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Leerburg 2012 Photo Contest Submissions

2012 Photo Contest Submissions

Photos 1-100 | 101-200 | 201+

The photo submissions on this page are in no particular order. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

101. Roxy the Belgian Malinois/Dutch Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Steve S
Roxy is a Belgian Malinois/ Dutch shepherd mix. She is full of life, smart and very loyalty to My wife, kids, and myself. She is 6 months old now. In the pics she is 12 weeks and 4 months.
102. Beau & Max
Submitted by: Dayleann W
Tractor ride photo -- Is my beloved Beau (went to the Rainbow Bridge this year)  age 12 riding in his wagon.    Max,  age 4, is sitting along side his buddy.   Beau had arthritis at the end of his life and still wanted to be around the farm, so we put in the wagon so he could still be with us..He would ride all day....
Photo 2: Dog Day Photo  -  Again Beau floating on his mat in the pool,  he loved the water and it seemed to help him with his arthritis.   He is missed by all that loved him, but we had a wonderful 12 years with him.
103. Romeo & Joya
Submitted by: Mohamed E
Photo 1: This is "Romeo" my 3 years old Chocolate Labrador
Photo 2: And "Joya" Napolitan Mastiff when she was 2 months of age
104. Bullet the American Pitbull Terrier

Submitted by: Ursula G
I want to share with you, two of my favorite pictures of my dog. She is a 4 year old American Pit Bull Terrier, her name? BULLET. She is very friendly with dogs, cats and people, but she is great working dog! she is getting ready to compete in french ring, mondio ring and obedience. We want to show that the pitbull is a great dog in all disciplines as long you take the time and love to give them.

105. Bosch  
Submitted by: Lorie H
Bosch taking a break -- if a working dog ever does!
106. Osah & Manny  
Submitted by: Marie D
Osah 6 month old female German Shepherd (the one jumping) high drive always running circles around Manny distrubing his fishing. Manny 1 year old German shepherd, Pitbull, Lab mix patiently fishing in our creek. Trying hard to ignore Osah.
107. Sammy & Lucy
Submitted by: Bert & Norma G
I we are faithful Leerburg customers! I went out last night just before sunset and took these pictures of Sammy and Lucy. They are both Blackmouth Curs and still puppies. Sammy the Red BMC will be 2 years old in August and Lucy our lightning fast Yellow BMC will be 2 in Feb. Each was brought up on Leerburg techiques. There is still some work to be done with them. Although not from the same litter or breeder these two are definitely brother and sister!
108. Lasher the White German Sherpherd  
Submitted by: Rochelle B
I have attached 2 pictures of my White German Shepherd, Lasher.  He is a 10 year old boy who I adopted about 5 years ago.  I trained and certified him to be my Service Dog who helped me with mobility issues until I had surgery 2 years ago which enables me to walk with out the assistance of a cane any more.  He is still by my side ever willing to help me socialize and train my fosters puppies and dog training clients.  The best dog I have ever had!!
109. Bella & Zane  
Submitted by: Lionel K
The first picture is an action photograph of my female German Shepherd Dog Bella.  She is 19 months old and, in the words of our Schutzhund club president, a "firecracker!"  Bella earned her BH recently and placed second in the New England Regional Conformation Show.  She is now training for IPO1.
110. Indy the White German Shepherd
Submitted by: Nadia H
Indy (White German Shepherd), happily hanging out the window on a trip to the park.   :)
111. Timber & Dany
Submitted by: Devin T
Photo 1:
Timber the 7 year old full blooded Siberian Husky. Timber is an absolutley a spoiled dog.
Photo 2: Dany the 2 year old Belgian Malinois/German Shephard. Dany is currently the only K9 for the Borough of South Williamsport Police Department and my partner. 
112. Lex  
Submitted by: Chris C
This is Lex, aged 7 1/2.  Lex is the daughter of a retired Greenville SC police officer, Armor. She is full of life, loves to ride, and have fun. Here we were visiting the Elk Reserve in Cataloochee Valley NC, and this was a one in a million picture, that we are proud to share with you all. Believe it or not, she sat patiently, never barked, nor was she leashed at any time during our trip.
113. Hans  
Submitted by: RC
This is Hans, my 2 and a half year old German Shepherd.  We are a FEMA trained S & R team, as well as volunteers with local Law enforcement drug interdiction.  Notice that Hans is wearing his curogan fursaver from Leerburg...It DOES look great on the dark dogs!
114. Piper
Submitted by: Julie F
Please consider this pic of Piper, our rescued 2 year old pit for your photo contest.  I believe this photo shows what a well trained, well socialized dog behaves like.  (by the way this is an orphaned baby goat that she adopted).
115. Ava the GSD  

