pillow. Then he dove under too. I grabbed my camera and sure enough, out popped both of their wrinkled faces. So cute. Never a dull moment with these two. They swim, go to doggy daycare, and chase balls. They think they are Labrador Retrievers!

The second picture, where they are just sitting side by side, was taken one evening when they disappeared upstairs together quietly. After a bit of time passed and we didn't hear anything, we got suspicious and started up the stairs to find them. Sure enough, they came out quickly, sat at the top of the stairs as if to say, "What? We didn't do anything! And whatever you find in that bedroom - we don't know nothing about it!" Needless to say they had gotten hold of a box of tissue and the room was covered with tiny, tiny bits of tissue! Fun times!

60. Dakota the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Daniel M
Dakota....Four year old German Shepherd
Dakota is a Search and Rescue K-9 certified in Trailing. He loves playing in the water after his task is completed.
61. Gusto the Aussie  
Submitted by: Christine S
Gusto; 3 yr old Aussie; Gusto is out of Texas from a herding line of Aussie. He just started his agility career and also enjoys his time playing with his frisbee.
62. Harper  
Submitted by: Lori H
Harper is the protector of our family of 5! She is spoiled and she knows it!! Fave thing= chasing our cats!!!!
63. Grizzly Bear  
Submitted by: Diane  
64. Gunner  
Submitted by: Jon F
This is my dog, Gunner, he will be 2 on June 4th.
65. Gretchen the German Sherpherd  
Submitted by: Jerri S
This is a picture taken a few months ago of my German Shepherd, Gretchen. We were at a park and she had just run through the mud. Gretchen is about 4 years old. I adopted her from a rescue when she was about 1.5 years old. When she was found as a stray, she was sick, emaciated, and terrified. She is now healthy, happy, and friendly!
66. Nero the GSD  
Submitted by: Melissa B
The dog is Nero vom Mystical Haus "Nero" - 4 yrs old
Nero is a wonderful companion and fierce protector. He is everyone's friend and no one would ever guess what he is capable of. Exactly what a good GSD should be!
67. Rory the Sheltie  
Submitted by: Serena M
This is Rory, 8 wk old Sheltie pup.
Submitted by: Michelle P  
69. Dasty  
Submitted by: Fiona W
I thought I would send you a picture of my wee boy actually behaving himself in the garden for about 3mins
70. Zoe & Jet  
Submitted by: Kim C
Photo 1: Zoe is a rottie X Pit cross, she is 8 years old this year. She is a certified therapy dog and LOVES to do tricks- the harder the better! Here she balances on a basketball!
Photo 2: Jet is a black labrador retriever who is 12 years old this year. She still acts like a puppy, racing around doing butt tucks!
71. Charlie  
Submitted by: Cindy P
I adopted Charlie at 8 weeks old. As a puppy until he was 6 months old he was a monster. We nick named him Jaws. After many months of constant training and determination on my part Charlie is now the most loving dog any person could ask for. He's my best friend, and I can't imagine my life without him. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh with his goofy antics. He loves the snow, the rain and swimming in his pool even in the middle of winter as the picture shows! Charlie is part chocolate lab but we have never been able to figure out what other type of dog he was bred with. It doesn't matter, we love him no matter what breed he is.
72. Tyson & Nala  
Submitted by: Bob B
Tyson & Nala feb 2012
73. Cash the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Leah W
Cash - 1 year old
Cash is a fun German Shepherd who likes to chase balls, catch frisbees and hunt squirrels. He loves kids and blankets. He is a great family dog that gives just as much love as he receives. 
74. Ozzie the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Shay & Brian H
This is OZZIE  1yr 9 months German Shepherd Dog.
Ozzie is almost 2yrs old and loves staying active. He enjoys going for long walks at conservation areas/nature trails, frolicking at the beach or ponds and LOVES agility!
75. Rambo and Rocky  
Submitted by: Carolyn W B
Photo 1: This is our beautiful Rambo (Dec 12, 1998 – Jan 3, 2012)
Photo 2: This is another photo of Rambo with our other gsd, Rocky.  They are waiting very patiently for a treat!  Lol!
76. Jalcko  
Submitted by: Hannelore & Matthew
These are 2 pictures of our dog Jalcko vom haus Bérendorf. He is 2 years old now. He is a purebred longhaired German Shepherd. The picture where he is laying down, was selected for the front page of the 2012 kalendar of the Belgian German Shepherd Club. We were very proud en hope we can be for a second time. We practice tracking and obedience and have learned a lot from your books and DVDs.
77. Gunnar & Greta  
Submitted by: Maureen L
Photo1: Gunnar & Greta
Photo 2: Gunnar
78. Brick & Blitz  
Submitted by: Christy B
Photo 1: The first is a a photo I took of Brick, my 5 year old Malinios.  Brick is enjoying the water on a hot Texas afternoon.
Photo 2: The second is a photo I took of a 9 week old Belgian Malinois puppy named Blitz.  He is owned by Terri.  Blitz brought Terri a rose for Mother's Day. 
Submitted by: Debbie M  
80. Britta the German Shorthaired Pointer
Submitted by: Susan S
Attached are a couple of photos of my German Shorthaired Pointer pup, Britta.  She is now 6 months old and my constant companion. Britta is driven to please and has a zest for life unmatched by and other dog I have ever known. She is a soft dog, but possesses incredible drive and work ethic. Britta is always ready to perform before my camera and seems to be the object of my photographic obsession!!  I'm happy to submit my photos and thank you for taking the time to look at them
81. Nicoh & Nali the German Shepherds  
Submitted by: Lorraine B
This photo includes Nicoh 5 years old (ANICOH GESHENK VON DEN WEGEN) and Nali (DENALI VON DRAGGAHUS)
Nicoh's has done Rally Obedience, Herding and Agility titles are:
AKC: CGC  RE  HT              UKC: AG2 NADAC:NCC  O-NAC  WV-N  NJC  TN-N  TN-O  OJC  O-OAC  OAC     TG-N
Nali  3 years old has done Rally Obedience and agility: She hasnt trialed much but has one Q left to get for her RN title and she as her NAC with NADAC agility.
Both are German Shepherd dogs.
82. Hunter & Lucy  

