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An Introduction to Dog Training with Jeff Frawley
Based on 0 reviews

An Introduction to Dog Training with Jeff Frawley

Based on 0 reviews
An Introduction to Dog Training with Jeff Frawley Cover Art
  • 3.5 hours; released fall 2017
  • Instructor: Jeff Frawley
  • Dog ages and skills: All
  • Perfect for new dog owners
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Welcome to An Introduction to Dog Training with Jeff Frawley! Jeff has been completely immersed in dog training and the dog sport community, as well as police service dog community since the day he was born. He has worked with some of the best dog trainers on the planet and has been training dogs since he could walk. Because of the experiences he has gathered along the way, he is in a unique position to translate some of the more complicated behavioral science based training concepts into a digestible amount of information that anyone can understand and implement.

This DVD is going to give you the basic skill set needed to communicate with and train your dog. We are not going to get into advanced obedience. The goal of this DVD is to develop a well-mannered dog who understands what you are asking of him or her.

The DVD starts by establishing a communication system with your dog. This will be accomplished through a concept known as marker training. This communication system is going to be the foundation for all of the training in this DVD, as well as any continued training moving forward.

Once you understand the communication system, and more importantly your dog understands the system, we will move onto what we consider the most important behavior any dog can know: the recall. We will break down the training for a solid recall into a simple step-by-step process. By the end of this course, your dog will come when called despite outside distractions.

After our dogs understand the communication system and the recall, we will dive into training a few simple behaviors. In this DVD, we are going to train a sit, down, between the legs, and place or "go to bed". You will also learn how to add duration to these behaviors which will develop into a stay. By learning how to train these behaviors, you will have an understanding of how to train any basic behavior.

Finally, we will briefly cover loose leash walking. This is an optional, yet highly recommended section of the course. We will be using aversive training tools in this section. For those of you who would like to train only using purely positive methods, you are welcome to skip this segment. Prior to getting to that point, we will also discuss some of the myths behind purely positive training and why we recommend a balanced approach.

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