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In The Home Crates Powder Coated Full Vent Aluminum Crate
Powder Coated Full Vent Aluminum Crate
Based on 3 reviews
$815.00 - $939.00

Powder Coated Full Vent Aluminum Crate

Based on 3 reviews
$815.00 - $939.00
  • Not included for $6.99 shipping or other shipping specials
  • Full ventilation on all four sides
  • TIG welded
  • Made of aluminum
  • Powder-coated on the interior and exterior
  • This is a Special Order/Custom Made item, normally sent out in no more than 2-4 weeks.
  • Not eligible for cancelations, returns or exchanges
  • This item requires a custom quote shipping cost. We will email you the shipping cost for approval of additional charge. You can also request a quote before ordering by calling our office between 8:00AM - 5:00PM CT.
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This dog crate combines the two best features of all the crates we sell: a stunning powder coated finish and full ventilation. The crate has a very hard finish due to a special coating process that is done in two steps. It is because of the two layers of coating on this crate that the finish is not only very hard but also extremely durable. These crates are powder coated on the interior and exterior. Ventilation on all four sides, designed with air movement in mind and is a great feature for those dogs that must remain in their kennel all day.


  • Medium- 36" x 24" x 28"
  • Large - 42" x 28" x 32"

Perks of aluminum materials and TIG welded

Aluminum for dog crates and kennels is the perfect material because it is lightweight, strong, does not rust. Best of all does not absorb the suns heat! All of the crates we offer are aluminum welded by the TIG welding process. TIG welding is a very difficult welding to do and is the welding process that we use because it is the strongest aluminum weld. TIG welding is also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). TIG welding is a high quality welding process that is used when a precision welding process is required. To do TIG welding it requires a special TIG welding machine. Many welders can weld steel but aluminum welding takes many years of experience to master. These crates are constructed by a master welder with 28 years experience.

Suggested Linings

To line the floor of the crates here at Leerburg Kennels, we use thick rubber mats cut to the size of the crates. They provide a softer surface for the dogs to lay on, and the dogs don't chew on them.

Bought this product?

Excellent quality. I bought the 2 door powder coated version. Expensive but you get what you pay for.

Two minor comments.

The bar welded to the side to be used for the water pail would be better located near the corner of the crate than closer to the middle as it is.

Second minor whine is the the bolt that holds the lock/latch in place would be better if the nut was not accessible with the latch closed unless reaching around inside the crate. So I simply reversed the bolt so the nut is attainable only with the crate door open (that is unless you reach around between the bars-not a good idea with a crazy Mali inside - unless it's your baby).

I've been wanting to buy this crate for several years. I expect this will be the last crate I ever own. The two of them fit perfectly in my minivan. I like these better than anything else I've seen in the last 10 years. Krazy Krates, WTMetal Custom Crates and so many others are very nice too but not quite as well made or good looking. Color matches the interior of my van. What more could you ask for ?

- on

This crate is excellent. I have a dog with separation anxiety and she's broken out of regular crates and has been destructive in the house when left alone. If you are considering purchasing a crate like this, please also consider putting a No-Bark Collar (like one from E-collar Tech., not the citronella spray kind) on your dog while they are in the crate because one day I didn't put the collar on, she panicked when I left the house and broke her teeth trying to bite the bars to escape, and I came back to a bloody mess. Thankfully the aluminum isn't toxic and she didn't do that much damage to her teeth, but it was scary to see.

- on

Bought this crate about a year ago after Saralee was able to get out of the typical wire crate and another crate called a Trixie. She had also pulled the window AC out of the window in order to get out of the house. She was a new rescue with some serious separation anxiety. We've been in this crate for a year. So far the only issue is that she ripped off small piece of metal that goes over the locking mechanism. Has teeth marks on it and she broke her jaw trying to get out. Crate still functional and she is still secure. It's very heavy so you'll need help moving and unpacking it. On the upside, most mornings she is waiting for me in her crate when I'm ready to leave for work!

- on

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