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Training the Send Away w/ Michael Ellis
Based on 1 reviews

Training the Send Away w/ Michael Ellis

Based on 1 review
Training the Send Away w/ Michael Ellis Cover Art
  • 2 hours, 50 minutes long
  • Released Winter 2011
  • Instructor: Michael Ellis
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Training the Send Away with Michael Ellis opens with an excellent lecture on the concept and training steps for the send away by Michael Ellis. This lecture was filmed at Michael's school on advanced obedience in California. There is a chapter on working with puppies and a chapter on when to use touch pads vs a toy. There will also be a chapter on training the whistle back (for the ring sports). There is an excellent section on retraining a Schutzhund dog to Michael's system of training the send away and an excellent chapter in which Michael reviews his system.

I enjoyed the production of this training DVD because I learned a lot along the way. Some trainers will think "How much can there be to training this exercise?" Well, let me tell you that Michael has included many, many training steps that cover different types of dogs. He discusses how you approach the training for the high drive dogs and he explains what trainers need to change in their training program to accommodate lower drive dogs.

The beauty of this training DVD is that it has something for the advanced trainer and as well as a step by step program that new trainers can follow.

The DVD contains information to help AKC trainers, Schutzhund trainers and Ring Sport Trainers.


  • Michael's Opening Lecture
  • Getting Started
  • Ball Rewards vs Touch Pads
  • Training your the Puppy Send Away
  • Whistle Backs
  • Retraining older Dogs whose foundation was in a different systems
  • Touch Pads (This 17 minute segment is the same training segment that was used in our Jump DVD)
  • Michael's Send Away Review
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Absolutely fantastic well presented DVD on the Send Away. Presents many training situations and or possible problems you may find when teaching your dog the Send Away. Great to see a variety of breeds represented and a good balance of trainers at different levels. I feel confident in being able to train my dog the Send Away using this DVD as a reference. Job well done.

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