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Leerburg 2012 Photo Contest Submissions

2012 Photo Contest Submissions

Photos 1-100 | 101-200 | 201+

The photo submissions on this page are in no particular order. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

201. Gretchen & Scooter
Submitted by: Roy S
Submitted by: James R
Lazer Dogs
203. AAdams
Submitted by: Harlan H
Attached is a photo of my recently retired K9 AAdams. AAdams is a TSA Puppy Program Dog who worked with me in the Department of Homeland Security until his retirement in December 2011.
204. Dino the Belgian Malinois & Legacy the Bloodhound

Submitted by: Patricio B
Here is a picture of my dogs Dino the Belgian Malinois and Legacy the bloodhound.

205. Maya the German Shepherd Mix
Submitted by: Gene S
Maya is a 6 y/o German Shepherd mix. She is super happy and friendly and loves people of all ages, especially those who throw the ball for her.
Thse pictures were taken in the fall at Crowder's Mountain State Park. The first was at the top of the mountain, and the second was of the girls taking a nap on the ride home.
Submitted by: Jeff L
207. Buzi the Presa Canario
Submitted by: Janet H
This is Buzi, a Presa Canario born from the RedStar Kennel bloodline. I took him in when he was 6 months and abandoned by his owner. In the beginning, I was confused and worried how I would raise a Presa Canario, and spend endless hours reading Leerburg's site continuously for information and advice on raising a dog like this. I bought most of my equipment and training tapes from Leerburg .... I really like Ed's new leash providing a double hook for backup - it has been successful and helps our walks be less stressful for me. Buzi trained with the German muzzle that I bought from the site too, and it was here that I learned a muzzle is okay - and actually the responsible thing to have with a dog of this kind. We have progressed so much and he is such an amazing dog, and so much fun to work with! He respects me like no other, and that I owe to the knowledge that I get from Leerburg site. I really learned from 'Establishing Pack Structure," and together with Michael Ellis 'Training with Markers' and 'Power of Tug' (Buzi loves that game).... The training has been like gold to us. I have to get the 'Nosework' training and kit because this dog absolutely loves to track scents. We are on a raw diet, natural flea control, limited vaccines, and do daily obedience training together with play time in our backyard obstacle course, swimming pool, and long hikes. Life couldn't be better! Thanks to the opportunity to learn and live by Leerburg's advice and great training.. I recommend Leerburg to every single dog owner I meet who asks about training or equipment, and I am proud to say Leerburg is the best source for everything dogs. So, many thanks for all the knowledge you give to the dog owners, you must sleep better at nights knowing the lives you truly touch... and that goes for both dogs and people! The experience is amazing.
208. Took, Kitty, & Ditto
Submitted by: Misty S
Photo 1: Left Took Age: 6 Certified Wilderness Search Dog, Center Kitty Age: 4 Certified HRD Recovery Dog, Right Ditto Age: 5 Certified Wilderness Search Dog
Photo 2: "Multiple Targets Acquired" - K9 Took, Certified Wilderness Search & Rescue Dog, Age 6
209. Houdini the Great Pyrenees  
Submitted by: Cheria R
Great Pyrenees, male, 9 yrs old. His name is Houdini
I am submitting pictures of my Great Pyrenees. His name is Houdini and he was adopted from our local Animal Shelter approximately 7 years ago. Houdini is the most gentle and loving pet. He adores our 5 year old granddaughter, Madison and she feels the same about him. He is 9 years of age and lives inside our home. The picture of him alone is just after his hair cut and the other is him watching over Madison as she fell asleep in the kitchen floor. Madison's seventeen year old sister takes him out for walks several times a day when they are visiting with me and my husband Rick. We consider Houdini to be a family member, not just a pet.
210. Dina & Max
Submitted by: Sal L
Just wanted to submit a picture of 2 of my dogs for the photo contest. It was taken this past February while on our way home from a seminar in Arizona. We stopped at the Petrified Forest park, and had to get a picture of Dina and Max playing tourist. I called them out of the truck to pose next to a "log." Poor Dina, I told them to sit next to the log; she's trying to sit on some sage brush. The second picture is from February 2011. After attending seminar in AZ (same seminar, a year earlier), and before heading back to California to finish up at the Michael Ellis School, Max and I took the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon, South Rim. Was an unplanned side trip. Went from temps in the 70's in Phoenix the day before, to fresh snow and temps barely in the 20's that time of the morning the picture was taken. Rather uncomfortable when you didn't plan for and aren't really dressed for it. Amazing place to see, none the less. Thou I think I was more impressed with it than was Max. (FWIW, for the next picture taken, and several others during the day, I did set the camera to take pictures of the both of us together.)
211. Marrco the Rottweiler
Submitted by: Aaron R
This is Marrco resting after a hard training session. He is a male 11 month old Rottweiler.
212. Tessa, Mattie, Waylon, & Andy  
Submitted by: Debbie T
Photo 1: Tessa (white German Shepherd), age 4. Tessa was abandoned and found in bad conditions with heart worm, sores, and bald spots. She imediately bounded with our dogs that are golden retrievers.
Photo 2: Mattie (9) in Kayak, Waylon (2 month) holding oar, and Andy (6). The dogs love to go kayak with us along the shore line where they can explore and romp in the water.
213. Jack & Chloe the Olde English Bulldogs  
Submitted by: Denise
This is Jack and Chloe my 2 Olde English Bulldogs.
214. Nova the Belgian Tervuren
Submitted by: Dawna A
My dog's name is Nova (Mighty SuperNova of Earlymoon CD RA AX AXJ NF) He is a 2 years-old Belgian Tervuren. He is a great dog with a lot of hear and a great since of humor. He competes in confirmation, obedience, agility, rally, and lure coursing. He also does tracking and personal protection.
215. Fawkes & Miro  

