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Leerburg Furry Puppy Bungee Tug
Based on 0 reviews

Leerburg Furry Puppy Bungee Tug

Based on 0 reviews
  • Bite surface of 12" long x 3" wide
  • Made from fuzzy fleece material
  • Stretches to approximately 28” to 34” long
  • Shock cord makes tugging easier for your body
  • Machine washable
  • Handmade
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The Leerburg Furry Puppy Bungee Tugs are designed to give some added flex to your tug. The soft, nylon-covered bungee helps reduce the impact to you and gives your dog some added enjoyment in the stretch of the tug. These tugs are great for puppies as they start to play with toys. The furry tug portion is approximately 12". The entire tug stretches from approximately 28” to 34” long.


Please keep in mind when ordering that all of our bungee tugs are handmade. We try to be as exact as possible with the sizes and colors, but variances do occur.

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