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Relationship Games Part 2
Based on 0 reviews

Relationship Games Part 2

Based on 0 reviews
Relationship Games Part 2 Cover Art
  • 3 hours, 5 minutes long
  • Released Summer 2017
  • Instructor: Mark Keating
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Relationship Games 2 is a continuation from our first Relationship Games DVD with Mark Keating. The second installment of this DVD will introduce new games as well as advancing several of the games from the original DVD. The first half of the DVD dives into some more advanced training concepts. The focus is to expand your understanding of marker training, communication, and behavior creation. The second half of the DVD will take you through a series of fun games that will enhance your relationship with your dog as well as your skills as a trainer.

The games taught in this DVD are simple fun training exercises. At first glance, new trainers may not see the significance of these simple behaviors and games. However, by the end of this DVD, you will learn how to advance several of the original games from the first Relationship Games DVD. You will also learn how to begin chaining behaviors together. For example; in the first DVD, we taught a focus game called "looky here". In the second DVD, we will teach a flip to heel game. We will then teach you how to combine these games together to create the beginning foundation for focused heeling. The concept being a "wax on, wax off" methodology. You will learn advanced training concepts without necessarily realizing the potential until these games come together to form behaviors.

Regardless of your ultimate training goals, the games taught in this DVD are going to have huge benefits on your formal training. You may simply be looking to develop a good relationship with the family pet, or you may be planning to train a young dog for high level sport work. Mark Keating is an outstanding instructor with a knack for breaking complicated training concepts down to the simplest digestible form.


  1. Developing a Social Dog
  2. Marker Training
  3. The Flow
  4. Communication and Manipulation
  5. Engagement
  6. Environments
  7. Equipment
  8. Touch Pads
  9. Pass the Note
  10. Round the Cone
  11. Spin left
  12. Nose Push
  13. Hurdle Jump
  14. Heel Up
  15. Recall from Freedom
  16. The Look
  17. Structured Fetch
  18. Conclusion
Equipment Used in this DVD
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