Submitted by: Nancy S
This is my GSD, Ava Vom Blossom-land.  She wasn't really inebriated...I was just very lucky for her to put her head down the way she did for my St Patrick's Day card.  

116. Diesel  
Submitted by: Paul V
(Diesel) Gasoil Von Starke Pfoten
117. King the Cane Corso
Submitted by: Scott D
This is King, our 13 month old Cane Corso.  He has been a great addition to our family and has enjoyed many of Leerburg's products!
118. Shooter & Gretchen  
Submitted by: Shari T
Photo 1: Shooter Age:  5
He's a punk.  In this photo he's chasing water drops from the pool.  He is the youngest of 4 and VERY mischievous.  He will attempt anything once and is smart as a whip.  Has THE most adorable face (I'm a girl - I'm allowed to say that).  I love this picture.
Photo 2: Gretchen Age: 10
She's our oldest, and our first. She's our heart.  In this picture she is staring at her tire in the pool and is DYING to go after it and will NOT go after till we allow her to.  She will stand there for DAYS until given the command.
119. Nova the White Swiss Shepherd  
Submitted by: Niklas L
Nova was born in october of 2011 (currently 7 months old) and she was the most calm puppy of her litter. Litte did we know that she'd grow upp to become a dog with a huge amount of energy and willpower. She's very smart, learning quickly. She picked up on how to do eye contact drills in a few seconds on the first try which even amased the breeder. She loves bite work, other dogs and tracking, in that order. The two pictures I've choosen to send you pictures her in full speed and also with her brother Magic in a sweet innocent puppy "we weren't doing anything, honest" type picture.
120. Cali & Cooper the Golden Retrievers
Submitted by: Ron B
Photo 1: "Cali" the Golden Retriever, 11 months. After our Obedience training sessions, Cali's favorite reward when we are all done is a little dock jumping after her favorite Chuck-it ball.  Even though we are working on AKC Obedience and Rally titles, there may be another sport ahead for her.
Photo 2: "Cooper" the Golden Retriever, 11 months. Like his sister, Cooper is working hard toward his AKC Obedience and Rally titles. However, while Cali is leaping into the water overhead, Cooper prefers to relax in the water, explore and perhaps sneak up on an unsuspecting bluegill.
121. Ryder
Submitted by: Pat S
Here is a couple of shots of my Mal named Ryder. He is two years old and LOVES to dive into water chasing fish.
Submitted by: Nonna V
123. Jozzzzzy the Doberman  
Submitted by: Liz M
This is Wittrock's Jozzzzzelle "Jozzzzzy", 3 years old. Jozzzzzy comes from working lines. She earned her CGC at 11 mo of age and is also  therapy dog certified through TDI. Jozzzzzy trains in competitive obedience and also tracking, but Nose Work is by far her favorite sport. She is one of only two dobermans [so far] to have earned an NW2 title from the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work).
124. Auggie the GSD
Submitted by: Donna V
This is Auggie a 5 month old GSD retrieving a tug.
125. Shane the German Shepherd
Submitted by: Kevin M
Shane 8 year old German Shepherd
126. Baker the German Shepherd/Border Collie Cross
Submitted by: Kate R
Photo 1: Baker, My German Shepherd/Border Collie cross being adorable.
Photo 2: Baker and his friend Kai (a Carolina Dog mix) on the beach with the small fire hose tug.
127. Zeus  

Submitted by: Sonji M
Zeus is a 19 month old, Malinois / German Shepard mix. I took these pictures of him when he was five and six months old. We live on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. After a good day of training Zeus loves to relax or hang out by the sea, so I sent you pictures of him doing just that

