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Sorry, but the Soft Grip Leashes has been discontinued.

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Soft Grip Leashes

Based on 9 reviews

Sorry, the Soft Grip Leashes has been discontinued.

  • Synthetic imitation leather material
  • High-quality stainless steel snap
  • Sewn and pop-riveted for security
  • Amish made
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Soft Grip Leashes are made from a synthetic imitation leather material. It has the same durability as leather but is much stronger.The snaps are sewn and then pop riveted to insure the highest security available. This is very important in Schutzhund and police protection training where a broken leash can cause disaster.

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I got one of the Biothane 2-rivet special price leashes because they were so modestly priced. 2 rivets vs. 4 makes no real difference to me because any dog that is a 'puller' (in dog rescue or evaluating a dog at a shelter for a rescue group) needs to be wearing a prong collar or Gentle Leader.

I really like the Biothane material for its : simplicity to keep clean, strength and resistance to wear, resistance to any weather, good looks, good quality clasp, comfort in the hands.

That last point is one often overlooked. A leash is your connection to a dog collar. I want the best sensitivity, no abrasion and no slipping or burning of my hands. And I want others (especially dog rescue event visitors) to identify me as an amateur handler who knows to select quality gear and with an understanding of how to use it. And if I am asked where the leash came from... I ask them to write down . There is no business in America like Leerburg with free resources, real professional Q/A readily available, free video help in dog handling and feature courses by top dog handlers (Ellis and Muto, and the Frawleys).

Responsible dog handling starts with information and professional help. And Leerburg has those as well as the deepest selection of real dog gear in America.
...even 'hillbilly dawgs' in Virginia know that Leerburg products are top notch (see photo) !

- on

Love this leash! I have arthritis and this leash is easy for me to hold even in colder weather. The loop lays well over my thumb fits in my hand well. So glad I gave the Soft Grip a try.

- on

This leash is awesome! Will be buying more! Easy on the hands with powerful dogs in protection. Super strong! I'm so pleased.

- on

Love these leashes! Really wish they were available in 2 and 4 feet!

- on

10 foot Soft Grip Leash: Great leash. Looks handsome and the soft material is easy on the hands. Especially when you've got a big dog that pulls!

- on

Nearly 20 years ago, I made two 10' leashes from horse reins and used Chicago screws to secure the loop and a solid brass clasp... just like yours. But a single rein of thick leather nowadays is too expensive to make into a dog leash for most folks.

I had made about a dozen biothane leashes over the past 2 years with more narrow and thinner material than your product. They worked well and I let a dog rescue group sell them to make some money for the rescue effort.

But the 10' orange biothane leash Leerburg offers is a bargain, even adding in shipping.
It's comfortable, supple, easy to spot in dim light, draws attention (and a chance to recommend it and Leerburg!), and is strong like leather with no maintenance. Soap and water to clean it and it's nearly impervious to regular weather.

It's delivered folded, so I hung it over a bar with the 2 halves attached to a weight to straighten it out. The remaining slight bend will come out quickly. I have used cotton, nylon, leather, poly leashes and traffic leads over the years.

I never had a leash to equal yours, especially at a modest price, except for the solid leather one I made. For folks with a sturdy dog (Boxer, APBT, GSD, etc.) this leash and a buckle collar (not the hard plastic clasp type but a metal buckle!) will keep your dog safe and look great and mark the handler as person who knows good equipment.

Doug in Richmond, VA

- on

I own the prong collar leash in the soft grip synthetic material. I've been a die-hard leather leash user for nearly 20 years, but this new material is wonderful. No more bleeding color when wet and no hard stiff leather after drying. Always looks new and clean, so soft on the hands and STRONG!

NOW, PLEASE make a straight 6-foot leash from the same material - I need two ASAP! Thanks for listening!

- on

I love my leather leashes, however, I am sold on the synthetic! Mainly for its strength,but also because of the comfort using one...there is no longer a 'break in' get the leather conditioned and to make it softer! No more cleaning with saddle soap or Lexol....clean up is FAST! Simply wipe down with a damp towel, I use a washcloth, and it looks as good as new! I take the time to dry it, then hang it up. Because of the variety of colors, each dog can be color coded, .... This is a GREAT help with my Search dogs! If tracking through mud, there are NO worries, it cleans up faster and easier than leather! Ever clean a leather leash and when it dries it has that "stiff" never have to worry about that anymore! Thanks for a great product..Also, ever lay a leather leash down when doing off leash work? If you get a blue or other color, you can find it so easily! No longer a search for your leash!

- on

10 foot Soft Grip Leash: This leash is too thick to fold up and carry in one hand. Also my dog has started to chew it and I don't think it will hold up. Plus it's very stiff which also makes it hard to handle.

- on

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