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Sorry, but the Purely Positive Training: Companion to Competition has been discontinued.

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Purely Positive Training: Companion to Competition

Based on 1 review

Sorry, the Purely Positive Training: Companion to Competition has been discontinued.

  • By Sheila Booth
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages

Train your dog the positive way. Includes how to raise a puppy positively, how to build a strong relationship, manners training, teaching a really reliable recall, and how to train effectively without force. Special instructions in each section for companion dogs, competition obedience, agility and Schutzhund. Clearly explains both theory and technique, including The Golden Rule and The Ten Commandments of positive training. Easy-to-follow directions to teach sit, down, stand, heel, recall, finish, retrieving, jumping and send away. Special chapter on preparing for successful competition. Written with love of dogs and an understanding of training.

Table of Contents

Section I: The Principles

  • The Positive Way
  • The Relationship
  • The Golden Rule
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Reinforcers
  • The Applications
  • The Words
  • The Zen
  • The Corrections

Section II: The Basics

  • The Body
  • The Agenda
  • The Leash
  • The Beginnings
  • The Puppies
  • The Manners
  • The Paradigm

Section III: The Behaviors

  • The Sit
  • The Down
  • The Stays
  • The Heeling
  • The Recall
  • The Finish
  • The Retrieve
  • The Jumps
  • The Send Away
  • The Competitions
  • The Final Word


"I loved Sheila's first book, Schutzhund Obedience: Training in Drive, and I was one of many who prompted her endlessly to write a sequel.

"This new book makes my heart sing. The message - the fun is in the process and the process is FUN - rings clear and true throughout. All I need to proceed with this hands-off, compulsion-free, positive-power approach to training is myself, my dog, his favorite toy, a pocket full of cookies and smiles, and eyes and a mind taught to look for what the dog is doing right.

"One may begin applying these purely positive principles immediately, with any breed of dog, at any age or level of expertise, and no matter what the previous reinforcement history, great things will begin to happen almost at once. The most satisfying result is being teamed up with an ears-forward, eyes-bright joyous canine partner.

"As John Rarey, a nineteenth century horse tamer said, 'Kindness is Power'.

"It is my pleasure to enthusiastically endorse this book, this author, and this way of training dogs. Read it for the sake of your dog, because EVERY DOG DESERVES THIS BOOK!"

- Patty Ruzzo

About the Author

Dog and horses have been the themes of Sheila's life since she was old enough to decide her own path. Although she enjoys training and competing, Sheila always thinks of her dogs primarily as her companions. Over the past 25 years, she has trained dogs in a variety of disciplines and studied numerous related subjects.

A former newspaper editor with a degree in journalism, Sheila lives in southern Connecticut and is fortunate enough to be able to spend all her time now with her beloved dogs. She Plays at agility trials, coaches a few teams in Schutzhund, writes articles for three national training magazines, evaluates puppies, teaches and lectures occasionally, and looks forward to the lessons that Vino and all the other dogs that are still waiting to teach her.

Bought this product?

This is one incredible book. It is exactly as the title states, Companion to Competition. The book starts out with basic rules or concepts that apply universally to teaching your dog good house manner or competitive obedience. The techniques are foolproof and can be easily incorporated into every day interactions with your dog. I started reading this book when my most recent dog was 8 weeks old. This book has allowed me to achieve a bond and level of trust with my dog that I did not realize was possible. I have read many dog training books and this book is the best by far.

It has now been 7 years since I first read this book and I continue to rely upon it's methods and concepts in training my own dogs. We now compete competitively in various dog sports and 99% of the trainers/handlers utilize these concept in their training.

- on

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