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Full Vent 2-Door Powder Coated Dog Crate
Based on 2 reviews
$839.00 - $1,124.00 $770.00 - $925.00

Full Vent 2-Door Powder Coated Dog Crate

Based on 2 reviews
$839.00 - $1,124.00 $770.00 - $925.00
  • Not included for $5.99 shipping or other shipping specials
  • Two doors
  • Full ventilation on all four sides
  • TIG welded
  • Made of aluminum
  • Stainless steel locking door latch
  • Powder-coated on the interior and exterior
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 7 business days
  • Not eligible for returns or exchanges
  • This item requires a custom quote shipping cost. We will email you the shipping cost for approval of additional charge. You can also request a quote before ordering by calling our office between 8:00AM - 5:00PM CT.

The Full Vent 2-Door Powder Coated Crate features ventilation on all four sides plus an additional door. This crate was designed with air movement in mind and this is a great feature for those dogs that must remain in their kennel all day. Having two doors on the crate allows you to position it differently in vehicles or other places for an easier access to get in and out. Compare to the Full Ventilation Crate with only one door.

This powder coated aluminum crate is very durable. The crate has a very hard finish because there is a special coating process that is done in two steps. It is because of the two layers of coating on this crate that the finish is not only very hard but also extremely durable.

The powder-coated crates are gray fleck on black, a stunning look. The crates are powder coated on the interior and exterior.

It is costly to produce a crate of this style because of the time it takes to weld each and every bar; that is why you don't see many aluminum full ventilation crates on the market.

The gap between the bars on the crate is 2.5 inches. Most inside wheel-well measurements in trucks, vans, and SUVs are 48" wide. This way you can fit any two of the small crates we offer in your vehicle side-by-side.

The crate comes fully assembled and is Tig Welded.


  • Medium- 36" x 24" x 28"
  • Large - 42" x 28" x 32"
  • XLarge - 48" x 28" x 32"

Perks of aluminum materials and TIG welded

Aluminum for dog crates and kennels is the perfect material because it is lightweight, strong, does not rust. Best of all does not absorb the suns heat! All of the crates we offer are aluminum welded by the TIG welding process. TIG welding is a very difficult welding to do and is the welding process that we use because it is the strongest aluminum weld. TIG welding is also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). TIG welding is a high quality welding process that is used when a precision welding process is required. To do TIG welding it requires a special TIG welding machine. Many welders can weld steel but aluminum welding takes many years of experience to master. These crates are constructed by a master welder with 28 years experience.

Suggested Linings

To line the floor of the crates here at Leerburg Kennels, we use thick rubber mats cut to the size of the crates. They provide a softer surface for the dogs to lay on, and the dogs don't chew on them.

If you are ordering a Rubber Kennel Mat to be placed inside of a crate, please keep in mind that the kennel mat must be cut to the exact specifications of the internal measurement of the crate. For example, a 36x24 Full Ventilation Aluminum crate will use a 34x22 kennel mat due to the inside measurement of the crate.

Bought this product?

I have been a Leerburg customer for almost 8 years and have always been amazed at the quality of your website and the products you sell (collars, leashes, sleeves, muzzles, bowls, DVDs, etc.).

However, my latest purchase, an extra large 2-door powder coated aluminum dog crate, exceeds even my wildest expectations. This product is as much beautiful, durable sculpture as it is a dog crate. I wish I had just gone ahead and bought this 8 years ago, instead of fooling around with the 4 different wire crates I had during this period.

Of course service and delivery time was excellent as well, so please count me as one of your many loyal, satisfied customers. I sincerely appreciate being able to buy these quality products that just aren't available elsewhere. Keep selling the best and telling it like it is!

- on

This is an incredible crate; fit and finish are first rate. It's durable yet surprisingly lightweight. We've always used the plastic airline crates, yet after bringing home our first rescue we wanted something a little more reliable and roomy. We bought the XL size so he'd have room to fully stand and fully lay down and stretch out (he's a 70# Mal). Loki took right to it, walked right in and laid down. The design is great - lots of airflow, plus he can see out all sides. And the double doors (the second door is on the "back right side" in the product picture) are perfect; it let's you orient the crate either longwise or sideways for entry (this is a really nice feature). This is THE only crate you should ever need, were I to do it again I would just buy this for a puppy (use barriers to make the inside smaller until the pup grows up); we ended up spending more than this for the collection of plastic crates now in our garage. If I ever buy a crate for another dog in the house, it will be another one of these.

Like the other reviewer, I have only great things to say about Leerburg's service as well as all their products. This crate is worth every penny and looks like contemporary office furniture to boot (matches a stainless steel and glass desk I use in the office). Great work Ed and team.


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