128. Ginger  
Submitted by: Gilberto
My adorable 4 month old French Bulldog. Ginger is a sweetie and loves to give many kisses.
129. Aiko & Rocky  
Submitted by: Audrey T
Photo 1: This Aiko, Japanese name meaning Little Darling.
Photo 2: Here is one picture of my puppy Rocky von Goodshepherd
130. Jade, Edward, Nutmeg & Chunk
Submitted by: Elizabeth W
Photo 1:
The first is of my GSD Jade (11y/o) I bought her as a very naive pet owner and thanks to a kind experienced person who trained and bred Schutzhund dogs I was able to train and manage her, she is an  Alpha dog,high drives and was not a pet/copmpanion type dog, as an new dog owner  I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.She was trained for personal protection dog,to give her a job and keep her in a "box."  The second dog is Edward, he is a rescue(3.5 y/o) from NC, he is pretty good guy,much different than Jade.I was working on obedience with both of them the day this was taken. 
Photo 2: Nutmeg and Chunk @ 8 weeks old in photo.  My daughter met a lady in college who had taken the pups (aprox 4 wks) from an abusive home and she could not spend the time hand raising them so we took over.They have grown into great dogs and live on a farm where they are well taken care of.
131. Chopper the St Bernard  
Submitted by: Lori M
This is our 1 year old St Bernard “Chopper” who is very active and can’t wait to go for a ride in the car.  We purchased the Leerburg muzzle for him while training; and he took to it with no problems.
132. Urma & Puppies  
Submitted by: Barbara K
Photo 1: "The Dirty Dozen" - Chaska's first litter, 12 puppies - all healthy and strong.  Born 3/22/2011, they're about 4 weeks old here. Just big enough to perch up on the welping box divider, but not big enough to climb over yet. Their paternal grand-sire is two-time world champion (VA1) Vegas du Haut Mansard.
Photo 2: ICNDF Stud "Urma" relaxing on St Augustine Beach.  Urma is 8 years old, son of two-time world champion (VA1) Larus von Batu, grandson of Ursus von Batu, Yasko vom Farbenspiel, and Saskia von Armenius (all BundesSieger VA1 world champions). He's also grandsire to the "dirty dozen" (photo 1) and sire/grandsire/great-grandsire to a whole lot of other ICNDF Top Dogs. We now have four generations of this world-class lineage on-site at ICNDF.
133. Samantha & Abbey the Old English Sheepdogs
Submitted by: Sandy B
These two pictures are of my Old English Sheepdogs - Samantha (7 yrs.) and Abbey (3yrs.). They love to roll around and play with each other.  These pics. were during one of their affectionate sessions - looking like little angels!!
134. Dallas  
Submitted by: Shawna M
Just a quick note to say, thank you to Leerburg for offering great products and training DVDs which have been instrumental in helping me with “Dallas” over the past year.
Dallas was obtained from Ontario Doberman Rescue and as our 3rd Dobe and has been, without doubt, the most challenging to train. As a high drive, low nerve,  low sensitivity  dog this highly independent guy failed 4 opportunities within a short 18 months of life.   As his 5th owner (“forever home”) I was well aware he came with some baggage. I put him immediately into obedience with McCann Professional Dog Trainers (Freelton, ON, CANADA) and we have excelled through Grades 1 to 4 and are now doing foundation ability. The Leerburg videos have been a wonderful supplement to our weekly classes and the principles taught have been completely in sync with all we have trained at McCann (or vice versa). I’ve never had a dog with quite this level of drive, and eagerness to train/learn. He’s a quick learner,  and although often a handful rarely exhibits aggression -  – thank you for all the support the videos have offered along our 12 month journey – we are just getting started!  
135. Gibson  
Submitted by: Sandy H
He is 6 years old. He's the most wonderful dog that ever graced this world. He's coated, as you can see. LOVES his kong ball and will chase and return all day if he could. We live on 65 acres, so he gets lots of exercise. He also goes to work with me everyday. He's my best friend.
135. Pepe' & Rita  
Submitted by: Sharon J
Pepe' and Rita, ready to go on a backpacking trip. Pepe' is a 2 year old Malinois.  He does dock jumping, obedience and tracking. Rita is a 6 year old Malinois.  She  is a Wilderness SAR dog, she also competes in obedience trials.
136. Saga & Tollan
Submitted by: Marlys S
First Photo is Saga, a GSD female, she was about 6 yrs in this photo. She came to Circle Tail as a 1 yr old,  fearful of all people. She ended up greeting visitors and going on talks to schools. She loved riding in the car anywhere, any time.  A volunteer took this photo of her in my truck just waiting for someone to get in and drive.
Second photo is Tollan, a GSD male, he is about 2 yrs in this photo. He is a Circle Tail ambassador. He loves people and children but has no work ethic so didn’t make a service dog. His job is greeting volunteers, adopters, and keeping children quiet during training classes. He definitely thinks he is “king”.
137. Ares the German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois
Submitted by: Greg A
Ares is a German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois. He's a very active young boy who loves nothing more than a game of tug-of-war. Very loving.
138. Nora the GSD  
Submitted by: Tyler B
This is Nora my Working Line GSD and these photos are of her performing at a luring course.
139. Maddison  
Submitted by: Dawn & John S
Maddison is almost one year old, her birthday is on June 6th. She is 72 lbs of  fun loving girl and has a lovely temperament. She is very intelligent, always alert and active and does well around people and other canine’s. Her daily routine consists of mile long walks, lots of ball play, car rides & of course fun training exercises. We are working with her on obedience training and hope by mid-summer she will be ready to take her AKC Canine Good Citizen test and be awarded her certificate. We are committed in our mission to be responsible dog owners and are raising her to be well mannered in our home and out in the community.
140. Feuro the GSD
Submitted by: Kevin M
Here’s two photos of my GSD “Feuro”. I had big hopes to compete at a high level (Sch.) with this dog. That all ended when at 1.5 years old he was diagnosed with IBD. We didn’t think he’d make it to 2 years old. With a switch to a raw diet and a lot of research and hard work on both our parts, he just turned 7 last month! Just wanted to share his story w/ you guys and enter a few pix. You never know what life’s going to throw at you, so just roll with it. He’s a great worker and we’re all glad he’s still around! Look at the photos and you’ll see a pretty intense dog despite a major heath issue.
141. Hoda  
Submitted by: Beth S
Here's a picture of 9 week old Hoda just completing the come command and receiving a treat. At 10 weeks old she consistently obeys sit, down, come, and place.
142. Pascha & Axel the German Shepherds  