Submitted by: Susan C
Dog's Name: Hunter, Eight Month Old Brittany
Dog's Name: Lucy, Five Year Old Manchester Terrier
Hunter is a high energy pup that loves to run, swim, chase birds, and playing with his sister Lucy.

83. Apache  
Submitted by:
Apache - 5 Months
84. Tillie, Alee, & Onyx  
Submitted by: Sandy F
Photo 1:
Tillie(9 mons),Alee(3yrs) and Onyx(5yrs) playing "queen" of the mountain. 
Photo 2: Alee(3yrs) got to be the "queen" of the mountain after all.
85. Zak & Yogi
Submitted by: Kirsty
Zak and Yogi in their home surroundings of the lovely Lammermuir Hills in Scotland.
86. Windy Jane the Dutchie  
Submitted by: Andrea M
Her name is Windy Jane. She is both beautiful, and fabulous. Adopted from a local shelter where they thought Holland was a small obscure town in Missouri. Windy is amazing. She is extremely smart, fast, and sometimes, I think she knows what I want just by my body language. I look forward to tapping into her limitless potential.
87. Dexter the Bullmastiff  
Submitted by: Lonni B
This is Dexter our bullmastiff.  In this photo he is about 8 weeks but is now a 110lb bundle of love.  He is the most intuitive dog I have ever owned and always knows his audience whether it is a bunch of little kids, an elderly person or a big guy who he can wrestle with.  It's hard to pick a favorite thing about him but I guess it would have to be his trustworthiness in any situation with any person or any animal. 

Dexter is a real Leerburg dog.  He has toys, treats, his harnesses, and much more from you folks.  And he definitely benefits from the training DVDs and Cindy always answering my questions!!!!  I think, silly as it may sound, that my favorite thing from you has been the poo pouch.  I don't know why but i get a real kick out of it!!

88. Katie the Border Collie  
Submitted by: Ashley T
This is my 2 year old Border Collie, Katie. She loves all kinds of activities like agility, obedience, lure coursing, and even some bite work from time to time (despite the fact that she is the world's biggest love bug). She has admirers everywhere she goes, and even has her own Facebook page where her fans can keep up with her many activities and achievements :)
89. Thai the German Shepherd & Busa the Deer-Faced Chihuahua
Submitted by: Jennifer C
Photo 1: Thai is 10 years young, I have had him since he was 14 months old, to date he is the toughest dog I have raised and is now the best boy. I call him My Thai Baby. He helps raise and tolerates all the dogs that come and go from the house. Words cannot describe the love I have for My Thai Baby. Thai's favorite toy is the Varsity Ball (in the picture), he will play with it until he's wore out!!
Photo 2:
I acquired Busa through a fellow rescuer, I had no intention of keeping her but she was very hard to house break, I didn't feel right about giving her to someone knowing she will potty in the house, now she uses an indoor potty tray and I love her to pieces. She is so much fun, her brothers and sisters are two GSDs, two Pit Bulls and a Schnoodle. Busa is waiting anxiously for me to complete our Nosework lab as she very much loves searching for treats!! The brindle Pit Bull mix in the background is 'Lil Bit, she was my Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue foster dog at the time.
90. Alex the Yellow Labrador Retriever
Submitted by: Deanna W
Attached are 2 photos of my 20 month old Yellow Labrador Retriever. Her CKC name is Cowboy Up's Lazy DM Surprise, but we call her Alex.  We have done basic obedience, first level of agility training, and some tracking training.  I hope to eventually get her CKC titles in tracking. Most of all she is my walking partner, and friend.

