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Leerburg Clicker
Based on 1 reviews

Leerburg Clicker

Based on 1 review
  • Simple clicker
  • 2" long and 1" wide
  • Clear, crisp click

Leerburg Clickers are simple, brightly colored tools to aid dog trainers. They are 2" long by 1" wide, and provide a clear, crisp click sound.

A clicker is handy if a dog trainer cannot be consistent with their verbal marker (changing between "YES", "OK", and "GOOD DOG" too often). It also helps trainers who have trouble getting an excited tone to their voice. Clickers can be used to mark the behavior you want the dog to do, and can be used as starting point for behavioral modification.

If a trainer has a hard time learning the timing for marking an action, they can benefit from training with a second handler who knows how to mark an action. The second handler marks the action with a clicker and the handler can use their voice to say YES (or which ever word they prefer) as a verbal marker right after the click. This works well with teaching children how to learn timing too. Parents or instructors can use the clicker and every time the dog gets a clicker mark the child says "YES" (or marker word). When any trainer gains experience they can pick their own spots to mark a behavior with a verbal "YES", and the clicker can be eliminated.

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I have several different clickers from different companies and I like this one the best. It consistently has the loudest click of all of them.

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