Submitted by: Sandy F
I am sending some pictures of my German Shepherds. They are both active in AKC events and also some tracking and obedience. I have enjoyed your website and have several of your training videos. Pascha is the black Shepherd and she is 4 years old. Axel is the sable and he is 16 months.

143. Zeke the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Sean T
Zeke Von Der Sauk.
Zeke is a pure bred German Shepherd (his dad was: V Ronaldo v Arlett SchH3, Kkl1).  Zeke loves the water, especially coming out of a hose, and his Everlasting Treat Ball. He has a high ball and food drive…. He will play outside for hours with the ball.
144. Tyler the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: David & Jean E
Tyler is an AKC Certified Pedigreed, five years old male German Shepherd dog.  Tyler is a rescue dog, his original owners were Military and we were fortunate to get him in 2009, when they were deployed to Spain.  He is big boned, 100 pounds, loves people, attention, playing ball and frisbee, and traveling. He is a house dog, thinks he is people and is our alarm clock in the morning, companion during the day and security at night.
145. Kaya  

Submitted by: Zachary B
Here are 2 pictures of my 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. She is, from what I heard, 3/4 Autralian Shepherd and 1/4 Border collie. Kaya is a very energetic bundle of joy. She loves chasing other dogs and herding human feet. Kaya also enjoys leaping into the pool, going for walks, and spending any time with the family.

