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Comfort Flex Limited Slip Collar
Based on 8 reviews

(contiguous USA only)


Comfort Flex Limited Slip Collar

Based on 8 reviews

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Ends Monday, November 25th, 2019 at 11:59 PM CT

  • Limited cinching action lets the collar tighten for safety, but never to the point of choking
  • Comfortable padded nylon construction
  • Highly visible reflective nylon strapping
  • Adjustable design allows for the perfect fit
  • Machine washable, line dry
  • Made in the USA
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The ComfortFlex Limited Slip Collar is designed to keep your dogs both safe and comfortable on their walks.

This easily adjustable, lightly padded nylon collar goes on loose, easily slipping over the dogs head. If the dog pulls in any direction away from you, the collar then tightens down enough so that the dog can not slip out of the collar, but not enough to choke the dog.

Reflective strapping makes this collar easy to see in low light situations. Machine washable, line dry.


Small7" - 14"
Medium10" - 20"
Large14" - 28"
XLarge17" - 34"
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Verified Customer Review

THANKYOU LEERBURG!!! I got a 'wrong' collar on my last order, and just received another collar in replacement! Fast service, and no hesitation! My other dog is now sporting his new collar, and I'm really really liking these collars!
The reflective strip at night, is priceless, they are soft, and look quite nice too!

Thank you Leerburg, for your amazing service !
Loving these collars, sad that they won't be carrying them in the future


- on

Thank you for such a wonderful collar! Very innovative and it is better than I was expecting. The sizing is perfect, the material is great and feels very comfortable. I like the reflective strips for when my dog is running around at night, or going on walks. The collar is very cool!

- on

Love this collar! It's very soft seems like it would be very comfortable, but it's strong. Beautifully made and love the bright color. It works much better than other martingales that hang up because the material is too stiff and it doesn't hang down. Highly recommend!

- on

Verified Customer Review

I get complements on this all the time. If you have a dog that slips out of it's collar, I would highly recommend this product.

- on

These collars are fabulous. Very gentle on the coat, reflective, and the limited slip function means that when properly adjusted the dog can't back out of them. I love the large O-rings; they're easy to grab and clip a leash to when I'm wearing gloves and mittens. I have them for all my dogs (GSD and Belgians) for walking, and the many colors mean they are easy to color code to each dog. After two years of daily use, they still look new. Highly recommended.

- on

I purchased one of these slip collars about a year ago for my now 3 yr old GS. I absolutely love it. Not only is she unable to slip out of it but I have washed it in the washing machine many times and it still looks brand new. I plan to buy 2 more for my other dogs...

- on

I don't normally walk my dog with a collar, preferring to use the Comfort Flex Sport Harness. However, on those occasions when I do use a collar to walk my 60-lb lab mix, I use this one. First, my dog cannot wriggle out of it. if I have to hand my dog off to another person (vet's office, groomer, day care, the Hubs, etc.), I appreciate the security of knowing my dog will not escape the collar. Second, it is padded. And third, it provides a measure of control as it tightens against my dog's neck if she exerts pressure on the leash which is her cue to back off. This is not a collar to leave on the dog all the time as the slip portion can get caught on objects or snagged in a crate. To clean it, just toss it in the wash and let it air dry.

- on

I have a 2 year old GS who is a real wise guy. He can twist out of collars when I try to take him away from the windows where he is barking. I bought this collar and the first time I had it on him he tried his old stuff of backing out of the collar BUT surprise for him because he couldn't. He was quite dejected but is better mannered overall and I like the fact that it is not harsh at all but it sure gets the job done. Thanks for offering products like these.

- on

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