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DVDs & CDs Schutzhund Handler Training for a Companion B
Handler Training for a Companion B
Based on 0 reviews

Handler Training for a Companion B

Based on 0 reviews
Handler Training for a Companion B Cover Art
  • 56 minutes long
  • Released 2003
  • Instructor: Ed Frawley
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In 1992 the rules of Schutzhund were amended to make it mandatory for all dogs to pass a Companion Dog B exam before competing in a Schutzhund I trial.

This video is designed to show the handler exactly what the judge expects from the dog and the handler for a Companion Dog "B". We include video of an actual "B" exam along with computer generated diagrams to make it simpler to understand exactly what is expected from the handler.


Karen Rude from Rude Dog U contributed to this video.


The rules in this video are NOT up to date (they are from 2001). It would be impractical to produce a new video each time the rules change. If you want the current rules, then you need to get a rule book from Shutzhund USA. The methods used in this video still apply even though the rules are not updated.

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