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Keeper Collars Hidden Prong with Snap
Based on 8 reviews
$58.00 - $72.00

Keeper Collars Hidden Prong with Snap

Based on 8 reviews
$58.00 - $72.00
  • Comes with 2.2 mm Chrome Links
  • Molded snap
  • Welded steel leash ring
  • Sizes 12-13 are 3/4" wide
  • Sizes 14-26 are 1" wide
  • See size chart below for proper sizing measurements
  • Available in a set with the Keeper Martingale Style Flat Collar here

Every once in a while, we see a new dog training product that blows us away. Leerburg is proud to introduce the Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar. This is one of those products where design, quality, and functionality have all been taken into account.

The Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar is not simply a cover for a prong collar. The prong is built directly into the collar, allowing for unmatched functionality and camouflaging of the prong.

These collars are designed to easily be put on and taken off. Gone are the days of struggling to pinch the prongs together. For those people who do not have a ton of dexterity in their fingers, this is going to be a huge benefit.

Because you are no longer pinching the prongs to put the collar on and take off, you do not have to worry about them eventually wearing out and becoming loose. This also eliminates the worry of your prong coming apart when you need it most. With that, you no longer need to use a backup collar. Leerburg has always recommended using a backup collar with a prong. Simply because if and when the prong fails it will fail when you need it most and maintaining control over your dog in those instances is crucial. With the Keeper Collar, there is no way for the prongs to come apart. Even if they did, the leather flat strap doubles as your back up collar.

Keeper Collars also makes achieving the perfect fit much easier. Prong collars are meant to ride high on the dog’s neck just below the base of the skull. Sizing a standard prong requires adding and removing links, which really limits the amount of adjustability.

The Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar, on the other hand, are completely adjustable. We offer a variety of sizes that allows you to select the size that closest fits your dog. You can then adjust the length of the pull tab to get a perfect fit on any dog. This also allows you to easily put the collar on and off with the use of the plastic buckle or leather tab and clasp.

Prong collars are an extremely functional training tool, especial when it comes to loose leash walking. Unfortunately, they look menacing and people tend to jump to conclusions about them. Let me preface that with the pinching from a prong causes no damage to your dog’s neck, whereas allowing a dog to pull into a flat collar can put so much pressure on your dog’s trachea, resulting in permanent damage.

However, because of the appearance and an onslaught of uneducated bad publicity about prongs, people who use them correctly are often verbally accosted when taking their dogs for a walk. So if you fall into that category and are tired of the dirty looks from people when safely walking your dog down the street, we recommend taking a look at the Keeper Collars® Hidden Prong Collar.

Prong collars do not apply pressure to the dogs trachea, making them a safe alternative to a slip collar, and much safer than allowing your dog to pull into a flat collar which can cause permanent damage to the dogs wind pipe. Instead a prong collar tightens, creating a pinching sensation that is instantly released once the dog “yields to the leash” or stops pulling.

Leerburg recommends using a backup collar any time you are walking your dog with a prong collar. For more information on back up collars and why we recommend them check out some of our free streaming videos on the proper use of a prong collar as well as the prong collar leash.

It is recommended to NOT use these collars with a retractable (flexi) lead.

For more information on how to size a prong collar, read our article here.

Dog training is never without risk of injury. Do not attempt these techniques yourself without consulting a professional. Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. cannot be responsible for accidents or injuries to humans and/or animals.


For the optimum fit always choose within the correct sizing of the size chart. The size of the collar is the maximum measurement of the collar.

EX) If your dog measures 14 1/2", order the 15 inch. If your dog measures 15", select a 15 inch collar. If your dog measures 14 7/8", order the 15".

A dog with a tape measure around its neck, behind the ears.

Here's Kit, the Belgian malinois, being measured. Measure just under the jaw and behind the ears. The measurement should be snug, not tight. When the collar is built, the necessary slack is added into the collar, so there's no worry about it being too small. As you can see, Kit measures 15 inches. The correct collar size for her would be 15".

Size Adjustable Range Width of Collar
12" 10" - 13" 3/4"
13" 10" - 14" 3/4"
14" 11" - 15" 1"
15" 12" - 16" 1"
16" 13" - 17" 1"
17" 14" - 18" 1"
18" 15" - 19" 1"
19" 16" - 20" 1"
20" 17" - 21" 1"
21" 18" - 22" 1"
22" 19" - 23" 1"
23" 20" - 24" 1"
24" 21" - 25" 1"
25" 22" - 26" 1"
26" 23" - 27" 1"

More information

For more information on the proper use of prong collars, read this article by Ed Frawley.

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Verified Customer Review

Excellent solution to a pulling-dog problem! My dog knows very well how to heel, but pulls on the leash when he gets overly excited (like walking through the parking lot on our way to the beach where he knows he will get to run and chase a ball). I tried a 'Comfort-Fit' collar, and a lot of corrections, but he still pulled to the point of gagging himself. This collar worked INSTANTLY. The slightest pressure and he stops pulling, and starts heeling as if that was his intention all along. It saves his throat and my arm. And I really like having the prongs hidden so that the collar is easy to get on/off, and so that people do not assume his is an aggressive dog. Beautiful, high-quality product. Wish I had bought one a year ago!!

- on

Customer submitted image

These collars are amazing! We purchased one for our Great Dane as soon as they came out. We could manage the old type of prong collar, but our sitter has a brain injury and has some difficulty with her motor skills and remembering how to do it. So the minute I saw this collar I said that I didn't care what the cost was, we had to have one our sitter to use. The only negative thing about our collar purchase was it only came in the olive tree when we bought it! One of the best products around! The black thing/box below the green collar is his e-collar, Rosco is deaf so that is how we communicate with him. That's him enjoying Marci Gras with his Aunt!

- on

Excellent product, high quality construction, easy to put on and off... easy to adjust for perfect sizing. Have a stubborn bulldog who was almost impossible to walk. Tried 4 different collars and harnesses with no luck at all. After about 5 min of using this collar he is walking like an angel.

- on

Excellent product! Bought 2 for my dogs.highly recommended product for hard to walk dogs.nice quality as well.
-Kaitlyn S

- on

Wonderful Collar!
This collar is a dream on a variety of levels. It is high quality, it eliminates my difficulties with pinching the prongs on and off by having the secure clip on and I don't worry about her prong collar coming off unexpectedly. It still allows for quick release of corrections AND it prevents my neighbors from offering their insights as to how unkind I am to my dog to have her in a prong. It came just in time as even at my vet office in their well meaning ignorance they "frown" on prong collars and try to discourage me from using one. I love the pink color and plan on ordering another. Whoever thought of this...THANK YOU.

- on

These are the best ever "hidden" prong collars!!!! Well made and beautiful.I have one for all of my Dobermans.

- on

Been using them for 3 years. Quality, durability, easy to use and look good at the same time.

- on

I bought this for my service dog because the regular prong collar made people uncomfortable. They either thought she was mean and therefore needed a prong collar or I was just a cruel person. LOL Now no one even knows she has it on! This is a well made collar and I love that it has a snap closure since I have limited use of my hands. The only issue I have with this collar is that the prongs are not long enough to go through all of her fur effectively (she is a beautiful Golden Retriever with lots, and I mean LOTS of fur around her neck). The Keeper Collar does work better than a regular Martingale collar but not as well as the plain prong collar I was using. It would be nice if a second type of Keeper Collar was offered with longer prongs for dogs with lots of fur.

- on

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