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Dog Sports Nosework Scent Tube
Scent Tube
Based on 0 reviews

Scent Tube

Based on 0 reviews
  • Made of PVC Pipe
  • Removable caps for easy scent insertion
  • 8-1/8" holes
  • 9 1/4" long (including caps)
  • 1 1/4" diameter, 4 1/4" circumference
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The Scent Tube is great for Police K9 Detection Dog or Nosework training. 4 holes are drilled on each side (8 total) for scent detection. Features removable plastic PVC caps for easy opening and closing. Purchase multiple scent tubes and use 1 for your scents and the extras to proof your dog off of the scent of PVC. If you use just 1, you risk your dog thinking they are indicating on the scent of PVC. If you hide multiple scent tubes, your dog will have to distinguish that only the scent tube with the odor inside is the correct indication.

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