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Dog Toys Tugs 15" Nylon Tubular Tug
15" Nylon Tubular Tug
Based on 7 reviews

15" Nylon Tubular Tug

Based on 7 reviews
  • 15" long, 4" circumference
  • Enough room for both hands to hold tug
  • Easy to go in pockets
  • Strong but not so hard that it causes teeth problems
  • Amish hand-made in the USA
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Here are the reasons we love this tug:

  • Your hands don't get bit as much, there is room for two hands and the dogs mouth.
  • There are no handles for the dog to self satisfy into on the OUT training.
  • It's firm but not so hard that it causes teeth problems (like kevlar or fire hose tugs).
  • It's smooth, so it easily slides into and out of your back pocket or training vest.
  • It's only 1 1/2 inches in diameter so it easily goes into pockets.

Our newest Leerburg tug toy, which I think is the slickest tug I have seen, is custom made by our Amish craftsmen here in Wisconsin.

At 15 inches long there is enough room for both hands to hold the tug and still leave plenty of room for the dog to grip.

To use a tug as an obedience reward the dog must learn to consistently out when asked to release. To accomplish that we have to completely immobilize the tug and lock it up as we ask dog to release.

That can't happen when a handler is holding the tug by the handles. The dog can jerk it around and get pleasure from that movement.

These tugs are smooth – without handles they easily slide into and out of a back pocket or training vest.

These tugs are not intended to be chew toys, and can be damaged when a dog is left unsupervised with them. User discretion is advised.

This is a tug that is recommended for dogs that have already started tug training. Small puppies work better on jute or the tugs made from linen.

Bought this product?

I use this tug for training my border collie puppy for agility. Yes, agility. It is long enough to provide a generous bite surface, is just the right "hardness" and tucks easily down the back of my pants when I am transitioning in and out of play. Right now I am ordering my, like, 12th one. I buy them in sets of three now. Really, really like this tug.

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I am a former Police Officer K9 Trainer and handler that rotates "in & out" to Afganistan and Iraq. Just started to utilize the red nylon tubular tug. Dogs are loving it as the "best" reward for explosive and narcotic detection. Many Thanks! Switching from Ray Allen to Leerburg for training supply needs. Recommending same to others!!

Joe D.

- on

I am writing this review because I did just what Ed said NOT to do on the video about this product. I bought this product when my 3 yr old Rott was a puppy. I missed the class and the video about not leaving this or any other tug toy with the dog without playing tug. Moses had it chewed up in about 5 minutes. I was mad but just kept sewing it up. I knew somewhere in my head it was me that had caused this. I was told not to play tug unless you know you always win...WRONG again! No, I didn't get that DVD either. I just went to local classes to train. Now I have bought a couple of Leerburg's DVDs and I am in the middle of one of their first online training classes. I know where I went wrong and I know that my dog LOVED this toy, and that is the reason I am buying another one. I have to train him to play all over again (because I messed it up the first time-sorry bud). But this is worth the money and just know that your dog WILL chew it to pieces if you hand it over to them. I know Moses will forgive and forget and he and I WILL learn to play tug together and he will be allowed to win and build his confidence in this area. Thanks, Leerburg!

- on

This has become our dog's favorite tug, she loves it. I carry this on walks for times she needs a quick release, and it works like a charm. It's also the perfect size to stick in my back pocket when she's not after it.

- on

Leerburg is right about this - a great tug

I have only had this tug for a few days but already it is turing into our favourite. It's really hard to find tough tugs which are small enough for my Border Terrier to grip comfortably. Despite his small size, he is really hard on his tug toys (French linen -hah!) and I like that this is tough but also soft and not as abrasive to his teeth as kevlar (plus, I haven't found a kevlar tug with a small enough diameter for him).

The previous reviewer is right about this wearing in - the stuffing is packed really tight but already it is softening up and I can tell it will get more flexible with time. My dog's teeth are puncturing the material but it looks like any tears are unlikely to fray or run.

The manufacturing quality is great and the tug is easy to tuck away and quickly produce. It even throws well!

It does get slippery when slobbered on, but if you practice targeting so your dog grabs it in the middle, this is not a problem as there is plenty of room for your hands to hold the ends.

I would really recommend this for dogs that are already keen tuggers and happy to play with the tougher materials. Five Stars!

- on

This is my dogs Go to Tug! It is easy to hold with enough room to put your hands. It slips easily in & out of a training vest or pocket. Not having to worry about handles is awesome! I can switch hands and deliver the tug properly and quickly! I have had this tug a little over a year now and it has a few punctures but they have not frayed or shown any signs of coming apart. It does take a little while to break in but once it is, it is amazing. When I first got it I wasn't too impressed I thought when the dog got drool/slobber on it, it became a little slippery and hard to hold. I kept using it and sure enough about a week later it was broken in and one of the best tugs I have ever bought!


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Verified Customer Review

I really like the size and feel of this tug toy unfortunately, it tore in the first five minutes of playing tug with my dog. The flat tug toy from Germany on Leerburg's site holds up much better. I purchased both at the same time. Its only a few dollars more and much more durable.

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