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Sorry, but the Roni Ball with T Handle has been discontinued.

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Roni Ball with T Handle

Based on 6 reviews

Sorry, the Roni Ball with T Handle has been discontinued.

  • Nylon cord
  • Amish wooden handle
  • 60 mm ball diameter (approx 2 3/8" wide)
  • Colors may vary
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Rubber ball with 10" nylon string and 2.5" wooden T-handle. Imported from Germany and colors may vary.


No toy is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. The toys that we sell at Leerburg are the best quality and most durable that we have found. Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or broken toy.

When using balls as toys the handler must be aware of the size of their dog and the prey drive of their dog. Possessive dogs can swallow small balls, and balls can kill dogs if swallowed. Always purchase balls that are the appropriate size for your dog.

Bought this product?

Agree with the other reviews. Ball is great, the rope is a little long, and the handle got chewed with a moment of inattention.

However, it's not supposed to be a chew toy, my dogs just target the string, and I'm fixing that. I'm buying more. I have some arthritis in my hands and this is a really useful tool for someone who struggles to grip a rope.

- on

This is what happened to the rope within 5 minutes of play with my GS. The rope was shredded and he didn't chew on it, He grabs the rope to swing the ball back and forth and bounce it.

- on

This ball is great , the only thing I would say is that the rope is a bit too long. Since the ball is heavy it is easy to get hurt when it swings, and if you bend down whilst playing it can swing and hurt one's head.

You can remedy this by tying some looping knots between the ball and the handle to shorten the rope. I'm sure the rope length was designed long to prevent accidental bites on the handler's hands.

Other than that it's a great tool to practice engagement and build drive and focus.

Please don't be put off by comments about the rope not being durable or the handle being chewed by dog . The ball end is the part designed for the dog to grab, if you can't get your dog to grab the right area and he ends up chewing the handle that's very much your problem not the manufacturers'.

- on

My Dutch Shepherd loves this ball. I bought 2 and he just loves them. I can through them far and he likes that. I ordered 2 and the service was great...

- on

After I purchased Bernard Finks Building Drive and Focus DVD from Leerburg I went on a quest to find the Roni Ball as mentioned in the video. You should practice putting movement into the ball by yourself before trying to just jump in it with your dog, no matter the drive of the dog. This is an EXCELLENT TRAINING TOOL! I've had mine for a little bit over a year now :)

- on

The rubber ball is heavy duty, but the rope and handle are not. The handle was chewed apart in a few minutes with little effort and the rope was chewed in half in just a few short sessions. The handle and rope are too soft for a large dog. A hard plastic handle and heavier duty rope are needed.

- on

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