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Sorry, but the Training Narcotics Detection Dogs has been discontinued.

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Training Narcotics Detection Dogs

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Sorry, the Training Narcotics Detection Dogs has been discontinued.

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This training video was produced in the early 1990's. The video shows how to train a detector dog to scratch at the location of odor. The video does not teach a passive alert.

Today it is our opinion that the passive alert is a better way to train detector dogs.

In 2012 and 2013 we produced two nosework training DVDs. If you are a new dog handler who is interested in learning to train detector dogs we would recommend those two DVDs over this DVD. They are:

  1. The Foundation of Nosework Training
  2. Training Obedience to Odor and a Focused Response

In this DVD we demonstrate how to start a dog in primary response training and how to advance through the training in a step by step manner.

Training sections include: leash handling, building the dogs indications, training the dog to indicate more than one type of narcotic, training the dog not to indicate on cutting agents and other scents.

There is a good segment on common handler errors. We discuss how to organize a search pattern, how to read your dog during a search and how to proof your detector dog.

Bought this product?

I purchased the Nosework DVDs, but thought I would check this one out as well to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I am glad I did as this DVD has an excellent section on selection testing the right dog as well as a great section on problem solving.

- on

I felt the need to write you after reviewing this video within the last hour. I am a new handler with a City Police Department in Texas. This was our first Narcotics only canine. I went to a two week school and received a dog that was already trained. I quickly came to realize this was not the way to go. I have tried to train as often as possible and well over the minimum requirements to make up for the deficiency in the school. I was lucky enough to recieve a dog that by many trainers standards is suitable for the work.

However after eight months I quickly realized the handler was the one who needed the training. I always heard most problems are handler issues. I have talked with many people who have tried to help. Until tonight I was not getting what I felt was the right information on how to fix the problems.

However after watching the video I felt like it was talking to me. I observed and heard multiple mistakes that I have been making and not realizing that this resulted in the problem. I have no doubt based on what I learned from your video, I will be able to greatly improve and correct my training and be able to continue moving forward.

I look forward to my future training and continual learning of this profession. Furthermore I will be visiting your website on a regular basis looking to increase my knowledge base.

Thank you for putting out a excellent video which I felt for the money was a winner.


- on

I just got your video on Narcotic training. Very cool stuff. A lot of things in the advanced portions are familiar (as I have handled a drug dog for awhile). Seen that done that, so to speak. What I really like is the beginner aspect. You brought a lot of concepts together. Your video is very chronological in the necessary training steps. I wanted to thank you. You have helped out a lot.


- on

I just watched your narcotic tape and it is so straight forward and so clearly demonstrates how to do it correctly and incorrectly.

When will other people realize how to produce a tape. Quality tapes are not based upon how pretty the play but what is inside of them. I think I will mortgage my house and buy every tape you make. My wife will not be happy but who cares, I'll have a lot of tapes to watch. Please keep up the good work at producing "Quality" tapes. I will watch the tape again because I want to take better notes and write you with some questions.

- on

You know me as Lt. Mac of Dekalb County Police Dept. in Decatur, Ga. I have purchased your Basic Obedience and your Narcotics Detection Dog training tapes. I retired a couple of years ago but then I was hired as Chief of Police for the City of Pine Lake, Ga. I trained my Lab strictly by your tapes and never varied. I have to say he is awesome. My son is a Detective for Dekalb Police Dept. and I donated my Lab to the Dekalb Police Dept. to be used in the school system which has 97,000 students. They do locker and vehicle searches at High Schools and Middle Schools, and they do anti drug programs in the Elementary Schools. Just wanted to say thanks and tell you what great fun it was and I am working with one of the Labs pups now. What a blast. Thanks.


- on

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on your narcotic's video. It was good to see how to select the right dog for the job. Before seeing the video, I thought most of my dogs would be good at searching for narcotics since they are all ball nuts. However, upon seeing the tape I tried your selection tips and was very surprised to find out who really is ball nuts and who is not. It was really nice to see what to look for and what not to look for. So many times people talk about what is good and right but, it does not give you any idea of what is not good or is wrong. Everything in your video showed the good and bad (or wrong) both in the selecting and in the training. This really gives the novice a good perspective of what to do. Thank You.


- on

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