Photo 1: Pink Soother - Taken summer of 2011, around 10-11 months old. She has a knack for finding things like soothers, baby toys and other small items dropped in park.  This one was the first of 4.
Photo 2: Green Soother - Taken spring 2012, around 19 months old. This is number 4.  She is always so proud and has to show you what she has found.

91. Izzi the Doberman  
Submitted by: Mari-Anne J
Doberman Izzi living in the Artic part of Norway. First picture is in the winter the artic light when the darkness is almost complete. Picture 2 is at night in the midnightsun.
92. Hunter  
Submitted by: Matt S
hunter -litter of nixie vom leerburg male sound dog great drives 4yr old male
93. Tamari, Nala, Kitani, & Jericho
Submitted by: Tina S
I breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These are 8 week old pups reacting to a funny noise I made. Ridgebacks react to different sounds by cocking their heads. The next starting in the front row is Tamari 5mos, Nala 4 yrs, Tamari's mom Kitani 3 yrs and in the back is Jericho 1 1/2yrs. We said the word "Cookie". Its impossible to keep the bed made when they are constantly on it.
94. Celine & Ben  
Submitted by: Mariuca I
Photo 1: Celine, she is 10 years old, we adopted her when she was 1 y. old.
Photo 2: GSD dog Ben
95. Callie the Shetland Sheepdog  
Submitted by: Debbie A
Callie is 6 years old. She is a Shetland Sheepdog and an integral part of our family.  She loves doing everything with us, including playing football, basketball, and soccer.
96. Biscuit  
Submitted by: Terry D
My Dog's name is Biscuit, he is 5 years old, I rescued him in 2010.

Biscuit is a special dog, this is a story how I rescued a miniature pinscher and he rescues me back daily.

When I first saw Biscuit at a June 2010 rescue fest, I fell in love w/ him. Little did I know what was coming?   The first night he tried to bite me, so I took him to be evaluated in case he was so aggressive he had to be put down.  Well, after being evaluated and almost biting the two evaluators, they said w/ hard work this dog could be great, he was showing fear biting.  I trained and practiced w/ him daily, sometime three times a day or whenever we went out, I challenged him w/ inactive toys, and kept his mind busy.

I was able to get him certified as a Canine Good Citizen by October of 2010 from the American Kennel Club.  We were starting to train for sniffing cars, search and rescue etc.  Then in March of 2011, I became very ill w/ multiple issues.  Two main issues, Biscuit picked up on and before I know I am going to get dizzy or my legs start shaking, he gives me signs, when to sit, when to stop.  He even woke me up @ 1:30 am kept nudging me and shortly Bells Palsy started.    Biscuit is now a Full Service Dog and is registered w/ the Department of Defense, the ADA and recognized by the Department of Transportation for his actions.  His alert actions have been seen by doctors, PT, and the trainers of Komplete K-9.  I have been training w/ "A Breed Apart" and "Komplete K-9" (both work together).  He even plays with his 6 month old cat brother, they romp like two dogs.

He is rescuing me all the time. He won’t even go by the garage door, if he thinks I can’t drive even though I am trying to go somewhere, so I don’t go. 

Submitted by: Wes & Lisa P  
98. Brody Jones the Anatolian Shepherd  
Submitted by: Jeff & Tess J
We are submitting this picture of Brody Jones, our 6 year young Anatolian Shepherd aka Kangel (the Turkish name).  We hope you see how beautiful he is! We love him!
99. Princess the Belgian Malinios  
Submitted by: Cassie T
Princess is a Belgian Malinois she enjoys playing frisbee with the Amphibious Flying Ring toy, she also enjoys playing tug. 
100. Gabby  
Submitted by: John F
Meet our wonderful ten month old daughter "Gabby".........Gamay v Kenlyn. We hope to use her as a therapy dog once she is able to take/pass the required tests. Gabby loves to play and enjoys the game of tug ........I have watched the Michael Ellis videos and they have been extremely helpful !!! This photo was taken the day we brought her home from Kenlyn Kennel... as you can tell she loves to pose for the camera !!
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