146. Bella the Doberman & Little Man the Yorkie
Submitted by: Patrick O
Photo 1: Bella - 6 months old
Bella is a Doberman that has one of her ears taped in the picture because it is still not standing.  She loves to push her ear down and put it in her mouth to chew on it or just carry it around in her mouth. She treats her ear like a baby does a pacifier. 
Photo 2:
Little Man - 4 yrs old
Little Man is a Yorkie that loves to lay on the top of the couch like a cat. He is extremely affectionate and well mannered.
147. Asta  
Submitted by: Wendy S
My girl "Asta":  I took this photo a year ago. Asta, now 9 years old, has just retired from Agility.  She is a Tracking Champion with multiple Masters titles in Agility & Jumping, as well as titles in Agility Games,  Herding (sheep), Rally, Track & Search, Endurance and Obedience.  We have such fun together!
148. Luna & Mawa  
Submitted by: Jolanta
Luna (3yo Rottie, Mawa 1yo Cavie) They love each other.
149. Zieska the GSD  
Submitted by: Fonda L
This is my loving dog Zieska!  She is a two year old GSD.  This dog has excellent drive and intelligence.  Her favorite pastimes is chasing waves, playing baseball, and camping!  I have had her since she was 8 weeks, and she is my first GSD.  I am very impressed with the intelligence and train ability of this breed!  I hope you enjoy these pictures of her!
150. Cadence  
Submitted by: Bianca Y
Cadence 5 years old. GS 
Photo 2: This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago in White Sands, NM. I have owned Cadence since she was 18 weeks old and she has been the most loyal companion anyone could ever ask for. :) 
Submitted by: Bob S
152. Jazz  
Submitted by: Ken & Fran H
Jasmine - We call her Jazz. She is 5 years old. She loves to ride on the ATV.Jazz climbs the highest stumps she can and watches the area where we are picking Huckleberries. Jazz is a great watch dog. She enjoys chasing chipmunks and ground-squirrels up trees and then stares at them for hours. Jazz is a bee catching machine.
153. Jack & Jackson  
Submitted by: Edith G
Photo 1:
This is our 2 yr old Golden Retriever, Jack with some of his puppies.  He has since passed away and we miss him so much.  He had so much spirit, intelligence, and orneriness...was almost like a person.  He loved puppies!
Photo 2: That ornery spirit lives on in his son, Jackson.  Jackson was 6 weeks old when this photo was taken.
154. Hallie  
Submitted by: Stacy H
Hallie is 14 weeks old and I have looked at many of your videos and hope to buy some soon. It would be wonderful to win one! 
155. Kilo  
Submitted by: SB
A pic of my malinois Kilo
156. Rossi & Mocha  
Submitted by: Sonya C
Rossi, 18month old Border Terrier is offering me a behavior in the hope that I will produce a tug.
Mocha, 10 year old poodle mix is bored with his circus tricks.
157. Chewee the Leonberger  
Submitted by: Morgan A
This is Chewee the Leonberger. Chewee is a model for high end doggie apparell in NYC. Here he is before walking down the catwalk and when he was asked if he was ready to go....he stuck his tongue out. Here Chewee is modeling a leather and suede jacket that that shows off the new color blocking fashion. He a big gentle giant that loves to strutt his stuff.
158. Steeler & Blaze  
Submitted by: Cheryl H
Photo 1: Steeler (GSD) and Blaze (Mix) having a "conversation" in their backyard in New Bern, NC. This was Winter of 2009, so Steeler was two years old, Blaze was three years old. Steeler was given to me by an ex-boyfriend whom I had shared that I wanted a German Shepherd Dog. He came to me as a Christmas present in 2007, with a bright red bow attached to his collar. Blaze was a rescue from the New Bern Animal Shelter. My daughter Emily was working there at the time and so we picked up Blaze and brought her home. The shelter person said they "picked her up off the street" at three months of age. At that time, we adopted her.
Photo 2: Steeler (yes, he is a Pittsburgh fan like his Mama) heehee. We moved from North Carolina to Kauai, HI, where Steeler and I embarked on a career path as part of the Kauai Search and Rescue Team. He studied cadaver search. I am a member of NASAR and hope to join the Oahu Urban Search and Rescue Team in the near future. At the present time, and in this picture, we now live on Oahu. Steeler loves his Kong toy and always wants to play a great game of fetch. He is very smart, loves long walks, and loves the beach (we go often to the beach.)
Steeler will be five years old Sept 28, 2012. He weighs 116 pounds. Blaze is six years old. She weighs 65 pounds. Steeler is definitely the Alpha dog. :)
159. Molly the GSD

Submitted by: Manfred & Christy S
Photo 1: Molly is our 12 month old GSD, in this photo she was about 5 months old.  As you can tell she is a real character! She is modeling an Amphibious Chuckit.  She walked (bumped) around the house most of the afternoon like this. What joy she has brought into our lives.
Photo 2: Next she will be modeling the Hol-EE Roller.  Apparently, she enjoys toys affixed to her nose-as she places them there herself.  She is 5 months old in this photo.

