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Sorry, but the Keeper Collar Set has been discontinued.

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Keeper Collar Set

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Sorry, the Keeper Collar Set has been discontinued.

  • NOTE: leather on Olive Drab Green collars may vary
  • 1 Keeper Collars Hidden Prong with Snap
  • 1 Keeper Martingale Style Flat Collar
  • Welded steel leash ring
  • Adjustable range
  • Molded snap
  • Not recommended for tying out
  • Save 10% with this set versus buying collars individually
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NOTE: leather on Olive Drab Green collars may vary


This set includes one Keeper Collar Hidden Prong Collar with Snap and one Keeper Martingale Style Flat Collar. Not recommended for tying out.

ABOUT THE Keeper Collar Hidden Prong Collar with Snap

The Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar is not simply a cover for a prong collar. The prong is built directly into the collar, allowing for unmatched functionality and camouflaging of the prong.

These collars are designed to easily be put on and taken off. Gone are the days of struggling to pinch the prongs together. For those people who do not have a ton of dexterity in their fingers, this is going to be a huge benefit.

Because you are no longer pinching the prongs to put the collar on and take off, you do not have to worry about them eventually wearing out and becoming loose.

Prong collars do not apply pressure to the dogs trachea, making them a safe alternative to a slip collar, and much safer than allowing your dog to pull into a flat collar which can cause permanent damage to the dogs wind pipe. Instead a prong collar tightens, creating a pinching sensation that is instantly released once the dog “yields to the leash” or stops pulling.

ABOUT THE Keeper Martingale Style Flat Collar

Keeper Martingale Style Flat Collars use the same tug design as the Keeper Hidden Prong collar with a sliding metal double ring that allows you to change how far the martingale can loosen.


The Keeper Collars with the leather strap have a larger adjustable range for neck sizes that fit within each collar size. The leather strap has three holes to allow for more customized size ranges than our Keeper Collar with the plastic snap. This collar would be a better option for dogs with thicker coats or dogs that you may be expecting to fill out a bit more.

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears.

As you can see, Willy measures 15.5 inches. If your dog measures 15.5" and is full grown, a 14" collar would work when loosened (orange 14"), or a 15” collar allows for more room if we wish to tighten it (black 15 inch, shown loosened). The green 16” collar would be too big for Willy (green 16 inch). If your dog has a thicker coat or is expected to grow, we suggest opting for the larger size (black 15 inch).

Neck Size Collar Size Width of Collar
13” - 15.5" 12" 3/4"
14” - 16.5" 13" 3/4"
15” - 17.5" 14" 1"
16” - 18.5" 15" 1"
17” - 19.5" 16" 1"
18” - 20.5" 17" 1"
19” - 21.5" 18" 1"
20” - 22.5" 19" 1"
21” - 23.5" 20" 1"
22” - 24.5" 21" 1"
23” - 25.5" 22" 1"
23.5” - 27" 23" 1"
24.5” - 28" 24" 1"
25.5” - 29" 25" 1"
26.5” - 30" 26" 1"
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