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GoughNuts pet toys are designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY. The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each GoughNuts Ring and or Stick has included in it's design the GoughNuts patent pending visual safety indicator where Green/Black/Orange/Yellow means "Go" and Red means "Stop".


If your dog chews through the outside wear layer of any GoughNuts Ring or Stick, Green, Black, Yellow or Orange, to expose the indication layer, Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy. GoughNuts, "Chew Toy Safety Indicator" is a mechanism for the dog owner to see a clear indication of when to take the GoughNut from the dog.

GoughNuts Safety Guarantee applies to all of our products. Our Rings should be used for supervised power chewing. Our Stick, Balls, Kups, and TuGs should be considered interactive play versus constant or power chewing. If any of our products are damaged please follow our Safety Guarantee Policy as a mechanism to get your dog a safe undamaged GoughNut. Sizing is very important. Bigger dogs need bigger diameter cross sections to help eliminate scissor like chunks that are the primary reason for intestinal blockage. Please always be conservative and present products that exceed the width of your dogs mouth.


If you see a red indication or if any GoughNut product is damaged, return the GoughNut to:

  • Leerburg Enterprises, Inc.
  • 406 Technology Drive West
  • Menomonie, WI 54751

If in the Continential US, please include a check for $7.20 to cover Flat-Rate shipping back to you. If not in the Continential US, please contact our office at (715) 235-6502 or for a return price. We will evaluate the GoughNut damage and return a new GoughNut. This return or safety guarantee policy is one of our commitments and investment to your dogs safety.

Please do not allow your dog to continue chewing the GoughNut if red is indicated. The safety premise is designed to give clear indication to show when the toy is damaged and is and instruction or indication to take the GoughNut away from the dog. Following this instruction or visible indication is a design to help prevent intestinal blockage. Intestinal blockage is a serious safety issue and in worst case scenarios can kill your dog.


In general, a chew toy is designed to withstand the aggressive chewing of your dog. The GoughNut is designed with diameters that are sized to make it difficult for your dog to destroy or damage the GoughNut. It is important to know that manufacturing is not perfect. Whether a chew toy has a defect or your dog simply has the power to destroy a toy, as soon as the original design of the toy is compromised the toy must be taken away from the dog.

Any red indication is an indication to take the toy away. We will only congratulate you for taking the toy away when the smallest amount of red is present. Many dog owners have followed our patent pending instruction showing us that the premise is working. Please make every effort to keep your dog safe. No chew toy is indestructible.

Correct sizing is as important as any safety feature. Choose a chew toy that is big in your dogs mouth. The chew toy should appear large in your dogs mouth. When you have a doubt about what size to choose, please ask a pet professional for help. As a rule make sure the chew toy is larger in size than the distance between your dogs back molars when measuring across the jaw.

Correct time to take the toy away - Red Indicator. The photo is an example of a dog owner that did a good/correct job at taking the GoughNut away from the dog when red was indicated. Please realize that this amount of red is not more than 1/8 inch in size. The red clearly shows even though the indication size is quite small. Please use this example to realize that we do not want to see excessive damage before the toy is taken away. This GoughNut was well loved. This damage was made by a 100 pound yellow lab.

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