160. Doc the American Bulldog
Submitted by: William F
"Doc" is an American Bulldog, loves people and has a lot of charisma, at the time of this picture he was 3 months old, and was caught digging in the back yard after the sprinklers went off, the look on his face say's it all, I'm guilty !! The other photo shows his intent to listen and please. He is now 3 years old very discipline, intelligent, and a wonderful dog !!
161. Zeva  
Submitted by: Tricia S
Zeva is a working line GSD and we are training in Schutzhund. If there is water, she is in it. Here she is playing in the sprinkler. She can't get enough of it, and neither can we watching her antics!
162. Bodie the Airdale  
Submitted by: John & Sherry H
Our dog is Bodie who is a 3 1/2 year old Airdale, he is smart as whip, fantastic tracker, feeds on a totally natural diet, and is really funny, and loves to wash his paws in his drinking water, his favorite toy is one we purchased from Leerburg called a "Holy Moly", and it's about the only toy that's still intact.
163. Maile vom Banach  
Submitted by: Amy H
Here's a couple pictures of Maile vom Banach. she's 2 years old and a Search and Rescue dog for Lane County. As you can see, she loves the water and is a very high energy dog. 
164. Isla  
Submitted by: Jil & Garth S
The photo is of our dog is Isa, who's 2 years old. We live just a few miles from Lake Michigan, and swimming is one of her favorite summertime activities. Other things she'd do at a moments' notice: chase a ball, go biking next to one of us, run through our woods, and run with one of our physically-fit adult children.
165. Uma the German Shepherd  
Submitted by: Melissa & David S
Uma is a beautiful sable German Shepherd; she is Vermont born, lives in Connecticut  and will be 2 in July.  She has a sweet personality with a high play drive.  Her favorite pastimes are long hikes in the mountains of Connecticut and Vermont, horsing around in her backyard, birdwatching, and rides in the Jeep all followed by long naps on the porch...
166. Tipper the Australian Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Jerilyn H
Tipper is a 3 year old Australian shepherd mix. He loves to play tug, go swimming, and go for long runs. He also likes to play with cats and ride in the car. Tipper is very beloved by his human and feline family!
167. Zelda  
Submitted by: Lise K
168. Marco the Cane Corso  
Submitted by: Steve A
Marco, 5 month old Male Cane Corso.
169. Kodiak the GSD  
Submitted by: Monica C
Kodiak is a very happy and lively GSD.  He had a rough start in life as he was very sick as a puppy.  But thanks to a good vet tech and lots of love he is very healthy now.  He really started his health improvement when I started him on a Raw diet.  He loves to take walks in the woods, play with my sons and is learning agility. 
170. Bodhi  
Submitted by: Catherine R
Forever my co-pilot, always up for the next adventure no matter where it may take us. This photo was taken at Mt. St. Helens.
171. Kimber & Libby the GSDs  
Submitted by: Deborah K
Photo 1: Kimber my female GSD – she is about 3 months in this picture – she is learning her basic obedience.
Photo 2: Libby, 5 year old female GSD, helping me out gardening!
172. Czar & Jett
Submitted by: Susan W
Photo 1: Black and tan GSD, Czar, 3 1/2 years old & Black & Silver GSD Jett 1 year old rescue. Ages are at the time of picture taken in our backyard. Pausing for a minute while enjoy playing in 18 inches of fresh snow by far this is my most favorite picture of them.
Photo 2: Black and tan GSD, Czar, 4 1/2 years old & Black & Silver GSD Jett 2 year old rescue. Ages are at time of fall photo after a long walk on the trails. Taking a break along the river bank last fall before returning home life is good.
173. Loial the Mastiff  
Submitted by: Hilary S