Submitted by: Maile H
Fawkes is a 4 year old fun-loving shepherd mix who likes to work hard and play harder! Ever since adopting him as an unruly 7 month old puppy, he has had extensive training including, but not limited to: obedience, agility, assistance work, scent detection, tracking, and protection work. He's a Certified Canine Good Citizen, won multiple "Best Trick/Performance" awards, and even performed his famous card trick for the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan!

Miro is my 3 year old miniature rottweiler who ended up as a forever foster. Anyone who thinks rottweilers are scary, just hasn't met her! She could win anybody over with her adorable puppy dog eyes; she has the technique down pat! She is always eager to do whatever job is needed of her (especially if a ball is involved!), For example, she can impress onlookers with her obedience, "Wow!" an audience with her agility, and also help out with her assistance work! Not to mention she has a great nose (and knows how to use it!) and personal safety isn't a concern when she is around.

216. Max & Callie  
Submitted by: Patricia C
A dog I fostered on the left, Max, and my own dog on the right, Callie.
217. Shadow

Submitted by: Nora O
Attached is a photo of our 1 year old pony, I mean puppy, Shadow. My husband, Tim is 6'3" and when Shadow stands he rests his paws on Tim's shoulders. Shadow's mother (a purebreed Llewellyn Setter) was in the pound about to be euthenized when they realized she was pregnant. She was brought to the Southwest MIchigan SPCA where her pups were born and where we picked up Shadow at 10 weeks old. Shadow looks like Fred Astaire with his white socks and black freckles, black body with a white tuxedo and a perfect heart on his chest located right where his actual heart is located. It sympbolizes his all HEART personality. Shadow is often taunted by the little dogs in the neighborhood as well as my 3 sons (ages 8-14), but he never would growl or hurt a fly (just eat one). He partakes in frequent antics all day long including grabbing (with his mouth) the bottom dishwasher rack clear out and running away to play keep away with it. Of course, Mom is the only one present for most of his antics. He is extremely smart and playful and you won't find another dog ANYWHERE like him!

218. Gunner the Chocolate Labrador  
Submitted by: Caitlin B
Gunner is a silly Chocolate Labrador who loves to Swim and play Fetch.
219. Oscar the English Cocker Spaniel  
Submitted by: Nathan R
Photo 1: In this image he is approximately 9 weeks old and was the day he learnt to sit without a lure.
Photo 2: In this image he is approximately 32 weeks old and was his first day out in the field next to our property, learning (unsuccessfully) how to retreive a frisbee. He wouldn't come back to us so that we could get him untangled from it - the true trait of a Cocker's Spaniels stubborness. Another trait that shone through was the inability to stop his tail wagging regardless of the situation he was in!
Submitted by: Carole B
Submitted by: Krista W
222. Enno  
Submitted by: Gary L
This photo is of Enno zu Treuen Handen. 1 year old (on 5-26-2012). Location is downtown Mt Clemens, Michigan 48043. Early Morning, 5-26-2012.  This was his birthday. He is one year old. The photo is Enno kissing a large Bronze Statue. No peanut butter used.  just touch/marker training.
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