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Leerburg 2014 Photo Contest Submissions

2014 Photo Contest Submissions

The photo submissions on this page are in no particular order. If you do not see your photos below, we either did not receive them or the photos did not work. All photos on this page are being considered for upcoming winners.

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  • 1A. Ready for Work    
    Ready for Work
    Submitted by: Alex Ooley
    This is a picture of Hoss (left) and Buck (right) just after sunrise before a day of work. They are both German Shepherds and always ready to work.
    1B. Dog in the Snow    
    Dog in the Snow
    Submitted by: Alex Ooley
    This is my German Shepherd
  • 2. Perfect Form    
    Perfect Form
    Submitted by: Kim Harter
    Fuzz loves the pool!
  • 3. Untitled    
    Submitted by: Amy Marotz
  • 4A. noah being photogenic    
    noah being photogenic
    Submitted by: Kristen Marino
    My boy Noah is 1 1/2 years old he is the best dog .. very good in obedience . also very good protection trained dog .. my best friend .. he also likes to pose for pictures
    4B. my crazy man    
    my crazy man
    Submitted by: Kristen Marino
    Noah is my 1 1/2 year old black German shepherd.. he is very good at obedience and also doing amazing in his protection training .. we are planning on competing in PSA next year
  • 5. Exploring with his Guardian    
    Exploring with his Guardian
    Submitted by: Amy Marotz
  • 6A. Waiting to go    
    Waiting to go
    Submitted by: Jeremiah
    Working in the yard and Macy(my female Shepherd) is waiting for me to be done
    6B. Taking it easy    
    Taking it easy
    Submitted by: Jeremiah
    Hard day of playing
  • 7. Bindi, the Doberman    
    Bindi, the Doberman
    Submitted by: Jan Knode
    Taking a hike in the woods in the spring.
  • 8. ready to attack    
    ready to attack
    Submitted by: hooman asadzadeh
    this is our 3 year old Malinois from Adelaide Australia.
  • 9A. ON top of the World    
    ON top of the World
    Submitted by: Chris Duncan
    Ty watching the sunrise on top of Boyd Rock, Kaimanawa Ranges, New Zealand
    9B. This Way!    
    This Way!
    Submitted by: Chris Duncan
    Ty tramping the Urchin Trail, Central North Island, New Zealand
  • 10. Untitled    
    Submitted by: nazli jianfar
  • 11A. Summer at the Lake    
    Summer at the Lake
    Submitted by: Ryan Maciej
    We spend a lot of time at the cabin in the summer. Bailey
    11B. Bailey through the Grass    
    Bailey through the Grass
    Submitted by: Ryan Maciej
    My dog Bailey taking a break from playing in the field. She's a 3.5 year old Australian Shepherd mix.
  • 12A. Life is Good!    
    Life is Good!
    Submitted by: Belinda Cox
    Young GSD, Dax, enjoying life.
    12B. Live life like you mean it.    
    Live life like you mean it.
    Submitted by: Belinda Cox
    Dax, exiting pool.
  • 13. Dapper D. Dog    
    Dapper D. Dog
    Submitted by: Eric Galayda
    Attached is my working Dutchie who was 5 months old in May when this was taken. He'll be competing in French Ring next spring.
  • 14A. Got Ball?    
    Got Ball?
    Submitted by: Sandra Wright
    1 yr old GSD, Sampson
    14B. Group Focus    
    Group Focus
    Submitted by: Sandra Wright
  • 15. IOWA    
    Submitted by: Annick chassing
  • 16. Untitled    
    Submitted by: Matt Stephens
  • 17A. Jump High    
    Jump High
    Submitted by: Melanie Sears
    Romeo a dutch shepherd lives for the ball. He loves jumping for it.
    17B. Life Guard    
    Life Guard
    Submitted by: Melanie Sears
    Karma loves the pool and swimming is her thing!!
  • 18. Mt. Mansfield Summit    
    Mt. Mansfield Summit
    Submitted by: Kyle
    Taking a break on top of VT highest peak after a fun climb!
  • 19A. couch potato    
    couch potato
    Submitted by: Eunice Mushitz
    My shepherd in chill out mode lol
    19B. Callie in disguise    
    Callie in disguise
    Submitted by: Eunice Mushitz
    Callie in disguise as a pointer
  • 20. Smooch!    
    Submitted by: Mary Schurr
    My Mali at local Obedience Trial
  • 21. My Bark Box is here!!    
    My Bark Box is here!!
    Submitted by: Cindy Paoletti
    This is the way Charlie gets when his bark box comes in the mail. He knows the box is for him the moment he sees it. Can you say excited and happy?
  • 22. Serious Boy Blue    
    Serious Boy Blue
    Submitted by: Joe Carreiro
  • 23. I love u mom    
    I love u mom
    Submitted by: Salena gonzales
    My baby pit bull laying around
  • 24A. Ball crazy!    
    Ball crazy!
    Submitted by: Dan OBrien
    Draego (JudasKiss Von SentinelHarts) loves his ball!
    24B. Draego in his Leerburg harness    
    Draego in his Leerburg harness
    Submitted by: Dan OBrien
    Draego, wearing his Leerburg leather harness, in his early bitework training.
  • 25. Pool time    
    Pool time
    Submitted by: Donny
    Blue heeler
  • 26. Pool time    
    Pool time
    Submitted by: Donny
  • 27. Dapper D. Dog    
    Dapper D. Dog
    Submitted by: Eric Galayda
    This photo is of Dapper at 9 weeks of age in January of this year. He will be competing in French Rind & Mondioring next spring.
  • 28A. Mollie the Snow Queen    
    Mollie the Snow Queen
    Submitted by: Deborah Peretz
    A snowy day in Vermont and a happy Yorkie
    28B. Jesse James    
    Jesse James
    Submitted by: Deborah Peretz
    Jesse at home
  • 29A. Schultz's Happy Face    
    Schultz's Happy Face
    Submitted by: Cindy Manuele
    This is my 20 month old Rottweiler Schultz. As you can tell by the picture, he is a very happy dog and is an excellent representative of his breed.
    29B. Schultz, the life of the party    
    Schultz, the life of the party
    Submitted by: Cindy Manuele
    This was taken at my brother's 40th birthday party. Schultz is sporting his Leerburg leather obedience leash and his tail. His breeder doesn't dock. He's a purebred, working lines German Rottweiler who will be 2 in December. And he's very photogenic.
  • 30. BAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!    
    Submitted by: Christy Waehner
    A wild game of ball on the beach with Monty!!
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