I have attached a couple of photos of my Mastiff, Loial. He is 3 and a half years old and is a New Zealand show champion. He has his own leather couch and is a big part of our family.
174. Aengus & Olive the Bullmastiffs  
Submitted by: Danielle P
These are our bullmastiffs Aengus who is 8 1/2 and Olive who is going to be 2 at the end of this month. The first pic is a copy of our Christmas card from last year. Aengus is "Scrooge" and Olive is "Tiny Tim". I would say that their personalities aren't far from those roles. They're definitely opposites but compliment each other very well. The second picture is from fall 2010 and there is even a special appearance from "froggy" in the corner.
175. Hank  
Submitted by: Ken E
One hot dog.
Hank, a Leerburg model (D&T harness, tri-tonics remote, and leather collar).
We are down in Houston, (i.e. the swamp) and the morning temps and humidity are getting up there quickly. Even though he’s a dog that comes from South African lines he doesn’t like to be ‘hot’ (spoiled a/c dog!). So as soon as we got back to the house he jumped into the pool. Of course with all of his equipment on! So now I try to at least get the leather collar off before he jumps in. (Your collars are great, but pool water is hard on leather). Now if I could get him to quit rolling in poo in his gear it would be great!
176. Reagan the GSD  
Submitted by: Sharon K
These are my favorite photos of my GSD, “Reagan.” Reagan, in these pictures, is a 18 month old female AKC registered GSD. (She’ll be 2 years in August). No titles, other than “Star Puppy” and CGC, but looking toward more. She’s a high-drive, exhuberant dog with a typical canine sense of humor and very forgiving of my mistakes. I have occasional back problems, and she is quick to pick things up that I drop and return them to me, and will put her front paws on the nearest chair or sofa to aid in clipping the leash at those times when my back won’t cooperate. Don’t know what I ever did without her!
177. Sadie, Rocky, Romeo, & Bella  
Submitted by: Anthony B
Dogs Featured: German Shepard- Sadie, Boxer- Rocky, Male Yorkie- Romeo, Female Yorkie- Bella
Our dogs are our lives.They all love each other dearly and yes the yorkies rule the pack!!!
178. River the GSD  
Submitted by: Mary R
This is River!
He is a 6 month old GSD. In the pictures I've attached he is 7 weeks old and four months old. He is a foster dog from Leader Dogs for the Blind headquartered in Rochester, Michigan. I brought him home at 7 weeks, and am responsible for training basic obedience and "socialization" until he is 12-14 months old, when he will be returned for more intensive training, then hopefully placement with someone who is blind or visually impaired. The picture with the fire gear was taken during a group puppy outing to a local fire station. He is a great dog and a joy to train! Responsive when training, and catches on to new behaviors quickly with markers. Because he is a leader dog puppy, we get to train in some interesting places. Some of his favorites include the Always Christmas store, and the grocery store, especially the meat counter!
179. Sadie & Kali  
Submitted by: Michelle H
Sadie-mixed breed. Retired SARK9. Proficient in airscent, trailing, scent discrimination and HRD. 10 years old. Found as a stray, feral pup.
Kali Vom Haus Lobenswert- AKC registered German Shepherd. Obedience trained and started in tracking and K9 therapy. 6 years old.
180. Alex von Der Kensall
Submitted by: Vickie H
God Bless America!
181. Callie  
Submitted by: Carol E
Callie, our German shepherd, now 16 months.
1st photo taken at 9 weeks: snoozing instead of shepherding
2nd photo taken last November: recording-breaking snowfall in Alaska and Callie loved every inch of it. She thinks the current 60 degree summer days are too warm.
182. Bailey  

