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Standard Cloth Muzzle
Based on 2 reviews
$8.85 - $12.55

Standard Cloth Muzzle

Based on 2 reviews
$8.85 - $12.55
  • Standard shape fits most dog breeds
  • Made of a durable, washable nylon fabric
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Designed for short-term use, like visits to the vet or groomer
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The Standard Cloth Muzzle is designed to fit average-snouted dogs ranging in size from chihuahuas to giant mastiffs and most breeds in between. Cloth muzzles have been a favorite of groomers, veterinarians and dog handlers for years! By using a cloth muzzle you will reduce the risk of dog bites while still allowing your dog to be secure and comfortable.


SizeDog WeightEnd of Nose Circumference
XXSmallUp to 5 lb3.5"
XSmall5 -10 lb4.5"
Small10 - 25 lb5.5"
Medium25 - 45 lb6.5"
Large45 - 60 lb7.5"
XLarge60 - 80 lb8.5"
XXLarge80 - 100 lb10"
3XLarge100 - 120 lb11"
4XLarge120 - 150 lb12"
5XLarge150 - 200 lb14"


Cloth muzzles are designed for short-term use. They should be used as a temporary restraint only. Use only with direct supervision and never leave your pet unattended while wearing a cloth muzzle. Failure to do so could result in inhibiting the dog's panting (it's natural cooling mechanism) producing a life threatening situation. You should also be aware that most dogs can still bite while wearing an open-faced muzzle. Dogs wearing a cloth muzzle cannot pant or drink water while wearing them.

For more information on training with and using muzzles, read this article.

Bought this product?

I have not used this one in particular but I have used similar ones. I have a doberman and I am thinking with his longer snout this might work good? Anyone have any input for me?? Or has anyone tried this one out?

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Customer submitted image

Below is a picture of an adult female Malinois with a cloth muzzle. This muzzle comes in handy on visits to the vet.

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