Submitted by: Jean R
MACH2 Baileys Irish Cream...Bailey, 8 year Labrador
Bailey is a high energy, athletic field lab who excels at agility and is also a great family dog.

183. Gwen & Flyy the Border Collies
Submitted by:Jamie R
My two border collies, Gwen (left with spots) who is a year old Flyy (right) who is 2 years old. The second picture is of Gwen. Two awesome dogs that participate in frisbee, herding, agility, tracking, obedience, and SAR.
184. Conan the Bordeaux  
Submitted by: Stephen C
Conan is a gorgeous 11 month Bordeaux puppy 9mobths in picture he's a big teddy doesn't realise there's 8.5 stone behind his collar
185. Rexon's Bare Lace
Submitted by: Angela R
This is Rexon's Bare Lace, we call her Pebbles. She's been an amazing girl since she came gone with us at 12 weeks. While she has not completed her training, she alerts me to a rate type of migraine. She started this completely on her own, and I have built on her talent ever since. She's now 2 yrs old.
186. Guero  
Submitted by: Gabriel M
His registered name is Canyon’s Benny Blanco. But we have always just called him Guero. He is 5 years old and has been a member of our family since he was 8 weeks. From the beginning he had problems that I believe were associated with him being mauled when he was just 7 weeks old by the adult female of his first owner. He almost died in that attack. Trying to take him anywere in public was difficult as he was aggressive towards other dogs and just never really looked comfortable out. I found a local trainer who took him for 2 weeks and returned to me a well behaved and trained companion. Just look how happy he is to be out at the park! Before you could literally feel his anxiety building. My only regret is that, one, I made him submit to someone outside his pack structure, and two, I did not learn of Leerberg until after his training. I have used many of your DVDs to further his training as well as the pack members.
Submitted by: Kevin R
188. Rook  
Submitted by: Coco R
Thank you to everyone at Leerburg for all the amazing guidance, forums and products you provide to all of us! I'm such a fan and my relationship with my GSD would never be what it is without all of your videos and guidance. Here is my buddy, Rook, at the Montrose Harbor in Chicago, IL.
Submitted by: Daniel C
Submitted by: Lauras G
Submitted by: John T
Wiley is an 8 year old German Shepherd and is a police service dog in Northern California. This photo was taken during a training session in which the SWAT team and K9 Wiley were doing some shield lifting orientation drills. Wiley has been working as a police service dog since 2005.
192. Angus  
Submitted by: Brittney
My best friend Angus:)
193. Hillcrest Burn It To The Ground
Submitted by: Nicole F
Hillcrest Burn It To The Ground, OA, OAJ, CGC "Cel"
2 years old- Open herding training started
194. Kandu  
Submitted by: Tracy M
Photo 1: "Kandu" - 'Great Expectation's Ewe Kandu This!' - Approx 5.5mos in shot..9mos old presently
This is Kandu enjoying a trip to Woodman's with us and exploring another new surrounding:-) He is training in obed,agility,tracking,and herding. He has tons of drive from working lines, a north american X euro cross bred boxer, and is a complete joy to train and play with...AND to live with!:-)) He's the man with a plan!
Photo 2: "E-Z"
- "FA's That was Easy! SPJ,SSA,SJ,SG,AG,AD" - 6 yrs old this month! b/w smooth coat border collie
This is E-Z taking his first dip in the pool this yr when we opened it..he LOVES the rivals agility, his other love.
195. Ernie the Akita
Submitted by: Elizabeth R
This is our 2 yr old male neutered Akita name Ernie.
Submitted by: Sandra M
197. Jordan & Scooby the South African Boerboels
Submitted by: Terrence & Brandy A
Photo 1: This is my male Jordan. He is a 4 year old South African Boerboel.
Photo 2: This is a picture of my South African Boerboel. His name is Scooby. He is 6 weeks old in this picture.
Submitted by: Donna M
199. Izzie, B, Finn, & Tally  
Submitted by: Nancy K
Photo 1:
The first pic is of Izzie, my 5 year old shetland sheepdog. I am a fan of Leerburg and of Michael Ellis as she was very high drive and I needed to learn how to use tugging in an effective manner and also to teach self control and targeting!!
Photo 2: The second pic is of my entire family. The black and white papillon in the middle is "B" and she is 17 years old. The brown and white papillon is Finn and he is 12 years old. The little sheltie is Tally. The larger darker sheltie is Izzie. The shelties continues to compete in agility but the paps are retired.This is one of my favorite pictures and will treasure it always!!!
200. Aiden  
Submitted by: Alexis B
Aiden vom HausDaka will be 3 years old on 7/15 this year.
We have been using your website for our training supplies since we got involved in Schutzhund. Aiden hasn't been the easiest dog to train, but your DVDs and equipment have helped us immensely. The photo was taken at Aiden's IPO1 trial at Liberty Working Dog Club in NY. We just wanted to thank you for all that you do!
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